Makeup for women over 50

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Pro Makeup Artist Drugstore Makeup Picks for Women Over 50

8 295 views | 19 Sep. 2020

Pro makeup artist Mathias

Pro makeup artist Mathias Alan and I share top recommendations for drugstore makeup for women over 50. These affordable makeup products feel like luxury. Click SHOW MORE to see products

Find Your Beauty Over 30 Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/2ZQWYUp

Subscribe to Mathias: https://bit.ly/3cdzXzY

Must Watch Mathias Videos - 5 Minute Expert Tips You Don't Want to Miss:

Concealer Creasing Hacks: https://youtu.be/gan5Pu4MIiw

Why does my pressed powder look cakey and dry?: https://youtu.be/wAa8UyL7cCQ

Top Drugstore Makeup Picks

e.l.f. The new Classics Eyeshadow Palette

e.l.f. $14 https://go.magik.ly/ml/10l90/

Milani Gilded Nude Palette

Target $14.99 https://go.magik.ly/ml/10l97/

Amazon $14.97 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

Cocoakind Mai Light Rose Skin Nourishing Highlighter-

Amazon $12.22 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

CoverGirl Full Spectrum Sculpt Expert- Bronze Flame

Amazon $9.99 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

Catrice Prime and Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder

Ulta $8.00 https://go.magik.ly/ml/10lv1/

Amazon $17.00 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #14 Rosy Pink

Amazon $9.99 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Amazon $7.98 https://amzn.to/2ZOvS0i

Pro Makeup Artist Drugstore Makeup Picks for Women Over 50

Important Note: The e.l.f. eyeshadow palette was sent to me by e.l.f., the video is not sponsored. I love this brand for over a decade and all opinions are my own. All other products were purchased with my own money.

Thank you for using my links. All links are affiliate which means I make a small amount that helps support future videos.

Diana López

Yeeesss!!! Kyra!! ???


LOVE this video!! ?

Cathy Cheatham

Loved this video. You and Mathias are great together. He is a sweetie!

Donna Donner

Great video

Olga Candelaria

This was so fun. Love this collaboration.

kim harrison

Wow!!! Congrats on having Mathias on your channel! Loved the video!

Tina Parmer

Loved this Laura! Thanks so much for all the good info.

JL Hill

I love you two together!!! ?

Laura Rae Beauty

The winner of the giveaway is Robin L. Thank you all for watching. What is your favorite drugstore makeup recently?

Susan Fischer

This was so fun! I look forward to more of Laura and Mathias in the future. Mathias is so right! You do look a lot like Kyra Sedgwick.


HEY THERE LAURA RAE!!! It's ME, Mathias4Makeup and I am sooo honored to begin this collaboration series with you today on our Youtube channels!!! I trust YOUR wonderful fans will come over to my channel and subscribe to me in order to see our collaboration this week on my Monday Makeup Chat series and learn how to get MOTIVATED, ACTIVATED, AND SELF EMPOWERED by Pro Beauty Advice for all women regardless of age, shape, size, complexion, and skin tone!!! Please register for our VIP Beauty Finder Squad community, live interactive webinars, special rates and upcoming promos today right here


Hi Laura, I never knew about Mathias. He does beautiful work. I can’t wait to explore his videos! Laura, your approach has influenced me so much. This was a lot of fun! I hope your weekend ahead is restful and satisfying. You’re a wonderful lady! Love, Sharon ?xoxo

Diana López

This was amazing!!! Great products and finds!!! ??

Jul Morton

Great episode!!

joseph valenti

It is like the beauty guru of Hollywood past George Masters, I think you can find his book on Amazon? He describes doing Jennifer Jones, when she was married to David Selznick, they would give these all day parties. He would come in the morning do her hair and makeup, slip by in the afternoon do her hair and makeup again, and she would slip into a identical version of her morning dress, and in the early evening he would again do the same, she wanted to keep the illusion of freshness!

