How to spray perfume

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How to Apply Fragrance

39 166 views | 22 Jan. 2021

How and Where to Spray

How and Where to Spray Fragrance Fragrance BLOG

#howto #fragrance #cologne

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Nisal Sendanayake

Damn! He just roasted TMF??


I doubt youre low carb jeremy the amount of carbs you eat daily :D

Frank Underwood

Jeremyy please check the DKNY Men ?


jeremy, have a perfect day, bro ?

Earl Bonaview

You're awesome Jeremy! Thank you :)

Jose MCordova

Hey Jeremy. How can we get your fragrances in Latin America?

sean vanmolle

I spray on my hand.. just for myself. When i smell something anoying i can smel my hand

Julius Strøbæk

I need that 2 for 1.... didn’t make it yesterday... so I can get my hands on Unisex and Date for men.
God first. Jeremy 2nd

Instagram: ravin.fitness

Does this apply to both eu de perfume amd eu de toilet? POWER, STRENGTH!

Samuel Roveda


Ana Saenz

If? you are sexy!

alex szajkó


Travis Thornton

What if u can’t spray your neck because for some reason colognes break me out on my neck

Javi Nava

I have been doing the wrist rubbing for years ajajjajajajj


Perfect video!

Chris Sumerak

No crawling into a brands ass ..LOL .. Thanks for the video Brutha ... KRAFT , POWER & STRENGTH !! Cheers

Luis Henrique Da Silva

Great Jeremy. I miss a Top 10 bold and loud fragrances ranking.


What about oils and stains on the shirt?

Doc Hostile

Make a comparison like "what if fragrances were movies"
For instance Acqua di Gio Profumo would be The Godfather

Sam Abitzen

I like that you are straight up about not wanting to do sponsor and keep it real ? Will look into purchasing

Anthony W

"Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!" - Hebrews 13:2.  Shoutout to Jeremy! Praise Jesus, brother!

Rooster's World

Your face says Lover but your hands say Fighter... ❤?

Chris C.

Yes! This is exactly what I was talking about, this video was most informative... how to rock the fragrance properly. You laid it out well. I always wondered if the pulse point stuff was bullshit, too. Nice tip not spraying on the chest, it's true gets annoying. Nice tips overall. Thanks brother!


lou carrera

Brother that emphasis on Jesus and Mary means so much to me..God bless you!!

The wxw-lonewolf-wxw

If I was in Miami I would bring you some fragrances to review


Great video Jeremy.

Yoda Fluffy


Tamanna Popko

Lucky woman next to you


Please do a top 10 school fragrance list

Lennon Seow

Jeremy = Strength of life.

Mista V

Good lessons for the FragHeads, J.


Am I the only one that thinks two behind each ear is fine? Maybeee a third one in the neck/chest area. Nonetheless another great video!

fashonista girl

Jeremy, you never talk about Trusardi and Cartier. I am very interested in your opinion. Baser Vole Cartier is my favourite. I would like you to make a video for the best women's floral perfumes and for fresh ones as well. Thanks ☺️

rashid ali

Bro how are u? Plz tell me which one is better la nuit de lhomme or acque di jio

Friedrich Von Eichel

If fragrances are like sex then when I'm wearing montale.....

Bighead ugly

Psalms 115: 4-8

Frances Thakker

I've always sprayed fragrance on wrists, behind knees, ankles, behind ears. It works for me.

arezoo soheili

Five sprays of la vie est belle would be killing, I wear 3 sprays, behind my ears and behind my neck and it works perfect for me

Lisa D

Jeremy, do rollerball bottles destroy the molecules when you roll them on?

Jeremy Fragrance


Alejandro Franco

Molecules are held together by covalent, ionic, and/or hydrogen bonds. Excess heat and physical friction can break these bonds resulting in changing the molecules' structure, which then alters the scent and performance.

J. B.

This what i need ty

Eliu A

Do a Review of the louie Vuitton updated fragance line. Thank you


God rocks!


Hey Jeremy, you've told me a lot or I should say everything about fragrance but I wanna know something that I think you aren't gonna talk about. How to remove fragrance from your clothes? like you hugged someone who is wearing a fragrance & now it's on you which you don't want on you. So how do I remove that without washing my clothes?


I personally apply one on the wrist so throughout the day once I am nose blind to the fragrance, if I smell my wrist, I will be able to smell it.

Richard Williams

Agreed. Tall guys need to spray lower on clothes. Works for me!


