Is ogx cruelty free

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How to Dye Your Hair Turquiose || cruelty free: BRITE ORGANIX

9 846 views | 11 Apr. 2017



oopsie li

just wondering how the color lasted and if it faded into a weird color

Shahir Sultan

How did you bleach blomd what did you use I bleached it never showed up it baecame brown

Peyton Kieper

did your hair eventually go back to the original blonde color?

Deborah Catterall

Where did you get the turquoise? That looked awesome.

Marina Nazz

Heyy I love your videos !! I just started a YouTube channel and it’s b great if you could check out some of my videos and subscribe. Thanks and good luck in all you do

LHD Latin Health Dance

You Applied 2 colour in this video?

Sarah 6309

!? Why is your camera shaking also TY for thr tips :D

Daisy Ramirez

Once it completely fades does it go back to your normal blonde hair?

Crissy Martinez-Munoz

I was wondering if the dye stained any pillow cases or clothes once washed and dried?
I love the color, I’m thinking of using Brite’s turquoise on my ends.

ella johnston



Your hair looks really healthy! Can you make a video on how you keep it healthy?


name bateo

Is ogx cruelty free

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Hairdresser Brad Mondo DISGUSTS Fans with What's Inside His Hair Product

1 461 806 views | 16 Dec. 2019

Brad Mondo’s new hair gel

Brad Mondo’s new hair gel claims to be vegan—but his ingredient list tells a different story.

Thanks to our new patrons for their support ❤️

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R E.

Oh no bby I know y’all ain’t coming for THE ONE AND ONLY BRAD MONDO ???? no no no

Kimmie Mac

Provies? You mean Provides?

Chris Nudzęsię

And his conditioners have really bad ingredients. Like... why educate people about cutting their hair and not caring about it?


How can it even be considered vegetarien (not vegan) when it containes crushed bugs? I mean bug based meals are not vegetarien, soooooooo...

Lee steele

Americans are so entitled

Square Up

This...was expected


1:47 excuse me what now

Rachael M.

Vegans are really out here caring about bugs?

sunchild -

dude who tf cares for real y’all need to chill


video uploaded : december 16
my birthday : december 16

Angel the Great Dane

I don't think crushed bugs is not vegan though??? ?

Vera Knight-Cvitonavich

Don't say 'tea' if you don't want anyone to go after anyone.. lol....you know that is what you wanted.... and that 'teeheehee' was super creepy.

Marcy M.

??? Seriously bugs? People are/were upset about bugs that they are NOT CONSUMING THEM? I mean I get it if you're eating it but for a hair product? Really? Get a life.

lillianna lansing

I honestly think people trying to say Brad didn't know are just kind of enabling like if you are making a product and a brand you should know and be very clear about the requirements and standards you want to reach. Brad being vegan doesn't change the fact he sold products that were misleading

tanger :33n

so we finna cancle ppl over not being vegan?

Susan Nottherightone

Since when are bugs not vegan


People is too sensitive.


Oh no Brad, what have you done?

Aster C

people realise youtuber is a human being that makes mistakes, goes crazy.

Kassie Reynolds

Vegans really out here getting mad about some bugs as if they let every bug they see live ?

Akira Frostily

You should cover Susan Yara's Naturim scandal

Kristin Gallo

Uhh it is crushed bugs. Everyone in this thread has crushed a bug.

Saskia Killingback

The thing is... if ANYONE else did this people wouldn’t be saying it isn’t a big deal, it’s just bc he’s one of everyone’s faves

Alexis Martello

again? this happened before aswell why is everyone surprised? he hasnt even adressed it

Adrianna Gerace

Fun fact! Carmine is not a bug it’s a parasite!! They grow in California.

Ben Atine



Update: Brad has made a statement about Glitterati, read it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6MDrQtgdZT/?igshid=f9c07b865oqd

Marisela Rivera

This videos full of karens complaining ???


Its sad because Brad was one of those only youtubers that I actually trusted. :(

Gabrielle Smith

what about burts bees they say they’re vegan?