Lena B

Great video...love the collab. I have the same elf pallet and it’s my go to. ??❣️?
You always have great content Laura. ????

Erin Hunter

You two are ADORABLE together, thank you for such a fun video! I'm going to try a couple of the products you mentioned! ??muah!

Olga Candelaria

I love Mathias videos. He is so knowledgeable and fantastic ?

kandy hoffman

Love Mathias,I have been subscribed to his channel for a couple of years now.

Chrissa D

@Laura Rae Beauty, ?
I have to say L'oreal Visable lift foundation is the best! Its tightened up my skin, I've been using it for at least 7 years. I must wear a popular color too, because I have to buy two when I actually find it. Another bomb cosmetic is Essence Camoflage+ it's a matt concealer that really works! I absolutely loved this video!! Just adorable!! You two think alike! It was like kismet! ?SOLD!!

Diana López

Wow...such a beautiful highlighter!! ??

Sofia Nieves

I loved this video, I love all the makeup suggestions as well. ❤


That was super sweet of him to join you on your channel!

Kim Thomas

Absolutely amazing video! Another one of yours that is now in my saved collection!


I enjoyed this video alot. You should do more. Thank you for sharing

Amberger Helper

I find the Maybelline Super Stay formula really drying. Do you know another drugstore liquid lipstick that’s a little more forgiving? ?

rose ames

love love this!

Diana López

What a beautiful palette! I’ve never tried Elf products before.

Chris Tam

I think I'll treat myself to a shadow pallet today. Thank you for the recommendation ?

Denise Broda

Great collaboration with two of my faves!

Debby Brady

I'm celebrating my 14th anniversary with my prince! Thanks for sharing drugstore makeup tips. I'm retired and want the best makeup and skin care for a small budget. I want to look my best for him..and me.

Mo Wik

This was awesome. Loved the powder over highlighter tip Mathias! Just subscribed!

Bunny Kos

Excellent video, Laura thank you and Mathias so much!! I love drugstore make up!

Cee Cee

Laura, how fabulous was this “collab”! Mathias is a gem, just like you ❤️

Cathy Feldman

I love the ELF bite sized palettes. Cheap but great quality.

Rachel Weinstein

Congrats Robin!?????

JL Hill

That elf palette looks so great!


LOVE this video,and go get the catrice next week,i have rosacea to.thanks ?


Would love to know where these brands are manufactured. Influencers should start telling us! I am suspicious of some brands ingredients.

Robin L

Hi, I love the Maybelline gel eye liner and Age Rewind. Sometimes the Age Rewind concealer looks dry on my crepe skin soI touch up with a dab of under eye balm or moisturizer on top of my concealer. I will email you shortly with my email address since I Won the giveaway. Thank you so much. ??❤️❤️

A. Smwood

Perfect match: Laura & Mathias!! ?? This was so great

Teresa Tillery

Such a fun collab! Thanks Laura and Mathias!

Rachel Weinstein

So exciting! Love Mathias and you! Love it! Thanks ? ????

Stacy B

This was a FANTASTIC VIDEO!! One on one session would be a dream for me. I can't believe I never heard of Mathias until today. He is adorable! PS. Laura, you look stunning, and the red lip is AMAZING ?! I love the blouse you are wearing :-)

chipchoc 00

Thanks for sharing him with us! ?

Chris Tam

Amazing! I love these tips!!! Beautiful makeup doesn't have to be expensive ?


Fabulous Collaboration Laura Ray!! Loved how you and Mathias related so well!! The Drug Store products reviewed were amazing! I love how you both highlighted your expertise and knowledge! Love your tip about primer helping with mask wearing breakouts and with makeup staying power!! Mathias's trick to mattify the highlighter was genius! Can't wait to try out the Catrise Prep & Prime mattifying powder and primer!! Oh...I love my Maybelline Color Stay Lip ?

Tania Hopkins

So fun! Love the pro tips.

