Light blue temporary hair dye

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DYEING MY HAIR BLUE... | Sophie Louise

700 015 views | 5 Jun. 2019




♡ Schwarzkopf Live Metallics - Mercury Blue

♡ Manic Panic - Midnight Blue

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Kacey May

where's the top from at the end x


I would of gone over it again with the same colour, I think it would go more blue if you did it twice perhaps?

Sabrina Hershberger

I second everyone saying try artic fox. I wish I would have done it because I use splat and 3 days later the color is practically gone.

Amber Kilsbie

I just ordered this colour and then this video popped up on my suggestions... spooky ?

MichelleAlt 1

Also I have a question, it's just that I've been thinking about dying my hair this colour. But I don't want to bleach it cause I don't want to damage my hair. And my hair is really delicate and my parents wouldn't even let me bleach it. So should I buy a light denim blue colour hair dye and just dye my hair with that to achieve blue black/midnight blue hair color? By the way my hair color is brunette if you were wondering about that.

Very nice brambora

I bought the exatc same hair dye couple weeks ago?, but im so glad that i found this video because now i see how the colour looks like in real life.

シシboom bakugo

Reply yes or no does göt2b work? (Only experienced people)

kacey obrien

How long did it take to get your hair back to normal Color like as the dye was semi how many washes did it take to come out fully

Just Shade

Whatever you do NEVER USE N RAGE OR SPLAT. the real ones know all the reasons why

Jayne Laven

Hair really suited/suits you. I've used a Live Cosmic Blue, I'm a bit like you, sometimes I like it. I just wondered how you managed to remove it?

Spartan Jeremiah Broken Column

i can't resist my favourite color ?Blue, Dark-Blue, Royal-Blue, Blue-flames ?
Edition: already given a ? for your videos.

Aishath Shirmeen

Anyone here in qurentien???

Maddelen Lindberg

Sorry, but it is permanent hair color, you do not wash out permanent hair color. Permanent hair color grows out, you do not wash out of it.

helena neksojevic

where is ur top at the end from? x

Kensley Kizzire

Your Hair Looks.......... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I dye my hair light blonde, and do this... Will it still work?

Charlie Bust

I have had my hair this colour before and it was just ??? LIVE hair dye is really good but they do test on animals

Msshhsjdhdhx Djdjdhdjd

mine turned out bright blue?

kookies_ mochi

I used this dye on my browny black but it did shit


Keep the towel, just make it your hair color towel haha
Also, it looks super cute on you! It is not exactly equal everywhere but next time you do it, it will probably make it all come together !❤️


Next time try arctic fox :)

Melanie Martinez for life

I'm getting that same hair dye so hopefully it looks okay

Martina Lola fraser

Then June 11 getting my pixie with undercut and side cut or long pixie with undercuts

Denisa Mihaela

Its permanent?

Just Shade

Lolol I love how the last 5 mins of this was her trying to convince herself she likes it.

Isla Bunting

I used 3 bottles of what u used first

Martina Lola fraser

Im going from dark green hair I just have hair color remover in then blow dry then bleach it if I need to then dye in two blues

Lyndsayrose Starkey

You have to bleach it blonde or white so then you can dye it blue

Anna Abrosimova

I really wanted to dye my hair blue but in ombre style, but I’m not so secure about it, so if this comment gets 20 likes i’m gonna do it!

Nancy Wang

I just used the schwarzkopf one and my hair looks EXACTLY THE SAME LOOOOOOOL I REGRET THIS

Georgia T

You gotta do your roots last about 10/15 after doing the ends and mid lengths. The heat from your head will make the blue on your scalp go brighter than the rest especially if you had regrowth

Nae Secret

That's why you don't use a bathtub lol hahaha and you wrap something around your neck, and wear gloves. I've never had problems with manic panic. But thank you for this video! My cousin wants to go blue and her hairs your colour??

Bradey Leigh May

The reason your roots may turn lighter is if you applied the dye there first. When you’re dyeing your hair you should start at the ends and work up, because the roots lighten faster than the ends.


dark blue looks amazing on u!!! rip bathtub tho, if i did this my dad would be very very angry at the stained bath

Purple Dawn

I will usually wait for my shower to get really icky and messy before doing haircolor. That way, the color will stain the grimey surface and not the actual shower.

grace emma

Thank you. I love the video.! The fashion luxury stuff. I defenitely recommend www.hqreps.com Really great quality and lowest price I have ever seen.

