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Get Unready with Me! | Skincare Routine

38 006 views | 8 Jul. 2020

Are you ready for some

Are you ready for some serious skincare? ✨?‍♀️I'm about to walk you through my 9 step program! #skincareroutine



Neutrogena Makeup Wipes https://bit.ly/2DkpeXk

SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser https://amzn.to/31Sac5i

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex https://amzn.to/2O2Kwuq

SkinMedica Retinol 0.5 Complex https://amzn.to/38yJ7FC

SkinCeuticals Correct H.A. Intensifier Serum https://amzn.to/321Eoe6

SkinMedica Lumivive Night https://amzn.to/2Dbv4Kn

SkinMedica 2.0 Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum https://amzn.to/3fe3zy0

SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer https://amzn.to/2VTVNBC

Wash Cloth https://bit.ly/2De77lG

Anti-wrinkle Pillow https://amzn.to/2VW4j3a

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Workin, 9 to Wine. Dewin' it for a living. ? Welcome to the BTS of my personal and work life. You thought I was unfiltered before.... We are going to know everything about each other by the end of this. Who knows, maybe we will all sync up? Join me every Wednesday at 10am PST! #9toWineShow

Kin Original Series.

Rossella G

Do you cleanse your face in the morning too?

Katie Sapp

@hyram come up in here

Lauren Haycock

Great advice but I suggest to not use your pinky finger. Use your ring finger. It has the least amount of pressure around your eye. But true to not double tip especially when in a retail store!

Love you Kaitlyn.? I have 6 night steps for my skin care routine. ✨

Bianca Cirillo

Thanks for the tips! Just bought my first retinol. Fingers crossed!!!

Margaret James

...?...the urban talk..'luv??

channing cason

Thank you SO much for sharing this!!!! ? You are the best!! I have the same problem with my jaw and TMJ issues because of clenching.. can you tell me a little more about why you do Botox? It helps with the muscle build up and helps you stop clenching? Do you wear a night guard to help too? Does it help with pain from clenching? Thank you so much! ?

nicole sandoval

LOVE YOU!!! Clicked on this soo quick ive been needing your skincare! ❤️

StOUt ThE BeEr

i don’t think u need botox i think it makes u look older

Amber McFadden

I love that you’re so open about your Botox etc!!

Janet Riley

Where was the pillow from? You’re the best Kaitlyn!!

Margaret James

'this video is very good with the instruction..you are very good at this..more instructional videos..please

The Bohl Bunch

“Everything is real...real expensive” hahaha I love you KB! (Hopefully, KT soon!!!!)

Nichole B

Any cheaper options that would work just as well? This mama can't afford all that!

Tati Xo1127

Hi last be your necklace who isit by please?

Margaret James

'???tech neck..how come I didn't think of that one...'?

Loren Long

Do you have a link for the pillow?


If you have dry skin and live in a dry climate, you may not want to use a lot of hyaluronic acid.

9 to Wine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

How many steps do you have in your skincare routine?

Hope Zoll

Love this! My routine is super similar. Medical grade skincare is worth EVERY PENNY! If you need to skip out on eating out as much or on Starbucks, make it work guys. It lasts forever and there really is no substitute! Can you please share you morning routine as well :)! Thank you!

Margaret James

'#9 numerology def. ..represent's.. wisdom & responsibility... plus forgiveness..'?

Abbey T

Couldn't click on this fast enough. I love skincare routines. I use all Drunk Elephant products because they seem to work best for me for the past couple of years. Drunk Elephant changed their C-Firma formula late 2018 and ruined it for me so I'm going to give the Timeless one a try since they have an airless pump, too. Thank you for sharing!


You deadass read my mind, yesterday I was like hmm I wish KB would post a skincare routine! ❤️ love it

Kathleen Mullrooney

Hyalauronic acid actually works best if you put it on damp skin bc it absorbs 1000x it's weight in water, so give it that water to absorb lol! Then seal it in with a moisturizer to avoid TEWL. You can actually put on retinol after your moisturizer. Doesn't impact the efficacy and can make it less sensitizing. Dr. Dray has videos on this and on how order doesn't matter :)

Serendipia Project

14 seconds into the video, I can see the make up wipes on the table... I’m already bummed and afraid of the rest...

