Micro tattoo

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Live Stream: RBG Micro Portrait Tattoo | Pony Lawson

2 659 views | 6 Feb. 2021

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Follow me on instagram: http://www.instagram.com/PonyLawson

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Niel Foster

You rock how do I get inked by you

Angel Caban

Love the work you’re putting out. Very curious about your streaming gear. What are you using that makes it seam so flawless?


Amazing satan tattoo. I love how you took your time making this piece, that it capture the likeness of the photo. As well the gradient detail is stunning! The glasses!

Micro tattoo

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Micro Tattoo of a Rose

11 567 views | 21 Jul. 2019

Tattoo artist in NYC Art

Tattoo artist in NYC Art Is Pain

Tattoo artist in NYC Art Is Pain

Anyways ,  pls let me know what you think about it ,ask questions and let me know what you guys would like to see me tattooing and make sure to Subscribe to keep updated :)

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Handy Peters

Bet she’s super happy when half falls out and the other blows out.

Alejandro Hernandez

Que gran trabajo maestro????

Gin W

WOW micro ? the detail fudge! I love it! Well done! Thx for sharing ?


Nice work ninja?✌so hard to tattoo fingers

Sassy Sayyed

plzz tell me whats the size of the needle




Does micro needles hurt less?

Carlos Guerrero

Hermoso trabajo. Me gustaría verlo sano

Mathew Bell

Hii Sir what Black Ink do u use ?

keith watches YouTube

Nice ?

Simon Beckett

Being tattooist We have to give advice on tattoos. On placement, size if the design works. Also on the longevity of our work. If in 5,10 years that they will look ok. Obviously nature takes its course no need to help it.


1 rl?

Damion KnuKnu

I would be interested to see how this holds up. Follow up of the 90 day mark would be great! Then again after 5 years or so...
my training has led me to say “FUCK NO” to something like this. Not to just xerox copy some shit on someone’s finger and call it a day...
However, my training also hasn’t ever brought me to the “micro-wave” either; so, maybe some education on that would also be cool?

Adrian Zambrano

Well done! Excuse me so, what's the needle size? Please!

Micro tattoo

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Micro Realism Goes Daft Punk | Tattoo Styles

74 501 views | 18 Nov. 2020

We're doing a style video

We're doing a style video with Pony Lawson "One More Time." Over the last few years, Pony has perfected black-and-grey micro portraits. In this time, he's created portraits of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood—from A-list actors to Grammy winning musicians to YouTube's biggest stars. Pony stopped by Inked NYC to discuss the ins and outs of creating creating a portrait tattoo. And along the way, he breaks down this Daft Punk tattoo and gives audiences an inside scoop of the step-by-step process.

Follow Pony:

Pony Lawson https://www.instagram.com/ponylawson/


WEBSITE: http://www.inkedmag.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/inkedmag

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/inkedmag

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/inkedmag/

Archon Of Gaming

First one ??????

Jason Papai

The tattoo looks great fresh, what's it going to look like in 10 years?

Bianca T

i swear to God this videos and Gordon Ramsey compilation are addictive?❣️?

Kid Presentable

Pony has done a Hendrix tattoo on me. He is very professional and makes you feel comfortable the whole time. Hopefully I will be back soon.


Realistic artist like Bob Ross? Hummn. Im starting to think that tatto its not an art. Just becouse the little knowledge of art that youtubers tatto artist have.
Use Google!!! you said that you know how to use it.


micro realism is so rad

Corey Withers

It’s messed up this dude is just out here tattooing babies

Scotty Thompson

Pony is a phenomenal well respected artist, dude set the world on fire with micro portraits

souha d

he truly is one of my favorite tattoo artists he truly inspire me a lot and just gives this positive energy that truly pushs to do better

Mimi de Seda

Holy hell, the reflection of the hallway in his helmet... Gotdamn beautiful.

Thomos Killioselve

1:40 Wait what? Why wouldn’t you give a baby a tattoo

mat conley

I appreciate his humbleness

Ed venuto

Pony Lawson best portrait tattoo artist

patrick thompson


Bat Nik

I got a portrait tattoo of Batman, Luke Skywalker, and The Joker from this extremely talented tattoo artist. He pretty much finished my whole lower arm. Completely covered it. Awesome person and artist. Pony Lawson your the best.

Tihniel Singh

I'd like to get a portrait of Lionel Messi one day

Krisztián Farkas

What the hell,he tattooing for 20 years? I thaught this guy is around 28 years old.

Summer Lembo


Christopher Coppernoll

He is freaking phenomenal. I want to save money and see him for a micro portrait.


Not only doing amazing art, he is fiiiiiiiiine :D

Brandon Chase

He did a portrait of Peter Steele on my hand a few months ago. He's insanely talented.


I' a simple person...I see Daft Punk, I click.


Pony is gorgeous
Also excellent music choice for the background music. Mellow..

erick fonseca

My two favorite things in one video. Daft Punk and tattoos ??