Ariana Berkeley

Why would you use two products at the same time? confusing. So we are not sure if the schwarzkopf colour worked because you used the other one on top?

Jellybean 28

the first hair dye I got it I have dark brown hair and it didn't work my hair looked black I was disappointed

K. Pollock

Punky from Jerome is my go to, fallowed by manic and then joico. Unicorn is pretty decent ?

User Name

Omggggggg I loveeeeee itttttt❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Moon Lim

youre so funny

Isaac Baker

My mum died her blue instead of black

Rupert Rumble

Bob's my grandpa. Looks great.

Nejra Hadzic

'SWEILSKOF?' lysm hahaahha


You have a beautiful neutral skin tone and could definitely pull off any colour. Keep experimenting, I am here for it!!


You look great!

Lisa Sallery

Looks more black with grey roots! Defo doesn’t look blue ?


Love the batman shirt! Where did you get it? Also, you look perfekt with blue <3

Shalom Squad XoX

Watching this cause your hairs slightly darker and I’m dying my hair blue without bleach tomorrow ?


btw how much manic panic did you end up using for your entire head? (my hair length is the same as yours so im very curious :3) and how many washes did it last?


amazing color! looks really good on you

Cassie arney

I love the colour blue it is awesome

Ema Kirishiki

She : „This colour looks so beautiful. " Me having that shade of blue on my head : "Oh, thank you. " ??

xlk shannon


Krabby Patty Krabs

Why the hell is your place so empty? My place is super cluttered with shite I envy people who just have NOTHING standing/lying around everywhere.

Emilia Shilan

Use chlorine to remove the blue on the bath it's work and every time you use manic panic. You must shower your hair with cold water Properly with no shampoo just Conditioner when you colour your hair afterwards. And then color will not often stay in clothes. Depending how much you Carefully washed your hair. ☺️?

Lu :3

Well I would use a better hair dye like elumen (last long) or directions (washed out in 1-4 months)

Amy Spencer

I used that blue mercury hair dye and ended up emailing customer services to ask them to re do packaging or take it off the shelves haha! I dyed mine on very light brown hair and it only dyed the front of my head I looked like a fool haha! I put cosmic blue over it and it worked lovely, now I need to find a semi permanent blue to put over my hair when it starts to come out or my greys decide to appear haha! Don’t buy blue mercury guys!

lizzii-Armstrong!!* *

Omg I tryed that blue mercury and I just went black I could if cryed !!!

Giraffe Gamer44

I just dyed it that oof

Belinda Arnold

Exactly 1 year later, I dye my hair with the same colour?

Stephanie Josine

Worth it, it looks amazing! ?

Clo Goalby

Brad mondo needs to react to this


I loooove your shirt ? where did you get it???? Need

Asthetically •Pleasing•

My theory is with the blue mercury dye is your hair has to be previously bleached already even is it is brown or light brown like your shade but dye tends to stick better when the hair is bleached itsm just soaks it up

AimeeMillington* xx

my hairs dark brown and i used the exact same Schwarzkopf hair dye and mine went blue

malwina zielińska

Ktoś z pl haha szukałam na pl yt ale ne ma tej farby a chcialm przetestować


in all other videos she seemed so nice but in this one she just seemed a bit bossy of alex like she seemed a bit off


I’m dying my hair the same colour rn. Pray for me.

Leandra Bekkevold Bali

is it permanent?

Kirsty M

You are hilarious ?

Marta Hlevnjak

Did you use just one container of manic panic?

Julina Fresenborg

To anyone dyeing their hair: the stain in the tub can be cleaned with chlorine

Dia Ó Éire

I have that same box dye but have to wait ‘till Christmas bc school?,I’d say my hair is the last one or even a bit darker but ‘Ey ‘o ?

Brandon Eden

The thumbnail lied. ?

Vicky Trim

Artic fox is good but I use overtone in extreme red and love it they have a lot of colours. Your hair looks great though

Megan Arsenault

i loveeeee that color omg


It caused you manic panic ?

