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6 047 views | 31 May. 2020

If you're looking for the

If you're looking for the best mineral sunscreen, this is your video! I review six great options and explain the differences between them. Links and pricing are down below. I do have an affiliated discount code with YesStyle, it's YSHANNAHP10. The sunscreens were sent to me for review at my discretion; this video is not sponsored!

The Erin's Faces Peptide SPF is $12/oz in a 4oz bottle: http://bit.ly/2xrfR1z

COSRX Shield Fit All Green Comfort Sun is $13/oz in a 1.5 oz bottle: https://shrsl.com/2b51c

A'Pieu Cicative Zinc Sun Cream is $10/oz in a 1oz tube: https://shrsl.com/2b510

Purito Comfy Water Sun Block is $7/oz in a 2oz tube: https://amzn.to/2MdbtLl

Etude House Mild Defense Sun Cream is $6/oz in a 1.5 oz tube: https://amzn.to/3gJH715

make p:rem UV Defense Fluid is $6/oz in a 7oz bottle: https://shrsl.com/2b51o

my leopard tee-shirt: https://shrsl.com/2b51t

my lip tint is the Naming Dewy Glow in Cranky: https://shrsl.com/2b51w

on cheeks and lips I'm wearing the 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Diotima: https://shrsl.com/2b521

earrings are Ana Luisa: http://bit.ly/AnaLuisa_HannahP

my "not bothered" cushion was handmade for me by a friend, it's one-of-a-kind and it's not for sale!


Below are my affiliate links and discount codes. These are companies whose products I really love and feel good about endorsing. If you shop through my links and use my codes, I make a small commission. Please only buy stuff through my links if it is in your budget! Beautiful things only add true value to your life if you aren’t mortgaging your future to buy them. If they are in your budget, I hope you will love these products as much as I do :)

production of the REPHR COMPLETE SET is currently paused: https://www.rephr.com/products/the-complete-collection?vr=CNMRSBDK

When production starts up again, you will be able to use my code "Hannah" and it will reduce the price of the complete set to $299. You'll also get a free bronzer brush (#22) which will ship right away while your set is being crafted.

Alter Ego eyeshadow palettes: https://shopalterego.com/products/daydream

use the code HANNAH for 10% off

Adept Cosmetics magnetic palettes: http://bit.ly/2JInu9V

Use the code HANNAH15 for 15% off

Erin’s Faces (this link is to the Peptide SPF 30, my fave sunscreen): http://bit.ly/2xrfR1z

Ana Luisa Jewelry: http://bit.ly/AnaLuisa_HannahP

My discount code is HANNAHP10

YesStyle: http://shrsl.com/1v2wy

You can use the code YSHANNAHP10 for 10% off. The link is affiliated, but the code is not.

This is my RAKUTEN referral link! If you’ve been considering joining Rakuten, click through my link and I believe you get $10 when you join? I’ve been using Ebates/Rakuten for years and I think it’s great. https://www.ebates.com/r/PENYEA5?eeid=28187 (it’s not an affiliate code, just a regular pedestrian referral link)


MY CHANNEL ARTWORK IS BY THE AMAZING HALLIE BREENE: https://halliebreene.myportfolio.com/

************FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!!************



MY WEBSITE: http://www.hannahlouiseposton.com/

MY HANDMADE TANGO CLOTHING: https://poemaclothing.com/


FTC disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through some of the links. THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED.


IF YOU ARE A BRAND REPRESENTATIVE AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND ME PRODUCT TO REVIEW, please send an email about the product to [email protected] I only accept PR with no strings attached. Everything I receive will be shown and reviewed honestly on my channel as part of my regular content.

If you would like to lend financial support to the growth of my YouTube channel, you can donate by becoming a Patreon patron: https://www.patreon.com/hannahlouiseposton or by clicking through this link: https://bit.ly/2QCatzZ


ExcuseMe Missy

I really like your hair like that!


