Shiny meaning

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Shiny Pokemon Colors Explained! | Gnoggin - 6th Gen Edition!

363 659 views | 27 Dec. 2019

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Check out Displate! https://tinyurl.com/s8gqyof

Some shiny Pokemon are ugly, and some are awesome! But at least in Pokemon X and Y we knew that shiny Pokemon were finally DESIGNED! like, by a DESIGNER! So why are they the colors that they are? Is there logic to all of them? These are your Shiny Pokemon Explained!

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Gnoggin, hosted by its creator Lockstin, is a show delving into the mysteries of Pokemon! (and other games sometimes too). Explaining everything there is to explain! Why is each Pokemon given the type it has? What are their origins? What is the lore of the Pokemon world and the design inspirations? And what does it all have to do with alchemy? Let's Go find out!

Pizzaguy 1333511

No yveltal is white because the designer was hungry for bacon

Just Call Me Nast

3:58 did he just say "Braizen"?

Alex Hope

This is the first time I've seen Skiddo's shiny and I immediately fell in love with it and then he just poo-poo'd all over it. I've never had my heart completely filled and then broken so quickly.


You said you'd do megas in the gen 6 video





Kahn Thorpe

Maybe its mimicking flygon "I'm not a bat I'm a ground dragon don't shock me"

Joseph King

With Volcanian, the gold colouring could be a reference to brass. Brass is very common in fire fighting and water pipes, especially on a ship

Selena Lulamoon

Gogoat might just be referencing golden handle bars on motorcycles.

Alchemists' Revenge

Wish that a LOT od designs/sellers weren't that of stolen art without the artist's permission, and do basically nothing to punish said sellers.


regarding the Legends, wouldn't Xerneas' Blue be a reference to water? as all life originated there from, not to mention it's horns flow from its head like a river. The colour white then in the shinies could be connected to the fact that white is regarded as a colour of purity, making Xerneas's shiny the "purity of Life", Yveltals shiny the "Purity of Death / Destruction", and Zygarde the "Purity of Balance". admittedly Zygarde is a stretch but in the spirit of discussion.

Also, if were mentioning colours theory for one of the starters we need to cover them all. Shiny Chesnaught being red could be because red is associated as the colour of strength and bravery, typically used on Hero's and Warriors, while Black and Blue are Rogue-ish colours fitting of sneaky ninja types. This combined with Delphox, makes the starters a trio of the Classic fantasy arch-types. The warrior, the Wizard, and the Rogue


Coming back to this video right now and the first words being "guys, christmas is almost over!" Is just hillarious


Shiny aeigislash is very German.


Disney didn’t rip off kimba, watch yourmoviesucks’ video about it

Luke Taylor

I have seen a blue lobster before


Nah. Someone saw Yveltal’s wing pattern and thought “huh reminds me of bacon” And the shiny was born.

Hannah Yamauchi

Shiny Volcanion is probably a reference to sulphur, since some hot springs have that iconic rotten-eggy smell from the sulphur in volcanoes and well, Volcanion is a walking living hot spring.


Disney didn't rip off Kimba. There's a whole video explaining it in detail.

Alexis Davis

You have the blub blub seal

Dai Drawings and Animation

7:16 Actually, this is very likely referencing the eurasian robin, which they are partly inspired by!

Disney and Weeb

Well the kimba part didn’t age well

Grace Hammond

Lion King didn't rip off Kimba

『Han da Hand』

Wrong it’s Christmas

J. Paul Walker

Yveltal looks like raw meat

Pormpf Spimperton

Lion king definitely didn’t rip-off kimba

justin lagrange

why u skip gen 5 ?

American Rat roblox

yveltal is that color becuz he is steak

Iain Cotton

9:08 It’s the blood of the enemies they’ve trampled into the dirt, because goats are jerks.

Alex Lambert

I thought phantump and treverants shiny was supposed to be petrified wood

Just Seth

Boise barnacles OMFG

Rowan W

Big question why is that puke green ever even used...like why is that color even in the code


swirlix is a lightly toasted marshmallow


is there a shiny explanation for Amaura and Aurorus that I somehow missed?


Tyrantrum is royal blue, and it's based off of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (rex meaning king.).

Santa Pantojas

Am I the only one who likes barbaracle...yeah


Wouldn't swirlix and slurpuff be burnt marshmellow

Drizzle Cake

Fun fact; humans who are inherently 'white' actually are a mutation in genes! Black and Asian colors were the usually untill a mutation resulted in our modern albinos, who bred and bred untill the 'white skin' became normal in alot of regions.


