Rolled towel under neck

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Cervical Roll and Rolled Up Towel Instructions

3 513 views | 14 Dec. 2016

Check out this video for

Check out this video for complete instructions on how use the cervical roll or rolled up towel at home. This exercise is for correcting improper curvature in your neck and it can even help to provide relief when you have a headache.

Heena Sharma

Do we need to keep towel along with pillow or pillow is not suggested if using a towel?

Raj bhojwani

Hey! I am a medical student and due to long hours of study I have developed Anterior head syndrome! I feel pain everyday I wake up from sleep. Most probably because of sleeping habit. Kindly help

Rolled towel under neck

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Towel roll with pillow to sleep better with neck pain

15 969 views | 17 Oct. 2017

A basic home hack that

A basic home hack that could help relieve pain and loosen a tight and sore neck. If your pillow is perhaps to blame for poor sleep and waking up with a sore neck (like falling asleep on the couch arm rest), this little trick might help. Simply put a rolled up towel in the pillow case with your regular pillow. This may save you having to go out and spend lots of money on experimenting with several fancy pillows. website: www.painreliefwellness.com

Matt Coleman

Fancy pants pillow. I have no room of those. Lol.


I just sleep with the towel i use to dry my hair around my neck. Changed my life I swear, didn't learn it here, but I just wanted to come and say this works so well and so fast.

Young Willie

Good idea.

Rolled towel under neck

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Using Towels for Passive Traction and Sleeping

43 613 views | 7 Dec. 2013

Dr. Sweet explains how to

Dr. Sweet explains how to fold, roll, and use towels for passive traction and for sleeping.

Willie Parker

Ring-ding her!

Jim Landon

Very insightful, thanks for this advice Dr Sweet!

Deborah Hopper

I will try it, Thank you.

Chas Jones

Thanks for a very insightful presentation Dr. Sweet.

Guersom Falcon

3:35 you are sooo right thanksssss

Michael Smith

Why shouldn't you sleep with traction? You never mentioned that.

Warrior for Truth

That makes sense, Thank you for this video.


so when she is sleeping at night her head never turns left or right during the night?  also what about people that snore?

nathan ellison

awesome information! thank you

Mari Ayala

Thank you very very much exellent video gracias

Anant Tyagi

Nice figure