Molly Copeland

Looks like a great routine! I have a million products too, but never considered the order of use! One note: for the environment, maybe get some reusable cloths for your makeup wipes :)

Fort Knobbs

Really want Skincare by Hyram to review this but I know he will roast the makeup wipes the whole time lol

nicole sandoval

Also, obsessed with you! :)

Nancy Ramirez

Love this video so much! ☺️

Alexandra Bain

Face wipes ? Terrible for skin

Kerry Bicksler-Johnston

I totally need Botox just for the fact it can help headaches and jaw grinding! Starting my research now!!!

Chelsea Kaitting

omg do not use wipes lol

Elvi McKey

You taking off your eyelashes is my everyday mood ?

Karine K

I want Hyram to react to her routine!!

Sam Glavina

These products are sooooo expensive, no shade - you do you, but for people wanting a much more affordable routine follow Dr Dray on Youtube! You truly do not need to spend this much money for healthy skin!

Rita K

Hey girl! You got me interested in trying Botox in my jaw, but after some research it looks like there are long term side effects. It can cause the jaw bone to be weak and eventually cause fractures. Maybe something to look into! ♡

Erica Jae

I opened a new tab for every single product!! It was so expensive my whole dang browser crashed. Lol. My BDay is in a month so I DM'd this list to everybody in my friend list on FB. Whether I know you or not, you got it. Just raising the odds.

Natalie Chichetto

Girlllllll DON"T USE WIPES! Pulls your skin = damage = winkles!

Taylor Treimer

What type of sunscreen do you use on your face?

Paige McGhee

Thank you soooo much so freaking informative and I’m desperate haha. Is there anyway you could do hair care as well? I recently got highlights and your hair looks so healthy and long... mine does not lol.

Nicole Cook

Make sure to use a tiny bit of water with the HA intensifier especially if you’re in a very dry climate like myself. I’m in Utah! The HA will pull the natural hydration if there is no moisture in the air!!

Cathryn Reep

I LOVE me some Kaitlyn Bristowe, but you don't need the expensive stuff for a fantastic skin care routine. Do some research and look to dermatologists and estheticians for advice. Kaitlyn is using some great products (minus the wipes, use a cleansing balm instead), but they are EXPENSIVE. There are TONS of "drugstore" products that are just as good (or better).

Mmaolisa E

Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for sharing your skincare routine! I have 3-5 steps in the morning and 8-13 steps at night (steps increase if I'm wearing makeup). I'm kind of a product junkie lol. I love masks and serums.

Caroline Harding

Love SkinCeuticals! I have between 8 and 9 steps, depending on if I'm doing a chemical exfoliating treatment or doing a sheet mask . I definitely recommend watching Ben Neiley's video on the best order to apply your skincare. He is very well educated in the ingredients and science behind skin care and I personally learned a ton from his video on the order to apply!

Grace Robinette

What’s the KN logo stand for? Second question... what logo is on your hoodie?

Kristen Hill

giiiirrrrl those are some expensive AF products through skin medica wooof

Ana Fragata

I am also a double cleanser, towelettes, then Clarisonic brush, eye make up remover Lancôme Bi-facial, shake well put it on a cotton round , hold against your eye , count a fill 30 seconds then gently bring down and curl up. Put your cotton pad onto the other side and do the same you’ll be surprised how little mascara comes off and repeat on the next on the other eye. I then use a cleansing water for the eyes also by Lancôme. A little trivia Bi-facil has a pH of your own tears your eyes will never water. Then an eye serum and moisturizer. Next facial serum and moisturizer . My favorite serum Hourglass #28, it’s vegan not tested on animals has a combination of 28 essential oils. It allows the pores to open by the 3rd use and extractions become almost unnecessary. As we all know serums have a smaller molecular structure so they penetrate deeper and we use less moisturizer saving money. My tried an true is Creme de LeMer. I also apply GlamGlow ,Good in Bed night mask, it’s on my night stand and as you said treat your neck as you would your face. I can’t pronounce or spell décolleté. Skin care fanatic since age 12 now 64 ???

chrissy G

Keeping it real and honest! You definitely embrace each topic with love ❤️ If every one of us did that.... ❤️❤️❤️?