As far i know sugar aka carbs is the humancells, the brains, the immune systems prime energy source

Catlady Lion

Jeremy : don’t do “ woo” spray in the air and walk into it.
Me: man, that’s how I applied perfume back in the day because google said so, and that’s how I wasted the whole bottle of lancome midnight rose and still wondered why nobody comment on my scent , because there is none ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Dwight Slemmons

SUPER POWER ⚡️⚡️ And STRENGTH ? Jeremy ?

Fisnik Abdyli

how close to you hold the fragrance to the spot behind your ear before you spray?

antonella D

I spray it on my long hair ?

nesma ali

Can you make a video suggest delicate and like quiet fragrance also fresh and suitable for daily use at morning in college or any gathering also not annoying intense in case of closed places please ???

George Panagiotou

I’m a simple man.. when The legend Jeremy speaks about fragrance I listen. ??

Asher Mmannuel

Thanks Jeremy you're such a great guy. And the fact that you keep mentioning you being a christian makes me like you more



Jeremy: I ate 5 bananas because I wanted to test my body?

Judson O.Abraham

Hey! Jeremy! Do reaction videos.?

Faizan Z

Hey Peace to You Jeremy i gave advise to you learn about Islam Religion ♥️

Ben Rees

How would you apply a fragrance WITHOUT an anatomizer

Saleh selan

I tried the Dolce & Gabbana Thr One Intense for the first time, I never how sexy it was.????

Pramod Kulchandani

Hahhaa Epic Hey this is my Fragance

Hakan Hasançebi

What's up Jeremy! ✌️✌️✌️

Mk1 McQueen

I like the fact the you are not a sellout Jeremy like the jose zuniga and his brothers. They are a bunch fake always pushing you to buy something.

Gilang Suhendi

Owwh that sun burn


We Christians should NOT have our doors open to just anybody ??

Jonie Servidad

Thanx Jeremy to this amazing vid, u look so sexy and neat with ur hair.

Craig Regnier

I am a sexy boy up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love God. I love Jesus.

gal oren

3:06 thats some true facts! KRAFT POWER STRENGTH


So simple and straightforward! ??

Corey Lenahan

Thanks for the very informative video. KRAFT POWER STRENGTH!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER

aiesec videos

ı love youuuuuuu jeremmyyy

Tarunjyot Singh

Jeremy plz confirm is it ok to spray on skin. I purchased armani code profumo how many sprays are sufficient for best result and where to spray on clothes


Can you video on advice with talking to women ?

Anne Isip

Pls review Narciso Rodriguez for her perfume

Kay Fuller

Only thing about your clothes is some scents don’t come out easily after washing

Lennart Wille

... and just like THAT! KRAFT.

Keila Mendez

Can you do a review on “clean” fragrances? I see a lot of them always being promoted like in Sephora and want to know your opinion on them. Btw, love your videos! ❤️

Sara M

Spraying some perfume on the back of your neck is a great tip. It doesn't bother you, and your hair gets to smell wonderful too (if you have it long).Power!??

Prince lasagna

i do 3 sprays with sauvage edt. on my collarbones and at my nape



Azeem Azinudin

If using parfum or edp, do we still need to spray 5-7 times? Won't the smell become too overwhelming?

Jeff Ward

Good starting guide, seems to be a popular routine. Find what works best for YOU. I always spray my wrists, especially if I’m wearing something like BR540 since the closer I spray to my nose with something that strong the quicker I go anosmic. If I spray my wrist and the back of my neck I can smell it all day. I also spray my wrists when I’m testing my frags around the house because I can easily wash them off. If I’m going out and committing to a fragrance I’ll also apply behind my ears. Mr. Roja Dove says to AVOID spraying behind the ears since they are pulse points therefore they can potentially evaporate off the skin faster. He suggests spraying your collarbones, especially when wearing a button up to still catch whiffs moving from side to side and it’ll potentially last longer. Food for thought ?

nick kerinklio

We need your girls opinion on fragrances! Even if she doesn’t want to be in the video, you can relay the message to us. This virus fear is making it impossible to see new ladies reaction videos.

Darnell P

Just as i was looking for a video like this from you ?


Do not spray on clothes, the smell will be stuck in days, sometimes weeks, so you have to constant wash your clothes like everyday

Joanna Metcalf

Wow, the Pieta. ? So special! Love to you and yours! ❤❤❤

Molnár Szerka

Perfect video, ? perfect Jeremy ??