I know it's probably just coincidence, but the 'not bothered' cushion behind you is an odd choice of decor to put on display at the moment, given the currently events in the US around George Floyd's murder and the ensuing protests??? Weird choice not to see it in the editing stage either?
Interesting video which I did enjoy as I'm always on the look out for good suncreeens, but couldn't really overlook that choice.

Rob Robben

Love how you styled your hair today!

L Crook

Yess sunscreen showdown. Just in time, i'm so done with my sunscreen rn
Edit: now i finally can get something similar to erin's faces. I envied you for so long cause i couldn't get it here and now i can in a way) and purito's cruelty free too


It would be good to know how well those sunscreens protect from all UVA wave lengths. Usually 3 plusses mean that protection from UVA rays is not complete. Zinc oxide provides complete UVA protection but when it is high on the ingredients list it is impossible for the cream to be as cosmetically elegant as those that have titanium dioxide as the main ingredient which doesn't provide good enough protection. So the comparison is not fair. I usually go for those with four plusses even though they have some white cast.

LYLY Lifestyle

LYLY2020 = - 2 to 5% ?supplement with others promo on the site ☺

Iulia O



Hannah, I really am loving your new introductory words about loving beauty, but not being will to damage financial health for it. Loving these words. Very impactful for me. I've recently reached the milestone of having paid off 20% of my total debt. It took me so long to do that, and all along the way I never felt I'd get here, and hopelessly spent again. Now that I have achieved this, I'm feeling much more fierce and determined about improving and protecting my financial health. Thanks for this great video about sunscreens.


I've always been intrigued by the Erin's Faces sunscreen, but the shipping to Canada is really pricy, so I've never ended up trying it. Good to know that you like the Purito one as well texture-wise. I have rosacea redness-prone skin, so I really like that the Purito sunscreens have Centella and Maddecassoside. I'm currently using one of their unscented chemical sunscreens that is a newer formulation that doesn't cause me sensitivity or have a lot of the negative drawbacks of most chemical sunscreens.

A Nakano

Hi hannah! I think the link to the corsrx product is broken. I think it's supposed to be this, but i'm not 100% how the utm tags are supposed to structured for your affiliate links:

Emily Landry

I purchased the EF sunscreen about six months ago and got a bottle from one of the batches that was quite gritty. I really struggled to make it work, and even contacted the company about it knowing they don’t offer refunds. I ultimately figured out how to work with it, and finished it just a few weeks ago. I went ahead and gave it another shot because I knew it wasn’t the normal formula... and lo and behold, I now completely understand your obsession! This bottle works sooo nicely and gives me much less issues in terms of a white cast than the previous bottle did!

Katie Harris

Great reviews! Impeccable timing too! I'm planning to order sunscreen(s) this week. Thanks, Hannah! ❤️❤️


Clicked so fast! I’m still trying to find The One, and I trust your reviews very much :) edit: spelling

Dannie Bertrand

I really appreciate the time you take to really tried them and to show us the application on the skin. :)

Beatrice Yuen

Hey Hannah, I was looking up reviews because I was interested in the make p:rem sunscreen—I found tons of people mentioning that they experienced irritation and developed dark spots due to the bergamot oil in the ingredients. Please be careful, bergamots are part of the citrus family and citrus oils can cause photosensitivity for those with more sensitive skin! Some companies will claim that they use a “special” version of a citrus essential oil that should be sun-safe, but I personally don’t risk it (especially since the citrus oils don’t contribute to actively protecting your skin, they are just there for fragrance).


I have loved Erin's so much since you first discovered it I would find it so difficult to try and change! When I happened onto that video, I had been looking for years to replace something that had been discontinued. Erin's is just right for my extremely sensitive skin. Thank you for reviewing these, formulas have changed so much and improved so much. I did notice you squeeze out more than I do. I will rethink that! Thank you Hannah for sharing so much of yourself with us!

