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No, I Can't Read Lips!

48 961 views | 30 May. 2016

Shows like Switched At

Shows like Switched At Birth and any other show and movie with a deaf character in it have given people this illusion that all deaf people can read lips perfectly like these TV characters seem too. While there are deaf people that can lip read well, that isn't the same for all of us. I'm one of those people that can't.

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Morbid Insomniac

Ba ba ba ba
Mom mom mom mom

Danielle Geels

I understood nothing in the lip readings except "fuck you" ???

Rachel callie

"Blablablablablablablablablaaaa" "pudompudompudommm"

Isolated Lost

I think I'm your soul mate


Mom a mom a mom... mom.. ba, ba momamom, you ok? Mom a mom ba ba

This is actually what I thought you said


I swear for a second she was literally saying blah blah blah bah bah bah lmao

Chrystal W

Rikki Poynter, I was born hearing but last year became HOH and I've tried to do some lip reading to fill in the gaps when talking to people but without any sound to give me hints as to what their saying, I have no idea and I just don't understand. Lip reading is definitely not easy and not always reliable as a form of communication. Thankfully for me my hearing aid helps to understand people better especially at work since I currently work in a restaurant.

Elizabeth Baka

I don't think anyone can lipread everything and I tried but it looked like you were saying Pom poms popcorn or something

Danny Waddles

All I saw was "Pa, pa pa pa fa, fuck, pa pa, patty pa."


YAS! I am not Deaf but I am an ASL interpreter in the school system (don't get me started on your neglect and abuse about that! I watched your other video and was downright HORRIFIED at the lack of aide that they gave you! But that's a topic for another time). I get asked constantly if I am teaching my student to read lips. First off, no. I cannot read lips myself so teaching someone else to would be pretty useless. When I tell them this, they always look shocked! Like how good can I be at communicating with my Deaf student if I can't lip read. Apparently they've gotten the entire reason I'm there lol

You keep on being you! I happened to stumble upon your videos after watching another Deaf vlogger and I saw your video on how to caption Youtube videos properly. THANK YOU for posting that! I was actually looking for that information and it coming from my target audience helps me to know that those methods will work.


I kept seeing the word banana and also I live you guys and I'm deaf as well. This shows you how good my Communication skills are


wait so how are you so good at communicating?? I saw your video with Molly and your staring at her mouth. if u can't lip read how were you picking up on everything she was saying

Jessica Knight

i thought you said blah blah like a bunch of times fuck off and i love you a few times

Sandra Sommers

I can read lips it is how i get by most days since i can not make out sounds of letters or words. Everything just sounds the same to me if I hear them. High pitch sounds are better for me. Yep I am very visial person. If u are not looking at me or covering your mouth you can forget talking to me.

Rachel Stutz

I have a question, can you hear yourself?

Church of Guestmob

You said portchop or Portugal or pmortobello then you said Bob then you said black seems like


i was hard of hearing as a kid and i can read lips in my language (dutch) but i'm not saying that everyone should i am a very visual person that is how i learn things everyone is different


I’m only 16 now and I’ve lost a lot of hearing in both ears and turns out when my doctors found out about my hearing loss they also discovered I taught myself how to read lips and i still do it when people are talking because it’s easier for me to understand, oddly enough though.. no idea what you said LOL


To me, a lot looks like you're saying the name "Bob" a few times in a row... couldn't make out pretty much anything else and there is no way that you'd just say bob a lot

Jaxson Davis72

I just saw a lot of Bob Bob Bob in your lips when you were talking


I think I saw "you got it?"

Matilda S

One looked like "bla bla bla" and another like "pizza pizza pizza" xD

Elizabeth LovesYT

To me, it looked like you cussed at us a bunch.


"What's up! Mom mom, mom mom mom, mom mom. Thank you! mom I love you, do you know?" OMG I am so bad at this! :( I don't know how my mother in law understands everything I say!

Hielo Kasama


Josephine Haes

I’m learning ASL, and I have flunchualing hearingloss (I’m also dyslexic so this is going to be the most grammatically incorrect sentence ever) I also have a small stutter... I am a box of fun ain’t I? Back to ASL. Got any tips?

