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Tomahawk Ribeye Steak | Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye on the PK Grill

11 302 880 views | 15 Mar. 2018

Prime Tomahawk Ribeye

Prime Tomahawk Ribeye Steak Recipe on the PK Grill

Visit https://www.matadorprimesteak.com and use Coupon Code “BBQRIGHT10” for 10% OFF Your First Purchase

For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: http://howtobbqright.com/

Whether you call it a Caveman, Cowboy, or Tomahawk; this ribeye steak is the King. Weighing in at well over 3lbs, it’s one “Hoss” of a steak.

If you’re going to shell out the money for a prime cut like this you want to be sure to know how to cook it right.

For this recipe I fire up my PK 360 (check out this grill here: https://www.pkgrills.com/the-new-pk360-grill-smoker/?afmc=1s ) set up for a 2 zone fire – hot side and cool side; I also add a set of GrillGrates (check them out here: https://www.grillgrate.com/?aff=13 ) for even cooking temps and perfect grill marks.

Season the steak with a good dose of Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic; I use my AP Rub but you can use your favorite seasonings. Let it hang out at room temperature for a half hour so the seasonings can start working into the meat.

After 30 minutes apply a light coat of coarse Steak Rub and sear it on the hot side of the grill about 5 minutes each side. Be sure to give it a twist half way through each side so the steak develops grill marks.

Carefully take the tomahawk off the grill (use a good set of grill gloves) and place it on a raised rack over the cool side of the grill. At this point you want to monitor the internal temperature. Insert a probe thermometer (I used my Thermoworks Chef Alarm

- check it out here: https://www.thermoworks.com/ChefAlarm?tw=KILLERHOGS ) into the center of the steak set for 125⁰ or your desired doneness.

Place a shallow aluminum pan under the steak and add a stick of butter, fresh sprigs of rosemary and thyme, and ¼ cup olive oil. As the steak cooks, baste it every few minutes with the butter mixture.

Once it hits desired internal temperature…I like it medium rare…remove it from the grill and rest for at least 10 minutes.

A steak like this is great served right on the cutting board. Cut the bone off and simply slice it into desired pieces against the grain. And don’t forget to gnaw on that bone…That’s where the best flavor is!!

For Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce, Rub and Competition BBQ equipment, visit: https://h2qshop.com/

Mike Day

On the menu today is BEEF. Let's git to cookin'.

Johnny picachuku

Dawmmm how many hater..

Oscar Gutierrez

I'm new here.. looks great

Slava Gommel

thats coll

Dean Hankio


Cool Bro Xd

I thoguht that was his arm in the fiber o, o

Ken Rogers

Very expensive steak, but looks fantastic! Never trust a skinny cook or a fat butcher!!

Radvip Master


Philip Nikolov

Week slice!


This was beautiful. I cried.

lol kek

00000000000001k ???

Lukas Sprehn

People who say this is raw need to get their heads checked.


Looks nice but personally it seems like there is too much going on in one cut of meat. If you're going to use butter, thyme and garlic it'd be best not to use additional rubs or seasonings beyond salt and pepper. It's a big piece of meat but you can over do it.



Louis Caston

Love your videos!

Dammit Jim


julian king

cooks tomahawk...cuts into small pieces to eat civilized


He looks like a beef

Aram K

I love how he always recaps like we’re going to have to take a written test on this or something

snapperhead 1

Off to my local butchers I go ?

Nate Escalante

That’s sex

Scored Above the Breath

Real chefs don’t need thermometers...

Alexander The great

Fuck Northern California!

Гена Бобков

Кто не понимает английский, краткий перевод: "Хочешь быть таким как я? Я научу тебя как."

Stankmasters Professional

When you going to cook Japanese waygu?

jose Euceda

the best love this guy

Kind Sir

look stunning. But it's sacrilege to put anything other than sea salt on a bit of beef like that!

Matthew Minder

Whata boss

Stankmasters Professional

When he cuts the steak, the video cuts...

John S.

Whenever i have a bad day, i watch this video.