Ann Edwards

My favorite sunscreen is the Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50 + PA++++ I also suggest you watch Lab Muffin Beauty Science. She's a PhD chemist and lives in Australia. The Aussies value sunscreen! Anyway, she also review a lot of them as well as just explains cosmetic chemistry very well. Her mythbusters are epic! Anyway, thanks for the video Hannah. I am obsessed with spf!

A capite ad calcem

The Purito not only has SPF 50, giving better UVA/UVB protection than the SPF30 in the Erin's Faces, but it has niacinamide and centella. Niacinamide has stronger evidence for skin benefits than peptides. Higher SPF alone has more benefit than a peptide ever would. I know you like to have niacinamide in your routine and peptides, so I guess I'm wondering why not go for a serum/cream with peptides in it that's cheaper (like The Ordinary Matrixyl for example), and then use the Purito for your niacinamide? I haven't done the math, but might be cheaper. It's for sure better for your skin (based on evidence). Plus, given that sunscreen is designed to sit on top of the skin, Idk if the peptides are doing anything but hydrating the skin anyway if they can't penetrate. This isn't a personal attack btw. I'm just an esthetician, and this is what I'd tell my clients who raise similar questions that you thought about. :)

Odd Sara

So happy for this video! Chemical sunscreen makes me feel like there are fire ants all over my skin!

Helen Sulic

Would love to see you try the new Biossance sunscreen!

Wednesday Greenleaf

Oh wow, none of these have my demon ingredient cetyl alcohol! I wonder if that's a K-beauty thing. There's only one sunscreen without cetyl alcohol I've been able to find in my price range from drugstore brands and it's a chemical sunscreen. Thanks for this video!!!!

Jasmine in my mind

For those who are curious about Erin's Faces for medium complexions: I've got a very golden medium complexion (MAC NC30, or usually in the "3" level of most foundations). Some might describe it as a light-medium olive. The Erin's Faces sunscreen leaves a very obvious white cast on my skin, which is not easily covered with makeup. I can see why some people love it; it has a very nice consistency and a smooth non-sticky finish. But I just wanted to let others know, it doesn't work for all skin tones. I might be able to make it work by mixing some different foundation colors or using bronzers to warm it up, but I don't wear a lot of base makeup so I've opted not to use Erin's Faces.

All that said, thanks, Hannah, for these reviews as I'm still looking for a good affordable mineral foundation. I currently use Josie Maran's SPF 47 lotion (un-tinted). I love the way it looks and feels, but it's quite expensive ($15-$17/oz.)and I sometimes doubt that it is providing the level of sun protection that it claims.


I was so excited for this- sadly they all seem very pricey over here in the Uk :(

Genie J

Appreciate some more sunscreen options considering Erins Faces is an indie brand and not readily available outside USA. Thanks for yet another very informative video!

Pooja Bakshi

It is so sad that you have more ads and less information in your content. I understand that one needs to make money but I have seen so many of your videos as amazed with no real or raw information and way too many ads..compared to any youtuber..just so sad and frustrating..Take it as contructive feedback may help you..as this approach looks so desperate!!!

C Anne

Great & helpful reviews, Hannah! Thank you so much! I have such a hard time finding a non-chemical unscented sunscreen that is at least an spf 50 that does not dry out my skin or pill! My HG was the long-since reformulated MAC Prep+Prime SPF 50 with 19% zinc oxide as the primary sunscreen ingredient--it had the most elegant, smooth, moist finish! I would have purchased that sunscreen until the day I died if it hadn't been reformulated with a chemical sunscreen (Avobenzone) that triggered a serious allergic reaction on my face. If anyone has a suggestion for a dupe, it would be much appreciated!

Denisa Dellinger

For me, I like a sun screen and a moisturizer together. It just seems like an extra step to put two things on my face. If I am going to be outside most of the day, I will use a sunscreen.

Aaron Hyman

Did the Purito not pill on you? It lasts maybe a couple hours before it starts to pill. I assumed this is just not playing well with the oils I put on my skin--but I would have imagined that might be an issue for you, given your routine. No issue?