Isn't Flambusard based on a buzzard like its name suggests?

School Boy

Let me e plain the Phantump shiny evolution line the is slightly more light because there are less ghosts gathered in the trunk the tree trunck is white because the stump was on the verge of dying. It's just a theory

Cloe Gemmel

Since Diancie is a mutant Carbink, shiny Carbink should be pink to reflect that, change my mind

James Soligo

chocolate swirlix and slurpuff!

Aiden Kaiwi

Volcanion looks like Thanos


I have some info on 2 pokemon that you where unsure of first avalug and bergmite shinie are based on icebergs being stained by seawater which usually turns it green but could sometimes lead to yellow ice. Noibats green could possible be a reference to fungal disease which due to global warming is killing bats by due to them becomin more heat resistant (to the bats body heat who usally destroyin the fungus) and growing on bats, eventually killing them by chocking this was discovered around the time X Y was released so it is probably not a consequence.


TIL: Lockstin doesn't like the color yellow

Groot Mcgreet

Shiny Yeveltal is bacon ? change my mind


11:19 why do you never equate yellow/bright yellow to gold or blond LOL

Angelina C

See his ad goes to the website to get one that caught my eye looks cant find it goes back to the video see the date the video was released... guess I'm not getting it

Pele AnimationComics

Sylveon’s shiny looks like the transgender flag meanwhile Toucannon’s looks like the Bisexual flag you’ll see in the pride day marches..ITS PERFECT!!!

Reno Thomas

On the subject of Litleo possibly referencing Kimba, Disney did not rip off Kimba, got watch YMS' video on it, he lays it all out

Rodes Vilobo

nobody cares gliscor is not in the video

Finn Manusia

Damn, it is so weird to see this when other episodes are arranged according to the Pokedex number. Did they miss some shinies?

Exeledus Prince

Come on lockstin I expected better from you...



Vivid Papillon


What happened to male pyroar


Skiddo and Gogoat could possibly be based on ancient greek sacrifices, particularly at Delphi where it was always a goat.

Sacrifices were preferably white for gods with sky association like Apollo, and the horns were often decorated with gold. Red hooves because it's a sacrifice and that gets blood everywhere. Not sure why that would be the route anybody would think to go with, but it fits more of the details than just being pale goats.


me liking shiny espeon: :(


Thanks for the buster wolf at ledge when your playing the lighter pokemon ptsd


Funny watching him try and understand the ways of the all mighty Bacon Bird


Shiny Yveltal is just flying bacon. Change my mind.


Espurr and Meowstic were my first legit shinies (Gyarados doesn’t count)

Nerdy Kitty

I always thought pumpkaboo was Gen 5

The Rebuilders Minecraft

Do you like butchering every single name of the Pokemon that you pronounce in this video

Katie B

“It symbolizes the end!... of plaque” I laughed way too hard at this

Shadow Lurker

YVELTAL looks like he wanted to become raw meat...... ? ? ?

Hortus Mortis

That Kimba the white lion comment didnt age well

Lauren Rogers

I LOVE SHINY ESPEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dexter Bush

Your gonna regret Christmas is over

William J Priest

Noibats bouncing gonna give my eyes cramps


Mega Evolutions and Ash-Greninja?

green cheep cheep king

Shiny bunnelby is based of the killer bunny

Cat King

its over, isnt it just now starting?


I'm going to fight whoever decided that Swirlix's shiny color isn't blue; like the two cotton candy colors that everyone thinks of are pink and blue, those are just the rules! I used to have a shiny Gogoat and the horns are clearly gold. Hondege is my favorite shiny and I assumed that aside from blood, it was based off of a legend (That I remember but can't seem to find a source of) that Atilla the Hun's sword was forged from a meteor and for some reason the iron came out red. I just caught a shiny Noibat a few days ago and I love it. I bred a shiny Tyrantrum and sadly I lost that one as well. Zygarde becomes toothpaste.


You forgot male meowstic!

Letty The Dragon


wilson hunter

13:13 gross

Groot Mcgreet

groose barnicles XD

rocky mccarver

shiny espeon is cute idc it’s a pretty emerald green

Michael Saylor

Um... real ninjas wore blue.

Banana DEvi †

I just realized when watching this, sylveon has trans colors and I searched on Google that sylveon has a higher chance of being male.

Brydav Massbear

The red under shiny Noivern's wings reminds me of some vampire capes which are black on the outside and red on the inside. And vampires are known to have the ability to turn into bats.