Socrates Solano

Does anyone know if CH Prive is discontinued? Carolina Herrera is no longer selling the bottles on their website. FragranceNet pushed up the prices on these and I don’t see much chatter about it.

Nafis Karim Nafis

I think if anyone visits Jeremy's house, he wouldn't need any perfume to apply on him. The air is soo much poured with fragrances that it will do the job perfectly

Rekan Rustay


stephen cosgrove

Any man that needs help on how to apply a fragrances, might also need help with how to get out of bed lol ?,

Mike Porter

This video is perfect timing for me! I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and needed this. I'm wearing Bleu de Chanel Parfum.

Yahalomy t

But the projection is weaker on clothes isn't it?

Lord Megatron

Jeremy, what's your opinion on the new Boss Bottled EDP??

Aws Ghayad

Hi Jeremy!!
I wish if you can do a quick comparison between Club de nuit Intense (edt) and Club de Nuit intense limited edition (edp), I'm waiting for it !!

Quỳnh Diễm

I need your help Jeremy. La vie est belle original is too strong for me, i only do 1 spray behind my back but my friends dont like it, then where should i spray?

loyal4 the way

Best winter fregrance.. tom ford tobacco vanilla

Best summer fregrance.. royal crown sultan

And that's all you need

Aboodi Az

Hey Jeremy how about a top 10 animalic fragrance list
That would be interesting



Rosa Maria Camacho Aguilar

You are great I love how you improve our faith, hello from México!!!

How to spray perfume

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30 443 views | 28 Jan. 2021

The way to apply perfume!

The way to apply perfume! DON'T BE A SISSY SPRAYER!! You are going to get compliments with the CurlyFragrance spraying routine!! Anyone who knows me even slightly knows that I spray a lot of perfume. I will explain why I spray so much perfume, how I apply my perfume and what you should take into account, the do's & don'ts. I like to get compliments about my fragrance, it's a part of my personal ?care I will teach you how to make your fragrances last, how to make a fragrance perfom better!?

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⭐ How To Use Bakhoor & Oud Oil Perfume ?? https://bit.ly/3nCnqLH

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Time to show everybody you're a proud member of the #TeamOversprayers!


Also check out my other video's:







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⭐VERY Personal Q&A with CurlyFragrance (Bisexual? Thoughts on Jeremy Fragrance?)


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⭐Keep 10 Fragrances For Life 2020 Edition


⭐Top 10 Fragrances You Need In Your Collection



❤ Thanks for watching! ❤

If you all enjoy this video, please consider to support me by buying me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/CurlyFragrance

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? Leave a like/comment and subscribe. Don't forget to turn on the notification to make sure you don't miss anything! ❤ I'll make more videos about the top 10 fragrances for men and the best fragrances for women, most complimented fragrances, brand reviews, oriental fragrances, oud fragrances, designer fragrances, niche fragrances, how to apply fragrances, colognes and perfumes. Also future giveaways and much more!!! ??


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*Disclosure: I only recommend fragrances I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

#CurlyFragrance #Oversprayer #HowToApplyFragrance

Mike Miller

No doubt Middle East is the perfume capital. France is a distant second. But in America, too much political correctness to over spray. Which is exactly why I spray heavy unless in tight quarters. But outside, look out!


OMG 40 sprays with La Nuit De L’homme.. sksksks ??✨

Javier García



Okay, i loved your video, i live around so many sissysprayers that i feel so happy to see someone put a video on how to over spray <3

Black SR

how to know which oil to put with what fragrance?

Manufacturing Partners

Curly you need a new tat that says "Do what makes you happy." That would fit you perfectly!

I agree with your 20-30+ spray recommendation. However, I do it differently. I prefer to use cheap 10ml travel atomizers (I have hundreds). This allows me to apply 2 sprays every 30-60 minutes or so all day long! That way I never overwhelm my nose factory and never piss off people. By the end of the day I probably apply somewhere between 30 to 40 sprays. The best part is I never get olfactory fatigue. This method is especially nice if you enjoy the top notes of a fragrance. of course sometimes you let it dry down for a bit to enjoy the middle notes and base notes. Of course with this method I'd recommend spraying clothes only because nobody needs that many sprays on your skin throughout the day. Your skin is your largest organ. Protect it! If you are a heavy sprayer absolutely clothes only!

A Maz

We love you too ? Michella


Hey Curly u smoke a lot of good pot??