Alice Wonder

With the Erin’s Faces being out of reach for someone in Australia, it’s wonderful it see some HLP approved alternatives! I’d be interested in knowing the EF price in comparison to the others, although I am aware that it’s not quite comparing like for like. Thank you for such a thorough review.


That Purito sunscreen sounds wonderful! The price has already bounced up to $11 an ounce on Amazon though.

Sylvie Marie Hebert

Nice finds, I love the thicker more hydrating one and I'm probably going to pick it up in my next YesStyle order because of my oh so dry skin. Thanks Hannah.

Abhirami Viswakumar

Looooove your thorough reviews ❤️

Mary Armstrong

Hannah! This is my Dream video! You + Korean MINERAL sunscreen! I have tried all five of these. The Purito pills like crazy on me, and it was my greatest hope? and unfortunately the etude house and the a’pieu aren’t CF. (And I love that stinking Soon Joon line) The Make Prem UV defense me is my all time favorite but has bergamot oil. So, I’m gonna try the Erins Faces. Thanks so much!

Cecile Ganel

Hannah, would you mind sharing about your shipping experience with yesstyle? I really want to try one of the sunscreens that you mentioned in the video, but I am curious as to how long it takes to ship? I want to make sure I don’t have a gap in my sunscreen coverage. Lol

Emmy Bailey

I love your k beauty reviews! I ordered the purito comfy water sunscreen from yesstyle only a couple months ago, so I’m surprised it was hard to find there. Hope you’re doing well! I appreciate the hard work you’re putting in by churning out content :)

Denise Phillips

Really helpful. I hope Erins Faces comes to the UK. In the mean time I have some new SPFs to explore. Though I actually like a white cast as it helps hide my rosacea. My main priority is not having the awful sticky feeling - I will have to check if any of them are cruelty free.

Miss Bennet

I have never been so early! ? I am so happy for this video! I am seriously looking for a good sunscreen! Thank you Hannah ?

Alice Mehtemetian

i love shopping on yesstyle for my skincare and spf. btw the sunscreens you said that you couldn’t find on the site and found them on amazon are listed on the bestseller list on the front page of the yesstyle app


Purito comfy for the win! I just got this one a week ago and my combo sensitive acne prone skin LOVES it!!! Also highly recommended by Hyram!

Alex Bailey Dillon

It's been a few videos now, but I just want to say as a relatively long term subscriber I really like your new channel intro/ subscribe pitch! It's really comprehensive and well presented but not long or intrusive!

Amanda Dobb

My favourite sunscreen is one called frezyderm. It amazing under makeup, and like nothing else I’ve used. Ps great vid ❤️


Cute shirt

Courtney Stirrat

Purito's skincare line is very impressive generally. I would recommend almost any of their products without question, especially if you are looking for an ingredient targeted night cream on a budget.

Alix J

I needed this video! My sunscreen is breaking me out ?

Elizabeth Tellier

I reallllly love you and your channel and have been watching religiously for about 2 years, I’m just curious what your thoughts are about white youtuber’s silence on the current struggle for racial justice in America? I find it quite unsettling that a lot of the white women that I follow in the beauty sphere here are creating content as if nothing’s happening out there? On other social media platforms it seems as though people have been much more comfortable taking a stand from much earlier on. I’m just genuinely curious why things are so silent on YouTube?


Ah! The purito one is my go to. Also, in case anyone is actually making apurchase over on yesstyle, i have a rewards code that you could add on top of hannah's coupon - JFUQN4 for a 5 percentage additional discount on top the 10 percent. if you are a returning customer, its an additional 2 percent instead of 5. Feel free to make use of it, if you choose to :)

Jessica H

If erin’s faces ever did a free shipping promo I would try it in a heartbeat. I have added to my cart and then reluctantly left it so many times due to shipping (and I’m in the US!). I can’t justify it when I can get Purito and Cosrx with free shipping. I feel bad not supporting a smaller business but just being honest here.

