How to use cold wax

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Cold Wax Demo Part One

50 377 views | 18 Apr. 2018

This is part one of a

This is part one of a demonstration on working with oil and cold wax

These are affiliate links. Any moderate percentage I receive is used to support creating video tutorials.

Book recommendation:

The best book out there on working with Cold Wax: Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts and Conversation: https://amzn.to/2uphvT7

The supplies I'm using with links to get them:

Cold wax medium : https://amzn.to/2Rgcaqw

Scott Shop blue towels – super absorbent, great for wiping paint on the canvas or cleaning tools. I use so many of these, I buy them in bulk https://amzn.to/2RGmI0P

Graphite water soluble crayons, great for making marks https://amzn.to/2tCZJfa

pigment sticks, wonderful deep color, and the stick form makes mark making a blast https://amzn.to/2G9MZiQ

Speedball rubber brayer, available in many sizes https://amzn.to/2unD86k

Slicone Bowl Scraper, great to scrape back layers, this one’s a good size for anything: https://amzn.to/38rXSbT

Williamsburg Persian Rose oil paint that I use in this painting: https://amzn.to/2NNl5xf

Professional grade oil paint set from Williamsburg, you may as well get the best! You can use the colors in this set to make virtually any color. More on this color mixing in a next video.


Arches oil paper in a pad, you can mount it on board after https://amzn.to/2sQPRyg

Ampersand Gesso board 12 x 12, is the perfect support for oil and cold wax, and 12 x 12 is great size to start out with: https://amzn.to/2ulmHHX

Richeson Gray Paper Palette, has a color wheel on the back : https://amzn.to/38rjbKB

Scott Shop blue towels – super absorbent, great for wiping paint on the canvas or cleaning tools. I use so many of these, I buy them in bulk https://amzn.to/2RGmI0P

Artist’s Tape – to keep the sides of your panels pristine while you’re working, or to tape your edges if you’re using paper – A MUST HAVE https://amzn.to/36lhqNX

To learn more about Andrea Wedell and her public workshops and mentoring for artists program https://andreawedell.com/workshops/

Connect with Andrea Wedell here: https://www.instagram.com/andrea_wedell/

To purchase a painting or order a commission from Andrea Wedell go here: andreawedell.com


Been messing around with cold wax I make myself as a layer or two over acrylic over gesso over dry pastel, charcoal, oil sticks,coffee stains , rust, and having a ball.
Thank you for sharing another path ! Can't wait to see more .

Amanda Sanders

I can’t find part two if this demo. Can anyone help?


Hello Andrea, I did a large Oil/wax painting on canvas using palette knife three months ago, it seems dry when I touch, but today I wanted to give a finish protective wax coat with a soft fabric, and the pigment comes off, especially where I used Prussian blue.
I need to deliver it in two weeks and don't know how to make, I would appreciate your help!.

Pat Chapman

This was really helpful! Can't wait to see part 2.

Terry Wright

I like this video because Andrea gets right to business. I am annoyed when videos begin by telling me what they are going to tell me.

Amanda Sanders

Is there going to be a part two?

Sheri Gaynor

Hi there! What a great video. I'm getting ready to switch from 30 years of acrylic to oil and cold wax. This was super helpful and INSPIRING! What are your favorite "get started" oils?


Hi Andrea. I've wanted to try using cold wax for doing impasto with oil paints, but I've read on a couple of forums that the wax never fully dries.
Is there any truth to that? I decided to go with limestone flour for now, but I'd love to try cold wax... what do you think?


Indeed this has been a very helpful introduction and insight into painting with cold wax medium and oil. Please continue to develop more videos. Thank you for sharing.

Amy Gibson

Nice demo. I do wish she would have modeled wearing a mask while sanding. Need to set that example.

Linda Sirow

Great introduction. I work with hot wax, encaustic, love it but would love to try cold wax. Will cold wax work with water-based oil paint?

Stephanie Winters

Hi, how do you clean the brayer? Thanks


Where is part 2?

Alrene Fischer

Wonderful ??

Ellen vd

Thanks very much for sharing! I hope you do another video :)

Kathleen White

Do you need an exhaust system with cold wax or will an open window do? Thank you!