Nawal Khaled

I hpe this doesn't come off as stupid, but how do you know what the person is saying if you don't read lips or hear? ASL?


I definitely think a "What's up?" is the first line of your challenge. <3

I exist

Babababababababababababalolbababababamompapa. Guess what? Babababa.

devil girl

rikki I have a question


yeah, I'm glad I'm learning asl woah

Lindsay Elan

I know this is old, but: pornhub, purse-lint, palm, pop, bob, and, mom, bob, paw, patch, pitch, path/bath, fuck off, vacuum, fuck you, I love juice, olive juice, Oliver, I love you, and then my head exploded because this shit is NOT A GAME!!!! lol that was tough!


All I saw was "basket" repeted three times, I'm assuming I'm not correct.

Christopher Brand

moviestar and alright


I'm pretty certain in the lip reading challenge first one you are singing the lyrics to Hanson's MMBop. XD ha! oh man I suck at this XD

Maria Byrne

I am deaf and I lip read, and I am good at it, but only if I come to know someone, people are predicable in their words and their habit and what they talk about, even the most unpredictable people are very predicable, alos you have to get used to their voice, their accent, their mumbles. Most of the time I have hard time listening to strangers. Although there are people that speak exceptionally well, and mouth their words clearly. conversation is minefield when your deaf and I had no idea what you actually said.


Whats up? Mom mom pom mom mom mom mom pom rey choo mom and more that i cant remember

Shawna Marsh

I saw the f bomb that's about it.


I'm pretty sure you said "olive juice" at one point because saying that can make someone look like they are saying "i love you".
Other than that, pretty hard other than the one part that looked like 'fuck you' and the other that looked like 'mama mama mama mama'. Great test!

Barabara Goff

You say fuck you , olive juice turn around

Kysha McBee

Looked like you were singing "bah bah black sheep" lol


I really dont know what I saw. I saw, "what's up?" I saw, "pom da pom da pom da pom pom..." and I saw a "f*ck you/off." in there. that's about it

Savannah Butler

Its made me sick how some people have treated and other hearing impaired people.. Ur beauty ! And don't let them make u feel bad about yourself

Live& LetLive

I don't have a single fucking clue what you said at the end.
I have had a handful of customers in the past who came up to the dog park window (I worked at a no-kill shelter that also had a membership based dog park) who were deaf & didn't speak at all. Initially a couple of times I didn't realize they were deaf or hard of hearing, & when I did I felt like a jerk. This makes me thankful that I didn't assume they could read lips. Instead I mostly used my facial expressions (since I'm a pretty "animated" type of person anyways) & pen & paper. Or would point out things that were already printed out. & pass them to the person to respond.
When I was more ignorant, I would also try to start of by admitting said ignorance to open up with in hopes of easing frustration.
Now with that magic of YouTube, I often find myself watching & educating myself on people who have to lead different lives & the experiences they often have.
With that ramble, I just want to thank you for making these videos. ?❤


Just discovered your channel, and I love your vids! My hearing loss is identical to yours, so I was pretty happy to see your channel. As for the lip reading part, I can read a bit, but not that great. The early part of your "test" was funny; I think you were saying something like Mom, Bob, pop a bomb mop a bop, mm bop a pompom. lol- Those B/M/P words are tricky- but I also noticed you said elephant shoes/ I love you. Hearing folks usually try to trip me up on that one, but good ol' speech therapy back in school prepped me for that one. Did you go to speech therapy? and did you have a hard time with getting picked on?

Molly King

I'm sorry but I just can't stop admiring your eye makeup. It's beautiful I'd never be able to do that or it would look weird on me lol.

Adamina Carden

All I got was:
orange juice

amongst a whole lot of... I don't even know. I tried not to pause because I feel like that's not a real test since in real like you can't just pause someone's lips.

Church of Guestmob

I'm not 100% but I have to read lips to help me hear


i couldn't see any one sound you made... at all.