Amalia Vet

PLEASE, I need your help. Can you give me the height of your zoee's bug doll, (from head to bottom and from its horns to the bottom) in centimeters if possible? I just received the one I bought, it is so beautiful but looks so small compared to yours. I will greatly appreciate it.


Next up, Jbeauty sunscreens! They are harder to find but I just realized how easy it is to buy from amazon.jp ? I got the erins faces after hearing you talk about it for so long but it pills like crazy on me. It’s banished to my body. I’m now using a Japanese baby sunscreen and it’s amazing. Pigeon baby milk spf 50! It’s SO liquify, all mineral, no alcohol and no fragrance. Baby sunscreens ftw.

haleigh cooper

Your hair looks fantastic!

Creamy Goodness

The intro lewk is giving me life. Very throwback.

Suncream sale

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The Ordinary November Sale Favorites & Sunscreen

93 views | 9 Nov. 2020

In today's video, it is

In today's video, it is all about The Ordinary November Sale that is going on right now until the end of November; everything is 23% off at their website!

The Ordinary website: https://theordinary.deciem.com/

Product mentioned:

- Buffet - Peptide Serum

- Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% - Multifunctional Brightening Formula

- Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

- Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

- Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

- Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

- Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA


- Differin® Oil Absorbing Moisturizer with SPF 30 (Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene)

- MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Crème SPF 30 (Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide)

- DRMTLGY Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46 (Zinc Oxide, Octinoxate)


Wearing: Shein

Skincare: The Ordinary: Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA & Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Sunscreen: MDSolar Sciences Mineral Tinted Creme SPF 30, Differin Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30, DRMTLGY Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46

Makeup: Chanel Les Beiges, Essence Lash Princess


Camera: GoPro Hero8 Black

Microphone: RODE VideoMic NTG

Music: No limits at https://mixkit.co/

Dechen Nguyen

Thank you for sharing good product. I love it.


Pretty ? ????

Michael Astudillo

No Luffy sounds this time ;-)

Suncream sale

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Sunscreen 101 | Sephora

21 360 views | 21 Jun. 2019

Sephora Beauty Directors,

Sephora Beauty Directors, Jeffrey and Myiesha, show us some of their favorite sunscreens for this summer! Follow along to see some exciting and innovative products.

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? Leave your answer in the comments below!

#Sunscreen #Summer #SPF

Shop Sephora now:


Products Featured:

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15: https://seph.me/31A8faZ

Supergoop! Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow SPF 30: https://seph.me/2KjXvIo

REN Clean Skincare Clean Screen Mattifying Face Sunscreen SPF 30: https://seph.me/2WOfDvI

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++: https://seph.me/2MSC8A8

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+: https://seph.me/2XOhylr

Subscribe for more videos from Sephora:



Myiesha, your eye look is gorgeous! You are always perfectly put together, love seeing your looks ?

laurie mullay

Sunscreen my thing.... Coola mineral sunscreen matte spf 30 like buttah! I mix it with my Ella MD tinted spf 40.. for a light no makeup out the door look. For more coverage IT cosmetics anti aging armour spf 50 + great for light to medium tones. Josie Maran SPF 47, is glowy with moisturizer! Off the grid Korean beauty “make p:rem” spf 50+ pa+++ one of the best under makeup, and its inexpensive!

Judith Anne

I love the supergoop setting spray with spf. I use a moisturizer with spf but that spray is so easy to carry in the car and reapply on the go

Toxtli la_morenita

Thank you guys for this! I love these type of videos, they really help us and that way when I go into a Sephora store I have an idea of what to try ??‍♀️

khoirun nisa

Myiesha i love your makeup today. Looks fresh.

Heather Rush Crestol

Hi Jeffrey and Myriesha, I recently purchased Shiseido 50+ Ultra Sun Protection Spray from Sephora Canada. What are your thoughts on spraying this on top of makeup?

Ashley R.