Louise Musto-Choate

Can you use cold wax with acrylics?

Linda Clifford

I hope you'll do more videos on this subject. Would really like to see the whole process and the decisions you make along the way.


I like the way you look back to see if we're still here :)

Justi48 Prove

So Great, stepp per step.Im wating for more Videos Andrea thanks a lot

Pilar lb

Thank you very much Andrea, it is very interesting for me. A question, will cole wax warm with Alkyd colors and liquin?

Lenore Howard

Good demonstration and appreciated the attached links. Thank you.

Jennifer Lambert

Not related but I like the top (2 layers?) you are wearing in the video. ?


Excellent information. Does it matter what kind of Gesso we use? Encaustic Gesso?? Thank you



Anne Gilman

Great video. Simple and clear. I like how the artist says when she doesn’t like something and either changes it or explains that there will be a lot more layers. Thanks!

Jane Brown

Use of the brayer is interesting.

I Love Peonies

I love your work! I am wondering where/how do you sign your work? I notice a lot of oil/cw artists don’t have signatures on the front.

Marilene Sawaf

can we keep on adding layers and what do we do with the fat over lean principle?

How to use cold wax

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जानिए Cold Wax और Hot Wax में अंतर. What Is COLD WAX And HOT WAX ??

313 388 views | 19 Jul. 2018

You Will Be Purcase It On

You Will Be Purcase It On Amazon Also On Your Personal Cosmatic Store.

Ayushi Mishra RJ

Ab jakar ye pata chala thank you so much

gorav sharma

sleek is best m n yhi use krti hu but bht achi h

anjali shukla

Kya isse facial hairs wax kr skte h koi side effect to ni hoga mam mere facial hairs kafi h to kya ap mujhe btayegi m kaun si wax use kru

Habib-ur-Rehman Arif

kia mens bhi use karsakte hain cold wax on necks? koi nuqsan to nahi hai?

rashmika vlog

We can use for face

Mdaahilali 10

Hi mam...
M ur new subscriber...
Mai apki video mujhe bohot informative lagi...
Thanx for sharing...
Mam apse ek questn puchhna tha...
K kaunsa wax best rahega hot wax ya cold wax...
N mam kya hum hot wax ku bowl me nikalke gas pe rakh heat kar sakte hain???
Plzzzz plzzzz replyyy

Madhuri kumari

Mere pass honeybee ka cold wax h but puri trah se baal nhi hat ta h mam kya karu

riya singh

Mam ye wax upper lips ke liye use kr skte h?

Raman Deep

Hello mam ese face par laga sakte hai plz plz reply

sweta free fire

Face par v hoga kya

Afreen Perveen

I use this wax and it is great ?

Hitono Zhimo

Wax strip is free with product ?or we have to buy both?

Tik Tok special

mam best wali konsi wax hai

Fiza Nadaf

Cold wax se dard hota Hai kya

Gazala Amin

Mai nai jo wax laya wo plastic bottle mai hai... How to use

Gaurang Billaiya

Blonder aur bleach powder kya ek hi cheez hai jo skin polishing men use karte hai ?

snowber majeed

Cold wax kya face pe kar sakhte h kya

Shaziya Saifi

Hot wax kaise lagate h

Sunil Ruhil

Very nice good idea


isse tan remove hota hai ???

Mera Fun Tera Fun

Achi video thi

Love Verma

mam non stick heater m Rica wax ka diba grm kr skte h kya

Bapi Mondal

Didi maii Rabeya mondal .Didi tan pack kittnedin Bab Bab laga sakti huuu

Andleeb Shadan

Mam इस तरह से हम बार बार बाल removed करूंगी तो कुछ महीनों बाद और grouth नहीं होगा / या होगा please mam reply ??

Vsj Kmbj

reply mam plz

Radhika Radjika

Very nice thanks
But Wo wax btawo na jisme pan Nahi hota

Artist Channel

ok sorry

Sheeba Sefi



Does it hurt?