All I got was bon bon, and I love you.... yikes

Singing Dada

Hello, how are you? Mom, mom, mom, ma, ma, mom. Mom, ma, ma, mom, mom, mom. Thank you.

Church of Guestmob

Yes this happens to me

Robert Hosein

You said what's up and fuck u


That's fun!! in nearly 5 minutes.
I got some words "pam mom bom pup man" (in any order) then some "messy, masive, passive" then "video value, fuck you, all of you, i love to, i love her and i love you" then "well tried" and "fall, forget... " (in any order). Ps: I have hearing loss and i'm spanish XD

Tyler Watson

Thanks for posting!

Carter Sessal

3:53 That's great. I'm excited. I wanna learn how to lip read even though I'm hearing :) But I think it's really cool anyway ?


i saw "fuzzy banana" at one point

Thatcher Buck

Are you deaf?

Brad Dharma

i can lip read "words" from my sight for my nephew. but in any other aspect, i try to speak slower, and a bit louder for him. He's 22. ;)

Kluger Hans

It looked to me like a lot of pa pa pa pa pa.

Great video! Funny, insightful.

I am becoming aware that one of the biggest myths hearing people have is that the deaf are excellent lip readers by default. I don't know how it is that this myth has become so widespread or powerful. But almost every time I've heard people discuss some deaf person they know about, they say things like: "oh, but he/she _reads lips_", implying that deafness is just a slight hinderance to full communication with the larger society. And if Grandma and Grandpa are helpless without their hearing aids? Well ... duh! ... they weren't born deaf, so of course they don't have that magical skill.

Many people are aware of myths and stereotypes of all kinds and conscientiously try to avoid them. But in my opinion, most in the larger hearing world don't have a clue about what you describe as the "illusion that all deaf people can read lips perfectly". This issue needs more attention. Your video is one of the few attempts I've seen that try to set the record straight.


So cute

Alani Sugar

I think one pf the things you said was "baa baa black sheep"


youre so pretty! thanks for the info!

Kaylee Miller

I am profoundly so I only can read lip with my family only where I grew with my family I can understand their movements lip if meet new person friend or when it take me couple year to become used their movements lip

Susan Poulsen

It looks like she kept saying Mom

John wick

How hard is to learn sign language

Maura Lawton

Blah blah blah love blah pie....


It sucks when they don't move thier lips when they talk.

Joan Semenec

I saw f*** you in there somewhere, but other than that, I have absolutely no idea because I'm not good at lip reading at all - especially since my hearing is very, very good in my left ear and not so good in my right ear (I got an ear infection in my right ear every summer while I was growing up.  So, that obviously lead to some hearing loss in my right ear.).


And I can't lip read.

Viktor Ragnar Washuus

My guesses for the lip read challenges are terrible, and quite hilarious:
Prosciutto? Prosciutto.
Bla, bla bla bla, bla.
Bla, bla, Muhamed, bla.
Mad, mad. Mad?
Imagine, imagine, imagine.
If I fall, fall you.
Uhm, Oliver, I love you, love you, love you.
Shrek? Shrek.
Fall off, fall off, fuck uggs.
And the last one really fucked with me, the only thing I can see is in my native language, it looks like you're saying "Enoghalvfjerds, og jeg sagde otteoghalvtreds" which means "Seventyone, and I said fiftyeight" ????????????????????????????

johnny vaughan

all i got was fuck you and i lip read most of the time because im hard of hearing but nearly completley deaf in my left ear adnd i have had impressions done for my ears earlier this week for hearing aids i cant wait to get them so i can hear in lessons and understand the work more

Barabara Goff


Blue Team

You are so beautiful :o

Maddy O'Donohue

i definitely saw a fuck you

Thought Trains And Paper Cranes

I used to have class assistance and part of it was lipreading lessons. The woman who did them with me would film herself mouthing sentences and I'd have to guess what they were. I always got them wrong.

Evelyn Snyder

I think you said mom a bunch of times, basket and vacuum or volume, not sure about the rest.

