Natural hair and skin products

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My QUICK Morning Routine | Skin + Natural Hair

194 184 views | 15 Oct. 2020

#ad You guys know I like

#ad You guys know I like to take the phrase “Rise & Shine” SERIOUSLY, especially when it comes to skincare! That’s why the Raedia Facial Brush by VanityPlanet is definitely worth a try! Get over 70% off here: http://my.vanityplanet.com/cmspa70 Code: CMSPA70

Two Sided Hairbrush https://amzn.to/3dpVkyE

Comb https://bit.ly/375LSPZ

Leave-in Conditioner https://amzn.to/3nUklqS

Coconut Oil Gel https://bit.ly/33Vir0Z

Edge Brush https://amzn.to/3nSlyi8

Edge Flourish Serum https://bit.ly/33Wklyo

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She may not be an expert, but she’s experienced! From business to babies to the big screen, Christina Milian shares what she’s learned while doing it all. You ready? Really? Truly? Maybe? New episodes every Thursday at 10AM PST. #ReallyTrulyMaybe #ChristinaMilian #MorningRoutine #Skincare

Kin Original Series.

Geneva Nevaa

Your eyebrows are everything!



Judith Shalom

This video did bring a smile to my face!

Rachelle Colin

The key is to keep taking your prenatal vitamins but double the dosage for the first 6 months. Then keep a regular dose for the rest all year round. And for violet's hair use leave in conditioner,

Gabby C

I am LIVING for that cute giggle! And omg that beautiful muted sage top looks so stunning on your skin! Melanin come thruuu ? also, I hate my sideburns but you rock on sis ?? keep the fun vids coming!! xx

Tayy Taye

I've been a fan since I was 20. I'm 36. Your positive personality radiates your beauty, on another level?. So damn beautiful miss christina

Natasha Okisa

You're so beautiful ❤

Tim Uchwat

By any chance were you on Disney Channel's Movie Surfers? I love Movie Surfers so much

Karla Guity

OMG! You don't look as a mom of two children, you are an inspiration for all of us

Noy Bounyasouk

So so beautiful back then and STILL so so beautiful...always Loved your natural Beauty ?❤

I'sha LOVE

I remember she came to my High school back in the day and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ijs she is a timeless beauty ❤❤❤❤❤❤

TiffyBiff TheWonderGirl

Shoutout to ya moms, making sure her babies’ hairs are LAID, LOOKIN RITE, ON POINT lol!! I know that’s right!!!!

halimatou diallo


Chantal Jimenez

Videos en español plis ??


I started putting my unit on my hair everyday like gluing it down i dont feel nice tbh and depressed so it helps

Leeanna Mai Yang

The most beautiful natural face I've ever seen on YouTube


I would love to see a curly hair routine!

Laura Cherubin


Veronica Renteria

Such a gorgeous lady!!!

Mrs.Chrisla Victor

hello hello everyone ?

Sylvie Taty

Hello Christina cool Tu es belle comme un coeur ?très intéressant Ma fille est métisse elle a les mêmes cheveux que toi Elle bichonne ses cheveux comme toi prendre soin Je t'aime toi Violet votre petit garçon et toute ta belle petite famille tendresse maman Sylvie ???

Eleisha Tamiya

So, so stunning!

Ziamarie Santana dumas




Miss Sophia

Hey Girl!!!!
I loved this video. Nice routine! Thx 4 sharing! Im a minimal less is more, natural makeup type, put it in bun girl! Whewww that was a lot! lol... That is my signature look!! Yes girl, its all about the swoop and dnt 4 get the baby hairs!!!!Gotta get it right!!! Lol...Its so easy and classy!!

I had been trying 2 figure out who you remind me of 4 the longest and it hit me! You remind me of a young Victoria Rowel aka Drucilla from The Young&Restless!!!. She could be your mom!! Yall really do favor!

Anyway stay fly and keep doing you! P.s. "Dip it low" it still my jam!!!! Much love

Trinette Lester

So beautiful ?

Talliea Sharriea

You are so pretty

Ashley Fullard

Must be nice to be beautiful

Hayla Magdalene

I love your skin!!??

Tjiza Tjimune

Her energy is the best ❤

Katala Pierre

You look very beautiful .

Sister Community

Tell me why at 0:10 I wanted her so badly to say from am to pm ??‍♀️... so I said it for her

Connie R Montoya

So t hide
Your hair lea e itoose


A beauty!


in some angles she looks like rihanna

Just Sedi

Beautiful, gorgeous...???

