Physical block sunscreen

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Purito Comfy Water Sunblock Review | Darker Skin Mineral Sunscreen, Tips to Prevent Pilling

5 796 views | 18 Jun. 2020

I'm gonna show you how to

I'm gonna show you how to prevent pilling when using Purito Comfy Water Sunblock SPF 50+ PA++++. I break down the product's specs and ingredients and then do a demo to show you how it wears on darker (brown) skin. This is a physical sunscreen made with non-nano particles and features a 70% water based formulation which is remarkable. Stay tuned till the end to hear my final verdict and review.


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Purito Comfy Water Sunblock:

yesstyle: https://ystyle.co/w2HP

amazon: https://amzn.to/30WabwD


Other Products I love and Use Daily:

Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser


Hada Labo Skin lab Gokujun UV gel (SPF50 + PA ++++):

yesstyle: https://ystyle.co/xVCZ

amazon: https://amzn.to/3f6IUvt

DRMTLGY Tinted Sunscreen SPF 46 (I've been using it everyday since):


SunBum Mineral Tinted Sunscreen (I've been loving this since doing a review on it):


CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (Use ths every night before applying my tretinoin):


Hada Labo Gokujun Oil Cleanser (Use this every night as part of my double cleanse)

yesstyle: https://ystyle.co/zdw2

amazon: https://amzn.to/2YdOtBd

Casey Conner

I have the purito also. I have enjoyed it.

fatimaa azam

You mentioned it as darker skin sunscreen. I have pretty fair skin can i use it?

Vegan Games

I tried this but my skin felt a slight burning after a while. Surprising it has so little zinc in the formulation.




I can see a white mask in your face...

lulu mochi

Thank you!!! I needed this! It pilled on my face and had streaks like crazy! ?


Nice video. :) I do think your videos could be shorter.

Anna Same

Yeah I’ve used a whole thing and emptied this sunscreen and even on my pale skin it leaves a whitecasts and you can see streaks from where you rubbed it in. It pills like crazy when you apply the recommended amount. I bought the Keel Cool Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence and it’s soooo much better.

Adeline Ng

Been using it for 1 week n i LOVE it. Mattifys my oily skin. I dont rub it in. I put the full amount all at once and i tap it in, instead of rubbing. And i also hv moisturizer underneath

w l

thanks for this review ! I saw a bunch of youtubers raving about this product, but then it pills crazy on my face. I always wondered what I did wrong. I apply it on top of moisturizer, but it is so hard to apply evenly on my face, then when it dries down it pills when i touch my face. After a few tries, I just couldn't get it work for me, I threw it away.

Ker Kare

thank you. I love your personality

Malia Myers

I feel like we're on the same wavelength when it comes to what we're looking for in skincare. Glad I found your channel

norah ger

Wish I found you channel 3 months ago before I purchases so many physical sunscreens that I cannot use?.
I have accepted that a chemical sunscreen girl.
Please do more reviews of chemical sunscreens with good filters..

John Medina

Does anyone else find this sunscreen smells like a glue stick?


Thanks for the review! I know people don’t seem to like oil or silicone in their sunscreens these days but I really think this formula needs it to make it glide and not pill.

Mea Allen

I truly don't understand why this sunscreen is so popular when it's soooo difficult to apply. Other youtubers always saying, "it's like water on the skin!" No. No it's not. AT ALL. I shouldn't have to spend 30 minutes slowly layering on a sunscreen for it to not pill and ball everywhere. Every time I've tried to use this it literally is a nightmare and I end up having to wash my face right after cause it looks so terrible. Seriously idgi.