Mariusz Matyja


Tamara Vegas

Porcha? Pour stuff, mom and pop come down, I don't know what you said next, passionate about something-or-other, fuck off all of you, fuck you, something about Oliver or olive juice(?), and oh well?

It's hard to properly read lips when you have a fairly straight face. xD Usually the facial expression helps.

Raven :3

I think I got I love your shoes and I love your hair from the lip reading and that's about it

Gaurav Sinha

You are beautiful.

Daphne Martz

I can only read 1 persons lips almost perfectly and that is my BFF that I talk to across the room via lip readin but I still get some stuff wrong. I'm so used to just her that I can't read anybody else's lips lol

H. Odison

honey.. that liner is waaaay to thick!


Yeaaaaaah lol. I'm sure you said "what's up" and then "Mom" at some point, and something that started with a p the other 99.9% of that went COMPLETELY over my head. It went over my head and then like 737383 more miles away after that.. imma stick with writing stuff down in the app on my phone ? #sorrynotsorry #nosuperpowers ???✌?

Writer, Reader, Musician Is Me

can U tell us the answers???

Tiffany SomethingPolish

New subscriber here following the creator chain of Andrew Huang, Molly, and finally yourself.
What I got from the lip reading test at the end was:
"Buzz off. Poinsettia. Bob and mom bomb bam. Bob mom and Bobby robbed. Matt! Matt. Matt! A basket, a basket, a basket are on fire. Fuck you. Olive juice, olive juice all over her hand. Love you. You're right. You're right! Over and over and over, all off. I hate Oprah with secretions." I loved this way of initiating interaction with your audience!
Thank you for this small glimpse of what you may go through on a daily basis. That was extremely difficult! It must be infinitely frustrating to have the expectation of fluent lip reading placed on your shoulders each time you interact with a hearing person who has and/or extends little to no understanding towards the situation. I'd be scared to death going through customs when they see the effort to have proper and accurate communication as an inconvenience rather than as something vital that has potentially dire consequences for the interviewee. I hope more understanding is offered in your future travels.
As a late disclaimer, I usually don't comment, but I felt the urge to say I appreciate this opportunity to learn about your life experiences and about how to better support/interact with/not frustrate the deaf community. I look forward to learning about your YouTube persona and her message. She seems like a cool person. DFTBA and have a wonderful new year!

Lil ms. deafpastrychef

You inspire me a lot is it possible as a fellow Pokémon fan can I send you some pokefan gifts?

Zach Emerson

haha, you threw me off with the mute I wasn't watch just listing

Elisha Hilker

I honestly cannot lip read for shit so I have no clue what you said. Also love your volume on this video sucks and the captions we have suck so I could barely hear anything!!!


Not a native English speaker. I got only "blah blah blah... fuck you fuck off ... well"

Tits Out

At the beginning of the video I muted it and tried to lip read. It all looked like gibberish. At the end I think u said water but I couldn’t read anything else.


...bla ba...ba. ba. basket. basket. basket. fucc u

Church of Guestmob

Match then u said Oliver I love you

Coco Tig

Something in the coat om ma ma ma aa costa coat a far fro

Did I get it...?

Carter Sessal

Why is "no background noise" in the list of perfect conditions? If you're deaf you don't hear the backgrund noise anyway so why is it on the list? I'm a bit confused ?

Marcie Clark

i have no clue

Joey Casteel

I can't begin to lipread either. I have a joke in a story I'm writing where a woman is trying to lipread one of her partners saving "move." She asks a partner who's fluent in ASL, "Is he mooing?"

Marty Party2809

I'm trying to lip read I'm trying years I'm pretty good but I'm not even deaf I can hear the grass grow so why Am I so interested in lip reading

Sophie Wysocki

No idea what you said lmao

Shane Hale

Without context I have a lot more trouble speech reading, but did you say Olive juice in there and I love you?

People with no lips

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an absolute !!BOP!!


Amazing song and band !

Vanilla Meringue



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I got to this through Hop Along. Chrissy slays!

People with no lips

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