Idk Idk

You are so beautiful inside and out ❤️?✨

Levan Walker

Hi Christine Millian which sense is a family members you still look beautiful sorry i feel you as a Film Director etc... Bottom you still looking good


Christina I didn't know you had a channel glad I found it you look beautiful blessings ???

NativeMoe Risin

Great video. God bless ?

Precious Jewel

She is flawless

Really, Truly, Maybe with Christina Milian

What's key to your morning routine?


Love it ? do more hairstyles and makeup routines

Enava 33

She’s so beautiful, this is the first time I realize her features are very similar to Selena Gomez.
Facial structure, smile, lips, nose,...

Toni with an I

Looks like she started with eye makeup

Lola Is Pure

I can't help but like you honestly. Your little cute frame, cutie latina ur so warm and jovial, like i could be ur friend if i knew you, i can tell. Bonne continuation ma chérie ?❤


Yup did another big chop starting over after 4yrs of natural healthy long hair. Woke up the same way. Still recovering trying to get my hair to grow back now ?

Kimberly Walters

Great video!!

Mellex Provence

She looks way better than Beyoncé i feel like she is very underated

Milord Milord

Que alegría poder ver esos videos tuyos❤? amo todas las pelis en que participas ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Nina LK

My favorite actress has a youtube ??? yayy!! Her personality is amazing ??

Kagendo Kaecha

How's she prettier than she was when Dip it low came out and I still stan at that girl

Tirzah Hines

One of my favorite actors!!! So happy I found your channel! Pure beauty ??

Culton Litdayton

Ha ha ha

Linx Linx

Nice woman.


Boy i always thought i am not ageing. Christina you beat me by far. Looking good girl!!!!!!

Tari Adriana

She said "here's how to get ready on 5mins". 14 minutes later, all we saw was a simple hairdo and lots of talk??? but since u're kind of a cute sight I ended up watching all ur pretty hair idky ???‍♀️

Kimberly Stewart

Christina, I loved this video and your channel is so much fun. You inspired me to buy the facial scrubber. I went on the site and your code was not accepted. Did I do something wrong? Can you help me please.

Cynthia Abreu




Bree Nicole

My 4b/4c hair said “NO” to that slick back lol

zenus x Wop


Regina Rossetti

Always loved you Christina Milian. Such a down to earth sweet and beautiful person. ❤️

Geneva Nevaa

Can we just see the baby already lol

fear no agent


Ashleia G

Christina is Such a Beauty???

Shanti D my 80/20 life

She’s don’t going to have a damn wrinkle even when she 50 lol

Kristen Scott

So likable


how is she 39??!! she looks AMAZING!!!!


Her beauty cannot be denied. This woman is stunning


you are glowing sis


So gorgeous as always❤

Debbie Valenzuela

Makeup tutorial please! ?

ryan Amari

Even before the ponytail it looked good out...either way very nice

Abigail de Souza

Obsessed with this beauty !

Diana Mwangi

More videos

Marliah Guerra

I would be mad as hell if she was my mom .

jermaine lindo

merry christmas christina milia

janelli Nell

Gorgeous just gorgeous

Michelle Makoni

Love your caramel skin..

Dionne’s Life

Your bubbly personality is everything!!

Golden Love

You are such a beautiful and sweet person your skin is beautiful also when are you coming out with more Christmas movies I love every movie you make but I really love your Christmas movies .

Trinette Lester

Wait... Did she say her hair is falling out while selling hair products? ?

Bree' Dennis

First of all I thought she had makeup on to begin with ??? *cries in ugly

Jasmine wray

Can your mom do your hair for one day

King Queen Princess

Of course it takes you 5 min to get ready your literally PERFECT?

Jasmine wray

Can we get a real hair routine please I’m having a hard time with my natural hair

Christina Sena

I love that you are so open with your viewers it makes you real with real problems and unfortunately so many celebs try to be fake

Valerie Reyes

I'm so proud of u mija Christian milian you've come a long way life has been good to u keep up the amazing work ?

Ambition Is A Must

Wow, I just watched love don’t cost a thing and now I see this. Should have known YouTube was spying on me. Hey girl!!!!

Taneshia Davis

Do a night time routine christina

Be yourself Love

Ur always been this beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ombre Ombre

Quanto sei bella dolcissima elegante ?✌????

Gayle Brown

Beautiful as always love your sunny smile.

yo yo

She rambles alot

Samara Espinosa

In a 14 min + video

velma smith

No such thing.


Love, love, LOVE YOU! Been a fan since day 1! Love from Hawaii ?