Foxy's Channel

I'm gonna tell my kids, this was Donald Trump!


mah man! thats a he steak there

Aaron Baksh

I love this guy

Iskender Bikan


Abdul Baroudi

Hell yeah brother haha this video made me hungry as f..k

Rich Jenkins

This video got real when he started basting with that butta


I can't define food porn. All I know is you know it when you see it. LMAO!

Brandon Mansfield

I’m eating at a steak restaurant tonight thank goodness, otherwise I’d be suffering not being able to eat this after watching this master at cooking his steak!!!

David Woollcott

That man knows his way around a Tomahawk... he would be the best BBQ buddy!


That's why Thor got so big)


Hey man, you can't eat this.


After watching this video I feel so much an American..

Kioken Times 20!

I’m so hungry now ???

Madiha Zafar

Very nice. The steak looks so good.

King Timothy

I could just imagine a vegan staring at this video! I wonder what their reaction would be like.


Most 'Murican person 2018

Lancaster Jim

That’s what I’m talking about brother


He said "about 600 degrees" and I thought WTF, then I realized they use Fahrenheit. ???

Uproot Outdoors

I was clenching my teeth watching this

Kaedan Konig

im currently watching this at 2am and now im too hungry to sleep.

Prison Mike

I think it is worth the heartstroke

Kenny Meagher

Hey I really do appreciate you making this video! I was gifted a huge tomahawk and plan to cook it up tonight or tomorrow. Looks great!

Ani 666

this guys head big as basketball

Adolfo Gonzalez

That shiit look amazing

Владислав Крыловской

impossible delicious

Heather Yoder

I would like mine with lots of spiceings

Owen Russell

You brilliant man

Raymond Reddington

The best channel on YT.

Hector Diaz

No disrespect homie cuz im a big guy too but I saw the guy and I was like "ok, look at this guy...this is gonna be gooood!!!"


Man oh man, I wish I was your best friend and we could have some barbecue on a sunny sunday together. This was beyond amazing.

MR Philips


Vasil Gramov

This is raaaaw dudee ?!?!?

Liam Featherstone

Tomahawk me round the sweed woth that bad boy

Bartek G.

Holy shit that looks good . Proper murican style

Heather Yoder

also I'm youseing my mom's account thing and I'm a boy


Yo is this shit burnt my guy?

Женя Довглаь

Серега 01к

Tyr Anasazi

Got me a Prahm Rib-aah


that is raw meat why
is that teasty?


No, it's not burnt.
Grow up.

Nick Culver

Son. Of. A. Bi*ch.


This dude is awesome! Is it me or does he sound like Troy Aikman narrating a game.

Unstoppable Game Plays

Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day❤️❤️❤️

Alexander The great

Fuck Northern California


That looks so good my mouth is literally watering

jamyah white

tiktok ?

Juan Pelayo

i burned mine but i did 3 more for my party and i did what he did and my guest ate it all

Shitong (Stone) Shou

matadorprimesteak is down, are they out of business or something?


я захлебнулся слюнями

Ali sher

awesome smells incredible at 00-00 at clock

Luis Maqueira

very nice tender juicy amazing let me knwo if you ever in Miami will cook together wood grill fire Uruguayan style

Jay NoneYa

why am i watching this i cant afford this piece of meat

Huey Sharapova

The tomahawk is the dumbest fucking cut ever. Its a ribeye that has a retarded amount of bone sticking out THAT YOU PAY FOR. The bone of course adds absolutely nothing to taste but gets in the way while you are cooking. Buy a regular ribeye. Dont be stupid because you think a piece of bone looks cool.

Simon Russell

It’s just a Ribeye with a stick..?

J mob

Tomohawk ribeyes are the nations back bone!

Ani 666

i mean do they make extra large coffins in the usa to ??


i would eat it with the bone still attached like a caveman XD


4:19 "got a little butter going down". literally throws in a whole stick of butter.

Slamfunk tortoise

prime fasting content

Unnamed Manynames

lol.. its burned.. donkey

Ani 666

i would advice to eat less brother

Colton Blumhagen


Devon M

Alright here goes everything. Cant really do a two zone so ill just slap the pizza stone in when i put the pan in and everything on the kamado.