Danielle Nieuwenhuis

What about a vitamin C serum?

Lauren Drane

You could try a cleansing oil to remove makeup, see if you like it! I love Tatchas and I am happy to know I’m not promoting daily waste with my former OBSESSION with makeup wipes. It was a hard switch for me to make initially; but, my skin and heart are happy I made it.

Ariel Furrow

hey Kaitlyn, Do you have bags under the eyes (if you do i obv. cant tell lol), if not, what do you do for them?


Don't use Neutrogena wipes! Use Garnier micellar cleansing water to take off your makeup

Elizabeth Miller

Loved this!!! I’m 40 ? and just recently started in on the expensive face stuff... now Botox and filler I’ve done for a while but just now on a religious routine... I’d get it and love it and then wait months or years ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Srilakshmi R

Oh noooo ??? the wipes have got to gooooo

Tracey Vella

Love how you always keep it real, you’re so hilarious ?

Chelsea Andler

There is no point to the makeup wipe. You literally clean your face after. All that makeup wipe step is doing is pulling your skin and creating landfill. Break the habit girl.


Another great video. I’m so happy you started a YouTube channel. Just another way for us vinos to get to know you in your natural habitat. Also I’m getting the Botox for my TMJ as well next month I have the same jaw muscle build up and I hate it good to see it worked for you. Keep being awesome KB, you dew it so well.


Your skin looks great so I should probably check some of this stuff out ????????

Charee Pringle

How can I incorporate a mask into a routine like this? Do you have any pointers about having a routine and still being a firsttime mom

Margaret James

'Cool..?on the botox tips...

Margaret James

'hi Kaitlyn..good facial cleansing and nutrients tips..?

Tayler Phillips

Noooo not the make up wipes!! Still love you though.?❤️

Margaret James

'hi Kaitlyn.. always a great teacher..and with a great sense of humor..great blogging ideas..for future speaking engagements..?


Love what you said about skin care as self care! Having a routine you enjoy helps relax you and sleep better :)

Jenn B

As an esthetician, you are my dream type of client ? Love all the tips you gave, and love how dedicated to your routine you are! This was awesome to watch.

Mackenzie Riemenschneider

Okay but where did you get that pillow for side sleepers??

Rita Perez

You should watch Dr. Dray's videos! She has a lot of skincare tips and since she's a dermatologist, her insight is fascinating!

Susana Rodrigues

You lost me on the make up wipes. Dont even bother to watch the rest.

Ashley Hoefer

I love and stan the neutrogena makeup removing wipes, and I will die on this hill!?


Someone does not watch Skin Care by Hyram and it shows.

Cassidy Burke

What is your morning skincare routine? I am switching products and thinking about buying the ones you mentioned, but no clue as to what I need for the AM! Thanks :)


OMG one of my eyes is wrinkly and the other isn't too!! glad it's not just me hahahaha

Carol Labaj

Kaitlyn I'm curious if you still use TruSelf Organics products like masks and where they fit in your daily routine? I purchased them after one of your posts and love them and didn't notice any mentioned in this awesome tutorial.


you lost me at face wipes :(


We love a 9 step routine!!

Kim Wallace

Thanks for always making me laugh! Hope my boys find a girl like you one day (they're in college so not anytime soon LOL).

An N

How often do you have to get the botox in your jaw because of clenching? I have been clenching for about 30 years...I am 48...and I have the same as you did...the widening of areas of my face! I have used a night guard forever but still in overly stressful times, like now, I get terrible migraines, dental pain, and soreness in my jaw and face all over. Can be debilitating! If there is advice about this, from anyone reading this, let me know. I'm scared to try botox but it would be a life changer if it worked! I have lots of anxiety issues which leads to my clenching.