Miss G

Hi from France ☺️! I've just stumbled on your vid. You're so natural and not superficial at all!

Allyson Grant-Stuart

I love your voice you sound so sweet

Natural hair and skin products

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Mildly Boujie Morning Pamper Routine (With Natural Hair) | Jackie Aina

713 069 views | 10 May. 2020

hang out with me while I

hang out with me while I do some morning pampering and self care! this is my moderately boujie "everyday" morning routine. including a little natural hair styling. enjoy!

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:

arm & hammer toothpaste

fresh soy face cleanser

dermalogica daily microfoliant

fresh creme ancienne mask

dry brush

bite beauty agave lip scrub

goldwell ultra volume body pumper foam

kinky curly spiral spritz

goldwell lagoom jam gel (for edges)

pixi rose tonic

SKII facial treatment essence

guidance to glow copper complex peptide

biossance eye creme

murad revitalixir serum

olay regenerist spf

guidance to glow retinol

philosophy fresh cream lotion

sol de janeiro body spray

fresh cream fragrance

nars oil control primer

nars tinted glow booster

nars sheer glow foundation

pat mcgrath concealer

fenty pro filt'r powder

becca chocolate geode highlighter

fenty bronzer "cocoa naughty"/"mocha mami"

uoma beauty brow pencil

fenty beauty gloss bomb

C O N N E C T W I T H M E:

instagram: @jackieaina

snapchat: jackieaina

facebook: Jackie Aina

twitter: @jackieaina

B U S I N E S S:

For business inquiries please contact [email protected]

*Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships.

Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)

Phil 4:13

Sharice LenayXo

Beautiful girl ?

S Bella

Lovely finished look???

Cecelia 24

“Powder not the cream , they can keep that” ? I love you Jackie !


3:31?????? THANK YOU! I don’t understand y people neglect those areas!

Romulus The Maine Coon

I love Fresh and Philosophy! You look so glowy and happy in this. But I missed "Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie"....


for the ones that disliked this video... can you state why below?? I am trying to comprehend..


I cry. Me and Jackie use the same toothpaste brand. <3

Angel Harmony

Wait....some people don’t wash their legs?. Those people are dirty?.

Sahara Myangel

People don’t wash their legs? WHAATTT

Dani Haga

I literally can’t stop watching her videos!!

Telma Silva

Beautiful ?

Random AF

And again wash them legs lol

Amina Kanu

I really just want to live as Jackie for a week

Anjel Kazina

I could just imagine my husband screaming “Damn you not ready yet?” ??

Bumba’s Life

Hold on people don’t wash their legs?!?!?!


I live for this video realness!!! But really thoo how long does auntie's grwm? ???

Monique Mzmo dudek

Yeah right let's be extra for the tube


Personality love it


I dry brush every single day. I do it in the shower before i turn the water on. I don’t want no skanky skin on my bathroom floor thanks. You need to brush in straight strokes towards your heart. I don’t do circular movements. It makes me feel so invigorated. After the shower comes hydration. Also, make sure you clean your brush!


I know I’m late, but ... If Jackie and Issa Rae don’t get together and do a MF Zoom quarantine GRWM ... !!! Insecure is over for now and I need some more Glow Queen Goddess Awkward energy !!!


I have struggled soooooo long with back acne and the associated scarring, seeing those shots meant so much to me ❤❤


anyone knows where I can get the hair brush from?

Lakeshia Barnes

Love to see it!

Pamela Johnson

Jackie ❤️❤️ the video and product selection ? will be purchasing ? for sharing stay safe and healthy

Kayla Gore

“What the hell kinda video you think this is?” Yo I am dead!! ????


I like this grwm, with your pretty hair

Nolant Hair

So pretty

Shandi Pandi

lol she so cute eating the lip scrub.

Its Amou

I love this ?

Shola Oslo

Beautiful skin

Sandra Ikide


LaToya Mal

What kind of tongue cleaner do you use?

Maria Campos

Thanks learn something today

Naima Dahir NayNaychanel

Team jackie ???


My skin would be so broken out if I put all that on my face plus makeup.


“backne” i’ve never heard of this word before but i’m screaming ??

Jaedlyn Perez

Where do you get that headband that you used while you washed your face? I need something like that.


How am I just now finding you? You’re hysterical! Arm and Hammer toothpaste slaps!!!

D. B.

"I can't get botox so I do have to wear deodorant now" ??????


