Ladies long hair

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Ready For a New Look - Long Hair To Short Hairstyles - Complete Amazing Transformation

1 045 804 views | 6 Mar. 2013

Long Hair (Ladies Haircut)

Long Hair (Ladies Haircut) To Short Hairstyles

This video has been requested a lot of times. Thank you to those that want to see both the long style haircut from short hair and the styles video in one single video. Thanks for visiting our videos, make sure you come back to see more.

RaDona's videos are specifically for those that are wanting to learn how to cut hair, learn new skills as a hair stylist and to be able to show your own hair stylist, the hairstyle and cut you would like.

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Janet Melo


LynnV S

Way too short in the back!!!!! She looks my age! 52! ??????

Teri moonshine

She doesn't look too happy! Eeeeek

Aseem kumar

Your best videos mam

alice langhans


Jane Smith

Thank goodness that women is beautiful!.. Must be her sister or something.

Tracy S

As a qualified stylist, I would have put it in a ponytail and cut of most of the length. Such a strange way to start!

mona kirk

Made her hair look to thin cut too much off the sides looked better before she cut it

Kelly Christensen

You did just chop her hair off I would be crying

michelle ann

Love it you look so much younger very fresh look

Éva Nemes

This "f... this world" - face. OMG, why?

Erika Jegl

I have been a hairstylist for many years but I understand the shears should not make any sound at all

Odilie M

It is not nice ?????

Jinny Wade

I feel sorry for her this is a bad haircut .

Lynn L. Gray

Never saw a haircut start from the top of the head. How did she find this hairdresser? Sorry for the haircut. Hopefully it will grow fast.

Rebecca Anne

Well this girl is ready for prison now lol.

Paula Hatton Vines/Creating Cards to Share

This horrible cut was in in 2013. Hopefully it grew out.

Allyson Gregg

Allyson M.Gregg


The reason why i cut my own hair!

Christy Cook

NOT GOOD !! Bless....from years of running a Salon, and staying current this is a disaster. What an attractive girl to have to live with this.....shears should also be silent. I think chopping is a good word for this.

Monique Stevens

Love the cut,looks good on her!

Teresita Tisnado Guadalupe

Me encantó el corte

Judy Salley

I had an epiphany...she has one style in her haircut “bag of tricks” and everyone gets the same one....awful. Her own haircut tells you what is about to happen to anyone who sits in that swiveling chair of hers...Dramamine is free!!!

Linda Witz

I really don’t know what you people are talking about. This cut is so cute. I love it

Lorraine Pollock

Was gonna go from long to short chickened out now

Ronnie James Dio

Radona. Concentrate more on your work. Don't talk so much. You make too much commercial things. The Lady looks not very pleased in the end.

Kathee Liberto

It'll grow back. Don't worry.

Carolyn Yardley

Very pretty young lady ! I’m afraid this haircut makes her look middle age, doesn’t suit her face, I don’t think so , anyways !

Paddy Arthur Mudd

This video realy defines how razor cutting can ruin a hairdo.
The client already has fine and thin hair which only is almost made worse by the razor cutting that dosnt compliment her face shape.
The top of her head is bulky and the back of the hair style is almost thrown on as a last minute decision which looks like a grown out style.
The style can be saved by going to a professional and having a realy nice pixie cut.
The hair is sadly ruined with the layering technique... I hate to say that as so little technique is used to create a style that suits this client.
Sadly it's a poor example of a hair style which could... Of been somthing realy nice.

Kerrie Jones

This is awful a rushed job

Alondra Sepúlveda

Noooo está horrible

Margarer Brannan

To short a haircut from long hair to as short as! That ..sorry but no chance .she just keeps chopping her hair .sorry but makes her look older .no !!

Amanda Nixon

She doesn't look very happy!!

Jane Smith

Not good.

Aseem kumar

Supar haircut

Glenda Wilhelm


Linda Boyd

omfg!!!!!! that is an awful cut poor girl she did not like it I would have told that hairdresser and not paid for it

Yolanda Bird

Looks great. Love it

Karin F.

She is not happy

Nira Pathak

I must say you sent the lady to the 90's.She looks much older the I assume she is. She looked much better from the begining. Wonder what her final reaction? was

Lois Grace

Ugh!!!! This is the worst haircut I have ever seen!!!! I happen to be a stylist looking for new techniques, but I am never using these. From the back she looks like a 70 year old!!!! You can tell at the end when she was looking in the mirror she was regretting it sooooooo much!!!! Poor Woman, if you see this, choose another stylist ok girl!!!!!! My heart was beating for her!!!! I feel sooooo bad!!! ? What was the stylist thinking- it was fine before the razor came in... well!!!!

Catherine J.

It's Kate Gosselin!!!!

Dean Robinson

Radonna is a great hairdresser, if you really want to see a bad hairdresser, click the link? This is the worst hairdressing ever. Her cuts are horrendous. https://youtu.be/9-gV_KpFfYs.

Becky Goodnight

Cute cut! But this one scared me. Some of these do you practice on a mannequin first?

