Nixoderm uses

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Nixoderm For Skin Problems Cream

26 465 views | 27 Aug. 2015

Nixoderm reviews,

Nixoderm reviews, description and pricing.

Is this product right for? I have put this video together to help you decide if Nixoderm For Skin Problems Cream can actually help cure your ringworm.


- Eczema,

- Pinples,

- Blemishes,

- Rash,

- Athletes Foot,

- Ringworm,

- Scalin Skin Due To Irritation

Ringworm can be caused by:

- Direct skin-to-skin contact, or contact with contaminated items such as...

:-Coming into contact with an infected person or infected surface.

-Grooming items: combs, brushes

-Athletic Equipment: workout mats, weights

-Dirty clothing and bedding

-Showers, pools, saunas and steam rooms

-Infected pets: cats, dogs, rabbits, etc…

Further product information is available here:


Diet has a major effect on skin problems; eating fresh vegetables and reducing the amount of fat in your diet can help avoid them. Should they arise however you will find that Nixoderm can be soothing and curative treatment. When Nixoderm is first applied to extremely sensitive skin, it can cause smarting. To avoid this, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly before the application of Nixoderm; this need only be done for the first few applications since your skin will become accustomed to Nixoderm's effect.

Boddupally Satyanarayana

wher in avalable in hyderabad. nixoderm cream

Lisa Saytee

Do not nixoderm, i put it on my spots and few belishes it left lighter patches, it has a burning feel which i thought meant it was working but in reality was burning off my skin leaving lighter patches
I have my skin like this from monday but notice something sunday but that it was from something i used previously which is why i was using thr nixoderm. Although it made a few of my spots smaller or unrecognizable it also left very light patches on my skin. It has been 6days since monday since i have used the cream and there is now slowly an equal balance in my skin
If you have used dis let me help you bu saying STOP, wash your face every nighy with soap and apply a cream for the night.
As i am 13 years i was not confident with my lighter patches and used make up for 3 days and on wednesday it look alot better * my skin is quick to repair, culd be different for anyone else* so i stop using the makeup * which i only used for skl and took it off once i got home*, I'm hopping my face will be one good colour by the end of the month.

Ramesh KS

Where available in Chennai?

Nixoderm uses

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पैर में पानी लगना दूर करता है(Nixoderm cleap)

7 544 views | 29 Sep. 2019


Nixoderm clear


Yadav Dilip


Mansi Rawat

Hello sir ise face pr apply kr skte h

Ashish Raikwar

Sir Fungal infection jangh ke bich ho gya ,iska use thik rhega kya

Natural Vibes

face whitening kilye tek ya nahi????


Bhut jalan h isme sir

Prashant Tebhurne


sk, youtuber sk,youtuber

Sir mere fungel infection ise theek ho gaya thank you sir

Abhi Verma

Sir mere fungle infection ho gaya h..... Esko lagne se kya fungle infiction humesha ke liye chale jayege kya.. Aur kitne mahine tk lagna h... Please reply kr dijiye.. Please please

Itz Queen Tae

The mfg date at the back how exactly if it read ? I have one that says ONTN-80

Which is the month day year etc I need to know when it'll expire please

Akshay Sharma

Sehuaa (safed daag )bhi thik ho jayenga sir
Nixoderam se

neha Wadave

Ise wait shave Chale Jayenge kya

Nixoderm uses

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3 725 views | 3 Jan. 2021

Product reviewed :

Product reviewed : Nixoderm Ointment

Price :

6.67g = RM6.70

17.7g = RM10+

Ingredients :

6.2% Benzoic Acid

2.5% Salicylic Acid

4.6% Precipitated Sulphur

1. Benzoic Acid (acts as preservatives)

2. Salicylic acid (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties as well as exfoliationg properties which really great to treat acne)

3. Sulphur (antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory properties to treat acne and soothe skin)

Where to buy ? :

Guardian : https://guardian.com.my/index.php/nixoderm-ointment-17-7g.html

Big Pharmacy : https://www.bigpharmacy.com.my/product-detail?products_id=7434#:~:text=Nixoderm%20is%20a%20multi%2Dpurpose,%2C%20eczema%2C%20ringworm%20and%20itchiness.&text=1)%20BIG%20Pharmacy%20reserves%20the,not%20available%20for%20any%20reasons.

Faizol Mohamed

Utk kulit kering boleh tak


Wah..Alhamdulillah muka Faiz dah makin clear. I'm also in the same state as u. Ade acne scars sikit and jerawat sikit.

Emmanuel D'saviour Jonathan

Nixoderm ni sesuai dengan kulit apa?

Top five Top five

Saya pakai makin kat tempat ade jerawat esok tumbuh tempat lain pastu panas ini tu sy paham la sbb tu efek dia tapi kulit sy MCM terbakar ade biji ii keras MCM tu kira kasar teruk i think Kene stop ke?

Maisarah Yusop

I beli kat watsons dalam Rm 13 something la

Jaisbacx Jr

Bang...Audio slow la...Huhu

Izz Nisha

time pakai rasa panas so saya kene stop ke?

Cik BamBam

mmg terbaik.........berbaloi hilang jerawat i terus...mmg puas hati...jerawat kat badan pon hilang

Aina Najwa Mohd Suhaimi

Nak tanya kalau pakai waktu siang kan . Selepas moisturizer or suncreen ye?

Muhd Hamizan

nak tanya lah , nixoderm ni pakai macam tu sahaja ke atau masuk ke dalam skincare routine ?

ayip boboi

Untuk jerawat kepala boleh pkai x? Ade x effect kat rambut??

Nurul Izzah

Boleh treat fungal acne takkk , responn pleaseeee

harry jonathan

kena pakai nixoderm ni before or after moisturiser?

Muhd Faiz

Sorry , i shoot time i tak berapa sihat , itu macam nak taknak je cakap ?


Nk tanya dah pakai ni kena tggu bapa lama ye

Hakim Razak

Cleanser toner moisturizer kene pakai juga ke bro ?