Mary Ellen Forster

Great video, he’s lovely I just subscribed to him. Love your content Laura! ❤️Mary Ellen

Melody Vantucci

What a GREAT video!! Is that Milani eyeshadow palette wonderful as far as blendability, lasting power and no fallout? Because at this stage of my game, I'd rather pay more $$$ or go without vs having to deal with sub par quality. That being said, I don't want to rule out brands that can rival high end! I trust your honest opinion Laura - thank you in advance!

Teresa Keough

That was interesting! I love Mathias and his work. Congratulations on joining his Facebook. I’m sure you will share tips you learn. Many blessings and happiness, Teresa

Jennie's Farmhouse

What a informative and super fun video. You guys are great together I hope to see more of these in the future you two need have a tv show!❤️❤️

Angelina Drobina

How cool ??

Beauty On a Budget

Hi Laura, How exciting, you worked so well together....I loved it xxxx???

Diana López

Love mama Linda!!! ❤️❤️

Wendy F

Awesome! I’ve never seen him before but I like how he’s into empowering women - feeling put together makes a world of difference for my confidence. Those eyeshadow palettes look high end, and with people changing up products all the time why spend so much extra? Honestly I can’t keep up with new launches (don’t want to) but the new drugstore launches are exciting- is that why we’re seeing more high end go on sale? What’s his favorite concealer for dry under eyes with dark circles? I’m starting to rather show darkness than have dry crinkles by midday - even with really emollient concealers are drying out, and I layer oils, gels, creams, everything - I let it soak in but not even Bobbi Brown extra repair eye cream keeps my eyes hydrated throughout the whole day, and the second ingredient is petroleum, which you know is Vaseline basically and occlusive to hold in moisture. How can we tell what lipstick will look good on us when brightener colors look pale on me? I think you have the same problem but my lips don’t LOOK pigmented and I need color- can’t go without so I don’t understand. Thanks ?

Annemarie Rottorf

I don't know how I missed this. I'm a little late to the party, but love Mathias. Now over to FB. ❤️

Dennise del Amo

Wow Laura you have lost so much weight!! You look amazing!! What a great video. Thanks

Michelle Stratford

Thos was so much fun! Thank you Laura!?❤

Lauri Bacalzo

A wonderful collaboration!
Thanks for sharing!
Love ? your shirt ?

All That Beauty With Lori

This was alot of fun!!! I will have to stop by and see Mathias, you know me I am always up for learning as much as I can also. The more we learn the better!! Its been a long while since I tried Elf shadows and even the Milani ones. Have a good week, enjoyed this collab. xoxo ??

Cee Jay

Love this Laura Rae, just subscribed to Mathias❤️ This over 60 lady is in love with you both. Blessings and stay safe and healthy.


Absolutely loved this collaboration!!! I’d love to see more!! I will definitely check out his stuff!! Love you Laura?


The Elf shadows are the bomb. I didn’t believe it so I bought a 3.00 bite size pallet and it’s amazing . Ladies the Elf shadows are an affordable option to any high end .

Lisa Boling

Oh Laura I love your top!!!!!! Please say it's an AMAZON find! ; )

Debbie Saleh

Fun video Laura! ?

Dawn Lynn

Hi Laura , great video! Have a great week! XO

Diana López



Loved this video Laura ?! Loved seeing and hearing Mathias ??. Zoom has changed our lives in connecting with people. Love ya sweet girl. Thank you for sharing all your drugstore favs ???

MamaBear of 3

This was great!!! So laid back and fun yet so many great tips! Love this

JL Hill

What a beautiful highlighter!

sherie light

Fun & informative!! I'm off to check out Matthias! Be blessed.

victoria gurney

How refreshing to find a channel with a mature women and a makeup artist collab with a mature women!!! Great channel!!!!!!


Great collaboration!

Max Mac

I couldn't agree more regarding e.l.f. such a perfect price point for trying out products and shades, and the brand has some really quality finds.

