Natural cosmetic

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DR. Neil, Beverly Hills Premier Cosmetic Dentist & Natural Looking Veneers Specialist

241 views | 9 Feb. 2021



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Finally another podcast????

Damian Boss

Great interview fellas - always love learning from other entrepreneurs!

Наталья Карпенко


Jeck Simpson


GlizzyGOD21 XD


Samantha Giron

I’m a dental assistant and I would love to join his team, love his work!

Janet B

He did an amazing job on Ulysses!! Great questions.

Natural cosmetic

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Organic makeup|Cosmetics used by Indians in ancient times

1 395 233 views | 29 Jan. 2020

This video is about how to

This video is about how to make organic cosmetics


Super akka nuvu




Hey lady, you credited about the flute Music....but you gave wrong information....please correct it....This background music from -The legend of Bangladesh 'Ayub Bacchu'... Song name 'Shei tumi'....btw your video was nice and very satisfying....

Nigar Sultana

I think this music is from a Bangladeshi song. Song is "shei tumi kano ato ochena hole" Singer name #Ayuub bacchu

gurbani shabad

A Real Industrious Girl Ive ever seen ☺☺☺????

Anchal Dabas

This comment section is so sick.....Hey ,all of you just look at her hardwork she did....

Thurston Hades

Am 21 , never used cosmetics before.

Keerthiga Krishna

Wowwww ,,, lot's of live from Rajasthan and Tamilnadu ,,,love ur videos✌️✌️✌️

Saniya Annigeri

Show makeup done with this products

Suraiya Silvia

Bangladeshi music background ???? singer: ayub bacchho
Song name : shei tumi ?

Bushara Abu

Are you copying liziqi?
Even the thumnail is same as her videos

Priyanka Jagadale

It's really waw......... natural chemical Free........

muskaan rasoi patshaala


Nanda Meena

The ending soundtrack, is from MAVKA movie......?

Shreyasree Barman

Which state????♥️♥️♥️♥️

sharon susmitha

Is this really good any body tried this

mч чσunívєrsє


Yawsep Mathai

Just to add...In ancient times there was no carrot and beetroot ..It came to india around 100 or 150 years back...

Anju Suyal

I don't think that ancestors used glycerine white wine and olive oil

Diksha sirivastav

Woww natural beauty

Subhashree Roy

Why is everyone copying liziqi? Like. Go n use your own ideas ?

Varama Chinna

Speechlesss such a natural and rare video:)

maha priyaann

Awesome sissy plz some other organic products

Trisha Singh

Such a nice video it represents our India ❤❤

jnrm 666

Shei tumi keno eto ochena hoole...?
-----Ayub Bacchu

Any bengalis up there?


Copying liziqui... ? anyway original to original rhega

Asha Meera

Vera level ?

Hii from lndian


Pr Sam

Looking at this natural stuff... I feel soo elevated.. It justifies in the true value to ur self by using organic stuff than chemicals. We are simply worth it.... . Love it...

Gacha Bong

Now I'm on ny way to kitchen to make some makeup for me?

Dalia Debbarma

Pure content copy.

Bibizahra Aglawne

But I love it ??

Afrin Yasmin

Omg she is looking ❤️ so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Priyanka shetty


Kooky Shreya

Bgm is from a bengali movie/album song.

Hajira Kousar

Ok!?..but no one can beat liziqi ?...and ofcourse we r getting this type video because we r watching liziqi's videos right?!???

Chandaa Chandaa

Ye rose wala lip glos kitny time save Rahay ga


Copy liziki

rid Rid

It's Bangladeshi music ☺️

sana shaik


Shaik Shabuayaan

Manake antha oppika terikha leadhu .....??

Nigama Veena

Amazing....never heard or seen something like this...really ancestral practices are appreciable

I wish I were Heather

Since you're following other people from other countries I hope you guys can support someone from your own country as well.
Lets make history

blah blah blah

Our own lizqi... I wanted an Indian influencer so bad who could show our beautiful traditions .. I am so happy to have one..

Amaira oberoi

This is copied of that natural Korean makeup

Ratika Verma


Mokbul Hossain

Just wow

Bibizahra Aglawne

I think.......... This is Indian liziqi

lgbt vlogs

Its a copy of liziqi

Mousumi Singha


Mousumi Singha

Please bolun

Kooky Shreya

"ke tumi aj eto ochena hole".... This is the song right?

Kajal Pathak

Very nice??

Aditya Jha

Carrots and beetroot came to india in recent centuries.

prachi sharma

Bad rip off of another Asian video

Nisha Sharma


Meghana S


Srirupa nag

Background music❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "sei tumi"

Diksha sirivastav

Ha yr India Ki iziqi h ye to so nice

Punya singh

Aap aur video organic makeup pe bnaye na, please ?