Its better u read and research about sunscreen (by professionals not beauty influencers). You need a minimum spf 30 (MINIMUM!!!!) and that too 1/4 tsp of sunscreen for your face, most people don't apply that much that's why consumers are encouraged to use a higher SPF. I know that applying makeup on top of sunscreen can be a mess, but try finding mineral sunscreens {better protection from UVB (or burns) and UVA (or aging) & SAVE THE OCEAN}, there are a nice drugstore ones, or try a tinted sunscreen with adequate SPF so that u wont have to apply too much makeup on top it. Wear hats, sunglasses and avoid the sun from 10am-2 pm, use self tanners instead on tanning in the sun.


I love the coola spf products! I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention any of the setting sprays you carry with spf in them.


I am really sad to say I just canceled my Playbox because I have had constant shipping issues since March with my personal orders and nothing seems to have resolved. I've spoken to 2 managers and all I get is we will notify the distribution center. I am just over it and not sure who else I can talk to. I've also had them relay messages to IT about the malfunctioning Sephora application. Sad part is I'm Rouge and have already spent over 3000 this year. I will give shipping 1 more chance.

Aminisha Hudgins

Great video!! Yay Sephora!!


Why don’t some of these links in the product notes work?????

Kay Jay

Myiesha I love your nail color!? Who is it buy and what is the name of the color?


Can you guys address how to deal with sunscreen pilling around the hairline? I keep trying different options but still have this problem. Thank you!

Leslie Gallagher

Which comes first? SPF or Primer? I love the Dr. Brandt pores no more primer and the Australian Gold Botanical SPF, but don't know which to use right before foundation.


Hi again, I have alot of problems with sunscreen on my face no matter what kind of product I use with an SPF. I am very sensitive on my face. My eyes burn. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Please help, ty.?

Renee Lopez

Myiesha what color on your eyes. Such beautiful color ❤

Michelle D

The Supergoop is my go to sunscreen. I have been wanting to try the Murad one for the longest but it's always unavailable when I look for it.

Lauren Graham

Cuties !

Daphne Kong

I fell in love ❤️ with Supergoop! because of these videos. I went on vacation to Haiti ?? 2 weeks ago with the travel pack containing 3 SPF products. My face tanned with no peeling. I feel having the SPF setting spray with me to spritz on my face every 2 hours was key. I even passed the setting spray to my family on our way back from a water excursion. We dried our faces then spritzed on the boat back to the resort. This included 6 adults & 1 teenager. This travel pack is only $25!!! If it were not for the great reviews and recommendations from Sephora's videos, I would have never tried Supergoop!. I have some the other products you reviewed in my Sephora favorites and look forward to trying them. Thank you!!! ?

Fashion Tendencies YT

Hello from my channel ?

Sammi A

I bought two shimmer shades as soon as they come out and I’ve been wearing them every day. They are amazing primers or on their own❤️

Joann Gonzalez

After we put on our moisturizer....than the last step is spf before starting makeup??? Great video by the way. Love the supergoop.

Nastaran Fekri

Dear Myiesha, I love love love love your makeup today. Everything looks so fresh and natural. Could you please share all your makeup you used for this video? Thanks a lot and have a lovely summer dear. Love From Germany, Berlin


Love Sephora’s videos! ❤️ Could you please tell me how to incorporate SPF into your daily routine. I struggle with not knowing what to apply first (toner, moisturizer, primer, etc.). Thanks.

Venetra Roberson

Allergic to titanium, nickel, stainless steel

Monica Levy Tavares

I don't understand sunscreen, I mean , I don't go out much. Just for some quick walks. The sunlight doesn't hit my face. And sunscreens are oily here in Brazil.

Ana Raquel

Love you bout ? Jefree lip look ? sexy with fresh and tha blue shadow is everything you looking gorgeous ????


This video was very informative! I really want those super goop eyeshadows!! But Myiesha... you have made blue such a wearable color! ? As a dark skinned girl you have me feeling confident enough to dip into the blues!

Stella's Mammacita

I LOVE The supergoop eye shadow

Nicole Cordova



Hi guys!
I have the the SuperGoop Every Day SPF 30 and it is so shiny on my face. I'm so disappointed with it. It definitely is not like a blurring primer. Ok, I'm going back to your video! Thx

Colette M.