Arshit sharma

Your hair stay healthy because they are curly and di-sulphide bond in your hairs are more stronger than other persons. By the way thankyou for good videos, keep it up ❤️❤️☺️

Anthony Velazquez

Im dying ???

Lisa Anjayasasi

omg!!! best tips ever!! tried it and boom!! ? ? i can smell my perfume even when the mask on !!!!! thankyouuu!!!!

Ervin Finney

Vanilla Susta you’re crazy! ?

Travis Bankett

That Kani sweater is nice. I wore that brand in the 90s. Great content!!

Harjass Singh

Question for you Miss Curly
So I have a same problem with The One not performing shit on my body. So I saw your video how to make ISO E Super and Ambroxan which fyi I already have ordered. So my question to you is this I don’t have access to the Cigar oil you use for The One but I have access to many other tobacco based oils so will they work the same? Let me know what you think about it.

Ammar Riyadh

I just realized that i am a sissy sprayer? i need to improve my spraying routine, however i have one problem with spraying on clothes, u need to wash them frequently in order to apply another perfume and some fabrics are not meant to be washed frequently like jackets and some other winter clothes.


Well if you own cheap fragance you spray half bottle and they beraly smell you

Shaff Wordy

VERY entertaining ? and HELPFUL video.


I dare you to do this spraying with Boucheron pour homme.

Algeria Power hosse

I want to be col the parfum gay ?????????


Carlos video brought me here and I’m loving it already ??

Irene Arietti

Totally agree with you, Dubai is the house of perfumes!
finally a REAL video that teaches you how spay in a good way!!! ?

damien omen

over spraying is in the blood lool


Okay we stan. Pounded the subscribed button!!! B*** y’all gon start smelling me and my scent! ??✨

melly lovewithcalm

Thanks lord finally a freak like me yeeyyyy I overspray like a maniac don’t care what people say I’m not a sissy also don’t care how much it cost if I love it I’ll bring it ??

Black Sinatra

What you know about karl kani curly fragrance ?

Luis Lopez

I totally agree with you, Curly. If you like compliments and fragances people have to smell you. You the only has right in the youtube fragance community in this topic. Thank you for your advice

Rodomo Domo

Best fragrance video EVER’

Ida C.

I am part of the 2 % of the ladies!!!?❤?❤?❤

Raa ra


Oscar Luis Coronel Lozano

By youtube suggestion, I just found your channel and I must say that is fantastic what you are doing. I will try over-sprying as of now. Keep it up Curly. Greetings from Colombia.

Avocado Beets

Thanks for this vid. My mom is such a dramatic whiner when i overspray lol I can only do 2 sprays around her

Modern Muse

Hmmm nice idea combining with oil perfume, never took those oil perfumes seriously before...thank you girl ???p.s. Vaalaykum Salam ?

Markson Diaz Olat

And now I'm hooked with your contents. Love your vibe!!! ???


What’s up with the new videos Luv ???
Get too it


Hi jeremy, nice haircut

AbdulLah x

14:00 Mandarin musk is amazing ??

Carlos Sánchez

Very logical, Michella. I promise to spray more than a 2+2 or a 3+3 + 1+1 above my wrists.
Thanks (smile)

Caitlyn Keo

Is fragrance net really legit? Just got Versace oud noir Bentley intense for men and wanted by night and oud noir smells just like Bentley but stronger. I like wanted by night though


The accent and curls ?

John Clark

02-11-2011-sioux falls south dakota usa i ordered your cigar booster ay a whooping 60 dollars or about---a sample of ursa ---i just moved here from southern california---may areas r to warm for that winter stuff----sioux falls SD or AKA blizzard city -(they wait till the cars get stuck in the snow then they clean------weekend and holiday screwed also-- im in pain and need dope---the doctor may be 2 fucked up to make it here

Jacob Fury

You are HANDS DOWN the most entertaining fragrance reviewer on YouTube! You're so great for real. ?

Algeria Power hosse

I like take over the room wet my parfum ??????

Mubi Usman

Great video! Love from Nigeria ?? ✌?

bosshogg v

Been watching for a while, but this video had me LITERALLY CRYING LAUGHING!! "Sissy cough, sprayer cough!" ?????? #StopTheSissySpraying

Making a Stink!

This is SO extra ?girl, live your best life!! -Camille

Ольга Кашлева

I overspray too.Because it is cold in winter in Siberia...


I wish i had money to do that ?

Git Man

I thought curly scents got plastic surgery for a moment


Beste (over)spray tutorial op Youtube!! ???

