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Valheim Tips and Tricks Beginner Guide – How to Mine, Metal Bronze Armor, Core & Fine Wood Location!

68 760 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Valheim Tips and Tricks

Valheim Tips and Tricks Beginner Guide - Bronze Age!

? First Boss Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPuwj7yg8Yw&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi70kbZkGTt84OBuVYSCjKlN&index=2&t=1242s&ab_channel=ESO

This valheim tips and tricks video guide will cover how to get a pickaxe and where to mine copper ore and tin ore in the Dark Forest, where to get surtling cores to build a smelter and charcoal kiln to create metal tin bars and copper bars so you can create bronze bars with a forge in Valheim. This allows you to craft a bronze axe to cut down birch trees to obtain Fine Wood and craft a fine wood bow and fire arrows. I will also show you where to find core wood so you can craft a two handed Warhammer in Valheim, which makes skeletons easy to deal with. I will also show you how to obtain the best starter bronze armor/weapons and upgrade your workbench.

Valheim is a new RPG survival game set in a huge open world that can be played solo or co-op by 1-10 players and optional PVP mode with action combat. The open world is procedurally generated and inspired by viking culture. Valhiem was developed by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. I hope you enjoy this Valheim Let's Play!

➖ Time Stamps ➖

0:00 Guide Summery

0:38 How to craft a pick

1:55 Where to find Tin & Copper in the dark forest

4:20 How to get Core Wood for a sledgehammer!

5:21 How To Upgrade Your Workbench

6:06 Where to find Surtling Cores

10:21 How to Make Copper & Tin Bars with Coal

11:47 How To Make Bronze with a Forge

12:29 Crafting The best Bronze Armor & Weapons

14:10 Cultivator

14:35 How To Get Fine Wood

15:41 Crafting a Fine Wood Bow and Arrows

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Seven Fangs, LatorTazor, Abdubari, Rick M, Konna G


Utter Divinity

Skyrim/elder scrolls vibes

Richard May

Will valheim come to xbox please say its so

Abdullah Khan


Reese Allen

I love this game

LilSaucer -

So this is pretty much a viking minecraft game


The ruby's and amethyst you find in the dungeons sell well to the trader. Get the belt which gives +100 carry weight.

David Darrall

Thanks for all the help dude!


to get more copper, dig down around the copper deposit to expose the edge underground. and the same with tin.

Tak Dre

We accidentally played 8 straight hours with my friends all night. I never played any video game this length for years!


Thanks for the guide, ive been playing the game alot and have no clue what im doing, i always die in the ocean because of some sea monster.

TnT GaMesS

F*k you eso please download videos for skyrim


Can't wait for your next live stream episode of you and your crew on the server <3

Lorencas Zelenskis

You can also get fine wood from oak tree in meadows, u need bronze axe for it as well, but oak tree gives a lot of fine wood. 2 oak trees will net you full stack of 50 fine wood.

Templar _

Clicked immediately. Hi ESO! So excited for this and more.

Ronaldo Lima



We covered much of this in our live stream, but I wanted to create quick edited guides for those that just want to start playing!

Daniel Garcia

you look like Anthony Jeselnik the comedian lol not dissin sick video


It would be really cool to see if you could get npcs that as you build towns, they come in and work there or something


Can we playing this pc game with single player offline mode ??

Cosmic Djinn

Hope it comes to console soon can’t wait to play this game ?

Josiah Taylor

Youtube Algorithm comment


Thanks ESO for being my favorite informative and fun content creator, Skyrim is the greatest game ive ever played but sadly it broke on me, however i will get a new one eventually

Arthur Ling

CHeese the bosses!LOL


thanks for making these guides man I've had the game basically since it came out but I've been slacking. ??


this game is just mine craft with slightly better graphics. mmm Pass

Espen Odenmarck

Actually the copper deposit will respawn over time if you mine it all but you have to dig out it in full extent a lot of the deposit can be underground Leaving only the top of it visible.


I like how he cuts the video just before he finishes his last words sometimes


You were my first ever youtuber ive ever watched i usually watched you play elder scrolls


You can actually use the Stagbreaker THROUGH the doors! Makes clearing the dungeons a snap - open door, aggro Skellys, close door, pop pop, repeat if necessary.

Ark Survival Evolved

Bro.. that sledge hammer not showing.. :(


whoever gave that dislike sucks

Portofolio Widi Sumantoko


Xavier Lugo

Dont have the game, first time hearing about it BUT I liked the video anyway and I been subscribed since skyrim days?

Frosty X Gaming

Can you please and thanks do another Skyrim video


4:02......i suggest building the kiln first after you've cleared out one burial site as you can burn food to make coal early doors before you get enough surtling cores to make the charcoal kiln

Robert Strickland

It goes against my religion to be able to beat a ghost with a hammer...

Tom Mason

Loving these vids ?