Nathanial Grayson

what about the meowstic

Katie B

Wait what about mega evolutions?

Macayle Angelina

Skiddo & Gogoat are Christmas colored.

Some Epic Nerd

0:44 did you just predict 2020?

Ethan Bartlett

Meanwhile the people watching on December first 2020

"But it is almost Christmas"


why can't you say vivillon correctly?

Christopher Bzowski

sylvion may actually represent trans right idk


Yveltal became bacon

Lorenzo Martin Leonardo Jr

Im so sad im just finding your videos! I would love all those pokemon poster ??

Floofy Chill

Fun fact: calico lobsters exist

mimikyu lover

12:13 sylveon just decided that TRANS RIGHTS. And we stan


Noibat could be a Bluetooth speaker..... Eh? Eh???? No? Ok.

Metroplex Grimlock

I'm sad I can't use the big Hoopa anymore. I just get normal small Hoopa, which is also cool, but.....


15:55 he based off of bacon


15:59 Haha, Tree-o, Get it? Cause Zerneas looks a lil like a tree, and it's partially based off one, and it turns into one in the anime I believe

SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]

Who is watching this during December 2020?


Skiddo and Gogoat's shinies are most likely a reference to the golden ram/golden fleece of Greek mythology.

Kahn Thorpe

After getting a shiny espeon i can not unsee the "leaf" shape...


That busterwolf really got me ?

Kahn Thorpe

Okay so that explains why so many of these are in galar

Dark Light

For meowstic, blue is the opposite of yellow and normal meowstic are blue so maybe they just did that.

Shiny meaning

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SHINY - Meaning and Pronunciation

7 views | 24 Dec. 2020

How to pronounce

How to pronounce shiny?

This video provides examples of American English pronunciations of shiny by male and female speakers.

In addition, it explains the meaning of shiny through a dictionary definition and several visual examples.

IPA Transcription of shiny is /ʃˈaɪni/.

Definition of shiny according to Wiktionary:

shiny can be an adjective or a noun

As an adjective shiny can mean:

1. Reflecting light.

2. Emitting light.

3. Excellent; remarkable.

4. Bright; luminous; clear; unclouded.

As a noun shiny can mean:

1. Anything shiny; a trinket.

2. Contraction of disparaging term "shiny arses", originating during World War Two, to describe a desk worker.https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=mAdUqLrKw4YC&pg=PA1717.

If you'd like to test your pronunciation of shiny, check out Accent Hero's real-time pronunciation feedback tool:


or our Android app:


Shiny meaning

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Shiny Pokémon - Pokémon Fact of The Day

4 337 702 views | 4 Oct. 2012

Want to catch shiny

Want to catch shiny Pokémon? I have a new updated video for the 6th gen you can watch here! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cT410kgzXk

Nintendo fans, unite!►http://tinyurl.com/NintendoFan

You guys asked for it, so here it is! Everything you'd ever want to know about Shiny Pokémon!

Links mentioned in the video:

DV Calculator: http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/dv.php

Using the PokéRadar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkeKPlBYYbs

Want to follow my newest stuff? Follow me at:

Gaming Channel: http://youtube.com/WittzGaming

Facebook: http://facebook.com/thejwittz

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thejwittz

Blog: http://wittzgaming.com

Secret Shadow

My first shiny I found in the wild by myself was Cherubi in pokemon theta emerald renev and I was amazed, now Cherubi is one of my favorite pokemon.

Emp Ron Din

My first shiny is shine zubat. Haha

The Unknown Gamer

In platinum when the togepi egg hatched, it was shiny


This video has aged well


I find shiny pokemon in pixelmon more than the core series!

Mr. Derp Man Plays

I have friends who think Gyarados is said Gy-rah-dose

TransBiologist, the transest of biologists

My first shiny was a shiny Eevee that I spent a solid while breeding for, trying to get a shiny Sylveon.

•Poke MC•

So uh legit...
I literally got a shiny rattata in the grass of the exit of viridian

pete lee

3:25 not many people actually knock out shinies. Most failed attempts come from the Pokemon knocking itself out via explosion/memento, you use false swipe to take down to 1HP and it knocks itself out with some recoil move or you encountered it within the dreaded safari zone.

Too much Or not enough?

Watching in December of the plague of covid! If even further future viewers know what I mean ;)

Benjamin Cooper

In Pokémon go I have a 100 IV shiny slackoth

Adrian Reyes

I didn't know shiny Pokemons is that rare, I just killed like three of them when I was just a kid thinking that those Pokémon gives more exp

William Haslam

So shinies are just different colours?

