Plopping hair care

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1 714 views | 16 Nov. 2020

I’m so excited that The

I’m so excited that The Perfect Haircare have sponsored this video because I have been suing and loving their towel for over a year now. It’s truly a favourite of mine.

Buy The Perfect Haircare Towel here US: https://amzn.to/2H9D0yg

Buy The Perfect Haircare Towel here U.K.: https://amzn.to/3pAZUjx

Shop my favourites on my Amazon Store here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/marisascurls

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marisascurls/

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TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSXfJ6Pf/

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Jennifer Leigh

I've been using tshirts for a while, but this towel looks great, as does your hair. Thanks for showing us how to use it and how you style your hair :-)

Marisa’s Curls

The giveaway is now CLOSED and the winners have been announced over on my Instagram stories. Thank you soooo much for entering and for being here. ? I appreciate you all!


Great video ( as always). Would love to get this towel ?

Jesica Dodds

Just starting my CG journey and trying to find the right towel. I would be ecstatic to try this one!

Oschean U

I love watching your videos! I have only used a T-shirt, but would love to try this one! My Christmas wish list just keeps growing ?

Darby D

I Have heard a lot of great things about their products! Just starting to get into the CGM, so a t shirt is what I've been using lol. ?❤

Julie Colon

Love a good brush to Detangle as well


This looks sooo good.. How could you always manage to look this gorgeous?? Huge fan of you and your curls.

May 0

I usually watch YouTube while I diffuse! ?

Traci Graham

Thanks for the great tips. I love your hair! #goals

Christy Burke

I Love your channel ♥️!! Thank You for sharing ?

Sara Hudson

I'd love to try this towel!

Louise Højmark Falden

Would love try a GOOD microfiber towel, because I can't stand to touch my cheap version.

Jax Card

This has been on my ‘would love’ list for a while now, love your tips and advice Marisa ? thank you so much ❤️

Jackie Garcia

I have been looking for a good towel and would love to try this one.

Erica deBin

I love this towel and brush and I'd definitely love to have another!

Naomi Card

@marisa looks good xx

Sinead McAuliffe

This towel looks fantastic! I’ve been using T-shirt’s since I started my curly journey.

Samantha Fraser

Thank you for the content you create, it's been really helpful for me on my curly journey.

Louise Lowe

Oooh this might be what’s missing in my routine ????!! I have just been using a T-shirt! Thanks for a very useful video too!

Alison Lee

It looks so soft. Love the black colour

Corrine Redfern

I won won last year but it never came due to covid ? they look soo good!! Xxx

Romy Kruse

Great review of the towel. I've been using my man's t-shirts to plop so I'm sure he'd appreciate it if I used something else hahaha!

Romy Kruse

Oh and what does the Curl Keeper Original do if it's not a gel? It looks like a thinner gel. Thanks!

Jan Bennett

WoW your hair looks great, would love to have one of those towels x thanks for the video, I love seeing your posts x

Lydia Green

Love the results!

Koryne McKean

I love your channel and your insta! Your hair is hair goals! Wondering how this towel would work for me?

Deborah Moore

Thinks I need to save this to watch before next wash day x

Ellen Gustafsson Björverud

I do need this! Wish they were available in Sweden!

Shauna Turner

Thank you for the wonderful tips, as always ♥️

Jenn Hanna

I've not heard of this towel yet. I'm adding it to my list.

Jacobien Kempeneers

so so helpful as always

Aya Daoud


maria cardona

I have been wanting this towel for a while. LOVE

Ewelina Peczek

Would love to try this towel to tackle my frizz. Atm im using a t shirt ?

Alexandra Hoanta

It would be grate to have this. For the moment the t-shirt it is good. :))


I've been wanting this towel for a while ? hoping it would help my frizz

Christin Phillips

I would love to try these! Thank you for the chance.

Ana Loghin

Really useful clip ! Will definitely use the products and the method

Joanna Parsons

Yaaaaaaaaas pleeeease

Karen Wohlman

Great video Marisa. Loving the towel, it looks amazing ?


I've also been eyeing this towel!

Ruth Pavia

I love how you demonstrate everything you try.

Stefanie Acke

My hair takes ages to dry and I still have a lot of frizz so I would looove this towel! ?


I’m still on the t-shirt train, but have this on my Christmas list!


As always thanks so much for all the great tips. What a fun giveaway!

Aideen Hoey

Hi. CGM now for two years and only used a T-shirt. It's probably about time I upgraded to a proper towel. Thanks for the information and tutorial. X

Julie James

LOVE your videos, Marisa, and this one didn't let me down! Would love to try this towel and brush! ???

amanda breshears

I have been looking at this towel for a while now.

Megan Anway

My mom bought one of these and let me just say...MAGIC! Now I just need to get one for myself??

Nic Brooks

I'd love to win one of these, I get a lot of frizz. Liking on here and on instagram! ?

Anna Warnes

Ohhh I’ve been looking for a good towel for my curly hair!! This looks great!