Fatima Bukhari

I’ve had the absolute worst time trying to find the right sunscreen for myself until I discovered dr dray and then you. For my nothing beats the hada labo UV gel and I like to layer either the drmtlgy tinted moisturizer or the colorescience unforgettable bronze (drmtlgy is my preference though) on top of the hada labo. As far as sunscreens go I don’t think I’ll ever let go of the hada labo. In love with that one

Monkey H

Thank you!!! I’ve been applying this again and again and it won’t stop pilling. I thought maybe my moisturizer was too thick but even without it it still pilled.
Thank you!❤️ you’re a life saver ?❤️

Carolyn T

Hi, this video is SO helpful. Most of the reviews i've seen are so positive for this sunscreen. And i got it and kept thinking "What am i doing wrong?!" I've been using a pretty thick and slippery moisturizer underneath and have tried to apply it on top of that with bad luck. You mention that this would be better over moisturizer - would you be using a light weight or gel moisturizer underneath? I actually felt like applying it without a moisturizer worked better for me, and i have dry skin. Such a finicky product!

Brian Tran

How is it so far? Im asian; my skin is tan. Will it leave a white cast? How is it on facial hair?


this sunscreen is waaaayyyyyy too high maintenance

Casey Conner

Try Elta MD uv clear. They have a tinted and non tinted.

Feroz Ahmed

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Legend Luis

drink looks nice

Uji Sungwoon

Hey I recommend buying the centella version because it has more optimal sunscreen filters unlike this one this one doesn’t protect you from much also it doesn’t peel like the comfy water, I can’t explain but there’s an esthetician you tuber named cyrille and he explains the difference between them and why the centella Version is better just wanted to help you if you really like that one why not❤️?also suited for very sensitive skin


"Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation" XD

India Brower

I didnt work for me...reapplication is always the true test! Check out my review on my channel!.CoTZ is my ultimate sunscreen!

Ginny D

This reminds me of how I felt about the Derma E sunscreens, which were mentioned a lot in reviews for having no white cast. It was so finnicky to apply, I think I definitely prefer smoother sunscreens with silicones and isododecane


my fomo needed this. i ordered their centella unscented sun and i didn't want to keep second guessing not getting the comfy water i see everyone hyping. the girls all go crazy whenever a mineral sunscreen doesn't feel like paste


this pills for me too but only around my jaw/sideburn area? honestly still my holy grail tho because I hardly go anywhere these days and just care about being protected hehe, also its the only sunscreen that hasn't exacerbated my acne which is a win


Thank you for this video! I also like other people have moved on from this one to the Centella one as I just couldn't make this work for me. The only way this works for me without leaving any cast or residue on my face is by mixing it with a bronzing serum, which I don't really want to do every day. Also after watching some Lab Muffin Beauty Science videos I'm more and more convinced that the benefits of physical over chemical sunscreen aren't really what we're led to believe. I will try the layering technique though and see if it makes the experience any better.


This sunscreen works wonder for me. I use hadalabo hyaluronic acid serum underneath and cerave mosturiser and top it off with this sunscreen. I have experienced 0 pilling. I hope this helps ya all.

Thiha Zaw

Hi, I watched the skin aqua moisture milk you reviewed! I would want to know who has least white cast ? This Purito or Skin aqua sun milk?

Raw Tin Skin

Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe and thumbs up if you enjoyed :)


You’re always drinking tea, I wonder what ethnicity are you?

Glow By Ramón

I've never related to anything more than the first 10 seconds of this video lol. I was very lukewarm about this when I tested it on my channel. You're 100% correct about the issue with the facial hair and how finicky the sunscreen is. It really does pill kinda bad. It wears great under makeup but I really wouldn't wear it by itself. Have you tried their chemical formulas yet?

Charlie Finance

Was happy to see this this morning! Keep up the good work. Good tips :)

Noah W

Great video. I struggled with the exact same issue. I bought two of these thinking I’d like them but I’d be lying to myself if I said I did. Everything looks great written on paper regarding this sunscreen, but the execution of it just doesn’t add up in my opinion. Also, I’m not sure if you or anyone has also had this same issue as me but it BURNS my skin when I use this on reapplication throughout the day.. very strange: my skin just hates this ?. Cost wise, for only 2oz I’m also discouraged to even reapply this for quantity of what you get. This video is needed for those that want to give this sunscreen a second chance though or have run into these issues. Awesome job.

Salty A

Such a M O O D | why is this me 24/7


You should try Krave Beauty's sunscreen!