We are just coming out of a very dark & stormy week here in NJ⚡☔. Looking forward to using my SPF? !

Tzan M. O.

Another mattifying sunscreen other than Ren? I don't have it in my country...

Annie Lapierre

Just went on the site to buy the supergoop products and you don’t carry it?

Nancy West

I really wish Super Goop would come out with mattish creams and one kind of Like Paint Pots!!! I would use them every day!!!!!!



Tshering Gurung

Desperately looking for a good sunscreen to apply with makeup. I had been hearing about the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen so much and got a sample. I have a combo skin with Melasma. The sunscreen was great to apply with makeup. My only concern is that I saw one of the ingredients is - Lecithin which is not recommended for Melasma. Could you please clarify this for me?

Lori Frederick

THANK YOU for your video promoting safe sun practices. That is a subject near and dear to my heart, because I am a melanoma, and basal cell cancer survivor. One of the products I use a lot is the Supergoop Setting mist SPF 50. That is a genius product. I keep the little bottle in my purse 24/7. I am ready for anything with that backing me up! I came home from South FL as my usual vampire self! My Melahomies and I appreciate your video today. Love you both. Xoxoxo


Very informative! Love it-thank you. My quick ? is if I use something like it cosmetics cc cream, am I using enough product to achieve SPF 40????? (I use the mattifying one).

JG Garcia

Alooooooooha, Jeffrey! ???Sending you love from Waikiki! Mahalo for this much needed video. ???


love both of your outfits ❤️ thanks for the video you guys, so informative!

Creighton Chaney 1941

Jeffrey and Myiesha showing us some summer fun with sunscreen ????

Stella's Mammacita

Also love the FRESH lip balm...I literally purchased my first one over ten years ago

JoAnna Johnson

I feel like many people sleep on how important sunscreen is. Especially in MY community. Having melanin didn't make you exempt from needing sunscreen. It's an absolute necessity!!! And the Supergoop is a staple in my routine. It's definitely a love thang. Thank you my family Jeffrey and Myiesha!!! You two are always awesome!!!!??

Hafsah Jilani

Yessss love this video

ari salcido


Jean Lee

Wow!!! Lots of great sunscreen lotions and lip & eye products with high SPF out there!!! Thanks so much for sharing them. ? BTW, Jeffrey and Myiesha look so cute in Summer colored clothes and bright makeups ♥️???

jaci fitzgerald

I use iT cosmetics foundation and it's great during the summer. My daughter plays soccer so I'm in the sun a lot and I have not gotten sunburned yet when I use this product.

Irina G

Thank you guys for this video! It’s perfect. It’s informative and definitely makes me want to try them all

Jennifer Maher

Use sun screen everyday, I live in a hot climate which is mostly ☀️


Supergoop doesn’t ship to Canada ?

The Curly Reign

so how exactly do people REAPPLY throughout the day with a full face of makeup? I'm getting into spf before my primer but im so lost when it says to reapply every 2 hours!

Becky Shaknovich

That yellow outfit looks so good on Myeisha! ???

Ondreya Ventura Subotich

Oooooh! Thank you for bring light to my battle of SPF. I'm super oily and that Ren Care caught my eye! Going on vacay in a week, and I need this! Thank you both for sharing❤


I love that we are talking about sunscreen and that there are both the chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreen options here. I have sensitive skin but on top of that I am also allergic to chemical sunscreens which is why I can't use the Murad one (any one of the chemical ingredients in a formula and I can't use the product) which is why I go for non-sunscreen included foundations.
Some constructive criticism here: I am a little put off by the fact that so many think that a color foundation with SPF is enough. The reality is that the amount of product that need to be applied to face and neck for an effective SPF shield is from 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of SPF cream. The rest of the body should be 1 ounce or a full shot glass. This has been the recommendation of every dermatologist I have ever seen since the age of 14. IF I were to use the IT Cosmetics CC+ cream I would ever use that much on my face and neck, I barely use a full pump as that is my preference of coverage.
Still, I applaud you all for recommending products in this category and at least getting people thinking about sun care protection. Happy Summer everyone!