Lyle Grandersom

Why is this dood talking to himself at the end of the video brah?

Baby Juzo

jesus christ.... obese

Koras Bole

just.. damn

Muhammad Shoaib Marwat

Don't do that i feel angry ro much ??


I feel my arteries hardening just watching this lol
"This is a mans steak right here.".. no, its Several men's steaks and maybe something for us gals too.

Ivan Karazija

Gordon Ramsay do you sleep peacefully?

Brian Cooley

I love you

Trader joe's charcoal

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smith king

Helpful video.I'm using Colgates Senior Air Purifiers-New Methods,Tea Stalk Pack, new sense, green


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Go to your local pet shop and buy the same stuf for 1/3 of the price

Joyce Joseph

We just bought this. We put them all over the house and the car. Never thought about shoes. Thanks.


What a beautiful woman

Pankaj Saikia

My grandmother house have plenty of bamboo tree. I will ask them to burn some bamboo and put the charcoal inside a sack.

Stan Getz

The first thing she says is like and subscribe.

Desiccant Moisture Absorber

cool , and we can also offer this product ; eco-friendly Natural bamboocharcoal bag with hooks and string. Mail me : [email protected]toponedry.com


Gonna need a truckload

Ron Wilson

Pure unmitigated snake oil scam!! As fake as your eyebrows.

Lori Dennis

Do they work in basements?


It removes glutens from the air?

Colleen Richman

Love this I was actually thinking of something like this because I heard charcoal gets pet odor out of air. Second like!

Geoff Williams

Them tities


We also sell this product on amazon US and they actually work!


Hi, I don’t see this exact brand IE on Amazon.

Brenda Green

Thankyou I just got some yesterday ?

Gig Life With Lexi

Hi Vanessa. Am I supposed to activate it under sunlight right after opening it? It's been a week and it's not working anymore. Also, Do I have to literally put it outside or just inside in a sunny window? The directions on the bag are not clear. It's also not very sunny where I live, so I'm a bit confused as to how to activate the bags.

The Succulent Home

I liked??. I'm very interested I trying these...tfs


Don't think you can reactivate

Trader joe's charcoal

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Woman Says She Can’t Medically Wear a Mask

1 120 390 views | 29 Jun. 2020

To mask or not to mask?

To mask or not to mask? Health experts say it shouldn’t even be a question. Scientific evidence shows wearing a mask could reduce new COVID-19 cases by as much as 80%. Many still refuse to wear masks in public places. A California woman was recorded having a meltdown in a Trader Joe’s after she was confronted by store employees telling her to put a mask on or leave. She claimed she can’t wear a mask because of a breathing problem and spoke to Inside Edition’s Jim Moret about the incident.


Such arrogance made america the no 1 covid casualty

Call me France

she’s just making an excuse and she has zero evidence

Lightning Bolt

My mom has asthma and struggles with the mask but she wears it. It is what it is unfortunately and life isn’t fair sometimes. But ya got to put up with it.

Sphinx Rising


Great- grandma Kirk

What about yelling , no lady I have COPD and the mask doesn’t interfere with breathing at all. I was diagnosed with emphysema many years ago I wear a mask and it does not effect breathing these people just don’t want to wear one so they lie about their doctor saying they can’t wear a mask. Let’s give these crazy people the Coronavirus and let them see what it’s like to NOT be able to breath. These people’s reactions just selfish ignorant uneducated idiots that don’t care how many innocent people they give the virus to as long as they don’t have to wear a mask. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU NO MASKERS SHAME.

KY 21

Who thinks her name is really Karen?


Okay okay we get it Karen how about shut up and wear a medical mask -_-

Monica Bolen

Okay, but for everyone who “has a medical condition and can’t wear a mask” your doctor should provide you with a face shield. It’s absolutely absurd that you will not partake in making our living conditions back to normal by simply putting something over your nose and mouth to stop the spread of a virus that’s killing millions. Grow up.