John Medina

I clicked on this so fast lol thanks for the review! One of the down sides of having facial hair is having to be meticulous with sunscreen application, especially physical sunscreens. Cast isn’t too bad though.

Physical block sunscreen

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Purito Comfy Water Sun Block DEMO + Review | How to Prevent Whitecast & Pilling | Purito Sunscreen

7 640 views | 2 Sep. 2020

Hello beautiful

Hello beautiful people,

I reviewed #kbeauty Purito Comfy Water Sun Block SPF 50+ PA++++ after using it for 3 Weeks! I highly suggest you to watch this video until the end to know about:

1. Purito Mineral Sunscreen

2. Application of Sunscreen

3. Why you may get Whitecast & Sunscreen Pilling

5. DEMO of How to Use it to Avoid Whitecast & Pilling

6. Reapplication

Products Mentioned:

I'm From Mugwort essence


I'm from - Vitamin Tree Water Gel


Mad Hippie Skin Care Products, Vitamin C Serum




I really hope that this video will be helpful for you guys.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/bebiissh/

BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: [email protected]

Note: I do not claim to be a dermatologist or certified chemist.

What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.



Elle Vis

I love your review! So comprehensive ? I'm definitely gonna buy this because of you. I just wanna ask tho: is it hard to wash off? If so, what cleanser do you use? I just find that most physical sunscreens are hard to wash off because they really cling to my skin so I get vreakouts because of the residue :(

טלי קבדה

Thank you so much! It’s very helpful, I’m black and I tried using so many poc friendly mineral spf and they always left a white cast and pilled . I also think it’s comes a lot to do with the moisturiser. Once I used gel moisturiser I had no white cast but when I used cream moisturiser it gave me a white cast.


I cant wait because I just bought it and so many POC say this is the best physical sunscreen for us but the first time I used it, it did pill so I got discouraged


Does anyone know which sunscreen is for fungal acne?

Salman Khan Crazy Fan

Before this suncreen can I apply cosrx snail essence a, nincimiade serum and alpha arbutin serum please please reply me


Thank you so much for this video!! I was really looking for a good review, thanks!!!❤️❤️??


Are you Nepalese

I have a name

This is really helpfull thank you

north korea

I do watch ya video but no hard feelings need to focus on your tone timing it sounds like you are reading some essay paragraphs hope u will make some changes on ya next video?

Siti Syahirah Shaharuddin

Love this sunscreen soooo much but it triggered my fungal acne ?

Khalida Urfiyya

Very nice review, new subscriber here. I have some question, is it okay for sensitive dry skin?

Lucrece von Kasm

Very useful thank you ????

Quin T

This video is so helpful! I love that you talked about which products can cause pilling with this sunscreen, I never thought of how it might interact with other products!

Also, what lip products are you wearing in this video? It’s so gorgeous!

Feroz Ahmed

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Physical block sunscreen

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Purito Suncreen! Purito Comfy Water Sunblock DEMO and Review!

11 503 views | 25 Aug. 2020

Purito Suncreen! Purito

Purito Suncreen! Purito Comfy Water Sunblock DEMO and Review! #puritosuncreen #purito Purito Comfy Water Sunblock DEMO and Review!

Amazon Purito Comfy Water Sunblock: https://amzn.to/3huD4FF

Yestyle Purito Comfy Water Sunblock: https://ys.style/kM2RNw8fe9


Please Support Miracle Glow Oil:


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Follow me on Instagram @shundaraa


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Aykut Adem Aydin

I didn’t know that u have a code of instyle!! If i would known i for sure used ur code and I ordered this product 2 weeks ago?? thanks for that warm and great review!!?

Nova Alam



Honestly is not that bad! You just look a tad bit sick with the cast but not bad LOL JK try the BADGER SUNSCREEN i recommend (: no cast and it’s mineral but it’s uncoated zinc girl give it a go

Adrienne Arrow

Start with a small amount then layer. Helps reduce white cast

Maryth R

What are your thoughts on the purito SPF19 controversy??