Susan Antonio

How exciting!! This was a fantastic video. I hope Mathias comes back, you two make a great team.?

Mariane Culek

Fun video!

Diana López

Love this!!!

Melissa Villanueva

Mathias is awesome!! So cool that you have him on your channel & elf sent you stuff. Thanks to both of you for sharing these products ❤️??

Yvonne Charneskey

What a great collaboration between the two of you. Can’t wait to see you work together again. Really like the Cattrysse product and I always get such good tips from you Laura about things at work for my skin tight. Many blessings to you both

Denise Scarpetti

Really great video... I just subscribed to Matthias Channel. Awesome !❤

Beauty By Anne-Marie

That was a fun video! I hope you have a great weekend, love you!

Diana López

Yeah!!! ????????

Jennys Soapbox

That collab was done so well :) No one talked over the other. You both spoke clearly and told what products felt like, etc. In videos by other people I have watched they rush through what brand it is, etc..
Thanks so much!!

Joy Lewullis

Love how excited you two were to be "co-hosting". Great bargains to be had. Thanks!!!

Julie Britton

Loved being introduced to Mathais. Thanks, Laura!

Love My Doggy

Love Mathias, what an honor!

Nila Getter

Great video! Loved the energy!

Loo Loo

Enjoyed this collab video. ?

Felicia Bethea

I'm loving the Maybelline lifter glosses!

Wanda LuvBeauty

Awesome thks

Kim Brooks

I subscribed to Mathias’ channel. Loved this video.

nancy rogers

This is the first time I’ve watched you Laura I totally enjoyed it I’m turning 66 in a couple months and I am not good with a full face make up I’ve never worn it I live in Florida and it’s hard to keep on and I’m just trying it now it’s the end of December 2020 I’m still not used to it I put it on thin thin thin so hopefully I can learn a lot from you and Matthias I’ve been joyed him totally have watched maybe five of his videos so I got some new people to watch and I’m loving it thank you so much for doing that for all of us

Gloria Lagroon

Hi Laura how exciting and so much fun to watch this video. Hope you're having a nice weekend! ??

Maureen Hansen

I enjoyed every minute of this Laura!!!! This was so much fun and I’m excited to see you team up again in the future!!! You are a match made in heaven!!!?

Ibelieveinangels yesido

How great this was! Enjoyed!!! Laura, I found something on amazon that has SAVED me under masks. My nose is really flat so masks were pretty suffocating for me. The silicone Mas-k Brackets fit over my nose & mouth & their form is a nice barrier between face/mask. It makes it FAR easier to breathe &/or talk. Easily washed! I bought a 5-pack to share. Glad I took a chance. Blessings! Jackie in upstate NY

Joy Lewullis

Another Cover Girl highlighter suggestion I have is the Clean Fresh Cooling Glow stick...I have in the color 400 So Guilty. I really enjoy this.

pammy wammy

Really enjoyed

Lisa Nutini

Well this was fun!

Kathy McCoy

What a fun video ! Thank you for sharing Mr Alan Laura, he’s great! I just subbed to his channel! ?

Makeup for women over 50

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110 704 views | 9 Nov. 2020


#nikoljohnson #makeuptutorial #over50 #grayhair

It's the Holiday Season ladies! I tell you what I think is the Biggest Makeup Mistake for Women Over 50 in this video!

What I am wearing:

Top: Carolina Herrera

Earrings: St John


NiKOL Cosmetics Lipstick Case:

Bobbi Brown Face Base https://bit.ly/35c6Wmk

Essential Makeup Brush Set: https://bit.ly/35c6Wmk

Eye and Lip Primer: https://bit.ly/3eCHJog

Eye shadow palette: https://bit.ly/36kleRc

Cream Eye Liner in Dark Brown: https://bit.ly/3l6SfXo

Eye Lash Curler: https://amzn.to/2I9f2nr

Mascara: https://bit.ly/30hGncG

Lighten UP Concealer/Brightener: https://bit.ly/2U6AN9B

Foundation Buffing Brush: https://bit.ly/38pVHZx

Beauty Blender: https://bit.ly/3n9z2or

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: https://bit.ly/32qtr5i

Nikita Banana Color Correcting Setting Powder: https://bit.ly/32sL2cV

Brow Fixx in Brunette: https://bit.ly/2JOfzeS

Vinyl Lip Lacquer in Summer Heat: https://bit.ly/3576Z30

Waterproof lip liner in Cognac: https://bit.ly/3payL6Q

Blush Palette Ageless: https://bit.ly/32mJaSP

4-in-1 Heat Styler Hair Tool: https://amzn.to/3eCJDoU

Hair Spray: https://amzn.to/35c58tL

Shop my Cosmetics:


NiKOL COSMETICS INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/3lcjY9o

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Where you can buy my book Beauty Reinvented: https://amzn.to/2Txghge

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CAN YOU BE GLAM WITH GRAY HAIR? https://bit.ly/3gjrzPZ


WHY YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK YOUNGER: https://bit.ly/31irl7q

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Beauty and Skin Care Blog: https://bit.ly/2uyhbPb

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Collaborations: [email protected]

PR Products Send to:

Fresh Beauty Studio

2771 East Oakland Park Blvd

Suite 9

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306


FTC- I am lucky enough to receive some beauty products that are sent as press samples. I am under no obligation to review them. Most of the products in my videos are purchased by me. Compensation of any kind is never accepted in exchange for a positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Love your channel! ❤

Laura Forrester

When do you apply sunscreen?

Karen Mahan

Hi Nicole! Love this look. I have a question..
Once you've applied your eye make-up and use the pad to clean-up, I don't see you reapplying the Face Base which seems would be wiped away from the pad...should we re-apply the Face Base/primer in that area??
Thank you! Love watching you and all your ideas ?


These tips help, young and mature. I'll definitely do this for my mama.

Cat Skittles

Fabulous look. But what I really, really love is your personable, conversational style that you have with us, your viewers, whom you converse with like you're talking with your friends! I think that is the gift that you bring to us every time! ❤

D Gomes

Love this look!!! The red lipstick is gorgeous

Christine Mahoney

I love keeping things fresh. And keep it clean.

Vechizolu Khusho


Angel12 Boucher

Ok nikol but what about a very kind of deep set eye.....this I was told not to do because of the cavernous deep crease I have and prominent brow bone? Also I have brown eyes...so is this ok for brown eyes? Please help??

Katty K


Anne Kanemoto

Thank you for the great tutorial. I learned so much from you. Happy new year ?!

Renee Kerner

You are just beautiful....

Maija Sutherst

Motivationaldoc tinnitus

Denise St. Pierre

Beautiful. Love the hair. I wish I had the guts to go silver/grey with the dark.



Darryl Canty

Your eyebrows are to, to thick, not being disrespectful , just thin them out

Rose Hishmeh

You look beautiful

Janet Mitchell

I prefer your hair up

Anastasia Rath Art

A few of you commenters are so negative and catty. Didn’t your mothers teach you right? Lol


<Holding my mouth in the same position as she applies her lip lacquer>

Saundra Johnson

So where was the biggest mistake?

Julie Schnorenberg

Love the look! Great for our holiday mood. Thanks so much!

Terry Malanda

Younare beautiful! And I love what you said about dressing up and staying in. I’ve always done beauty for me (and my hubby), really not for others. Thanks for the great tips!

Olivia Chimdalu Nwosu


Marisol Gonzales

Your gray hair has to go. Your face is so pretty. Dye your hair a beautiful shade of brown. Colors are out there. Let's enjoy them. Thank God you are not blind. Let's enjoy color while you can!!!!!

Melanie Fagan-Farrow

So elegant, classic. I can't wait for my hair to go gray. You called me out about plucking the grays in my brows. I will leave them alone and cover them up. Happy holidays!