Tera Frydrych

I hope you share your morning routine with us too!

Sara Summers

"How you do anything, is how you do everything." Truth!

Katie Williams

hahaha I totally stole my Mom's skincare products when I was younger too! Always had the good sh*t. Now that I pay for it myself I realize I probably should have used a little less. Sorry Mom...Love you KB! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie Nalbandian

You are my favorite! I look forward to your videos / podcasts & Instagram posts! I love how relatable you are! I always wondered what your skincare routine was so I’m so glad you made a video! ?

Skinceuticals near me

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Specialist Reacts to Sam Smith's Skin Care Routine

735 594 views | 7 Nov. 2020

Subscribe to learn how to

Subscribe to learn how to perfect YOUR skin care routine! ?✨


SkinCeuticals Gel Cleanser*: https://bit.ly/358vxsA

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF*: https://bit.ly/3eBQVt3

SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Serum*: https://bit.ly/355IkMg

Orveda Eye Cream*: https://orveda.com/eye-unveiler-422

Heliocare SPF 50 Gel Cream*: https://amzn.to/3n2Wp3b


@SAM SMITH Vogue Skin Care Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g99x3ufvOag

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Instagram (@SkinCarebyHyram): https://bit.ly/362vLzH

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Doing my skincare would feel more meditative and self-carey if i havent been trying to treat my acne for 13 years. I wish i had gotten birth control and spironolactone when i was 15 lol

Eva Bebbington

i love how sweet hyram is and inclusive by using they them pronouns and taking the time to be so sweet and kind??

Kalee Foster

You need to make a skin care line I would buy basically all of it lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cass Thompson

I love how people justake shit up and force others to refer to them that way lol... I have absolutely no problem with ANYONE, but I just think it's ridiculous to be referred to as "they" when it literally means a group of people or animals in a general sense. (But now they had to enter a new meaning for the word in the dictionary to accommodate people who make shit up and get pissed if the rest of the world doesn't go along with it) Like does Sam Smith have multiple personalities?? lol Is Sam more than one person?...

Oishee 123

Hyram would kill me for using coconut oil for my face ?️?️

tamar Itiel

What are you talking about? I saw the simple cleanser in a drugstore yesterday


I honestly cant stand their music lol. I dont like Charlie Puth's music either for similar reasons. Still, Sam seems like a really cool person.

julianna marie

i accidentally touched the dropper to my face the other day and i’m still not over it ?

Stephen Bailey

I love how he completely just ignores his beard when washing his face. Jesus. I see so many people washing their face and missing their temples/beards/upper lip areas. Wash your whole face!!

Carlijn Gonzalez

Thank you for using the right pronouns. It’s so beautiful to see how much respect you have for them♥️


I love how I watch all of his videos but still don’t bother to take care of my skin ?

Ella Spratling

sam smith is so underrated considering how quite a few of their songs are pretty popular

Vitor Lago

If Hyram says its a good product I know its a good product

Maya Mulvihill

You’re Hella funny

Avery Namath


Brooke Devisser

I forgot they’re British haha

Stephen Bailey

Aww. Thanks for knowing about and respecting their preferred pronouns

Maura Bonini

thank you for respecting sam's pronouns!

Kezz Box

I'm a Non-Binary viewer. Your respect of Sam Smith's pronouns and identity, warms my cold dead heart

Its Anna

You should make your own products!

Charlotte Goossens

Sam sounds so calming ?? great video Hyram thank you! ❤️

Alina 2007

Sam: we’re all flowers
Me: if I’m a flower then I’m fucking wilting ?

Anna Burke

what id ur allergic to sunscreen...

Lizzie Emch

Hey hyram what are your thoughts on cetaphil face sunscreen?

Jane Powers

Can you react to luhhsettys skin care routine pls thx!

