Styles your hair

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Easy Ways to Style Your Headscarf

61 views | 10 Feb. 2021


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Local Brat

Thx so much I needed this!

Jennis Jackson

I liked the 3rd one. I can see myself trying that one.

Styles your hair

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68 031 views | 2 Oct. 2019

5 Easy Protective

5 Easy Protective hairstyles to wear around the house | Hair Growth 101.

Here are some really easy, low tension protective styles you can style your hair in while you're at home. These styles help promote length retention and enhance hair growth.


Culture Code - Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [NCS Release]


Cindy A.

Thanks this video was really helpful ?


my hair to thick for those two big twists?


I did space buns because of you! Thanks!

Kenia Chaves

Easy And practical


Quarantine brought me here! Thanks ❤️

k k

love this!

Fay Tinashe

So lovely....Great job...I have learnt alot

oop Ampadu

Do hairstyles for quarantine

Natalie Felix

Thank you for saying plait instead of braid. ????

Afronette C

Thank you so much ❣️❣️


I like all styles they’re so simple and elegant!

Maria Buckley

Pretty face?. Two braids has been my go-to Covid hairstyle. Less breakage and fewer tangles than just putting it in a lazy bun.

I am Joy

Your hair is so bouncy!

chelsey owens

This is great. I'm planning on making myself some more hair wraps and just putting them on for outside unless I really desperately want to feel fluffy one or two times in the spring and summer. I can do these around the house and outside and still be happy with a pretty scarf style

Itss Tamika

Is there anyone watching this after 10 months ????


Im tryna grow my hair during the quarantine ?????

Annalisa's Lifestyle

I'm thinking about making a protective style video because it was so hard just to find one that actually displayed multiple. Good job

Miss Maww

Ok ok now u c the 1st, 2nd and 3rd hair do my hair will be like girl who u trying to fool lol my hair is way to thick now 4 and 5 I can do lol


Does she have 4b or 4c hair? Or a mix of both?

Cherishann 16

So helpful rn


my hair has gotten really damaged because i decided to bleach it and i had to get my ends trimmed and my hair has now gotten really short. what should i do?

PinkCake Squad

So pretty! <3

faith essex

hello! ik im really late to this video, but i just wanted to comment a struggle for my hair. i really don’t know my hair type or how to style it at all. my hair is very thick and i just dont know how to control it. all i do is put it in a high puff, but i want to try new styles. my hair texture is just like yours and i wanted to ask you. also my hair is about shoulder length.

Koleba Lenka

Thank you.❤and damn girl you're so beautiful

Lynn Hoffler

God bless!!


1 is my weekly go to. That or 2 cornrows.


Same length of hair❤️?❤️?

Lady PB

You have lovely hair and the last style is my favorite.

Saint louis James



how long do you recommend i keep the first style in for??

Kierra Parker

My hair is neck length and I have a hard time styling it ?

Hannah O

What do you mean by wear around the house? LOL idc i'd walk outside like this

Shehu Ahmed

It's smhw soothing and calming too watch her. Tnx for sharing.



Rosetta Denton

Beautiful skin and face.

Evet Weston

Bestie ???

Betty Wilson

I do my hair the exact same way

georgia •

i love the hats! ❤️ yes queen do your thing! ??

Celeste Jones

The jumbo twist was my favorite.

Jasmine Smith

Very nice!

Somemore Love

These are awesome ideas, but the way my headshape set up...

Loyalti 12

How long do you leave your braids in?

Colorful Codes

Omg a yardi. ❤

Yawny Williams

My hair is to the bottom of my butt without stretching and it’s rlly hard to style so I’m looking for some hairstyles so I don’t have to do it often

oop Ampadu

How do u moisturize hair while in theses styles

ciara jones

am wearing the second right now

Allison Wunderland

What is the name of this song? Great video by the way! It's exactly what I'm looking for. ?

Tlou Joy

I love how you got straight to the point ?much appreciated ?? definitely gonna try these protective styles ?