Missy Mirage

He probs got told they were vegan

Jessica G


NY Gacha

It's just a little mistake.
But a big problem.

Laura Benthall

Bugs, the most highly populated multicellular organism on the planet, that tend to only live a few weeks or even days? I'm sorry, but vegans are doing too much ? there's a lot of discretion on whether insect byproducts are even INCLUDED in veganism. I just can't with vegans ??‍♀️ sns


8 months later and i still don’t know why y’all like that man.


Hi! Can someone explain the difference between vegan and vegetarian? Isn’t one okay with meat while the other isn’t? Please educate me-

dino tracks


Kahlan Gunning

I'm personally pretty strict about my products being cruelty free, but I'm not so worried about it being vegan since sometimes the non-vegan alternatives can be more harmful to human bodies. If they can do it without that that's the peak of good products though!


Imagine putting crushed up bugs in your hair.

Ok Tanisha

nooo not Brad... we were rooting 4 uuu ???


Ngl these hair barbers are looking sus rn lol



Heather Lynsey

It’s hard to believe that he wasn’t shown the ingredients list ?


Labeling it vegetarian is also wrong. Carmine is made of crushed insects. I’m a vegetarian and we eat animal by products such as dairy and eggs (as long as you’re a lacto ovo vegetarian you do, not all vegetarians eat eggs or dairy). We do not eat products made out of an animal! If they’re putting a dye made out of crushed bugs into the product it’s not considered vegetarian or vegan. This is also why gelatin is not vegetarian. So the label is still wrong!

Fire Cat15

Sorry if im offensive, but how is it a problem that there is carmine in a HAIR CARE PRODUCT. Your not eating it, there bugs, plus there isnt animals or cruelty. Also sense when us BUGS NOT VEGAN. If you step on ants are you no longer vegan?

Sarah Jo Corona

even if brad is absolutely clueless and didn’t know that he needed approval to be considered cruelty free, his team should know? like this isn’t one man making a “mistake” it’s an entire business team and marketing team making a shady decision

i don't know anymore

I never thought a cheery, nice and positive person would be on here

Kathleen Hunter

Omg... False advertisement lol. There is too much negative things going on in the world just now for me to be worried about what is in Brad Mondo hair products, and to be honest I don't think he purposely set out to deceive anyone... I think that everyone is over reacting. I love watching his videos and I have learned a lot from him about how to take care of my hair and he is spot on. Would I buy his products? Yes if I could afford them. Vegan, vegetarian... .. It is important to some I guess but for me myself knowing that animals haven't been used means the most to me. If Brad Mondo made a mistake he should not be judged so harshly, after all I am sure many of us commentating here are not so squeaky clean... Just because he is famous doesn't mean he needs to be hanged in public. There are more worthy guilty people out there who need to be held responsible for far worse.

Lori Haberstroh

Dear gawddddd
Are bugs really that much of a concern? Work in a ketchup factory ppl. You'd never touch that again trust me!


Carmine isn’t even vegetarian ??‍♀️

Sarah V

Brad is strictly vegan so I don’t think he’d do this willingly knowing his product wasn’t vegan. He most likely didn’t know about this

Laniee perkins

the amount of times the word vegan was said in this video is iNsAnE

Krix T

What they said about, marketing companies using green washing as a scheme so you, overlook the ingredients does not surprise me. However I do want to remind everyone that you owe it to yourself to do all the amount of research on products you are purchasing for consumption including hair,skin&makeup products.

Lesbian slut lol

yall fr mad over some crushed bugs-


shudders in Danganronpa fan

mt. shyna

Lol if we apply this logic to everything now, imma start dragging vegans for eating plants, since there’s several research suggesting plants are ‘alive’, and have ‘feelings’.

... you see how silly that logic sounds? ? (referring to the honey situation).