Schnauzer Lady

I love hyram too much thank you for your channel honey

Chris Gahagho

Is it fine to use Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid together? Cause my skin have many acnes spot..


blue? am i color blind bc i thought that was green lol

xx myy


Jessica Lima

I absolutely love that you respect their pronouns

João Daniel Hanzen Sonego

Oh my god I didnt know you shouldnt touch the dropper. I use the C E Ferulic, maybe that's why it looks oxidized so fast. Does anyone know if it happens even when there is alcohol denat on the formula? Like the Blemish + Age Defense one.

Jennifer S

I usually never comment anything mean but like "Specialist"?!?! I am very disturbed by the title, especially as a student very passionate about med. Many dermatologists and other specialists in the medical field have to go through YEARS of schooling before they can be called a specialist. His video title completely demotes and disregards the hard work of our doctors. Hyram, you can call yourself literally anything but a specialist until a specialist degree is earned. The word specialist is misleading and should not be used as clickbait, especially during a very serious pandemic.

Frances Verge

How is hyram making such a big deal with the dropper thing when they literally just washed their face?

Jerry Allen

Sam Smith is still a he

Sandy Lima

gosh I hate your thumbnails

Tired Peach

I’m always kinda sad I don’t get a lot of time to wash my face. Cause I live in a house with 4 people and 1 bathroom. So the longest I can take before someone comments on me taking a while is about 5-6 minutes

Leonore Puguon

I want to see sam react to the reaction


why tf did i just find out they’re British

Nautical Soul

Hyram using proper pronouns for Sam ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my respect for you just went up even more

Lance D.

Me, a nonbinary person watching this video: ??

Dogo Lover

“meme of the little girl” HYRAM THATS CHARLIE ??

Piper Williams

I don’t think you should tell ppl things like that because he wouldn’t be using it if it didn’t work for him so if he likes it he will use it but they’d just my opinion

Turbo Kong

Im a nb person and seeing this pronoun respect just fills my heart with joy

magic essa

using the right pronouns!!!!!!! how are you so perfect??? ???

aubrey goodchild

Sam is just a sweet guy (so is Hyram)

Emma Rieth

St. Ives keeps advertising on Hyram's videos the disrespect

Wiktoria Rybicka

Hi Hyram, love your channel and your videos, you have changed so much in my skincare <3 So anyways, I've been wanting to ask you, do you use any mattifying powder or anything to get rid of glowy skin for filming, or is your skin naturally this matte?


Everyone is talking about their pronouns but i didnt know that they were BRITISH??? HELLO??

engra salinas

If you’re new here:
-We don’t like makeup wipes
-Eye creams are expensive moisturizers
-We like the ordinary and CeraVe
-We use Sunscreen daily
-YES to Niacinamide
-Fragrance is a NONO
-We like Cetaphil
-We HATE St.Ives
-We don’t use scrubs
-We do shoulder shakes every single day
-We don‘t use peel of masks and DIY skincare products
-Moisturizer is rly important
-NO to witch hazel
-Don’t forget to double cleanse after using makeup
Hope it helps you :)

love you hyram=)

Patricia Garcia

Do reacting to Nina dobrev beauty secrets plisss

Purple Monster Crafts

idk if anyone can help but the skin on my nose is always really dry and it peels but i don’t know how to fix it?

Bridget Czarnecki

As someone who uses she/they pronouns im SO glad hyram used their correct pronouns!!!!

Amaia King

not me having a panic attack after hearing the "dont touch your face" part

Lee Sahadeo

I was about to ask about your background ?

Iva Stoianova

Wowwwwwww I never honestly heard about the non binary identification in general! Nice to educate my 28 years old ass ! So nice from Hyram side to respect people's identity:))))

Leja Mravlja

my phone was cheaper than the eye cream!!!


I totally agree with the foundation related comment and that it depends on how much and what brand. when I started with foundation ( like 8th grade). I used a h&m foundation and beauty blender wasn't around back then. so I would use my hands. idk why but that's when I actually started to get hyperpigmentation. and really bad acne. and a year after I switched brand and using beauty blender. my acne did get better but the hyperpigmentation are still here ://

Lili Kataja

i was talking to sams smith im a fan who also can sing

Eva Bebbington

my brother finally went to a good dermatologist he used to use proactive and he was recommended my fav products that i use he uses now the Laroche posay hydrating cleanser and cerave lotion!!!!?