Styles your hair

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ASMR // Super Nice Hairdresser Styles Your Hair For First Date! (Brushing, Straightening, Styling)

6 994 views | 20 Jan. 2021

Do you guys like

Do you guys like roleplays? I can totally do more!!! xxx Let me know x















I really most truly hope that you’re in the progress of creating a life that you genuinely love with your whole whole absolute heart! im so passionate about that.

sub count: 7.58K

Екатерина Чекалова

comb with hair. It needs to be cleaned.. ??


Sooo relaxing ❤️❤️

Mornea Larose

Omg the best??


Yeessss girl, this is Brilliant ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Ghostie_ Friendz_Foreverz_.

Noooo I'm Late!:( Sorry!! Your Videos R So Good! I'm Gonna Listen To This While I'm In School Because It Calms Me Down!

Sian Hayleigh

I’ve been trying to find the perfect sound of a hair straightener to fall asleep to this is the best one yet?? amazing content ?


I can already tell I’m going to love this. Your energy is amazing this is so relaxing thank you xx

Super Mime

I thought you might like to try doing a video as a masked ASMR Superhero. The premise would go something like this. The viewer would be injured or distressed by a villain, but you would show up to help, using your superpowers of ASMR. Throughout the video, the viewer would ask who you really were, but you would tell them how important it is that you wear your mask, and keep your identity a secret, but, at some point, you would trust the viewer enough, to unmask yourself and show them who you really are. I think it could be really fun, and you would do an awesome job. Keep up the great work.


wonderful :3

Es P

I think you have beautiful lips and beautiful white teeth ?

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

i love how you don’t do brushing noises i hate them


I love this energy!


My fav ASMR YouTube channel

Zakaila M

Oh my goodness her side profile is EVERYTHING!!!!??????


pov: she is a closeted lesbian and so are you and after she does your hair you both fall in love and run away together

ok. im sorry.

Evelyn Findlay

definitely one of my new favourite asmrists already from one video ?? you’re absolutely gorgeous too x


I love your earrings and makeup! Thank you for tingles

Own Confidently Life Coaching

Hey Girly, can you do a video on how you stay so positive.? I'm a self help lover and I would love to know what you do for a clear and positive mind.


You're so sweet! Love your energy and those earrings omg. Love everything ♡

Georgia Christine

Love these role plays so much! I find hair play so relaxing ?. Can I just say your makeup is always flawless, you are gorgeous inside and out. I hope you are well and okay ?xxx

It Is Me

This was an incredible roleplay you are so kind, loving, nurturing. Thank you doll! ??

Tiffatonic AŠMR

Omg thank you so much for uploading and creating content!!!!! YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU 100%

Erica Lynn

I know that this is heavy but I just wanted to thank you so much for being here. I've been a subscriber for a minute so I've already gotten hooked on your ASMR, but last week my friend was brutally taken from us and I've only been able to fall asleep to some of my favorite videos of yours. Tysm for the time and effort you have put into this channel, you're helping me tons and plenty more can say the same!


You should do this again but fast and aggressive ?

Emma Sorrenson

omg hold up i was about to comment something about how your video is the best like usual and your role plays are so so sweet just like you but then i saw your side profile what the actual fuck you have the perfect nose BYEE

Becca Lilley

You remind me of Rebekah from vampire diaries

Ardria Handmade

ooooh your earrings ?? and the sound ?

Freya Miller

Love u

Adrian Silva

Sweet for sleep ??

OfficialZHionTjjVseMba OfficialZHionTjjVseMba

What about if I cancel my date, coz I met you.???‍♂️


Your eye makeup is to die for ?

Own Confidently Life Coaching

Oh my gosh, that sound from the flat iron gave me so many tingles ??


I love you so much, you made me feel so strong ?❤

Fast Cars

Book Request! Can you read “Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae” in your next video please! Thanks :))

Scarlett Yaziji

In my pinion Australian accents are the most relaxing and tingly In asmr.❤️


Your accent is so tingly and you’re so gorgeous!!

m_99 Gonzalez

I love your makeup ?, beautiful skin too ?

veronica hill

Love love love your earrings!!!!

Own Confidently Life Coaching

I have been re-vamping my earrings set since I saw those earrings you're wearing now, in your last video. You definetly inspire me??


Tingley voice, tingley movements, tingley content, tingley channel. Much much love from Vienna/Austria ❤️