Cora Mulhern

It looks so beautiful and makes ur eyes pop lol ❤ btw me commenting 11 months later ?

Katie mcdougall

I used the same product and did the same thing so I bleached it and did it after blue

Msshhsjdhdhx Djdjdhdjd

how long did it stay in for?

Eliza T

Color doesn't lift color. It probably would have worked if you were dyeing virgin hair. The blue hair looks bomb tho! ?

Péťa a mé druhé já E.

I dont know... this isn't what I would expect from dark blue hair dye. People saying here ,, it is perfect", but I can still see your brown hair through blue color like the color is translucent...
I have brawn hair too and I don't like bleeching but the truh is that unnatural colors (blue, green, pink, violet) dont look as good as on light/lighten hair.


You threw away a towel because of hair dye stains? GIRL.. what lol don't do that it's still a perfectly good towel


But it is necessary to apply to wet hair

Isla Bunting

Why did i watch this after doing dying my hair blue with that brand ?

em !!

does anyone know if the box dye she used was permanent??

Carmen Kaczkowski

My daughter and I just dyed our hair with manic panic hair colour I chose the hot hot pink and she chose rockabilly blue. It was her first time dying her hair and I forgot to tell her to tip her hair away from her body whilst rinsing it out? whoops. She came out looking like a Smurf. I scrubbed her with one of those microfiber make up removing towels soaked in micellar water. it got most of it off her skin and just a few more days normal showering to get the rest off. Same for my face and scalp. For the shower I used a shower spray with bleach called easy off bam. Got rid of the pink and blue stains

Freddie Mercury

Your cat is my spirit animal

Katie mcdougall

I did it and mine did not so the next day I bleached it and then did it again the next day

Dessy G.

Omggg she looks so much like candace from you season 2 ?❤️❤️❤️

Jesa Freese

1, you should've saved that as your designated hair dye towel so that you don't use a different one every time. 2, magic erasers will clean the tub, for sure.

Jᴜsᴛ Tʜᴇ ᴏᴄᴇᴀɴ

ThIs is HoW My MuM DyEs HeR HaIr LoL

Eleri Robinson

I'm not a cat person but I have 2 admit that Moon is pretty cute x

Knownasblue Blaze

Blue suits ? you! Awesome job. Now I know what will work better for me thank you!

Sarah Brodie

I got my hair dyed blue and purple 1 year ago. I asked my hairdresser how long it would last as it was going to cost me £140. He said maybe 2 weeks. The purple lasted about 1 month before it washed out. But my hair is still blue. It will just not wash out

Freddie Chapman

I did this today and the my hair is the exact time and we have the same results

Gemima Naylor

When i dye my hair, i put some body lotion along my hair line, top of my neck and all over my ears and also use nail polish remover to get rid of hair dye off skin

J St Anders

Aww Sophie, you're hilarious. I just found you..

Strawberry Cherry

Your supposed to bleach it before dying it.

Theresa Nicole

I freaking love your hair color. It's like Blue Black that's always my favorite hair color n I never get that blue color I have dark hair too. Really dark brown

Light blue temporary hair dye

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Dyeing My Hair Periwinkle / Blue (IT TURNED OUT GREAT!)

121 234 views | 17 Nov. 2019


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Products Used:

Salon Care 20 Volume Developer

Ion 20 Volume Developer

Salon Care Prism Lites Bleach Blue Bleach Powder

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty Free Periwinkle Hair Dye


Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TheElizaRose

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For business inquiries only: [email protected]

Alisha Howell

I’m getting Billie Eilish vibes! Love!


omg, everything looks good on you


you are so beautiful


omg you look like a white cindy kimberly


You look pretty in everything honestly ❤ Sis what's your secret

Jana Awada


Sadie Miranda

so prettyyy

Serana Marie

Jesus loves you and anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless and stay safe

Rex JK

How long does this colour last??


Soo cute???