Kathy Owens

Not professional at all haircut is a no no

Mary Herman

I don’t understand why she is thinning out THIN HAIR!

beth tucker


Nancy Simmons

What was she thinking she have pretty hair she made her look from a young girl to an old woman I know I'm the old woman hopefully she let it grow and never went back

Linda Gibson

This is painful to watch and hear... we don’t say “chop” your client doesn’t pay for you to CHOP their hair! And it’s not a race!... take ur time and with a cut like this needs precision!

Geri Rodgers

CHOP her hair off.

Tori Stanley

O dear thats drastic..... not for me im afraid, Scissor happy hairdressers scare me, Id be terrified of her. Im sure she is lovely tho

Suzy Froud

Well done love it

Cordela Timme

a bit longer would have compliment her face a bit more, she has a strict look and the Shorter the hair the stricter the look, I think the chinlength and a curley or wavy style would make it all softer and lighter, because she has a bright natural Color and that is rare

Maria Grazia Addeo


Tracy Rasmussen

While I appreciate you putting videos out, I don't think this cut is a good look. Sorry

lucy cat

She is going to be in SHORT SHOCK!

Rosa Lumbi

The same haircut to every body . She was looking so pretty with her long hair.

M.reguio Gaytan Lopez

Las haces un poco esgadas las mechas desde la coronilla o muy verticales hasta la nuca... Sí eres tan amable de contestarme.te agradecería mucho yo no ejerzo solamente práctico
Yo estoy jubilada y ya no puedo pero me encanta verte cortar el pelo.lo haces fabulosamente bien!!!!

Ginny Murfin

Same cut on all her customers - over and over.

Joe Joe

Ein sehr schöner Haarschnitt! Sieht sehr schön und schick aus! Wunderbar!? Geht sehr schnell zu waschen und zu trocknen und sehr schön zu frisieren ??????????


So right at the start where the hairdresser says she is going to do something to "the front here" as she holds hair up at the back of the head... umm

Kay Carter

No way would I let her near my hair.

Nattina Riach

Absolutely awful haircut. I'd have been so upset. Who spikes up the back like that. Noone since the 80s!

Baal Salisa

Where do hoy have your beauty salón, i'd like your haircut


Love it ! Wish i could wear this but i have thick coarse hair but you did Awesome Job!?

Humble Courageous

Watch the ears. I nipped my husband's ear when I cut his hair during the pandemic.

Carol Givan

That looks nice on her

Night Wandering Daughter

The good ole administrative manager's cut... Just the look on the client's face. Gawd ~ Even for 2013, this is so dated.

Anna Rhys

poor girl

Chris Devene

The stylist shouldn't be trusted look at her hair !

джордик джо


Carolyn Lanier

I’m sorry but I don’t like it, I bet that girl feels undressed..

Paula Baccino


aaron ruddy

I'm sorry, but that lady looked REALLY unhappy.


What horrible nasty remarks, I thought it was a lovely cut. You all sound jealous.

Barbara Romanowski

Not a good look...not a good cut.

Donna gunn

I have watched so many of these videos. All the hairstyles end up looking just like the lady who cuts the hair. It's cute on some of them, but geez come on, does she know any other style?

Pauline Rixon

Never mined it will.grow

Saska Liimola


Helen Tyler

Looks good and suits her.

Karin F.

Poor girl

Lonie Sharp

Love to watch Radona cut! She looks awesome

Delonda Roberts

cuts off before the end

Denise Desrosiers

I think Rebecca would look cute with an undercut pixie...but that’s just my opinion! Rebecca is absolutely beautiful with both long or short hair though...not to mention BRAVE!

Pain 2 Purpose

( I kinda want it to be spiky ) it’s about what the client wants ? it’s not a horrible cut but sis didn’t like it

Beverly Kennedy

I’m probably the only one who gave a thumbs up for this girl and her short hair cut. I love it she looks great and La ronda did a nice job as always.

Crystal Paul

I thought i was watching an 80's video! Had to look at the date of the video cause i know youtube wasnt around then! ?

Abençoada De Jesus

Não devia ter picotado o cabelo no topo da cabeça, pois a modelo tem pouco cabelo e é muito fino....

Agapi B


Susan Gray

What a disaster

M.reguio Gaytan Lopez

Por qué nunca presentas a tus modelos por la parte súperior para ver si las verticales son derechas o un poco esgadas...eres muy profesional.grscias..

Debbie Stephen

Extremely unprofessional

Susan Hague

Lovely haircut

Stacy Emery

That's the cut I wanted. You should see what I got! Half inch bangs.

Amy Tilton

As a hairstylist, I specialize in short haircuts/razor cuts. This cut is awful. You had an opportunity to give her such a cute pixie and you gave her a disaster on her head. You need more training on razor cutting techniques and short hair cuts in general. I’m disturbed watching this.

Jessy Julie

I think the styling made her look older, but if it air dryed it would look ok.

Amelia Pierro

Hi Taylor An


Not too bad

Karin F.

Unbelievable. So short on the top, awful

Yolanda Frausto

I would be crying with hair cut

Ladies long hair

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Ladies long hair

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