Lithonia Light

Noooooooo, not Brad Mondo :(

Fidele Bossou

can i just say that the people saying that everyone is turning this into a scandal like they're just reporting on what happened with the formula, no one here is over here dragging him telling him awful things except criticism. He included something that isn't vegan into the formula and people are pointing it out because it interferes with their ideals. That's it. Disagree with me or not. His name is on the bottle, he's going to be the one people are pointing regarding the carmine, not the chemist or formula maker or whoever put it in the formula. If he knew about the carmine if he didn't know it doesn't matter because his name is on the bottle, again, people are not going to look at the chemist or the lab or the place where the carmine was found or whatever, they are going to look at Brad Mondo.

maya_fooking_hates_yt_ periodt

dude people just get over the fact there are crushed bugs in it like-

Ally Diaz

As someone who hates bugs let him use them ??

Unnecessary love

Does it matter?.

Hannah F

People overreact carmine is made out of a cochineal which is literally a cactus parasite and they are specifically bred for this purpose since Mayan an Aztec civilizations.

Broad Topics

Brad mondo will fix it


people do not realize how unregulated the cosmetic industry is. I could literally sell anything (without making any major medical claims) and label it as anything and no one would ever know.

Aztec Potato

Bugs aren't vegan?

Hannah H

Carmine.. omg hahahahaha ????
It’s like the last ingredient and has microscopic amounts. The product isn’t even red so that’s a tell tell.
That’s soooo dramatic. ???

It was clearly an accident.


I'm sorry, all of this "outrage" is about BUGS? Y'all are really cherrypicking if you're going after a non-problematic guy for putting an ingredient in that most people would smush if they found it in their kitchen.

Ayla Zablosky

Disgusted is a pretty strong reaction for a beetle based pigment ?‍♀️
Ya'll act like it was bunny blood.
And if they actually cared, they'd talk about the creature in question, not just complain about the product;
When theres things with way worse content to target.
This is a Karen video if I ever saw one lol

Mia Sestric

Why is everyone getting so worked up about some crushed beetles? It's basically the last ingredient and it really doesn't matter. I get why u guy r mad about his saying that, but come on.


There's literally beetles crushed up as beetles and y'all eat that. Same with canned food y'all eating bugs

Mcky McObvious

I checked the ingredients list and the carmine is gone... if Beatles are REALLY THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU, you can buy it now. good job, you got what you want! they fixed the product!

Lilly State

Is not an animal is just a BUG! you probably have stepped on hundreds of bugs in your life ??

Mpoufi Collins

All vegans be like " omg that's not vegan, it has 0.0000001% of cochineal insects "... Girl, you're eating 7 spiders a year in your sleep, just dont be over dramatic, it was a mistake he fixed it, the end..


Just use red dye extracted from berries instead of crushed beetles with aluminum


Just use red dye extracted from berries instead of crushed beetles with aluminum

Miss Anthropissed

Leave Brad Mondo alone! ?

Chloe Langley

I dont understand the tea in this. Just a marketing error shouldnt have to waste content on it


I miss when he was that Kelly lady's assistant. That show was hilarious.


I do not like meat, does that make me vegan or vegetarian


Bug lives matter

Just not to me....

emma execution

Don't you DARE

Jadie Wadie

I don’t even fully understand what vegan is at this point ??‍♂️??‍♂️ basically they’re against harm towards bugs and animals and stuff like that I guess ??‍♂️ I don’t understand why someone would go crazy because there’s bug blood in their mascara ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ I just don’t understand

Yodit Gebrekidan

He probably didn't know

Maria Perry

This is the dumbest video I have ever watched. I am sorry i bothered!!

Amber jane

omg im scareddddddd 0:46

keroppi c:

Why am I just getting this

Chloe Bennett

I trust him tho :0

mhm mckenna

y’all...crushed bugs??

KN Gonzalez

but it's just bugs-

Alexa Glipo

Everyone but BRAD! cmon dude...