Ohedul Alam

kea ey face ma use krchtehy

Sumera Ali

Face k bal humesha k liye kasy khatam ho sakty ha plz batay

priyanka sharma

Thanks mam

Maman Mon

Ek strips ko kitnibar use kar sakti hu...??plz rply mam

tara devi

Isme hand per suntan remove hoga kya

Sualeha Parveen

haar baar grm krna h kya paani me ye to jldi hi thndi ho jati hoge har baar apply krne k lie grm krna hoga paani m

Sabiha Geer

thhenkyou sooo mach

Kamala Das

Man bio free ka honey cold wax keise karen...aaj hi reply den

Rahul Kumar

Mast h

Gazala Amin

Ager wax plastic bottle mai ho... Toa garm kaisai karai

Rashi Agashe

Mam selection vali Wax online mileangi..

Monika matura

Thnx for share.. Kya is cold wax ko face pe bhi use kr sakte hain?

sweet doll

thanks for da info maam baki sab videos me hairless skin pe try krke dikharethe cold wax to pta nhi chlparatha ki kitta effective h bt ye video dekhke doubts clear ho gye maam thnk u soo much?

Priya Sinha

Cold wax summer me bahut patle ho jate hai jiske karan isse jyada hair remove ni ho pate hai


Nice mujhe pata nahi tha.thanks so much ..kabhi light chli gyi this aaram se kar sakte hai

Shruti Jha


Vsj Kmbj

madam ye wax mere ball nhi hta rhi hai ye work nhi kr rhi . me kya kru plz reply

Kashish Ansari

Hard balo k liye konsa wax use kre plzz mam mujhe btao??

Amarjot Singh

Nice ????

Ulfat Malik

ye boht acha hai mainy use kiya

thanneru kusumanjali

When we use strips instead paper

GL Creator

Great work

Artist Channel

its not cold wax jhooti

Rajendra Kolapkar

Must nice info

Nure hasan Nure hasan

Imran Khan 7457038401

Angreg Singh



Nice video

Shalini Shalini

Achha bahut achha..

Reetu Rani

ese hair brochure to nahi aati

Anu anu

Its girl legs?

Priyanka Singh

Thank you so much mam ?

Asma Shaikh

Very nice

Jiya Jiya

Thank you in

Artist Channel

cold wax mein patti nhi lgti

Lav Tripatthi

Kitne din me baal aa jayenge.......aur baal kam honge ya nahi........mam plz telll me

Ritu singh

Wax strips ke bajaye jeans ka kapda use kar sakte?

Anay Gupta


Vaishali Sarena

Very nice video m apne liye jarur use karungi thanx mam cold wax k bare m batne k liye new subscriber hu


Face pe kar sakte hai ki nehi use???

Prabh Mann

Mam jihde water wich wax box rkhea c oh garm c oh water ?

Shaziya Saifi

Nice video

kalyani modi

Wax ka strips konse side use kar na hai di

pallu Vlogs king

Wax ke liye kon sa paper use kr re ho aap.. Plz Tisu paper h kya

Swati Thakur

Sunder pero pr hi dikha deti

Habiba Shaik

Thanks yaar apne to bhot helpful video banii main use kru gi? use krna nahi paata tha mujhe

wayangankar asha

Mam wax paper ko Kya bolte hai



Sonam Singh

Mam aap ka video hmey bhut acha lgta hai.


???I watch this video bcz I want to know the difference between hot & cold.... ???
Thank you so much Mam,??

Adeel Baloch

Fiabla aloe Vera wax ko garam kar ka lgata hn y nh plz batao

Habib-ur-Rehman Arif

nuqsan to nahi degi?

poonam meena

Ise face hair remove krne k lye b use kr skte h?

GL Creator

ye phir hair nikolega ke nhi

Cute Jasvi Lohmor

Thanks Ma'am for telling us

maneesha gupta

Kya is se tan remove hota hai?

Sona Rajput

Pair toh dhang ke le leti itne sade huye gande pair dekh ke jee kharb kr diya tune or tu bhi apne hath saaf rakha kr chii

wayangankar asha

Rpl please

Vinita Sharma

Mam Growth kitne din m ayegi plz bataye

Preeti Beniwal


santosh sahani

95 rs ka ab kya ghanta cahiye 600g hai chorani hai kaa ree

Kawal Jit


Ravita Kumari

mujha nhi pta tha

Sandhya Maurya

Sleek ka best hota hai ya Rica ka


Maine aaj hi cold wax use ki ayur company ki.....maine v use alg katori me nikal kar garam pani me melt kiya....fr lagaya but wo puri tarah se clean nhi kr rha....plz btaye ki ab kya karu....kya galti huyi....plz reply....