TheAmazing WMan

Hi from decent future

Starman 777

This video is how I found out about shinies as a kid; my first shiny way a frogadier in the friend safari.

It's been many years since then, and now I almost have 250 shinies.

I don't know if that's impressive or just sad

My name is M&M and I’m here to say,

My first shiny that I haven’t deleted is a Gyarados..

In Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, without any odds increases ?

Pinkie Pie

I'm from the distant future...
Of 2019

Marchie Tingson

I remember my first shiny was in pokemon fire red. It was a shiny abra in my console.


just came back to visit my favorite youtuber as a kid

Mad Southpaw

I legit found a shiny Purrloin in Pokemon BW


I have came from the most distant future

Rishikesh A u

Thanks for the lecture about genetics....

User User

I caught a shiny trapinch in alpha sapphire!

Merasmus Entertainment

Technically you can catch shiny zapdos shiny articuno and shiny moltres in gen 1 if you get the right iv and ev and bring it to gen 2 you have a shiny

Jake Lance

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube

/ \ so he can take over and support Google+


Ive come from the distant, DISTANT future


I came from the distant past. I grew up with Kanto and didn’t care about Johto.

Victor Hernandez

My first legit shiny was a carvannah is sapphire,& later a larvitar is fire red

Capital Coffee

It's actually possible to get a shiny from a gen 1 game, it just doesn't appear as a shiny, until you trade it into an older game


0:22 wait what? Actually I am from a distance future, almost 8 years later... This is scary af

Ryan Lauzon

Anybody else getting this recommended to them in 2020?


Does that explain how I got a shiny turtwig after 63 SRs

B o o f g u y

I’m from the distant future


Only shiny I caught was a red Gyarados

mr. bro

My first shiny was a shiny psyduck from gen 4 in one of the lakes. When i first encountered it i was like "wtf what's this?" So i caught it and found out it was rare. My second shiny was in the same game being a shiny ponyta and at that point i knew it was rare so i caught it. To bad i lost the game awhile back.


My first legit shiny pokémon was maractus in shield. I randomly got one from an egg


So when I was a kid playing through SoulSilver (my first Pokemon game), right before I was about to face Red I ran into a shiny Ursaring. Unforunately for me, I didn't know what shinies were at the time and thought my game was glitching so I just fainted it and went on to challenge Red. I'm still sad about that to this day and it is still the only shiny I have run into except the ones that games gives you.


Watching from the distant future of 2019 and I still love this video as much as I loved it in 2012.


I have come from the even more far future (no flying cars sorry)


My first shiny was today. I got my first shiny today. It's a shiny Geodude. Im proud of it. A lot


Does 7 years count as the distant future?


0:23 is 2019 the future enough

stoned immaculate

my sister found a shiny mudkip while playing fire red and reset her game because she thought it was broken
i also one shot the red gyrados during a replay of heartgold so i couldnt catch it during that run
but my first genuine shiny though was corphish off pokemon shield

o-n playz nothing

My first shiny was a pelliper in pokemon sun in poni plains.

DestroxBooster Xenntix

I have all shinies on Pokémon go.......



My first legit shiny Pokémon was when I was playing through my emerald version of Pokémon. Zubat, and yes I caught it


I have come from the distant distant distant future dawg


i've found a wild shiny exactly once and of course i had no pokeballs. rip green zubat i think about you every day

Ben Tsang

1.i wake up
2.i get on nintendo switch
3.i catch 5 shinies
Read it in this order, 2, 3, 1


No I have come from a VERY distant future...

Nini Gacha

2:00 i can understand what's your saying But i know some people Dont :l

Pera pelada 489

Just got a shiny manaphy ??? 5ivs lmao
Timid nature


My first ever shiny was a wurmple in a three times replayed ruby.
I didn't understand why it was like that but my instinct told me to still catch it.

The Little Stranger

I AM watching this from in the future!

Lubos Šimko

after 19 years of playing pokemon - i got only one shiny pokemon - venomoth... and caught three times pokerus.. pokerus is more rare right?


Last pokemon i played religiously was pokemon crystal. Im 32 years old now and recently picked up Pokemon ultra moon. So im catching up with all the technical stuff before i start.


I got a Shiny Pichu from the Odd Egg in the Crystal Virtual Console

Rose Flower



I'm from the distant future

Laura Wasnewsky

The first Shiny Pokemon I encountered was a Shiny Pidove in Pokemon Black. I caught it on Route 3 very early in the game.


