Stimulating hair growth

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Why Some Hair Transplant Results Take Longer to Grow, and Stimulating Hair Growth After a Transplant

16 821 views | 10 Sep. 2014

A gentleman had a hair

A gentleman had a hair transplant, but his hair growth is slow after normal shedding and wants to know the cause.

Hair restoration specialist Dr. Amiya Prasad explains that a hair transplant is the movement of genetically resistant hairs. These are hairs that are at the back of scalp in the limited space called the donor area. Little openings are made called stab incisions and grafts are placed individually where the scalp is losing hair. A graft is composed of skin, the hair, the root or the dermal papilla, and some of the tissue that surrounds it.

After a hair transplant is performed, a phenomenon called shock loss happens. This is when hair grafts and the existing hairs in the scalp temporarily shed. Although hair thinning can be to the point where there is barely any hair, using a microscope many miniaturized hairs are seen. Even the existing hairs can go into shock. A transition period for several months happens after hair transplant where there is no growth.

As a general rule of thumb, at one year most of grafts have grown in. However, from Dr. Prasad’s experience he has seen patients who have growth as late as 18 months. There are different factors that will affect the results in one year. One of those factors has to do with the rate of hair growth. In his practice, he does a procedure called Hair Regeneration that reverses thinning hair. When he does this treatment, he follows his patients every 3 months. Because of this, he is able to classify people as fast, medium and slow growers. People who have very advanced hair loss tend to be slow growers.

Dr. Prasad does a combination of Hair Regeneration treatment with extracellular matrix and platelet-rich plasma to maximize the survival and the yield of the hair transplant, and reverse the hair thinning concurrently. Patients who appear to have less hair or didn’t even have much growth at all at 12 months have robust growth of their thinning hair as well as their transplant at 18 months.

It is not unusual for people to come to Dr. Prasad who have had "mega sessions" where tremendous amounts of hair transplanted and not have any growth. Factors such as elevated blood pressure and manipulation of the grafts can make the patient lose up to 90% of the hair grafts. This is not a very encouraging thing to hear when someone has a limited donor space and amount of hairs. In this gentleman’s case scenario, he can just wait and see how he is doing for another 6 months or so, and then try to determine what the yield is.

The survival of grafts is critical for the success of a hair transplant. This means that although a surgeon may move 2000 or 2200 hairs, the yield may be 10%, 20%, 30% less than what the surgeon transplanted. In the popular method of FUE or follicular unit extraction, there is a very high rate called transection where the hair follicle gets cut and the important part of the hair doesn’t grow. Interestingly, some of those hairs will have enough stem cell activity present that they can grow. Unfortunately, a lot do not.

Dr. Prasad has been using Hair Regeneration as a way to help people who have had transplants done elsewhere. They come to him at 1 month after their transplant, and then have the Hair Regeneration treatment. As early as 6 to 7 months, they had robust growth of both their existing and their transplanted hair. Hair Regeneration has been of value to maximize the healing process and to accelerate the process where the hair grafts actually grow.

Dr. Prasad thinks that it is very important that he meet with his doctor, discuss the details of his surgery, have his doctor examine his scalp, and let him evaluate his situation with a microscope. Moving on, he is going to have limitations in his donor area his next hair transplant if he is going to consider it. This is why a lot of people who have had previous transplants continue to find Dr. Prasad. He does Hair Regeneration injection for them to thicken their thinning hair and for many people, they actually avoid a second transplant. That way, they can save the donor area and have that banked for later if they ever need it.

For more information about hair transplants with Hair Regeneration, please go to our website:



David Ford

great job!

bruno burtoni

what do you mean by elevated blood pressure you neeed to extend on your statements

I G vlogs

Hi Dr Prasad
I had a hair transplant 12 months ago and there has been very little growth. Is there any advice you can offer apart from being patient?


Dear doctor,
Is it true that a third transplant takes longer to grow than a first one? Can you explain why this is?

Foysal Ahmed

sir my hair transplant 3 month before now is old hair loss why

Jeffrey McKee

Amiya. I had a hair transplant 11 months ago. At about month 9 I could feel little hairs all over poking their way through the skin. They grew about 1/8 of an inch long and seem to have stalled in growth. Is this normal? Would hair regeneration kick them into growth mode? Do you think that it's safe to believe that they will survive and start growing?

Mirza Baig

its has been 7 months of 2430 fue grafts in front area, new hairs grew in front most side of head but there are no hairs in right back side . what should i do ?

samuel girme

My 2nd hair transplant was done on December 5 2018, so did your hair regeneration help my hair grow ? Where did you guys located and how much is for hair regeneration procedure because I'm worried , to worry just early but in the first hair transplant was disaster so that's why I'm worry again and I use aloe vera leaves for my hair do you think bad idea, tnx doctor


great explanations!!

Santsh Dandge

Is the use of tab finasteride causes sexual problem? ?or tab flucanozole have any role with sexual problem. ..my doctor given me tab flucanozole 150 mg od for 30 days ..is it safer for use...for this much long period ??

Pradeep R

Hi Dr. Prasad, I had a mega session of 4441 grafts done in India nearly 8 months ago and yield at this point is at max - 20%. Most of the hairs have almost no sign of it planted. Do you think your hair regeneration treatment can help at this point of time and help me get the other 80%?

Callum Shove

Hi doctor Prasad,

I am currently at the 6 month point after have FUE 4000 grafts, my frontal hairline is growing in well, however the middle of my head is no where near the growth of the front. There were a good amount of grafts places through the middle/back of my scalp.

Do you think I need to be paitient ? I can feel stubble in areas so I don’t know if that’s it starting to push through. Any help would be great

Johan Phillips Vlogs

It's been 21 days since I had a hair transplant and the hair transplanted on the crown, is only this visible http://i.imgur.com/mdvcp2W.jpg I can feel something but they only appear as dots on my scalp. Are they not growing, or are they so thin they can't be seen by the naked eye?

Song of love metal official

It s been 6month little growth i worry ijust bought horsetail


I had a FUE transplant about 16 months ago in Istanbul. My hair is growing but it's still very fine and a lot of it does not have the red colour of my natural hair and is a blondish shade. I have noticed that it is thickening more on the left hand side than the right. How long will it take to reach maturity do you think?

Khorn Dy

I am at 6 months since procedure done, but I see no many hair regrow on the left temple . It is so thin, not as good as the right temple .
I need to wait for a year or something can be helped ?

kunal kaushik

Sir i hv high bp issues. The bp varies from 90/140 to 105/165 depending upon the time of the day after taking bp medication twice a day. I hv a single kidney. Shud i go for HT ?.
Doctor also said they will first use trimmer to remove all the hair in the area in which HT has to be done. I fear if HT isnt successful i may lose even the hair that i hv currently

Ahsan Saeed

My transplant hair coming after 5 months
but hair fall also in transplant hair that will regrow again? or hair loss again please answer

Stimulating hair growth

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Stimulating Hair Growth

1 225 views | 23 Oct. 2017

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