Zeena Aldrete

So gorgeous! Beautiful curls! ♥️

Amira Fouad

I like reading while diffusing. I live your tips & am amazes bb the towel & the dyson

Lisa Jordan

You give such amazing tips and advice. This towel looks awesome and I would love to win one!

Julie Colon

When you diffuse under you touch your hair a lot does doesn’t that cause frizz

Amanda Melton

Love the technique! This towel looks like a great option. I can’t use microfiber so I’ve just been using a bunch of old tshirts

Jody Mccauley

Brilliant. I wonder if this could be the answer to my frizz problems.

Megan Overholt

This looks like a fantastic towl. I’ve been looking for something just like this!

Alexandra Lee

I’ve got my fingers crossed as I’ve got a chronic illness and have accepted my naturally curly hair and the journey it’s taken me on ... but would love a towel that looks as gentle and yet absorb ant as this one ... I never win anything so here’s hoping ???❤️??✨✨✨

Katherine McGee

Currently using one of several tshirts I cut down to towels but I've had my eye on this towel for a while now.

Melanie Miller

Interesting towel. I might have to try it out!

Cheryl Wood

Your hints and tips are just amazing!!

Iva Brataljenović

This towel is on my wish list. Still using the old T-shirt ?

Jennifer Farrelly

I have just started my curly girl journey last week! Have been using one of Hubby's shirts to dry my hair and micro plop. Could really use these towels! ?? thanks so much for all the info you give us, you're a pleasure to watch and the effort you go to to do these videos is much appreciated!! ?????

Simran Sampat

Oooooh it would be so so cool to win this. ???‍♀️

Riley B

This routine looks so easy and fast. Love to try that towel!

Bonnie Buckley

WOWWWWWW your hair is magnificent!!!????
-just found you on instagram and im sooo happy I did!!!

Jennafer Johnson

I love this towel, too!

Saloni Upadhyay

I love the results...??

Roger Gilbert

Perfect Christmas present idea for any curlies you know x

Maria Derienzo

I tuoi video sono molto utili anche per me che non comprendo bene l'inglese, ma sono intuitivi. Per adesso uso una maglietta x asciugarmi i capelli, ma mi piacerebbe usare questo asciugamano, perciò pero di vincere????

Sarah Tolson

This makes me so excited to get one!!!

Susan Scarff

Hi, I’ve been looking for this type of towel for ages, thank you. Great hair btw.


So curious about this towel! I do want to try! ?

Anna Stephens

I've used my microfiber towel down to it's last threads ?
This is a great size towel for micro plopping!
The Dyson looks great to use too ?

Crystal Anthonijsz

@swavycurlycourtney talks a lot about these too. Very curious! I've been using a big tshirt of my husband's ?


Only had t-shirts so would be intrigued to try it xx

Nikita Ferguson

I’m still using a t-shirt and hoping to try a new towel!


This combo of brush and towel seem like great tools and thanks for the opportunity to enter! Have a lovely week!

Michelle Lunsford

Recently purchased this towel and I love it.

Julie Colon

Wanting to try this towel for awhile.

Iréne Blank

Comment as curlygirl_sweden on insta. Fingers crossed

Claire Reed

Being looking at this towel for a while but I’m tight and use a t-shirt ?

Susie Hewson

Would love this towel. Been thinking about buying it for ages but struggled to find it on Amazon uk. Thanks for doing this video! X

ally garcia

Love your your results! I've been eyeing this towel for awhile now so it'd be awesome to win!

Jericho Allen

I’ve been binge watching your videos. So many great tips. I love your voice and accent plus you’re super real. I love that!

Emma Lehtonen

I've been looking for a GCM friedly towel, but it is not easy to find good one here in Finland. ?? ?

Jessie Henderson

Oh I want this one so bad, I tried a regular microfibre and I just hated the texture so bad lol. Now I just use a t shirt! Thanks for doing this give away!! ❤️

Alexandra Watson

I really should move on from using old t-shirts.

Marla Jensen

This looks awesome! I just use a t-shirt! ...I need to try blotting my roots and increase my scrunching

Lori Bauman

I love my Perfect Haircare towel and brush and could really use another set for my curly son➿?

L Cuth

I love the look of this for my daughter she has beautiful curly hair and we have started working on her routine

pratham gupta

Love this and love your hair even more!! Would love to give this a try for my curly mane hoping to win❤️❤️

Easy Curly Hairstyles

Lovely to see you Marisa ? Very informative video. Thank you!

Tina Romo

Looks interesting!

Stephanie Miller

I love all of your tips. Helped me so much

Stacy Ragucci

That towel is on my Christmas wish list! :)

Marianne H.

GREAT video, Marisa! Thank you for always sharing such great content and advice. Thank you for all you do for us curly girls ?


I have never heard about this towel, but after seeing see this vid I'll have to put it on my list. I've been looking to replace my Devacurl towel since I hate the texture of it, and I find that it still frizzes my hair a lot. Also, thank you for showing how you diffuse! Been needing tips to diffuse better! ?☺

Plopping hair care

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How to Plop with The Perfect Haircare Towel

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