Maath Jabri

Seeing this video now, i have this vision i hope it comes true that we will be seeing Hyram skin care line.

Jana Kamminga

Love the use of correct pronouns ugh ? ?

Ashley King

If you enjoyed this video, you should watch Sam’s hot ones episode!! You get to know them on a much deeper level and their voice is so soothing. Plus, Sean Evans respects their pronouns

Fiona Summers

Do you need a separate sun cream if ur moisturiser had spf and u live in a cold country (UK)?

Elly Lopez

I know the dropper isn't supposed to touch my skin.. but if it accidentally does, what can I do? Like how am I supposed to clean it or minimize damage? I use 3 droppers in my routine, I NEED TO KNOW Dx


I was given samples of these in a little cosmetic container and I have been dipping my finger into the vitamin c. So this is bad?! Oh no.

Shivaanika GM

Hyram read my thoughts on cold water

Ashley Marie

Does Sam Smith prefer They/Them? I didn’t know that. So awesome to see people respecting people!

Madeleine P

3:32 ”aNd TheEeN” lmaooo

Ran Rae

Sam smith is an adorable human being!!!!

Shivaanika GM

Hyram, after listening to you about hyaluronic acid, I'm wishing you were my chemistry teacher

Noor Ghadban




Caris V

I just adore you Hyram :)

Bethany Sor


Luiza Radulescu

Hello Hyram! Please make a video about the Orveda skincare line. Does it worth the money?It seems too good to be true.

Emilee Waite


Shivaanika GM

My two favourite songs of Sam Smith :
How do you sleep?

— kαciee

I absolutely love how hyram used the right pronouns!! You’ve helped me so much with my skin btw! ??

Matthew Kelsey

Hyram is garnier pure active intensive ultra exfoliating cream wash good

Spud Citter

WHEN HE USED THEIR PROPER PRONOUNS I SCREAMED. I WISH I WAS OVERREACTING. i actually screamed. validation and representation of nonbinary people feels inCREDIBLE.

Daniel Villalba

Im using skinceuticals, and in my country is extra expensive.....bitch you better work hard


Bruh stop referring to yourself as a “specialist” it’s so condescending and cringe..


The pronouns?❤

wavy sammm

i have been looking the simple micellar gel wash being discontinued for the last half hour since he said that and all the comes up is reddit and where to buy it, i’m so confused

Anca Manole

Touching your face leads to aging. Well, what about massages and face gym? Don't understand. How's that,, not touching your face''?


i didint tunderstand a single thing...

Eden Shendelman

HI I LOVE YOU! Please please please review on your YouTube channel or tiktok indeed labs skin care! She’s amazing and wanna buy them and I wanna see what you have to say thank you!!!

Nicki Levenova

Hyram i would like to tell you that maybe this cleanser is not on the top of your list, but I use it and it’s the only cleanser out there that not irritate my skin. All other cleanser I was use was burning on my face, and after tried a lot of different cleanser I finally find what’s work for my skin. So people don’t be scary to try different products till you find what’s work for you just listen and pay attention what you’re skin is telling you. Everyone is different so do our skin. It’s not big philosophy.

lucy marie Phillips

Love Sam Smith love singing covers of their songs. Gem of the uk x

julie whitehead

i’ve never heard sam smith like just speak? but their voice is literally like the british guy who narrates the disney nature documentaries and i LOVE it so much it’s so soothing?

stephrh.003 ._.

They are so beautiful omgg plus they are both Taurus and so am I so we loveee

Luca Di tullio


Helen Mills

Hearing Hyram use they/them pronouns is making me happy cry

Holly Neal

Thank you for correct pronouns!!!!