Theresa Rivera

Have you ever tried Unsun everyday sunscreen?


Im on the lighter skin and this left white streaks on my face and pilled up on my nose, i'll pass


As a POC its really hard to find sunscreen with no whitecast :( and im so glad u finally did a review on this one. Did you moisturize before putting on the sunscreen? Also i totally agree about how the west has literally NO sunscreen thats friendly for POC smh its frustrating

Ayaan Hersi

Ordered this two days ago.I live in London and honestly no more summer for us since its always raining ??.Great review ??

Nicole lindsay

Thanks hun. I've been looking for a sunscreen at a reasonable price for quite a while now. So thank God I found this video. Keep on going

Edit Editing

I don’t like purito sunscreen and the reasons is they break my face, they’re are horrible to me.?

Samantha Davis

I don’t think this can beat the CosRx Aloe Vera but it’s a seems like a great physical sunscreen option.


I bought in to the hype and had a massive reaction! I think I’m allergic to chemical sunscreens :( I had the same reaction with the Bioderma Fluid which is another HG for people. It burnt so bad I had to wash them off. I’m still trying to fix the redness I got from them both ? Thanks for another in depth review x

Realbardigang Melancon

Thanks for recommending this.... watching now eye ? ?


I'm skeptical of physical sunscreens that don't leave a white cast. Like how are they protecting the skin from the sun? Also I read that it has a really small amount of zinc and titanium. I dunno I'm not a chemist or anything but some of these korean products seem too good to be true.

no bruh

Could u please do a review on the cerave hydrating cleanser bar? love ur videos❤️


damn you got a VERY beautiful skin ???? its so clean and nice ??

The Korean Fan

The thumbnail ???

Esther Jurado

Watching this video after finishing an entire bottle and the controversy broke out that the spf is possibly lower ?
You are funny I gotta go watch the cerave review video ?

Yasmine Eldesoukie

I looove your laugh ???❤️❤️


Shundara??? Lmfaoo that's actually a dope name though????


idk y but u reviewing bad sunscreens are my favorite vids they are hilarious

Mar A

I love your review! Korean come in all colors, there are tan-darker shades of people there. I feel like they are perfecting skincare that everyone can use.

Meera Devi

Clown sunscreen ?? Love your video!

Macaroni ooo

Why is it purple ong

Meleshni Govender

You need to try Axis y No stress Physical Sunscreen, another Korean brand. It's my holy grail sunscreen.

Monique Morris

Lol I see a white cast on you so I know this is definitely not for me, but you are so entertaining! Loved your review!!


Cotz flawless complexion tinted SPF 50 is an amazing physical only sunscreen for Melanated people. I love it.

Shobhna Mathur

You’re so full of positive energy that I don’t watch you for your reviews as such but I watch you for your bubbly and lovely personality. Be always full of life like this?? I watch your cera ve sunscreen video whenever I feel low because your attitude and laughter brings in so much fun to my soul ?

faiza nahian

I saw you laughing and subscribed immediately

Philip Pillis

This producer is a scam. It peels so much you can't apply it twice during the day and most of the time even just one application is enough to make the product peel. It's gross. Korean skincare is a scam like most of Korean products. Cheap stuff sold like it's the next big thing. Stick to Japanese skincare.

Forever One

I know the nostalgic feeling that sunscreen gives! I love it. It reminds me of the good old days of childhood. Great video. I love your personality and vibes!

Casey Conner

No no no do not spritz with that you are breaking down the sunscreen and it will not work!!!!


OKAY GIRL I just discovered your channel and I love!!! your personality and reviews and videos already

Aby MM

Haven’t tried this one. Too difficult to bring it to Costa Rica. But the other two from Purito. I love it


Corn chips ???

Patricia Larrieux

Can you review the new Cerave cream to foam cleanser and maybe compare it to the original hydrating cleanser ?