Barnali roy

cold wox goram korte hoy

aditi anupam

Agar ham isko garam karke melt karke lagaye to kya hoga wax?

Saniya Ansari

Thanx mam
Mujhko inka antar malum nhi tha

Aarchna Shukla

हैलो मैम कोल्ड वैक्स सर्दी मे यूज कर सकते है तब भी गरम पानी मे दस मिनट रखना है क्या बताना जरूर

Sanju Verma

Rain herbal wax kaise kare

Khusbhu Kushwah

Kon sa wex acha hota he cold ya hot wex plz reply

Lav Tripatthi

Pith ke baal ke liye koun sa achha rahega cold or hot vax........????

How to use cold wax

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How to use Esme organic cold wax (Demo+Review)

123 917 views | 1 Jul. 2017

?Watch this video in HD

?Watch this video in HD for better resolution?


Hi again everyone! Sorry now lng ulit ako nkapag upload. Namiss ko ulit kau. Sn nmiss nyo rin ako kahit papano. hehe... :-)

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I bought all the items using my own money. And I'm not doing this to brag you or what. I'm doing this because I want to share it with you, maybe you would like to know where to find them if you are interested. Don't be nega kc d mo yan ikakaganda or ikakagwapo teh koya! Let's be all positive and love one another. Stop hating... ???

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Pages And Polish

Great review dear xo

Lady Dian Fuentes

san mo po sya nabili? :)

Hanna Mae Inocencio

gumagamit din po ako ng cold wax for almost a year na. pero pagkatapos hindi po siya super smooth may mga natitira pang hair na maliliit, parang pag inaahit. bakit po ganooon?? thanks

jazmine melliza

bakit ganun ung akin nagmemelt at masyadong nagooil.

Angela Del Rosario

Madami po bang ingrown marks?

victoria thomas

how long does it last?
on what types of the body is it NOT safe on?

handgunner man

Pwede po ba sa face yan?

F aye

super like ko ito kasi nakakasave ako ng money instead of going to waxing salons hehe. Bothered lang ako kasi sobrang daming ingrown marks/chicken skin sa legs ko ?

Bebs Heudecker

Awesome demo.. Great review, LIKED

lil monster

Masakit po ba?

Perbel Arcenal

Subscribed. ???. Great channel

Life is Awesome Civil Engineering Plans

Hi friend nice vedio.. i just liked and subscribed your channel ... Please subscribe me back ... for mutual friendship add me +918861461359
Let support each other

magima R

Wrong position waxing

Isaiah Malig-on

done narin po :)

Nesa Velez

Hindi effective. Nasayang lang 150 ko. Waste of money. Pag tingin ko sa shopee 68 pesos lang pala.

NootFrickin Noot

Pano pag pasmado ung kamay huhu

Ma. Joanne Paola aben

Hi ate , can i ask kung pede ko ba sya magamit sa face ?

Krishna Sofia Cadungog

Hindi po ba sya nag mo-moist kapag tumagal na?

Rhica Perpetua

Kada wax mo ate numinipis yung hair or kumakapal lalo? Kasi akin makapal hair sa bandang baba ng legs ko sa iba naman na part ng legs ko manipis dun lng talaga bandanh baba dun talaga kulot and makapal panget tignan mukang panlalaki.

Ira Selina Faye Curiba Pena

sa watson store po ba meron nito? thanksss

Keii Smith

Pwde po b sya pahanginan muna s electric fan bgo gamitin pra medyo tumigas ulit, kpag sa ref kc sobra tigas na...Nabuksan ko n ung sakin and paggamit ko sobrang moist and sobrang lagkit dumidikit na sa mga daliri ko lng...

Manisha Sharma

Aktu gorom kore nite hoi na????

Shella Dela Cerna

Ok poba na ulit-ulitin mo yong nagamit na wax?or kailan palitan siya every area?

living for jennie's brr and hyunsuk's shh treasure

hello po, ask ko lang po kung hindi naman po kayo nagkaroon ng chicken skin or any skin reaction po?