Lisa Smith

you have one of the best make up tutorials on you tube. Do you have long wearing lipsticks?


I hope that all the videos of females trying to hide ageing as though it is a disease fall away and more of these lovely videos come out, This lady is so stunning beyond words. I find this far more inspirational than 'How I got my lips, jaw, face, chin etc., done' what a yawn.

Etel Dias

my advice...hair relaxer. your hair is not processed or colored anymore so relaxing it will make it sleek shiny and more beautiful on you. muahhh

Coffee 0965

Just stunning.....thank you



I Luv Hou

Thank you very much for this video! I've had the worst experiences with eyeshadow. I needed this tutorial. I'm going back to the way I used concealer! Just like you did here. ?

Natalie Rendon

I am so excited to have come across your Chanel. Ur so beautiful and classy. Ty for your wonderful way of expressing yourself with beauty that us women can enjoy. Happy holidays

Claudia Scott

Nicole you look lovely. I see you make up your eyes before you put your concealer on. I thought you put the concealer on first. Please advise?

Sharon Mitchel

Love the look! And you make it look so easy.

M Hasting

So after watching a few of your tutorials, I donned makeup for the first time in like 8 months. I went to the grocery store wearing my mask (being covid safe) and the checkout lady in the neighboring line complimented my eye makeup. It literally made my day. It’s the little things these days. ❤️ thank you for the inspiration and education. Happy Holidays!

Jan Farman

Might look better if you sorted your eyebrows out. too thick and need shaping.

Tracy Newton

Stunning before and after. How lovely to see a sophisticated lady not looking unapproachable. Thanks.

Margot Robartes

Loved this so much. Really enjoyed today’s video thank you so much. Definitely perfection for that glass of champagne !!! Margot New Zealand

Nana Beach

This is just a commercial for her to sell her Nikol products

Dorothy Addison

Great job...as usual, Nikol.

Toni Stark

New sub here!!! Yay for someone with experience showing just “enough” makeup for our age!
You are BEAUTIFUL! I have my natural hair color the same as yours. So I’m blonde. ?
I have the brightest gray in the front and dark at the temples and back.
I’m beginning to fall in love with ref lipstick and a neutral eye.
I’m legally blind so I have to have really get my face into the mirror! Because of thyroid disease I have pale, palest eyebrows.
I’m in love with the final look!
Great tips as I’m always “transferring” shadow from the top outer corner to the bottom asking my hooded eyes appear worse. Your top about cleaning it up in an upward direction works wonders! As does the lipstick hack.
So glad I found you.
I’d love to try the BB face base but still have combo to oily skin. Will that affect the longevity of my face and makeup or make me oilier?
Didn’t know you had a cosmetic line, with mostly reasonable prices. Congratulations! ??

Jeanne Marie

Learned so much !! Thank you !!

Zaida Rivas

She's actually very attractive and has aged gracefully.   I have no idea how old this woman is, but she can most definitely go out without any make up at all. I hope I can do that when I get to this age. She looks amazing.

Jerri Smith


Evelyn Garcia

Thanks for bringing joy in these trying times. Also a mature woman and your videos inspire me. I love make up and you help me to try anything I like without looking silly! Thanks ??

Maxine Smith

You look stunning I am a pensioner I am 64 with lots of wrinkles I cannot afford the designer makeup that you have but I will try the method you showed thank you

Sharon Taylor

You really need to have someone show you how to do make up. You are not a good model either. Sorry. Maybe put the make up on someone that does not have such prominent and harsh facial atributes.

Mitra Sh

Are you really over 50?! you look 35!

Tea Pot

Lovely makeup. I agree I get ready with my makeup and hair done just to have a Hendricks and tonic to watch the TV. It makes me feel sooo much better till we can all start seeing each other again. I have just subscribed to your channel really enjoyed this video.. Thank you.

patricia lloyd



So what was the biggest mistake?Was it the concealer?