Syd Walters

You should try overtone :)


i love u hi this made my day 100000x better

M Mars

You are so pretty!!
I'm going to dye my hair this color too :)


I have the dye but my hair ain’t blonde enough to dye it over so I gotta wait until I go lighter, makes me excited to dye it this colour when I see the actual colour on people?


your voice is SO CALMING

Dalal J

I really wanna try this hair color but I'm middle eastern with olive skin so it probably won't suit me:( I loved your video the result was breathtaking <33

Fiona Xin

You re so prettty


You look so pretty? like always! Love your videos


I like it!


You have such a relaxing voice!

StAy WeIrD95

I’ve been waiting for this all week ??❤️??


The blue hair and white shirt make me think of James from Team Rocket lol it's a super pretty look though! The color brings out your eyes ♡

Joanne Azeez

Looks nice ?

Anastasia Schloss

Ur so pretty??

Jas !!

i wish i could dye my hair this color but my curls are too tight & cute to ruin


Brad Mondo did she do good? haha I'm sure he would be happy.

Leo Luis

Do you need to tone your hair before applying this color?


Can we get married plz

Lesly O

Your hair came out so good! ❤️ btw are these lash extensions or strip lashes? They look amazing :)


I've been loving your new style of videos lately


you def did not need to tone your hair if you were just going to dye it blue. also, when bleaching, in order to get a proper lift, you need 20 vol and higher. only time 10 vol should be used should be with toner or permanent color since it doesn’t lift, it just deposits color. you won’t be able to escape damage no matter what when bleaching. you won’t fry your hair with 30 vol as long as you bleach it properly.

Jamie Bernal

I’ve used this before and it completely fades after a while

Benite van Deventer

Your voice is so calming

Charlotte Newton

That blonde looks incredible on you!

Bianca Cas

You look like a (beautiful) whimsical fairy?? you should do a hair care routine! You hair looks so nice

Lydia B

Sooo beautiful Liz it looks amazing on you I love it ?❤ hope you're doing good and hope you answer on dms more often I'd loove to hear from you I was wondering how's your mental health doing after you got pregnant and gave birth I hope you're getting better and better Love youuu ?

Skyler Marie

Brad mondo would love this color on you

lina 2704

Love you Liz, you're a strong and astonishing soul, your voice is so calming and it helps me fight my anxiety attacks, I wish you the best in life ?



Every Haircolor

this hair is super cute

Emma Jane

Another vegan and cruelty free hair dye you could try is Good Dye Young :)

Sandra Greer


Thanasis Aman

These eyelashes must be older and stiffer than your grandma



Dennis DeVore

YES! Purple suits you!? I like it, but I'm biased. I say you're beautiful anyway. Love you Liz!??


Love the new setup ? and your hair turned out so pretty wow


this color is amazing <3

shelby kryzck

i LOVE it?

punyisa p.

you look GOOD

hailey !!

what a gorgeous mom ✨

Kit J

it came out so good!! if you’re ever worried about uneven streaks, there’s a porous evening spray, i think it’s by ion, so it just makes your hair the same porosity all over so that it comes out more even!

Sara Shine

I just dyed my hair this color and it turned out silver so I'm hoping if I dye it a second time it'll be as good as yours

Tavia Smalley

I used that dye and it washed out in like 2 washes

Lary Chanis

Hahaha I love the emoji intro xd

Jaylen Byrne

I’m dying my hair this color tonight! So excited

Alicia Ibarra

You look so good blonde!!!!!

ellie loll

It looks great girl! Can u do an in dept on how exactly you bleach ur hair??? I loved ur end result looks like u got it done professionally lol

seryn booker

Yesssss it looks so good! I'm currently crying from my cramps this is a nice distraction lol

Blanca Garcia

finallyyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️


I like this type of color?

Samantha Mostowicz

whaaaatt I think it looks good!!

Dennis DeVore

You have a smile that is contagious?!

Alesha Dawn Watson

Wtf your hair looked good brown, good platinum and good blue

Fatemeh Hosseini

you look so pretty



Soz Ziad

Liz , it is not fair how you can look good with literally any hair color OH MY GOD, gurl how ?

Danielle McBride

What's on your lips at the end of this video they look so good!

Yeetus Skeetus

Thanks so much for not taking forever to get to the point of the video


Slay with those lashes queen


You look so beautiful in this video!!!