Fanny Millan

May ganyan ba sa watsons??

Mary Rose Arayon

Bakit po ung sa akin.. Parang nagtutubig po... Ung una nagamit ko pa sya, tapos nung gagamitin ko na medyo basa sya na parang may tubig tubig. Tapos sobrang lagkit na nya dumidikit lahat sa kamay ko

Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr

Yes I'm try lazada brand like that's

jhayar arsenio

Matagal p b tumubo ?

Colleen Sutarez

Where did you buy it?

lovelyranna Bueno

nagorder me sa Lazada bakit ganun hnd ganyan.naubos nlng sa kakatry wala ngyari help nMn.

armina bagasala

Saan po nakabili

Abigail Marticio

di ko talaga magaya yung ginagawa sa video ?? masyadong malagkit. bat ganern ?

Rose Ann De Guzman

nilalagay po ba siya sa freezer? yung sakin kasi sobrang lambot, dumidikit lang siya sa kamay ko. Hindi siya ganyan na parang bubble gum

Rinalyn Fajardo

hello po tanong ku lang po dba masakit pag first mung lagay,, kc gusto ko sana maglagay ng wax sa binti ko kc daming buhok tlga, di po ba masakit

Team Tony

Pasmado ako. Ang hirap gamitin pota


Really you are professional thank you so much for your video ???

Jonnalyn Castillo

..thank you s idea ganyan din pong wax inorder q maganda Pala talaga sya gamitin..???


JUSKO MAY MALI SIGURO TALAGA DITO SA NA-ORDER KO. Sobrang hirap niyang tanggalin, matigas man siya o malambot. Di kaya ng kamay ko ni ng tatay ko di makuha, kaya kutsara ginagamit ko at yung ginagamit ko bali na. Hays kainis

Willow and the Whisper

Itatapon a agad yung nagamit na di na pwede lagay sa skin ulit

Rc De Guzman

Makapal po ba yung growth ng hairpagtapos nyo matry yan?

Wennah Mercado

bakit sa akin FAILED . habang tumatagal lumalambot ang wax .. para nang iwan .. ??


thumbs up

Mr. Tt

Amazing ❤️

Maylyn YT

Nice review sis,, new video is up in my channel hope n mavisit mo if yoou havent see my latest upload.. Thank u

Muslima Muslima

san po xa mabibili?

Sekoyaaa ellisss

hi po ate ano na po nangyari sa legs nyo? kumapal po ba yung buhok at dumami po ba?

Emily Redstar

Ui pareha tayo powder hehe. Di ba masakit?

Maldita Ako

Applicable po ba ang scrub churva bago mag wax ng esme?

Arjiemae Marqueta

Merami po akong ganyan same din tayo ate pero makapal yung akin at kulot parang tulad sa Lalaki . Pag ginawa ko ba yan mas kakapal po ba siya lalo ??need ko po kasi ksali ako sa Ballroom?

Akeleley Bibinito

Pag downward growth ng hair jan sa legs dapat upward ka nagpupull grabe namang demo to nkakawalang kwenta

Akeleley Bibinito

Baby powder daw ion tapos talc nilagay hahaist

Leonardo Millomeda

Pag ginamitan ng ganyan di na po ba mag gogrow Yung hair??

Jomelyn Atanoza

San nyo po ito nabili?...

Colonel Sanders

Need ba to nasa ref

lhian sophie lu

Yung unang gamit ko neto, okay naman Yung texture. nagamit ko ng tama. per nung 2nd time na gagamitin ko Na ulit, sobrang tigas kaya binabad ko saglit sa warm water. after nun nag sticky na siya unlike before na madali mag expand. so ayun di ko na sya nagamit ulit. Mali ata na binabad ko sya sa warm water. pa help naman pls, anong remedy gagawin ko para magamit ulit. Sayang kasi one time ko lang nagamit. thanks

King King

Bat po yong aken di sya tumitigas mas nagmemelt pag ini stretch nyo po yong wax ?

Ohhchona P

Pwede po ba yan sa may lip area or hindi pwede?