Anastasia Zenia

I've been following him for a while now, he is crazy talented! I wish to get a tattoo from him one day

Hannah Kelley

I paint with watercolours which are fine n dandy, but you must have so much artistic skill to do hyper realism tattoos. The amount of foresight you have to have, to adjust for it healing, and skin tones underneath, ergh, I thought paints on a white page were bad. He's incredible! But no wonder colour realism portraits are hard! This was super cool to watch!

Tele Alan

how do these age tho

fire squad reaction

Wonderful tattoo artist wish he was near me too do a portrait for me and one other thing. Work looks cool.

Alton Parsons

Hi! Keep making great content. Why don’t you use SMZeus . c o m to promote your videos?!

Issa Barjawi

he is a fucking tattoo god

Putter Phantom

Pony Lawson’s work is so sick!


Pony does incredible work; unreal how much detail he packs into such small pieces.

Daniel Bauhaus

I would like to see how it last the tattoo after 5-10years.

Adam Purcell

It's impressive but I worry about how it's going to age. But either way pretty dang cool
Edit: Just seen his Instagram. Holy moly he is good

Rich W.

Was that supposed to be Tupac?

Chai tea

He looks so young, thought he was in his early to mid 30s. Pony has great genes!

Maria Chaterine

Lowkey he's cute❤️?

Patrick Star

The fact that Bob Ross inspired this dude makes me smile

Ulfric Stormcloak

Hahaha Ango Gobloggian

west coast.

Looks awesome now and like a turd in 10 years!

INFJudge Tarantino

His art is great! But what really catches my attention is his personality. He's genuinely, a lovely person. Thank you for your vids, Inked!


1:39 "Alot of the time I'm not a big fan of tattooing baby's". My brain: Yeah dude, I hope that's obvious in your line of work. 10 seconds later; ooooh wait.
I may or may not be high right now.

Adam Juarez

seriously Inked you guys throwing heat with all these recent uploads


lol that last comment

Gary Barrel

Look how long it takes tho not pulling a line really just scratching it in with a single needle and in 10 years black blob nothing against the artist or work not for me

Jx Jx

‘Don’t do drugs and stay in school’
You mean: Do drugs and stay off school

Ja 12323s

Interesting style

Raccoon Valley

Have skin need ink ?


Horrible tattoo. Already looks like a mass of crap.

livia soriano

i love to see how focused he is at his job, he literally try to study what the costumer wants to make it perfect and that’s just amazing.

ahmed Fayed

I love this guy

Erin Wild

Hello!! ?


glad to see daft punk still live :')

Lwandile Dlambulo

Pony's style is awesome. I wonder if it stands the test of time though?

Patrick Chotprom

Looks similar to the one I got back in March this year! Here's a pic of it :)

Shǐ Jìtuò

1:40 wait, isn't that illegal? ??

Judith Youngquist

Really awesome!!?

Philip Denys

he started the tattoo from the bottom... i thought that wasn't best practise?


Pony ?
Inked ?


Where’s the metal musician tats bro. I was told it was on the way

meet tyke

No PewDiePie merch? ... I expected better from you pony

Petric Kerley

Don't do school! Stay in drugs!

Aleksander Sas

"Realistic artists like Bob Ross.." just stop talking.. U dont know sht stop making stuff up

Aislan’s Everything

All’s I’ve got to say is I wish I could afford to get a tattoo done by this guy ❤️

Violetta Filipskaya

I've been watching Inked series for a while and I'm gonna say I actually took an intereat in micros thanks to Pony. He just radiates this chill positive energy and I always can't wait to see him in your new vids. Really happy about this one✨

Cat E.S

He's such a sweet and very talented person.

Ashley Chavez

Great, great artist ?


Bring MR.K and DR.WOO?????

Ivan Mendoza

Even if done correctly alot of these tattoos font age well bold will hold


This is awesome! I want this tattoo, I already have a Daft Punk tattoo but there is no such thing as to many.

Hayden Bond

i’m interested to see how these will look in 10+ years...

Keiei H

I saw micro realism and thought this has to be an interview with Pony Lawson. ❤

Luke Seymour

Ok hers some tips
Tip 1: don't listen to me i don't know anything.
Tip 2: you really gotta grind that ash water into the skin...really just dig it in there.
Tip 3: Don't use stencils! Free hand unformed artistic ideas in drastic places...think eyebrows or cheek.
Tip 4: You will always love the bands that you loved when you were 14. Period.
Tip 5 : Spellig isnnt as unportant as moste peeples think. Half fun.
Tip 6: No matter how long you've been tattooing you should always charge 500 dollars an hour and act like it's annoying that some one is hassling you for tattoo they drew one night when they had just had the weirdest dream...you know? Like I was in a forest but I wasn't me I was a wolfish warrior.
Tip number....7? Listen to good tattoo artists and pay attention...but don't be weird ya know?
Tip 8 : collect all the funny comments you find on you tube and compile them into a book. And then get it published and go on , like the Ellen show, or something and give me a shout out. Then notify me on YouTube so I can watch the clip.