Karen Martinez

Review the purito unscented centella. No whitecast, unscented (it smells like nothing) BUT low to almost nonexistent uva filter. Leaves a slightly oily feeling too unless you let it absorb fairly well.


i’m sad cause i wanted to enjoy this sunscreen but i think it broke me out. i’m not sure though? my acne could’ve been caused by something else or how i ate over xmas lmao

butterfly 222

Yeeeey! I’ve been thinking about buying this one, I bough the centella one unscented but it’s too heavy for my skin! Also, do you have any recommendation for a good moisturizer for oily skin, nothing seems to work for me :/
I’ve tried CeraVe lotion, iunik gel, aloe Vera gel, the ordinary moisturizer !

Ashley Marie

CORN CHIPS— That's what it is!! I recently got this sunscreen and couldn't put my finger on what it smelt like.

Philip Pillis

Also it's not waterproof, a travesty


I’m not gonna say I manifested this video, but we’re a similar complexion and I was about to buy this product today and thought “I wish Shundara made a video about it first”

Adrienne Arrow

I like the centella one because its more moisturizing

Jessica Bell

Oahu from Oahu, l love the centella green level from purito it also has no white cast

Iylana James

I wanted to love this sunscreen. But it worked the first time I used it and every other time it would just peel and not even soak into my skin!

Timberr 55

Omfg i almost died when i saw that thumbnail ?⚰

Jee Jean Medel

You always got me with the way you laugh ?❤. Would you consider reviewing "Mugwort vs Honey Mask from I'm from"?

C Shines

Okay. You got me. It’s still a contender. ?

Oh no. I was so hopeful about this one. I heard such good things.

Amy B

Good morning girllly ive always wanted this sunscreen im excited to see the rest of this vid

Jennie Ruby

Do you think this sunscreen is hydrating enough for someone with dry skin? Especially in the winter time?

Matin Sharifi

I literally waited months to buy this and JUST pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered it .....paid extra and all to get it to Canada. omg thank you for reviewing it!! I hope you get a chance to review all of their sunscreens to compare and contrast.

I diiieddd when you called the Cerave one "clown sunscreen" with "all sorts of white cast" haahhaha too good

Josiphia Rizado

Girl....your laugh makes my day....?You are right, i just ordered that sunscreen even before watching your video. Purito is great

Karen O Roberts

I have this sunscreen but because my skin is so dark, it leaves a white cast so I only use it under makeup and it is light and smooth and looks perfekt under makeup.On no makeup days I use the Centella green level unscented spf and it melts like butter into my dark skin. I love Purito products

Daher Drawshe

I really hate this sunscreen feels gross on the face dry yet sticky and oily and its too watery I feel like applying enough is hard because my face doesn’t absorb it and it gets to a point where I’m just moving it around my face and I’m not dark skinned and i like the whitecast that comes with sunscreens specially when they’re mate and this one has a glowing finish and doesn’t match my pale aesthetic and it’s not water proof i didn’t feel protected while using it

Sonali Manandhar

Plz do a review on some by mi truecica 100 mineral sunscreen


New to your channel, but I really enjoy your videos! It is a great sunscreen. I have trouble w it pilling on the face tho, with my moisturizer. I use it for my chest, neck, and arms. Also, you are a wizard with the blending and getting it to sink in the skin. I am a pale white girl and even I can’t get it to blend it as well as you do. Jealous of your skill!


I love you girl, but there is A LOT OF WHITE CAST! Not blue berry scary, but you still look ashy as hell. Again, love you but you dead wrong about this sunscreen ?

Nikute Williams

I tried it and it just gets really dry and after a time, I can't rub it in anymore, it just pills. I have to trying with a different serum or moisturizer underneath, bc I was layering this with The Buffet and the from The Ordinary and the Cerave PM (sure it was The Buffet though), so maybe it just doesn't play well with that. Skintone is like Coverfx N90 if this help anyone

Mark Ryan

Your laugh is so infectious ? can you try Altruist spf30 sunscreen as well?? ?


OMG i've been waiting for this so long!! Lets compare it with the other versions of Purito sunscreen you like ❤️ i'll wait for it, hope you and you guys have a nice day