Shea moisture body wash african black

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Review: Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Bubble Bath & Body Wash

2 870 views | 31 Jul. 2016

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Hey loves!!

I am excited to bring you this review for the Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Bubble Bath & Body Wash. It has quickly become one of my favorite body washes. It cleanses the skin very well and leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean! There is a slight cooling sensation and it smells like peppermint! The aroma of the mint is very invigorating! Use this body wash in the morning to wake you up or at night for a nice spa-like relaxing bubble bath. Either way I am sure that you will enjoy!!

You can find this African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Collection at your local CVS stores!

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Thanks for watching!

Gemini Love1981

I'm going to have to purchase these, especially the scrub.

Shanea Denise

try dr Bronners peppernint castile soap

Stephane Lindor

I recently purchased this three (3) weeks ago. This is phenomenal!!!


You hit the nail on the head and described this unique body wash perfectly. I really like it myself.

A View From The Pew

I just used this and it is AMAZING!!!!!!! I think it's perfect for the summertime bc of the cooling sensation and detoxification. I'm so happy I found this review thank you thank you THANK YOU!! I have the African scrub and it is wonderful as well???

Lynny A

Hi Naturally IG.Do you use the body wash on your face? Thanks alot


Hi, do you still use this product? I just purchased it at my local Walmart on sale for $5. I’m not sure if it’s being discontinued or not; a lot of other Shea Moisture products were majorly discounted as well. Enjoyed your review!

key shield

I try that product its so good i looovve this !!!!

Jamez Hall

Girl!! A friend of mine put me on to this and I can say the way you’ve explained it ... RIGHT ON POINT! P E R F E C T ?? I love body wash and beauty products in general so this is a keeper. The consistency isn’t as thick as regular body washes that leave residue on your skin. It’s lightweight and rinses off leaving your skin detox and smooth!! I need to stack up on this for sure!!!

CurlyBoyCruz Forever

I just used it and it is amazing. The smell is so nice and cooling on the skin

Shea moisture body wash african black

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Body Care HAUL | EuniyceMari

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Hey INFOrmed Beauties, I

Hey INFOrmed Beauties, I stocked up on some Body Washes, Scrubs and Lotion.

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Body Scrub Review/Demo https://youtu.be/xwGHXlTTaho

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SheaMoisture African Black Soap Body Wash


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skincare haul shea moisture review

Ms. Shabria Gxo


Amber C.

Very informative ❤

Shea moisture body wash african black

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Battle of the Body Washes: Shea Moisture Edition

4 377 views | 5 Aug. 2015

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Kristy ?


I like the black soap body wash tfs

Wanda C

I'd like to try these. Great review!


I like them both...tfs

ASMR cateyes8164

Hey Gurl hey.  Good review.  I may have to try the first one.  TFS!  Have a wonderful week!

Sara Joyous

I love your personality ???

Andrea Stots-Watkins

I have tried the African Black Soap body wash and I like it. I will try the other when there is a B1G1 free sale.


Nice comparison!

Oge Ubabuike

great video love your channel and subbed you. Hope you will check out my channel and sub back


Thanks sis for sharing your review. I haven't tried either yet. ?

Charlie Moore, Jr.

You did a good informative vid.Do u know if the black bar soap and body wash smell the same? I got the blk bar soap last week and I like the smell. I don't like licorice at all. I can't wait to try the shea butter body wash and bar of soap

Shyqueta Simmons

Nice review

Glittering the Sky

I love the Shea Moisture products, they help my curls to get better, other products don't help them so much. I have not try the body wash yet, but I can't stop of buy my leave in conditioner :)


Lol you're funny. "If it's heavenly I'll take it." :D

Shavonda Tucker

Girl that's how I was acting when I saw it said frankincense and myrr. I just knew I was expensive bc of how much it cost back in the bible days ? I love both of these


nice tfs


i hated the black soap one -- the smell made me nauseous! i wouldn't say it smelled bad, but it was something.  it didn't remind me of black licorice though lol

Teresa Rene' Mature Beauty

Tfs. I recently purchased the lavender one and I'm kind of debating if they are worth the price. The jury is still out for me.

Budget Madam

Great review