I have spent thousands of hours playing pokemon since gen 1 up until now and I have only ever encountered 2 shiny pokemon; a magmar in gold version and a geodude in diamond.

zero X

Bad Pokemon to encountered as shiny in Gen 2 definitely Graveler and Electrode right... Because no ability yet make encountered that two was nightmare especially if it using Self-destruct/Explosion

Happen to me once for both of them each...


this video is almost 8 years old

Liam Fong

0:21 distant future of 2020, am i ghetsis now?



Matthew Radtke

First shiny was in Black and White and was a Lotad

Rainbow Crafter

I come from a future and its gen 8 now.

Super Greyflash

The first shiny I got was a Zubat named Buttons. I'm going to transfer it to make it a crobat

Dat sleepy Boi Ed

I have come, from the distant year of our lord, 2019... your doing good, keep it up!


My parents were still together when this video came out. Childhood!

Eli - Chan

Who's here in 2019


Shiny Crobat, a random treasure that stays forever

Delta flash

Pokerus is rarer than shinies? I got it in y and alpha sapphire without giving it a second thought


I have come from the distant future further than Patience McKendrick.

Cool_ Jerome

Future lol

marshmallow 99

My first ligit shiny Pokemon was when one random day, I was training one of my Pokemon when I suddenly ran into a shiny ralts on Pokemon x so I caught it, after training him, he is now a shiny galade

Arizona Dingus

In a save file I had in black two I somehow managed to get a shiny Pokémon on my first encounter. It was a Purrloin and it’s still the craziest moment I’ve had in a Pokémon game.

Dat Greedy Mouse

My first shiny encounter was when i was still a kid playing fire red. Before i challenge misty in cerulean city i decided that i level up my charmelion atleast to level 25. Then in happened..a shiny abra....so yeah it teleported. Never did i went into the tall grass without a pokemon with mean look since then

nealsus christ

First and still only shiny i ever caught was a shiny magikarp in crystal while surfing on the lake of rage...didn't evolve it obviously because a shiny gyrados was literally feet away. Most ironic shiny ever.

Also kinda sucks you cant transfer up gens and he couldnt learn flail in gen 2

Emmanuel G

I come from the worst year take me back(2021)

James Hickman

If you have a shiny Pokemon from Colosseum that stays shiny you are a shiny finding GOD. The odds of this is 1 in 64 million. Note there is only 48 Pokemon you can catch in this game.


0:43 "but charizard becomes an extremely cool black dragon." looks at shiny Charizard from gen 2 not sure about that one chief

Tanner McCollum

I've come across Pokerus more often than shiny Pokemon.


I found shiny Spinda twice in emerald back when I was 10. The first time I thought the colour glitched but I caught it anyway and quite surprised it stayed different colour in PC. Second time wasn't too long after that but since I was convinced it was a glitch and since spinda always has different spot marks, I just ran away from it.

Also, caught a shiny trapinch in the same year.

Zoey K

was fishing for shiny Feebas and ended up fishing up a shiny Magicarp instead... yaaaay. I already have 2 shiny Gyarados

Elisa Bonazzoli

Got a shiny rayquaza in pokemon go
literally crashed against a wall to get to the gym in the first place but it was worth it



Aidan Redding

I have found one shiny Pokemon in my life. It was a shiny Amoongus in Pokemon Y, and when I found it, I couldn't believe it.

David Alexander

"trade a foreign trainer online"

welp good thing I have a Japanese DS with a Japanese copy of SoulSilver

the only immortal kitten

Corona UwU


Maasudda. I'm glad you learned how to pronounce it in the future

Glaceon Arctic Fox Pokémon

I Hate Shiny Pokémons.

That one guy Mark

My first shiny was a wailmer lmaooo


A story to make shiny hunters scream.
My older brother found a shiny zigzagoon in ruby. He killed it cause it looked different.


I have come from a distant future with terrible set of circumstances.

GoldenHydreigon 47

I've only caught 3 Shinies: The obvious Red Gyarados, a Shiny Psyduck, and a Shiny Mankey

seth Pixler

I have come from the distanter future!

Kyle Tetley

Awesome video. But I was hoping to learn how and why Gamefreak decided to make Shiny Pokémon.

James Hickman

If you have found a shiny in Colosseum that is still shiny when it is sent to the PC you are a shiny finding GOD.


My first shiny encounter was a Mantyke in Shield, I felt lucky I knew about it because I watched a good amount of videos about them, I was too scared to actually harm it and faint it so I just spammed ultra balls