Noah Hayes

Why does he keep referring to Sam as they’re. Is it a band ?

kamila escalona

can you pleaseeeeee react to Maddy Ziegler's skincare routine <33

Jasmine Bent

I love how respectful he is towards Sam and their pronouns! Not that I'd expect anything less from King Hyram! xxx

Nancy Au

Just wanted to point out that at 3:48, the subtitles say "he" instead of they!


rlly like your channel :) just found out, already learned some new tricks i needed in my life ! thanks for sharing

Julia Sawczuk

comfort video.....yeah

Skinceuticals near me

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Best Of Skinceuticals!

19 093 views | 5 Dec. 2018


Hello my lovelies and welcome to today's video all about Skinceuticals skincare.


These were kindly gifted to me. This is not a paid promotion.

♥ Products Mentioned ♥

H.A INtensifyer

Phloretin CF

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

Brightening UV Defense SPF 30




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Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Shahrzad aka blondeteaparty. Here I share my love of makeup, beauty, and lifestyle.


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I.S. S.

It smells like bacon to me lol

mary allen

Darling Girl, whatever you’re doing you are doing right!!? Your skin looks beau-ti-ful!! Enjoy! Love you to bits. Hugs, Mary ??

Patricia H.

Love this brand especially the vitamin c ferulic acid bought it many times also the sun cream.I will have to try the intensifier.

Sandra Mendes

Im very interested about this brand thank you for this video.


I really think Skinceuticals have terrific products. I am an Obagi lover, but I sure do like me some Skinceuticals, too! The best vitamin C is the Serum 20 AOX and the best part is Skinceuticals could guarantee me it was gluten free. I really love the company. This was terrific. Lots of love, Melissa

Angela Jane Lomax

I nearly fell over when you said the price of the first one. You look gorgeous, liking the cat flick, very pretty. xxx???

All That Beauty With Lori

I haven't tried anything from this company, but I know so many love the Vitamin C, I might look and check more of them out, as it has been awhile since I last looked on the site. Thanks for sharing, have a good rest of the week, love and blessings xoxo <3

Yvonne Perry

I’m dying laughing, I recently went to a high rent spa and received a sample of the skinceuticals phloretin cf, I’ve loved it. However it’s somewhat out of my budget- alas eBay for the unboxed, out dated discounted box! Gurl my face smells straight up like bad fried bacon or as you stated perfectly- GARBAGE!

AnneP makeupandmore

You're doing it right because your skin looks amazing!


That cateyliner ??

The Dickinson Homestead

?? garbage!! Hahaha some said hot dogs before! I’m an oil lover my skin adores it!! ?????

Jenna Cross

Hey gorgeous love the video! ?❤️ never tried this brand before! Btw your little tree in the background is so cute! ??

Napat Charoenpatna

I am using PCF too. it's really work for my skin. Illuminating, soft and fair.


I actually read that you're supposed to put on the HA intensifier first then Phloretin CF. Please let me know :) Your skin looks great!

Anny Indara

Just purchased the Phloretin CF serum. Did you say to apply on before all of your morning routine regimen? Even before toner??? Would like to know. Thank you!! ????????

April Carter

I just ordered the glycolic 10 based on your review :)


How wonderful that you were sent these products! I've tried the Phloretin before and loved it! You are looking lovely! I agree with Angela...love that little cat eye on you! Have a wonderful day my friend. Love you! ❤️ Julie

African Violet

This brand has been a life saver for my hormonal acne. Just started glycolic acid but my esthetician told me use is one night per week ... what are your thoughts about that?

Diana J

Sweet! A very nice line of products to try! xo

hannah ryan

I love it but I def get some peeling with the glycolic10! I feel like the moisturiser I got wasn’t quite hydrating enough but absolutely love the lha cleanser your skin look so glowy after if you haven’t tried that one yet :)

Angela R

I agree this range is pretty well ALL amazing. Can also recommend the CE Ferulic! Super video, thank you. X

Ranalynn’s Lifestyle in Hawaii

Good evening ? sweetie ?. Excellent tips ✔️....prevent, Correct and Protect. Wow ?....I’m glad you left us the link. Your kiss is so beautiful ?.

Jennifer Zhu

Finally someone talking about glycolic 10!!! Thanks for recommending and keep up with the great work:)))