Neal Papworth

If you find a ship wreck, use an axe to break it up and get fine wood earlier in the game =)


how did u get finewood before getting copper axe?

Scott Lewis

I only found 5 cores in 3 crypts. So I just make the kiln, burn tons of coal. Break it down and then make the smelter. Then repeat when I run out of coal


15:03 where is your stamina-meter?


i love you ? it's been an easy start after watching your vids

Ⰸⰰ Ⰴⱁⰿ Ⱄⱂⱃⰵⰿⱀⰻ

Skyrim 2

Matt Styles

Pretty sure burning wood just gives u ash not charcoal

Carson Nesbit

His base really do be hella swag tho


Thanks for all the gen, started this game today and have watched your first two walkthroughs.


Guy, what would you compare this game to ? I'm kinda interested buying it, but I gave up on survival games sorta, they seem all the same lately.

H Sedlak

Wish I had time to play, I usually watch ESO videos at work this is a great series.

enver can



Awesome stuff man, got the game after you steamed a few days ago and I am loving it.

harold vollmar

Danny I cant thank you enough for this video it has helped me so much


great videos man. love your guides, keep up the good work.

Unpredictable HalfBread

Don't waste your time making bronze armour. It's a waste of time and resources. Iron is way more efficient, easier to get and faster to craft!!


Im 1000 like ! yay finally did this <3 love the video.

Gabriel Souza

You can get fine wood in early game too. Just chop the trees nearby the birch, and when it hit eachother, it will be damaged. If enought damage is maded, the birch will break

richard opfer

My friend and i just beat the elder boss and have now made a forward operating base in the swamp which was a huge difficulty increase. Were now entering crypts and trying to gain more iron for weapons and armor so we can fight the bonemass boss. I like this video though, very helpful for new players!

Mini fresh

Plz make more cyberpunk2077 vids agian


Great video, thank you. I was hoping for some skyrim lvl videos on helping me for beginner steps. I'm currently in need of getting the surtling cores and wasn't sure how to handle the dungeons. I tried watching the live streams but don't have that kind of free time. Btw, tip for fine wood. If you want it early on to get that bow, you can have a troll knock down the birch tree(or chop other trees to fall into it) and then if you can't get him to smash it to pieces you can push the log into stuff to break it, lol.


First 10 seconds, allready spoilers. Nice.....


Literally just got this game. Timing couldn't be more perfect ?

Clinton Moore

The copper ore deposits go VERY deep underground. If you mine out the whole deposit, it will look like a meteor hit the ground there.


3:42 Make sure to mine around the copper deposit.
You will find more deep in the ground.

Nick Temple

My brother and I just got this and have been playing together. It's a great game. Reminds me of Runescape mixed with Minecraft or Rust

Bill Hendrixson

You can get birch trees earlier if you can get other trees to fall on them - or roll logs into them (many times). Rinse and repeat with the birch log to get the fine wood.


Bronze helmets do not cause slowed movement speed where you said the full set is -15% movement speed.

Dave Hendricks

Seems my game spawned in almost zero damn burial sites for sertling cores


Copper ore deposits also go below ground dig them out to get more per node

Dustin Littlefield

This on Xbox?

PC Pete

Loving the game. Your vid's are very helpful and letting me enjoy the game more. Thanks heaps. Oh and time stamps are awesome. Wish more people would use them.

Richard Oosthuizen

First 2 mins 6000 different topics and no substance,,,

Shred Gordon

I’m pretty sure you can also get coal by burning food


Actually you can get fine bow before first boss. Just use basic logs to "chop" down birch tree for fine wood and go to the dark forest for core wood for fine bow.

Dave The Destroyer

If you push a normal beech log around you can smash birch trees (slightly time-consuming) and get fine wood right out of spawn. I hope this doesn't ruin anyone's immersion ?


do yall run upgraded troll armor, or bronze armor? troll armor weighs so much less and i always find myself being encumbered

Nate is your Mate who is always Late

Hi Danny

Jonpaul Gee

Heya! Huge fan but um...."Mining" not Mineing

Ed Farrell

a wild aggressive GOODBYE appears

Aiden Clark

Do dungeons reset after some time?

Voidox Official

Graphics look good but it'll never be like elder scrolls

Jason Coates

Birch and oak does fine wood :)

Mars Freelander

Tiz a good day for our foes to die honorable batlebrother!

Dan Miller

Another great video. Question, how do you equip armor? Is the box on the right side of the inventory screen labeled "A" for armor value? Thanks and keep up the great videos.


Tip: those copper deposits go really deep underground. We usually bring enough supplies in our cart to build a work bench and covering, we place it near the copper deposit and use it to repair our pickaxe while we mine and we put our copper in our cart then wheel it back to base when we are done mining.

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Looks like such a quick and tasty recipe!! Will try and make it myself :) Love the doggy at the end, so beautiful and calm!