Is not washing your legs a thing? That’s crazy

Taeler Wilkerson

So shady i love it

Rachel L

Miss Jackie, did you cut holes in the fingers if the exfoliating gloves to accommodate your nails??? Bc that’s genius, taking notes

Chandler Green

Who dont wash their legs?

Niesha H

❤️?? Black folk say rag, white people say wash cloth lol ?


"not cream, they can keep that!" ?


I love that this is a voice-over, but your facial expression are on point lol ??

Alexx Y

What brand translucent powder?

Lamar North

I’ve watched this video 5 times I f*ckin love her ?

The Ratchet Christian

I’m ashamed that I’m just now finding out how hilarious you are ?

Alicia Moody

Natural state yasssss

Mo loves natural hair

Your skin is amazing?

Starz Review

Tell em bout that tongue auntie!


Who is not washing thier legs? Unnie...you weren't lying when you said this is bouji...

Hemna Musunur

4:17 idk if this is just me or this is really satisfying to watch

Divine Akporaye

Could you list out the products?


This woman has strong eyes, she can literally wash her face with her eyes open! I need this power

tarra carboni

I know your skin is soft....I’ve been using exfoliating gloves and dry brushing for years, and my Husband (and my kids) won’t keep their hands off me. They tell me my skin is so soft and addicting to touch.


Just gorgeous!!!! ???

Paige Whitfield

Do something affordable & time worthy for us Uni/Med/Nursing students. Our bank accounts and time ain't there yet.

Linda Taylor

I absolutely love your hair like that!! So naturally beautiful!!!

Jungoo Kookie

Sometimes I’m too tired to wash my legs

Miss Cherise

Ugh sis I’m manifesting this video ??‍♀️ I wanna live this life, wake up and film in my expensive bathroom suite, then get cute in the overtly spacious glam room ???‍♀️

KB Hall

@jackieaina what brushes were you using?

Michelle Phillips-Thompson

So pretty.

Nashe L

?There is something really sexy and feminine about self care❤ people be like you take to long to get ready, I'm like I got shit to do to myself, leave me alone.

Mallory Yahne

Bro who the hell be out here not washing their legs. I’m concerned now.

Kalynn Harris

I still dont know how people dont wash their legs.....


i wish i was this high-maintenance tbh


Omg I have such a love hate with the soy cleanser. Anybody else who’s tried it...does it or does it not smell like a cucumber? I feel like I’m snorting a salad every time I use it. Good cleanser though!!!

Beatrice Chris

jackie what blush is that?

Joniesha Hayes

omgg what texture is your hair?

Leila Dennis


bibie barbie

Jackie: “Please don’t google the price”
Me: Head on right to google

Breanna Galafata

Lol you remind me of Issa Rae!!

Dolphine Akoth

I have back acne too

Rezzy Haith

Please bring a tutorial with human skin.

Foxy Lovelace

I've never been more shook in my life than I was seeing you apply cream to your own back....

Michael Bradley

Just stunning ✨

Praise Osas

Lovely! ?

It's ME Christina B.

This is my favorite video of yours ??

Chanel Power


Francesca Ridge

I’m the same way about breakfast! I HAVE to eat in the morning!!

Bee Bee

There seems to be a trend in the self care videos of the ladies telling adults to wash their legs. So people are still taking "movie" showers? When the water just runs over you and thats it. ?


you sounded like Beyoncé when you said “the hell kind of video you think this is”

Insha Zeeshan

I WANNA brush my tongue, but my gag reflex won't let me?.


5:33: slapping is not for your skincare its for the time in your bed

Koffee Please

She said light beat but why is that a full face glam for me????

Levi Weller



lol her nails poke out of the exfoliating gloves

Talisa Brewer

Omg that stomach looks so fucking GOOD .. Looking at mines, just flabby ?

Marian M

What brand are the leopard print head wrap and the black satin scarf?

Jas Simone


Joyita Afamasaga


Lorraine Muguru

I love how she says eau de toilette????

Tiffany Lee

The makeup is the best without doing a lot. This is my favorite makeup look.


Jackie you’re beautiful

jikirit salem


tigress _

I HAVE to use lotion, always...no matter what, my skin is too dry for me to even think about leaving the house without lotion

via bitch


Belina B

Love Jackie I don’t comment often but I’m here supporting ??

Natural hair and skin products

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Decluttering My NATURAL HAIR & SKIN CARE Product Stash!

3 793 views | 10 Oct. 2020



I recently moved into a new space so I decided to declutter my hair product stash.

