Stai eye infection

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Why You Have To Wash Makeup Brushes | Eye Infection/Stye

44 869 views | 7 May. 2017

I've heard so many horror

I've heard so many horror stories about people getting eye infections from dirty brushes (and unsharpened eyeliner pencils), it's one of the reasons I'm so militant about always washing my makeup brushes. So today I thought I would do a video about how to re-create a stye.

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What I used:

Dermaflage applicator (in the colour pus): https://dermaflage.com/shop/fastfx/

Ben Nye Wheel (**): http://amzn.to/2pOys4T

Art Blender (**): http://amzn.to/2pOyxpd


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Hailey R

"This is in the color puss" ? I don't know why I find that so humorous

Niina O

* runs to wash all make-up brushes *

Kaitlyn Nickol

This is probably a really simple question/answer, but would you mind making a video sometime about how to actually clean brushes (and sponges, other makeup tools?) properly? Thank you!


I have had 7 stye's in my lifetime all of them occurred when I was in middle school and starting out with makeup so yes I cannot tell anyone enough how important clean brushes are x'D but thankfully Chamomile tea bags were my savior ~


so wonderful!!

sophie gastelum

i love how the song makes the people around you feel like youre watching a fun cute video not knowing the gross things this girl does

Summer Brown

I'll randomly get styes even if I haven't worn makeup in months, and it's the most frustrating thing because they always hurt so bad

Wolffenhaus Merry

klaire. so lovely...and gross.

Veerani Tailor


Petite Style Beauty

I don't like click baits, I'm sorry.


ahhh, the age old rule of "if something is brought up in your life, suddenly it's everywhere". Not confirmed to be a stye yet, but my eye has been irritated for a day now, and my top eyelid is swollen on the inner corner. Generally an unpleasant experience, 0/10, would not recommend.

Thayssa Oliver


Rachel’s Studio

I know how it feels to get an infection in the eye . I’ve had pinkeyes really bad in HS and then a worse kind of conjunctivitis as an adult, it turned out that it came from an actual makeup product. Let’s just say Mascara should not be a buy one get one and the shelf life shouldn’t exceed 6 months to a year. That’s horrible.

sara palin

I had on once on my top lid wish I could have removed it with vitamin e oil! ! !


i currently have 3 styes in 1 eye it sucks so much. This look so real btw! I wish could remove my styes as easy as this. haha. amazing work as always!!

Anushuya Shrestha

I have had a stye like 7 times and when I go to the doctor I get the same reason of it coming and that is that my eyes are dirty and I need to clean tyem daily when I actually clean my eyes alot

Favorite Quill

Holy shit I'm early

Evelin Aa

i wish a real stye was that easy to remove ?

Stinker Kaitlyn Morris

That is FREAKY close


The music playing in this video was fairly distracting compared to your other more toned down background music in previous videos. :/

Fluffy Dutchie

I have a stye right now. It sucks. I don't wear makeup so that's not my problem. I'm not sure why I have it but it does really hurt

Sailor Baguette

That one got me ahah

Ruby Dragon

Please excuse me while I go wash my makeup brushes.
Awesome special effects tutorial though! It looked really realistic!


I'm early. I just want to say that I love your videos and you're a very skilled artist c: You inspire me ♡

Coralie Jae

just washed my brushes before watching this video! my concealer brush was so gross that i had to shampoo it three times. say a prayer for my eyeballs.


i had one on the top eyelid of my eye one time and it was there for such a long time and it would noT go away. but then it did. for some reason

Dihlan Quinn

I loved your arachnophobia video and i like the idea of you continuing a sort of phobia series ❤❤❤

Cory Molloy

I loved this

Viktoria Monroe

pretty sure when I finished my last final exam yesterday I heard your voice in my head say "And thats it, you're done"

A B Canady

Amazing as always!


I immediately washed my brushes after this lol

Rebecca García

I got a stye once when I was child. I had to get a surgery to remove it, because six months of treatment weren't enough.
Since then, I am awfully careful with whatever goes near my eyes.
This tutorial is sooooo realistic. You rock!

Graceful Gaming

i always have styes

Witte Artistry

OUCH! This sounds so painful!! Nice work recreating that stye! It looks so real. The dermaflauge adds to the realism (not quite sure how to spell that). It seems like a nice product! What all can you use it for?


Once I got a stye under my top eyelid and could feel it moving against my eyeball everytime I blinked​.


TIL that styes aren't only in your lash line. Turns out I've been getting the really bad ones ?

Isabella Toledo

I like how there's happy music in the background while you make this fake stye lol

Kim Costello

Ahhh watching you squeeze it gave me phantom pains thinking abt the last time I had a stye lol ? rly realistic

Fluffy Dutchie

Yay I love your channel!! I've been pretty down today so I'm very happy now! ❤️


I had a chalazion (a stye on the eyeball, not just the lid) on my right eye. I got my eye sliced open to have it drained last November.

Tbh wasn't that bad or painful. Wasn't fun though.

Avery Magaña

Who else thought that she actually had a stye at the beginning before the tutorial?

Mother Coconuts

i have never heard anyone else say, "and this is in the colour pus" and still make it sound beautiful

Jillian Tehrani

I remember when I got a stye for the first time, on my waterline right next to the tear duct. It irritated my so much I almost cried, but I couldn't touch it or it wouldn't go away. I'm thankful to say i've only ever gotten a stye twice, and hopefully it will stay that way.


Ugh. I had a stye once. It was huge and right on the edge of my lower lash line. It was there for about a week. I finally set a doctor's appt and the day of the appt, I woke up and it was completely gone. They eventually just ooze out and clear up on their own, usually when you're sleeping. You just can't wear makeup while you have it and have to wash all your brushes really well, sharpen all your eyeliners, and spray shadows with isopropyl alcohol, so you don't get the same bacteria in your eye again. The stye feels so weird on your eyeball, and you want to "pop" it so bad, but you just can't. Very frustrating.

Sarah B

I get styes pretty often :/
What works for me is to put a hot wet clean washcloth over my eye. Or stick a wet folded paper towel in the microwave for a couple seconds (not for too long!) and hold it over my eye until it looses its warmth. It takes away so much discomfort and the stye is usually gone in a few days. Amazing video!!

Lindsey Cambre

after I get a stye, I throw away my brushes and get a new set. and I wash my makeup brushes often.

Tenshi7 Art

You're getting better and better at clickbaiting! And, of course, you always deliver!!

kayla sanchez

what ever happened to malumi ????

Jemima G

Even though this video isn't really about a real infection, it's a good title because lots of people don't know about how important cleaning brushes is.

Taki Reizen

i've had like... two and a half eye-infections in my life........

and gosh, it was awful...

S. Gabriel

I like it.

Stella Wilson

I don't know why but I kept getting styes on my eyes, I don't even wear makeup anymore so idk what's up

Rosie Clark

I always fall for your click bait, but I'm never angry, as I'm still met with great content ❤