Ed Zamura

Wonderful tips!!!
It is the first time I have seen someone tell the truth, and say it openly. And also you are so beautiful !!! I am your new subscriber from this moment.
Kisses (I feel your fragrance like heaven itself) and take good care of yourself.

God bless you, beautiful woman ?

Rose Gold

Im a Middle Eastern over sprayer and I love you lol x♥️

Christian Seymour

Man. I feel bad if I do 7 spray ?


Will never work here in England. It will be impossible to ascertain if complement was genuine or a sarcastic jab for overspraying. " Gosh, someone smells pretty nice today" can mean: "You smell great!" or "You reek of perfume, get away from me or I'll pass out".

Ronald Neroes

THANK YOU....finally someone I can vibe with on how to spray. 100% love the technique :-)

Fauzy Zacky

Auto Subscribed.
I enjoy your videos.
Smart, Beautiful & Humorist
Just my Favorite reviewer now.

Say hello from Indonesia, Hoe Ghat het?

Chasing Skylines

Hey Curly. My girlfriend loves your makeup and wants to know what brand you use.


U look like Danna Garcia


Facts there is no such thing as OVER SPRAYING. I've been preaching about this for years. What's the point of using fragrances if the people around you can't smell you? I always spray 15 times minimum with strong fragrances. Spray liberally It mellows down by the time you leave your apartment. Subsrcribed .

Jasmine Bullard

SUBBED INSTANTLY!!! I love your energy!! SISSY SPRAYERS ???. I been going ham on fragrance for as long as I can remember ?

saul hernandez

Thanks for the tips I normally spray 3 times with mancera

Carolyn Barker

You are absolutely, 100 per cent, ABSOLUTELY RIGHT hunni bunch. I do exactly as you on the spraying.... LOADS!! Years and YEARS ago, a French Perfumer told me to do so!! Can you imagine that? I'm gonna add the oil and iso-super and Molecule 01 to my spraying sessions. ADORE your videos. You are SO beautiful and your facial expressions and the way you talk is amazing. Know what? I can imagine you being married to Jeremy of Jeremy FRAGRANCES and I can imagine him loving you so much.... don't slap me... Lol. Big Hugs. Teddy UK.

The Gem

What does that deer musk oil smell like? Does that smell through the actual fragrance?

Andrew Brown

What about combining that & Jeremy’s way/spray technique/routine? I’ll try your way/technique/routine & see what’s better. Can you/I do that it way?

***The Stacks Family*** Dragons

Yessss I love ur accent and the way u explained this. You are hilarious. ?? I love over spraying. Now I’m going to make sure I try ur method. Thank you for sharing. I’m also new to ur channel and watched from beginning to the end.?

Don Capone

You're fuckin insane :D
Gonna try it.

Josh Nieporte

Love the video. I spray 6-10 times normally, depending on the scent.


LOL ? So true ! Team spray a lot ??????

The Gem

I personally wont spray ontop of my clothes, but on my bare skin, and not around my face area. If that makes thjngs too heady can do a few sprays back of knees, tummy, between boobs, elbow crooks, wrists, neck if you want to do neck.
Experiment and ask people you know to help you find a balance.
Yeah asthmatics and allergy sufferers gotta see how they go

Mikko Tolppanen

Lol, I am a sissy sprayer but enjoyed this video and subscriped.


Y3s ma'am I love to overspray and I don't regret being the reason ppl sneeze when I pass them jk??

Severed Synapse

Any suggestions on how to best apply fragrances from a flacon (glass bottle with glass topper, no atomizer)? ... I was shown to just dab on the skin with the wet topper by a Tom Ford perfumer... but you can also put it into an atomizer. Given the options, which would be best? ... they also said don't rub the fragrance between wrists, etc. Any input? we love what you do!


8:05 it costs now £7.99 xD

Richard Kelly

I slightly disagree about the out of the shower comment. I think you should do both. When you come out of the shower your pores are open and you will absorb the scent and then your sweat smells like the fragrance. I’ve got a story about why I believe this but it sounds too boastful.

The Gem

Ooooh super subjective aye, i like a nice aura of scent but if i smell someone from a couple meters away; and its a scent i hate/gives me a headache its a nah and I'm avoiding them.
Id be interested to test out this scent cloud thing. Im happy with my frags performance in general, but be good to try with my gentle scents

Christ Alone 89

I overspray my cheapies but I get what you are saying

we wear the mask

You can also take your favorite pomade or leave in conditioner and put a few drops of attar before mixing it up and applying it.