Shani Ahmed

You are talking too much please only talk important things every body knows small brush is for eyeshadows

Ronni j

Red lips look great on all ages


This is just a commercial for your products...

Pamela J

New subscriber, loved this!!!

Judy Andrews

I quite enjoy your videos. I just happen upon your videos and really happy that you don't use tons of product before you put the actual make-up on . I enjoyed your video with you doing your moms make-up. I am 71 yrs old, not to brag but I do not look my age, so I really like your videos so far . Please keep up with the make-up videos for older women . Also what day of the week do you do your videos? Thank You

Geraldine Mitchell

Very nice an older woman without a face caked in makeup and looks so much better and more natural, less is more.

Karen Whitaker

I am so happy I found your channel. My daughter is a makeup artist and helps me along the way. But watching your uplifting videos gives me the added inspiration to feel good about myself. I so enjoy your approach to making us ladies feel good in our own skin. Thanks and happy holidays. I’m hooked!!

Katrine Uche

hmmmm....my dear nicol you are having a fine beautiful slim face....imagine this make up on a woman with wrinkles and double chin.she will look like mascurate...even your gray hair looks arificial..i mean you made it like this....and goes exelent with your fine youthful face...

Cathy Ridgdill

You look marvellous! You make it look so easy. Going to try this in the morning, I'll be decorating for Christmas and enjoying my look! Thank you.

Robin ligus

Thank you for your tips!!!!


Покрасьте волосы, вы помолодеете на 15 лет! Самая глупая американская мода носить седые волосы. Очень седина вас старит!

Camila Reyes

The name of eye liner cream please?


The eyeshadow to your eyebrows aged you about 10 years.

Teira Abelar

Beautiful ??❤

Justa Fan

Enjoyed yoyr video very much! Your eyes are so pretty. I let my gray come in quite a few yrs ago. but at 72 it's thinned a lot. But if I may ask, do you ever consider lightening or thinning your brows? I'm using a gray/brown shade on my brows right now and am never sure if my brows are the correct shade for my gray hair.

Beatriz C. Martin

Love your hair, it's super cool.! It's great to see beautiful women our age makingup!


i love this look. could you show tips for doing this on deep set/hooded eyes? your eyelids are about 3x bigger than mine! thanks!


You would look 15 years younger if you died your hair!


Where can I find the list of ingredients for the eye and lip primer?

Helen Nightingale

Where Cani get an eye concealer / primer ? In uk !

Juanita Garces

Enjoyed watching this, thank you. It certainly helps the spirit at any age. ?

Karly Jade

My goodness she shoves her products down our thought in every video.. sheesh..

Dima Zaben

It’s nice to see someone without fillers /Botox letting their faces gracefully age and working on what they have

David lopez

Thank you


I think you are gorgeous with or without makeup! I love your last video about the eyeliner on your upper lid for older eyes! I tried it and it looks awesome. I love your eyebrows they are natural and full. Can i ask your theory on eyebrows and why you keep your so full? Thanks for sharing!

Roma Walsh

Loved this and now I'm wondering if you do any other hair styles? ?

St. Michael's Bar n Club

Cruella memorial haircut but interested in your products!


Nikol you really have beautiful mane for your age.

Diane Gibbs

So helpful!
What is best product/procedure for pigmentation??
(Rec you to my friend who’s gone gray..she’s a total fan!

Barbra Luce

It is a lot of fun to watch a film noir wearing a dramatic makeup....just like the stars of the 1940s did.

בלה גל

Hello Nicole, love your looks Love your spirit and your personality. My question is do you ship your products, which I love to Israel. My name is Bella Gal. Thank you in advance.


The eyebrows do not match the face and hair. The whole look seems odd....I don't know....By the first look I immediatly thought: Cruella.. This look does not do it for her...It looks clownisch or something .Is she really a beauty expert???

joanna ryan

The make-up looks beautiful on you but a lot of ladies in their 50s have a lot of wrinkles around their eyes, I have seen the lightening tip before but what do you suggest for ladies with creepiness and wrinkles how can we brighten and lift that area without drawing attention to them

Becky Ann

Love the tips, going to try the order of how you applied your makeup, I do the opposite and apply eye makeup last. Gorgeous lip color.