Jenifer Zech

I really wanted to love that Supergoop eyeshadow because it is super innovative, but it all slide off my eyelids within an hour of putting it on - and that’s with an eyeshadow primer. I had to return it.


Myiesha, just have to chime in along with everyone loving your whole vibe today! I've been finding myself really loving this eye color for summer, but would never think of wearing it myself. You made it into something totally approachable and wearable however. I'm absolutely going to give it a try! Which Crushed Lip are you wearing? I must have it! Have a great trip, Jeffrey!

Amalia P

Myiesha, I simply adore your makeup today. I also have dark brown eyes :) Please, please, tell me exactly what makeup did you wear? Thank youuuu :)


Loving the makeup ??look very different from all the looks you made before this blue look ? is my favorite!


Supergoop SPF 50 mist is my faaaav that I recommend to all my fellow lazy girls bc you literally just spray & GO & then 2 hours later, reapply & GO so so easy & effortless

Shira Matityahu

how can we reapply spf throughout the day without breaking up our makeup?

Ramona Sinanan

Very very helpful video, but Myiesha needs to do a makeup tutorial on this look asap before summer ends ?

Monica Țîr

Thank u so much??

Angie Stefanec

Okay Myiesha we need a tutorial on this look lol

Linni S

I've been trying to find the right sunscreen product to go under my makeup and work well with other products and my oily skin. I'm definitely going to have to check out the Ren Mattifying and the Murad Invisblur Sunscreens. One product I do love that works with all skin types (even though the SPF is lower) is the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer SPF 15 - it's my HG!


Jeffrey holy cow! I'm wanting to watch this video but you're making me dizzy. Seriously. I can only listen to this video...I can't watch it. Your head...you keep turning it so fast and constantly between the camera and Myiesha. It's like you can't stop moving your head. Be still! Look forward...you don't need to turn next to you for Myiesha's approval on everything. Just look at the camera. I'm not trying to be a hater...I love both of you!! Just work on your confidence so you don't have to keep looking away from the camera all the time. You seriously making me dizzy!

JG Garcia

Alooooooooha, Jeffrey! ???Sending you love from Waikiki! Mahalo for this much needed video. ???

Belinda La Freniere

Myiesha What eyeshadow are you wearing? It is beautiful. Jeffrey love the hair… Do blondes have more fun? Thank you for this I love supergoop I don’t think I could use anything else but super goop I love how light weight and airy it feels on the skin. You both are awesome!

Amy P and Dirty too

I personally LOVE Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen for my initial application of SPF, then I use the Supergoop SPF Setting Spray for my SPF reapplication throughout the day. I LOVE that spray, it does not affect my makeup at all!!!???

Rogue Miss

Supergoop eye cream isn't available on your website nor through the links you've shared. Any idea why?

Tyron Harrington

GIRRRRRRRRL, MYIESHA!!!! Im pulling out my baby blue eyeshadow with no fear! You did that! lol you bout to have us looking crazy out here tryna copy you lol

Lisa Dukes

???☝?? ??Wonderful For All Skin Types Thank You Both??????????

Natasha Angeline

Myiesha, which shade do you wear in the It cosmetics cc cream.. do you need to mix?

Lalii Chin

The murad one is $65 for 1 oz. Considering how much sunscreen you are supposed to apply for it to be effective, it is extremely expensive. However if it worked miracles, I was willing to pay. Not only did it make my combo skin an oil slick, it balled up on my face during application. NOT worth the money. I recommend Japanese sunscreens available on amazon, by biore and hadalabo. Absolutely fantastic products.


Love you guys! Thanks for this vid. Myiesha OMG those eyes <3 love the shadow

A Chris Jones

We bought the fresh sport sugar when my daughter sun burnt her lips in Orlando

Kara Denise

I love supergoop