Kalen McDowell pinguSmith

You should wear a mask


0:49 "Democratic pigs!". Did she really use that as an insult to objectify them?

Yusuf Khiyarrayyan Kusmayaputra

People that doesn't want to wear a mask so they can breathe O2 is stupid. Bec we breath 78% nitrogen 21% O2 1% argon 0.04% CO2 and 1% other gases


2:15 “no mask in sight” they’re singing! ? that’s the same as saying they’re eating with no mask on. If you’re afraid then stay home! Simple

Roblox baller gaming

“violating federal law”

Caroline D

She seems sweet in the second clip so I feel bad for the backlash, but it’s not that hard to wear a mask

Saints Nation

As a person that is from dallas
we don't act like them

Adam Canada

"I have a breathing problem" she screams.

aLaa aLi

Karen is definitely the word of 2020

York Hunt

Her breathing problem is that she's still breathing.


We think we never travel to USA. We prefer now Mexico.


She’s a traitor to joes

Ser Ka

She is a lair and wait a min if you have asthma doctors will advice you to wear a mask - at this point anyone who doesn’t believe in the virus shouldn’t be paying for a health insurance YOU DONT BELIEVE IN SCIENCE HOW DO YOU THINK DOCTORS aBecame doctors? Because they studied what? Okay

Marine Valetudie

Those Americans

Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

If she can shout and act like a 5 year old on a tantrum then she can wear a bloody mask.

Amelia 411

She needs to realize that NOT all masks cause breathing problems!

Jojo Nims

These Karens need to literally grow up.

Vxmpire _playz

I have severe asthma, plus severe sinus issues, and I still can where masks. I'm just not dumb ❤︎

animelover weeb

if she cant wear a mask for medical reasons she shouldn’t be out in the first place

Galaxystar 509

It isn't a law to wear a mask but it's recomended

Carlos Chavez

There's actually Karnes existing

Gamer Biasa

Oh hi Karen

To deal this kind of things

Mimi 78

A business has ALWAYS had the right to tell you what to wear in their establishment. No shoes no shirt no service is a saying for a reason.

david veilleux

I bet if they told her the mask was a magical device that would protect her from the monsters under her bed she would wear it without complaint. It works on most four year olds.

Malibu Stacy

It starts with a disagreement but it almost always ends up with two women stripping down to their bras and panties tickling each other.

Juan Chaves

HAHAHA breathing problem


I hate America


Excuses..I have asthma, and i can still breathe with a mask. Just take it off for a few seconds in a private area.

Bob Bob


Edward Navarrete

I have severe asthma and I wear two mask, yes I could barely breathe but I care more about not getting innocent people sick

Riricoyote Playz

I have asthma but I still wear one tho I have had it since 2019 so I don’t have Covid ?

Stewart Kinghorn

Only medical problem is brain damage

Deb S

Kids act better than them-

Katherine Wray

I don't know about anyone else but I'd rather have a rash or breath a little slower than have the Coronavirus which I could spread to others.

Bruh Moment-um

Great, another Karen

Mia Hadria

She can wear a face shield thingy

Noah Rivera

she sounds auto tuned


0:01 Isn't that an edited quote of Shakespeare's quote "To be or not to be that is the question"?


Me: puts on clown mask

Can Gaming

It's not the point that you have to wear a mask, it's the principal behind it, the people who make these mandates don't even follow them and store employees sometimes don't even where them properly.

Tatum Krizman

I think everyone knows to wear a mask and if u can’t don’t go out but let me make it clear WEAR A MASK AND IF U CANT DONT GO OUT STAY HOME ok that for all u who don’t have a brain your welcome


What a "I have a medical condition" karen

Brow Ming

They're ALL white!!!

Jerry Koshi

She seems to have a lot of air coming out of her mouth. She needs to be kicked out of every place of business she goes to.

Pancake_ Oof

"The book says idiots don't get sick"


Too many liberal comments

Oanh Tran

Hey America
Don't you guys have guns?