Relaxation Playlist: https://bit.ly/RelaxVibe77

Candlelight Playlist:http://bit.ly/candleshowerz

? Become a Witty, subscribe NOW: http://bit.ly/2mgECXq

? My website:http://www.prettywitty77.com

Join The Witty Book Club!

Goodreads . com — add Prettywitty77 as friend — add group “The Witty Book Club?”

Read for free: Get a library card from your local library, enter your library card # into the app “LIBBY” and read and/or listen to thousands of books FOR FREE!

#naturalhair #productstash #deepconditioner


✰ Business Inquires ONLY: [email protected]

✰ Send Video Request: [email protected]


Whitney J.


P.O.Box 81353

Austin TX 78708

❤︎ Are we friends on social media yet? ❤︎

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2n2fnLh

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2mAkhgv

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2mh3D4B

Tumblr: http://bit.ly/2ndZiU2

If you are reading this, comment if your product collection is smaller or bigger than mine.

*FTC: not sponsored*

Erica Ford



I would have just combined like items and mixed them together; for the ones that barely have product in them I put hot water in them and make daily sprays out of them.

debbie gordon

Holla at your girl so i can give you my mailing address


@prettywitty77 how long did it take for you to transition from textlaxed to natural again... Ive been with you for a long time on YT I thought you were crazy when you did that. Now my hair is about the length of yours when you decided no more perms and my arms feel like they gonna fall off on my head alone forget my husband and daughter....

Adriona Isom

Can you show us how you use the bio oil??

Shantil Wallace

Gang gang

Healy Means

hi witty ?
nice decluttering video. i know the people who are getting your donations will be very happy. tfs ????

Jessica F

How do you like the Supergoop sunscreens? Where did you get the back stock storage containers?

debbie gordon

That creme of nature straight from eden serum i would like that one. Can u send me that one

Maude Mccoy

This video was chillin...???


Idk if Talid products work but the 3 I have smell awful and I don’t want to walk around smelling like a granny ?

Just Ashley

What do you pair the Camille Rose lavender leave in with? I don’t like their gels lol

debbie gordon

African pride pre poo also

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

You have a lot of products oooooh weeeee LoL.
Now the Cantu leave in conditioner, you don't like that because I just repurchase that after not using it for a very long time and I just got it about a month ago, some people feel that it leaves their hair dry but it really likes my hair I just put a little one at a time and then I just seal it in with some grape seed oil.Now CeraVe products I use those two they are bomb and my skin is so beautiful and clear and smooth. Thank you God bless you ??

Dabria G-force


Precious Thurman

Enjoyed watching this. I use some of the same products but I keep my stash to a decent size. Too many products will have my husband asking too many questions that I won’t answer. ?


This was so relaxing

Myeisha Thompson

Just bought a whole bunch of ordinary products I’ve heard great things about them so I can’t wait to see what it does for my skin. If you’re looking for a good sunscreen get Blsck Girl Sunscreen from Target I’ve repurchased that doesn’t leave a white cast or leave you looking oily.
So I went to Walmart thinking I was getting CeraVe but somehow someway I ended up buying Cetaphil it’s actually pretty good and very gentle.

Olivia N. Matthew

Can you share more on the tangle free pudding by naturally smitten 13:45? Have you done a a full wash day or style with Obia naturals? TFS


I like the fall cleaning, it’s a great way to start back exhaling.

Toya S

Our stash is about the same size!


you can send me those products you don't like lol. :)

Aaliyah Shabazz

Soultanicals still sells the kink drink at Sally’s and on Sally’s website

Erica Ford

Where in the whole world did you get the CeraVe SA cleanser??? It is sold out EVERYWHERE in Houston..?? I went to their IG and it was comment after comment of people not being able to get it in the stores.

Myrna J

WittyGang!!!???‍♀️ Let's see if my Product Collection is the same as yours.?

Melody Paul

You can donate open and used hair and bath products ?

debbie gordon

That Trader Joe’s hand wash lavender I’ll take

debbie gordon

That Tallahassee wajid

Kayla Kelly

I need help so bad. I dont know the first thing to do to start my natural hair journey

S pas

Sis, what is the cheaper alternative to that African Pride pre poo?

Naturally Kool

My stash is much smaller. I don't like having more than what's needed. Tfs??
Miche line is my next to try?


I love watching videos like this because it motivates me to CLEAN MY STASH... LOL! I might just drive from Houston to Austin to get some of that Camille Rose ... LOL!

Cassandra W

I already knew your collection would have mine beat Whit. I was trying not to take notes and go spend money.. And i would like to see how u use the Bio oil.