Isabella Figuerola

You’ve turned into such a diy queen i LOVE IT

Black Swan

Wow I like you and the background and everything!!!

Yvie White

you are so beautiful! i love this colour on you :)

Joellen Vuong


Martina Mingardo



I love Arctic Fox ✨

Kaitlyn Davis

try using pravana or lime crime unicorn hair Bc they’re vegan and cruelty free as well

Casey sparkle

This is how I wanted my hair... It came out green?I used the same hair dye as you after I dyed it I read reviews and many people said it dyed their hair green surprised it came out so good on you! so cute<3


omg, you're soo pretty ?? lots of love ?

Camryn TEA

Only 30 minutes I leave arctic fox in for like 2 hours

ashley reyna

ma’am the lashes ? pls do a video on it bc wow


Oou periwinkle is so cutee....now idk if I wanna do periwinkle/lavender....maybe I can do both

Tiffany Mad

you're like a live action version of Elsa ? so beautiful, girl!

Jo S.

I have all natural gray hair, I used Periwinkle, left it on an hour. Turned out GREAT. No bleach needed.


How did your hair turn such a nice color right after bleaching?

Ornjira Jinaruxpong

Did your hair turn green after? What color did It fades too? Btw It looks gorgeous ?

Anna Magda

Loved this video, I'm beyond happy to see you thriving like that! And you're being astonishingly beautiful as always <3

m dawg

I see Liz is hopping on the 'Let's fry our hair' train. Same honestly

Juliah Crane

Thank you!! I just purchased this hair dye and want to make sure I do it successfully

Ricardo Cruz

When are you going to start working with brands ? I want to see who you would be? Perhaps a good entrepreneur. ???


Its a very pretty color! The roots probably weren’t as porous as the rest of the hair which is why it didnt take as much. If you want a more even pastel you can dilute the dye with conditioner or a white diluter. Leave that color in for like 4-6 hours....I know that seems crazy but theres no harmful products or lifters in the Arctic Fox color. The color and the conditioner will really penetrate into the hair shaft. I love Periwinkle one day Ill be brave enough to do my whole head! ?

Mềm Mại Mèo

You're so beautiful honestly. I was distracted by your lips cause its color is so nice. Which lipsticks did you use?

Angry Anon

laughs in 40 volume regularly

Tonia Molina

Whats the color name

Light blue temporary hair dye

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549 594 views | 6 Apr. 2019


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Indigenous Barbie

bruh is it me or your friends mean lol or they jus joking cuz it looks bomb af.

Alexus Hill

This shit is so bomb on you.. ??? You killed this blue babee. I love love love it on you...


looks SO PRETTY wtf nice job dude!!

heyyitsmariam m

i love this! i posted me dying my hair blue too it came out really dark but so pretty!!?

Fuxindm Dududuhd

So pretty!! Omg

Christinia Chavez

What is the hair dye called again ?

Nana Nosrati

Beautiful really??

nyss j

Bro honestly, if you want to be or do travel related youtube things, do it. No one evolves without change

ayse ayse

Omg wtf??????


The blue hair on you looks absolutely gorgeous! Just adds more to your beauty and skin completion?❤️

Anastasia Petridi

She wants it to be really pastel blue while I want mine to be neon blur or sth?

Yanelis S

Came here after watching Brads reaction. Love the hair !!

Alezandro Garcia


poo pee

Hair dying starts at 4:52

Niko B


Judely V

I really love how it came out omg

Ainhoa Dominique

Men you look so pretty with this hair colour

Baddie Kay

i thought sis was in an elevator at first ?‍♀️?

dorothea tang

came from the brad mondo reaction video and u look fucking amazing

Laura Czerny

Which brand did you use? Looks so fucking good ly❤️❤️


I'm dyeing my hair blue while I watch this bc I'm really scared and I don't want to feel alone while i do it lol

Alison Lee

Tina you look so amazing with blue hair ! ?

lilly s




Gianna Cabrera

after watching how BOMB it came out , my mind is set on doing the same color ?? What color did you use ??


omg your hair is d e a d

Jamie Tarrago

hey girl! so for your blonde hair, detox your hair with a detox shampoo before toning, over toning hair is what happen to yours! and the bleach didnt sit long enough for your roots! The blue looks sooo awesome though! I LOVE it! Just some tips for the future :)


It’s beautiful.