Constanza Mejia

Love your videos. Beautiful lip color

diane hall

Nikol, I'm watching this video from the perch of my Bio Fit exercise bike. Your channel has inspired me to kick off 2021 a week early! I so agree with you when you say that in these times, we ladies should occasionally indulge ourselves to help keep our spirits bright!

For my husband and I, there ARE NO PARTIES ???!
Our home is situated on our family farm complex of three properties. One family is in CA indefinately. The main farm is my brother-in-law. Our cottage is near-by in the woods ??? and that makes three of us to celebrate the Holidays in our bubble.
Hubby is paying for my new hair cut and silver hair products as my Christmas present.
I just went shopping on Amazon to purchase all new make up items for 2021. Also some hair products that you use... Having slight asthma, I appreciate that you go into detail to describe the intensity of scented products. I can tolerate rose scent and ordered the Pantene moisture boost shampoo & conditioneer. I look forward to experimenting with make-up and dressing up, just for the sake of doing it :-) ~ Diane

marie d

27 minutes to apply makeup days are over for me. I just want a simple look. If I'm going out, which won't happen anytime soon with this covid, I would spend the time.

Helen Nightingale


sajjida Ali

Ur nail polish color?

Rose Heath

Amazing to be able to make such a masculine face look so lovely.

Debbie Rinehart


Valerie Hill

WOW, looks fantastic, wish you shipped to the UK, I so loved your eye shadow pallet, thank you for the tutorial ❤️

Dawn Edoo

Gorgeous hair...

Kathy o' grady

A good looking woman , but I am sorry the black thick brows are all I see, I think that’s a very harsh look and kills her, a beauty expert? Hard to believe.

Annabelle Duque

Stunning, gorgeous, strong woman looking, love it.

Lilian Yelamo

Amazing, you are espectacular~


This looks like an advert for her make up line. The eye make up is way too dark, it makes her eyes look sunken. And a dark red lip especially on anyone over 40 looks too crazy and always feathers and is impossible to maintain. They are both very aging, sorry. You do resemble Mrs Robinson/ Anne Bancroft vibe...

Anastasia Rath Art

You are a stunning woman and these are great tips for anyone! So glad I found your channel ❤️

Makeup for women over 50

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Makeup Tutorial For Black Women Over 50 | Doing My 65 Years Old Aunt's Makeup|MAKEUP FOR OLDER WOMEN

5 156 views | 14 May. 2020

Hey guys, today I decided

Hey guys, today I decided to do something a little different and do my 65 years old aunt's makeup!! She always mentions how there's not a lot of tutorial on mature black skin or tutorials for older black women, so we decided to get together and play with some makeup! I hope you guys enjoy it! Make sure you LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE :)

Thank you for watching !!

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nay olmos

Omg so cute!!❤❤

E Gilpin

Auntie looks good. Need a list of the products used. I would like to try recreate the steps in your video.

Patricia Lawson

she looks great and younger,, great job. What is the name of the lipstick


Auntie look fabulous!

Nancy Sanchez

I love that you did this look!!! She looks beautiful ❤️


Gorgeous ?❤

Chandra Jesse

She looks gorgeous! ? Good job sis!

Berry Sweet

She has some beautiful skin. Beautiful auntie ?

Angela Tate

I would like this looks he looks so beautiful with this look and she is a very very happy


great video! Love how you did her makeup!

Melissa Belli

she looks sooo happy with this look! I love her energy, she looks beautiful!

Pam Davies

I need you to do my face!!!


She ? Looks...BEE U TEA FULL!!!???.....

You Did a Wonderful!!!? Job!??????

Christine Betts

That look beautiful!! ??

Claudette Gant

Beautiful ??