The Activity

Why coping liziqi.

sakshi prasad

It is full copy of liziqi

Heena Mokhthar

M impressed dear ur unique in this world ???

Sushama Suryawanshi

????Ur videos are so much similar to Liziqi. I subscribed you too

Sabita Roy

Who are u? ?

Krystel Maldonado


Meghna pathak

And that background music ❤
"Shei tumi kano ato ochena hole"

Susmita Sarkar


Shipra Sahoo

This looks like she's making for a royal traditional Queen!??

Aafreen Jahan

This video really deserve a big like. products are really so unique. ...

Gomathy Sindhuja

We will do the same for eye kajal even now with sesame oil and almond oil mix with the deposit. We use to light the lamp in dark area and do it.

Ratika Verma

Beautiful ?


Good you are going great. We need to save our traditional things in every area

Ujjayini Majhi

Wow didi supperb❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you this is completely natural ❤

Rima Sadhukhan


Love Animals

Subtitles please

Nirmalya Banerjee

Beetroot and carrots are not Indian vegetables..so don't know how they could have been used in ancient India..

Deepa Harish

Baby carrot and beetroot is Western veg they are not ancient indian veg .

Zombial Gaming

This is from that Chinese girl.... Liziqi.... Do u think we are fools?? Usually Indians don't wear makeup at ancient times... Just a little bit of kajal and a bindhi ???

Veena Daiya

Silent beauty love u di

Tanveer Kaur129

Wow the video is so satisfying and she's looking awesome ?

Shreya Srivastva

The music is more interesting than the entire video???

Riya Khan

What happened to my sound??

Jaffer Jaffer


Souradeep Sarkar

Dutch brought orange carrots to India during 1700s


cyntia brown

Nice copying the Chinese videos ??.... Get some creativity?.... Exact remake videos of @liziqi???

Mauli Trivedi

You must start your brand of natural cosmetics ??

TAMILFF gaming

Don't use news paper.die of newspaper not healthy .

Parama Biswas

সেই তুমি কেন অচেনা,I love this flute ❤️❤️❤️,

Mousumi Singha

How Brash to possible

Kunal dhruw


mamidala mounika

Olive and glycerin are not something from ancient Indian. And don't purely follow other Chinese videos... should have wore a traditional dress if you want to promote using tradition concept... I do like the final make up products made though..

Anabia Ahmed

Amazing man✨

Nishat Raza

U have to explain it

Tifiti world

Not everyone become liziqi.so,please make the video as your style.

Sanju lata Parida

I saw you are the one indian lady to make this type of video like chaines and korean lady?

Himani Yadav

अति उत्तम✨?

Parul Tyagi

I feel this entire video infact others too are copied from liziki.. Chinese vlogger

Natural cosmetic

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DIY Traditional Chinese Make Up, The Making Of Natural Make Up | Makeup Tutorial | Beauty Of Nature

63 126 views | 24 Nov. 2019

"DIY Traditional Chinese

"DIY Traditional Chinese Make Up, The Making Of Natural Make Up | Beauty Of Nature | Makeup Tutorial"

In this video, we'll show you how simple it is to create your own, customisable organic makeup products like mascara and lipstick with just a few easily available ingredients!


Please subscribe to Beauty Of Nature Channel on YouTube if you like “?”my videos

View more here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9biNaTHj6Sgdj2_rrv-B8A













Thank You….?

sumant singh

Imagine insects being attracted by your makeup?.. Like bees? or ?ants.. ???

Sam Roy

Plzzzz add English subtitles to ur videos if pssible, as i dn't knw Chinese...??

glow gaur


kavya sadhana karthikeya

English plse


Does anyone know where they got the type of porcelain or ceramic containers? Or what style they are so I can search for them?

Rosu Panadiya

Any Indian here???

Dheen Mohd

Can u plz say that what ingredients u r using

Romi Olan


The Queen

Why the unlikes?! Who put unlike really needs to visit psychologist as soon as they can.

PB10 dasari rashmi

I think Chinese can't live without make up

I choose to be Free

Aww imagine you man goes into your garden and makes a full face of natural makeup.

Chandaa Chandaa

Koi icka stor time Bata sakta ha

sazan saidgul

Waww so lovely. ❤️?❤️?

Meiry Muniz

Its like Adam and Eve

Kiran Devi

Ingredients ka name to likho

Noorani Yeasmin

They have modern machine and also cook cane . wow amazing video ?? . We are idiot aslo

Valeriana Tea

Beautiful ♥

Pretty Princess

Great efforts?

Heena Shaikh

Pls add English subtitle

Elangbam Ngoubi


Stories with Nukhbah

What was white powder used in lipstic please mention please ....

Ãkàrî Chåñღ


Muhammad Ilyas

I am from Pakistan and I really like this type of Chinese video

Devika S

Sir can you please tell me ingredients name please