Brown Liquor

I prefer to wear a mask, so I'll be here to breathe without a mask in 5 years.

gotta fly

I like her standing firm on her beliefs and not apologize for her rude and atrocious behaviors since she has a mental breakdown. Wonder if her doctor still supports her case?

Lizbeth Jimenez

If she has a breathing problem she wouldnt be screaming lol. And still be ok. I have to wear a mask 17 hours a day. I have asthma and im ok. My kids dad has emphysema and hes ok.

S young

U do have a condition, but it has nothing to do with breathing ?

Gabrielle E

Spoiled brats!

Farrideh Farokhshad

I think Trader Joe's Karen was on Dr. Phil.

Ashish Deshmane

If police start killing people.... they can save life .... first time in history

Matt Clarke

Why do none of these people produce medical note from their doctor?

Clark Dingal

Bruh that women with a the White Dress is Wrong You Should Not act like that be calm and Reasonable also clearly she was not "Threatened" at all they were just asking her to wear a Mask not Threaten I mean is she Stupid or what?

Mark Monke

I have a breathing problem she yells


I dont even care at least put on a massive face sheild or something

Amber Dennis

I wore a mask and still tested positive

Redapatche 410

I have had a breathing problem for years and have no problem breathing through a mask.

Hang Pham

Her name is Karen her last name is Stupid. B/C of people like her that's y cases r rising


These people can't let go of the past. They don't care about other people

Clark Dingal

All of these people were just ask to wear a mask not "Threatened" or anything they were just asked you could've just be reasonable or just tell them that you can't wear a mask because of your reason's like c'mon?


Then at least wear a face shield...Karen...?

m!!!!!!! c!!!!!!!!

I have asthma, anxiety, and PTSD.

Guess what I still wear without an issue?

Nilo Lee

I bet she’s not wearing her stinky underwear

Ruben Arreola

Notice how she did not name her codition she just said I have a condition hell my cousin has copd and he still wears a mask

Rick's World

Karen screaming at people sure sounds like he has a breathing problem.


Literally I have severe respiratory Problems I have severe asthma where I can breathe sometimes but I still wear a mask because I’m still scared of getting Covid this lady is just making up excuses

amy w

Ok mind control media...we trust your every word

Expensive gorl

She have a breathing prob yet she still yell without having a chest pain and running out of breath
Unlike my ass who cant even talk without running out of breath


A Karen is a busybody. Meddling with other people’s lives. Calling authorities for everything. Kind of like most of the commenters really. So the people trying to get someone kicked out of a store is more of a ‘Karen’ move.

Christianne Arabella De Paz

She dumb .lolllllllll


1:02 her names karen

Saints Nation

As a person with bad asthma, you can wear it...the only medical condition she has is stupidity...

Life With Chris

She shouldn’t be in public. She deserves bad things as well as anyone else who is an anti masker

Tomas Enderica

Even though there is no existing medical condition that needs to stop you from wearing a mask, if a weird condition that we don’t know about exists that stops you, don’t go out in the first place.

Halloween Central

As someone with severe asthma, ya I wear a mask fine

Hannah Zoe Paguia

In the ph we use mask and a face shield

Sporting Director

If you can't medically wear one then don't go outside in public spaces duh

Mr Fantastic yellow

"I have a breathing problem" girl I have asthma and I still wear a mask

Emily Paulson

Guys CHILL! She is suffering from a disease, it’s called stupidity.


the third woman: I have a breath pRoBlEm
me: well, it’s time to learn about c0vid 19


I wear a surgical mask on top of my N95 for 13 hrs. They can wear 1 for at least 30 minutes

Madeeha N

I also have breathing problems but i do wear mask

kaushik vedpathak

She is hot.

Aida Herrera

Bruh I have asthma and I still wear a mask

theresa mckenna

Breathing problme wear a visor then.

Pat Hayden

If someone can scream like that does not have a breathing problem. I have breathing problems and I wear a mask.

Rey Montoya

Bish there's like 10 people around you and no one even touched you

Georgia Spanos

Yeah like a karen
No hate

Wyatt Hedlund

"You may be suffering from a very, very minor case, of... serious brain damage"