I also like to mix frankincense oil in a 5% concentration with argan oil before applying it. I usually do my whole body or just face/neck if I need to be economical but that could also be used in your hair.

Extra points ... frankincense dissolved in water used as a mouth wash.

Snortch Gortch

Curly, respectfully, I have been wearing fragrances since 1982. I have never received a compliment. I own about 250.

Does it sound like I’m lying when I say I don’t care about compliments? I wear a lot of classics that people hate.

I think you are right to generalize, but I’m not a sheep, or a follower, or into the most popular video. I’m probably the most independent person one will ever meet. Just saying.

Hoàng Nguyễn

I love this content so much . Like your character crazy in a sexy way

Omar J. Sánchez Mártil

If I ever bump into you, Curly, I am totally sure I will smell delicious coming from you , but as a good pupil, you will get it the same from me... ;D u r sooo great! Kisses from a non sissysprayer

Rodomo Domo

I want to give this video like 100000 thumbs up.


girl! you're so damn cool!!!
kind off Jeremy before he started his company, and before "suit"... Well i guess i'll stay with you a bit longer :)


Trying the technique, I sprayed Versace Eros 16 times on me 30 minutes ago. Now I'm seeing little pink elephants flying in my room.

Ahmed Al-Sheikh

With all love from Syria ??❤️

Car Car

First time here, You are so funny! ?
Brooklyn brought me here!❤

Nicholas Lynch

Jeremy Fragrance needs to see this.

Samuel Vigueros

"Sissy Sprayer" hahaha

Love your videos girl, good content..
You make me addictive to the perfumes!

Regards from Mexico.

Jim Carrey

10:44 very distracting...

Marc John

She doesn't lean into anything, god damn. ?


I have been spraying 18 times.

Kisha Fox

I am a self professed "sissy sprayer". Lol. I will try overspraying for the next few days to see if I like it.

Thanks for the tips!!

Idris Dedication

You are so awesome! Because of you i will become poor... I am a parfume freak, too. hahaha Greetings from Munich, Germany

Pauly R

Curly fabulous as always! ?

Dirk Diddler

dont forget....after a shower. men could be dressed and ready within 20 mins! so using after the shower, can and does work,,,for men! :-) good vid thnx

Joseph Hitt

I love this video. The fact that you added the Mr. Porter video with Tom Ford was just the icing on the cake.
Keep up the good things

Ervin Finney

Way minute...put on what to make it perform better?

Johan Smith

It depends on the fragrance and how strong a fragrance is.Try to spray 10 times Amouage Interlude Black Iris you will leave dead bodies on the street


i always moan the frags dont last but i only do about 3 sprays, even then i count the costs lol i built up quite a collection now so maybe i should spray more just to get rid of them


ik heb op je vorige video gereageerd, en vroeg waarom gebruik je niet iso e super en ambroxan samen doet op YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, want iso geef toch geen geur, maak het het dan niet nog better, of heb ik dat verkeert en verander het dan de geur ?

Christ Alone 89

Sbe 10 times lol whoa


I was spraying 3-5 times wherever I go... Going to double that now ?

How to spray perfume

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FRAGRANCE | How & Where To Apply | DO'S and DON'TS |

4 690 views | 29 Sep. 2019

Today I am sharing with

Today I am sharing with you the best way to apply fragrances! I hope you enjoy this video!

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Joyce A

I body gets itchy when I wear perfume on my skin.

Just Add Light

I find that if I condition my hair, there's no problem with spraying it with fragrance. Especially in the summertime, it can be one of the best ways to produce a good sillage. Nailed it Monika.


How many sprays the one edp for going to school?‧̍̊˙· ?.° 。˚?˚。 °.? ·˙‧̍̊

Weronika Malek

Love your video, I wish you posted more ♥️

B A L A - Pubg Mobile


B A L A - Pubg Mobile

So Beautiful


This is literally my spray routine except I go for insides of my elbows instead of wrists as wrists get rubbed off easily if I’m wearing a watch, crossing my arms, on my laptop typing etc. the two sprays under the ears are key though!

Joyce A

Body mist, body spray .



Joyce A

When I spray body mist on my clothes my fabrics do fireworks .

Deary Osman

Very cute ❤️❤️

Captain Kenway

I can't stop watching your videos. Your pretty face, sexy lips and tender voice are way addictive ? Kisses from ??

Maciej Cioch

You’re beautiful ? (and good editing too ?)