Girl Idk

....chile anyways donate to help the Yemen crisis

Travis McQuaig

Ok um. Y’all care way to much about that. It’s not a big deal...... Chile anyways so

Dolores Cano-Martinez


Jeremy Brown

Why does everyone.keep saying let's get into the tea what in God's name is tea now slang for


Is it just me, or does Brad Mondo look like what Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games would look like after living a few years in the Capitol?


0:46 thank me later

Javier Ramire

So vegans eat bees wax an carmine good to know

gabriel Silva

If the container is plastic... it’s not really vegan, as plastic hurts the environment both in production and to dispose of

bitch now im solo


W h a t
H o w

Sadia Shah

Sorry but Brad Mondo was the LAST person I thoight id see on these tea spill channels

Is ogx cruelty free

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Are My Hair Products Cruelty Free?? OGX, Batiste, Ouai, + more!

328 views | 11 Jan. 2018

It’s time to go cruelty

It’s time to go cruelty free! I put together all my hair products to determine through research and the Cruelty Cutter app if they are truly 100% cruelty free or not.

This video is not sponsored by anyone. I recently learned about affiliating links for products with Amazon, and thought it was a win-win situation for anyone!

Products Mentioned!:

↱Kristen Ess Shampoo: http://amzn.to/2DpnurE

↱Kristen Ess Leave in Conditioner: http://amzn.to/2CWtF5s

↱Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo: http://amzn.to/2FtTo6V

↱Verb Sea Spray: http://amzn.to/2D0rdel

↱Reverie Sea Mist: http://amzn.to/2DqzLw6

↱Ouai Rose Hair + Body Oil: http://amzn.to/2Darfna

(I, Collette, am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. These are still my honest reviews, thoughts, and opinions, and I don't link to products that I wouldn't recommend. =] )

I hope you enjoyed this video! Don't forget to subscribe to keep updated on my newest posts and I guess there’s some bell thing too. I post every Thursday and some Sundays at 8 AM Eastern!

Don't forget to follow me on:

↱ Instagram: colletteisabear

↱Twitter: colletteisabear

Intro Song Info

↱Artist: MaxGonz

↱Song: Impulse #3

↱SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/maxgonz


↱Camera: Canon T6i

↱Software: Final Cut Pro X

Have a personal question?

↱Email: [email protected]

And of course we can’t forget the music! (In order):

↱Artist: RagingMOO/ WeBearBears

↱Song: WeBearBears

↱SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/raging-moo

↱Artist: Dyalla Swain

↱Song: Oh, My Life

I’ve Seen

↱SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dyallas


Always love your videos?they make my days

Lola Cookie

Wow, I’m a vegan who is always doing my research before purchasing products yet I had never heard about that app, will definitely download it, thank you so much! ?????

massboy channel

very nice
please view back thank you

Mia Doser

Wow ok love it?. I only support cruelty free brands. This is awesome. ???????.

Nikki Madison

Hahaha "i'll keep using this shitty hairspray" that was the best thing lol. I try to purchase more cruelty free items but with some as we saw in this video, it's very hard to know the truth unfortunately :(

Randomly Oni C

Look into amazon affiliates program so you can list the items you mention and if peeps click and purchase you'll get some commission! I absolutely loved OGX sooo that sucks to find that out. So deceiving for them to put that on the bottle even though they are not cruelty free.

Kat Who

Good job for standing up for the little guys ??

Haley Tice

Does anyone know more about Batiste? I've been using this product and recently discovered the shade behind their cruelty-free label. I just emailed the company with questions. But if anyone else has some deets, let me know! Thank you :)

Mohamed Hadjsmail

This is the fourth video i saw in your channel and i want to say that i like your personality shown in the videos , I also searched for you on Facebook but I didn't find a page with a name "ColletteisaBear", but i did follow u on Twitter , i hope we will know more about you in the next Vlogs
have a good time and keep uploading :) <3


I am finally getting around to watching all your videos I missed. ;o;
This is a great idea! The app makes it so simple to check that I will do this for any future products I buy. Currently in the market for new hair products anyway. Might try something you use!