I'm loving your vlogs!

Zeynep Aylin Metin

girl staph screaming ..

iisxlsa yt

Billie eilish is that you?

Summer Hageb

All the stylist going off on the comment section ???

kinda pop

omg i fucked up my hair today <3 so I’m just watching ones that do blue turn out right ?


U kinda inspired me to dye my hair the same color

Pisces x

it look amazin!!!

Joanna Zhang

Matches your gorgeous eyes perfectly!

Maja Misiak

Color mark ?

Chelsea Clementi

You look really beautiful with that color...


I ask as it’s sitting on my hair ?

Giyuu Obanai

It looks really good

Tra'mayne Gaines


Ela xxx

Your hair is so damaged. Please, just cut it and stop bleaching it. Take care of your hair peeps!

Princess love

That look beautiful and standing with blue

Razan -

What the name of the shade ? Blue smoke ?

Rebecca Longstaff

What hair dye did she use?

Alen ka

decided, im going blue tommorow

Dreamgirl 200

Omg the blue hair colour looks amazing with your blue eyes❤

its luccas

i love your eyeeesss!!!

ling suave

I really really liked this

Lebron D

Now everyone this is why you go to someone who when to school and got licensed to dye hair


What dye is this?


when i looked at the thumbnail i thought you were billie eilish lmao

chynna noslen

She reminds me of Fiona from shriek before she turned into a ogre

Hackk dalan

looks lovely

Ximena Gomez

can somebody tell me which brand did she use? :(((


???????? you are so cute


girl you're terrible at applying to your roots, you miss way to much and barely apply to it, you need to touch the scalp not hold it out and go almsot close, your roots didn't take the toner cause it's not bleached enough

Honey Hey


Tekno Analiz

Blue is warmare color

Jesus Sierra

I love it it’s pretty

Helen Trout

tina it looks so good on you! your friends are adorable too!


Rick left the chat

Addy Pt.2

damn now I wanna dye my hair blue..

noot noot

the blue in her hair and the blue in her eyes just... wow


you be giving me Kylie Jenner vibes a little

Rebecca Coddington

I love how it came out


In the thumbnail I thought u were loren grey lol. I’m just gonna go back to my kpop..idk what i’m doing here anyway. Bye~??‍♀️??

Los iram

The first 10 awkward seconds have me dying?

lindsey weelink

i’m new and i thought you were in the salon but it’s you’re own bathroom WoW

robbi e.

I can’t watch these types of videos anymore because now I want to impulsively dye my hair as well


what brand did you use?




Did this fade back to blonde?

Tajudin Fitri



When my hair is black what i do

Smug Smugly

Must be one of the smurf's got blue hair.


You are so beautiful?

not jule

What color is that dye called

millie garratt

Girl, it's gonna go so green when it fades, you have no idea (speaking from experience lol)

Sonam Khochilu

Ketchup worked for me to get rid of blue/greenish hair


Who’s here from Brad Mondos channel


jessica Horstman

Where did you get the dye ?!?!??????

Sinem Yıldız

Ela R

Omg no way your 17

nina v.

who else is here because of Brad Mondo? ??

Aylin Mazak

I love it

Honey Hey



What hair dye did she use

Fun Me

You’re soo pretty! Wow!

Los iram

How did you get the blue outttt tho, I see that the video posted after this your hair is blonde again...

Samantha Lee

What lashes are you wearing? ?

Domenica Arrunategui

Love it , where did you get that nike sweatshirt ??

Safae Cordova

It looks so good ?

Every Haircolor

Love the result color! ;)

alexa :0

rick who?

Tyra Riise

What hair dye did she use?

Meem Vlogs

I’m living for this look girl you look so pretty I’m planning to dye my hair teal blue aswell

typical _taź

OMG JUST CAME FROM Brad mondos channel anyone else !?! ????

Ashley Harris

Youre the female Thomas Halbert. Yalls mannerisms are even the same lol.

Shana Idk

I actually dye my hair pink a few years ago but one day I took a shower and the dye GOT OUT and when I came out my hair was blonde idk why I was such a dumb ass back then