Salon treatments

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SALON BEAUTY TREATMENTS AT HOME?! Dying My Hair, Lash Lift & Gel Nails | Hannah Renée

35 980 views | 7 Feb. 2021

hey angels! bit of a

hey angels! bit of a different video today but I thought it'd be fun to do some beauty treatments together! I coloured my hair, gave myself a lash lift and also did my own gel nails! Hope you enjoy, let me know what videos you want to see next!

semi permanent colour: https://bit.ly/3cNOHIg (realised this isn't cruelty free? if anyone has an alternative pls let me know!)

lash lift kit: https://bit.ly/39SGh0l

mylee nail kit: https://bit.ly/36NmSMA

All artwork & branding (including my banner) designed by Carbon Creative - https://www.carboncreative.net/ ??





HANXRENEE10 gives 10% off any lashes & brushes!



HANXRENEE20 gives 20% off!



£25 off your first trip with airbnb.co.uk



TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hanxrenee

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Add me on Snapchat! @hanxrenee

BUSINESS ONLY: [email protected]


Hannah Renee

Carbon Creative Ltd



Salford, Manchester

M50 2AB


Some of the links above are affiliate links which means I make a lil bit of commission every time you guys shop through them! I really appreciate you all using them & helping a girl out :D

I love you to the moon and back ♡??

Sophie Henderson

Hannah literally has the most perfect nose❤️

Anna xo

So so beautiful ❤️

Suha Hammad

Just finished an exam and omg! This is the perfect timing!

izzy beckett

yayyy so happy to see you han, love a good pamper?also your hair colour is stunningggg xxx

Amelia Anne

Han would you be able to remember the lip balm you have on just before you do lashes ? look so good cc

Samantha Moloney

Love your hair Han the colour and the way you styled it. Your so pretty girl. Lots of love from Ireland ?? xx

Becky Daly

Love a Han upload on a Sunday ??

Maddy B

Love the video! Hope you’re keeping well ?

Micheline Reeves

OMG I just found out that nails are just dead skin cells like wtf!!! ?

georgia lambert

I love your nails they look so good! x

By Gery

Girl, you should try Polygel nails ??I love it! ?

Joylene Yt


Ell New

Love this video ! What shade of brown is your hair

Lauren Slater

Going to try this one of the days I don’t have lectures this week?got a hair dye, brow dye as my brows look so light!! And going to try gel nails like you did!! Hope you’ve had a fab weekend!x

Leahanne Haworth

I love the Mylee nail stuff ?? xx

Coral xoxo

I do SNS at home, and just use a normal file to buff off the shiney top coat, then soak longer! Works so much better and no drill!!!! Also, how you did your lash lift is mental id be petrified ??

Tori Salinger

Loving your content so much recently! Looking beautiful as always ??

Tasha W

I need a pamper so I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff, can’t wait to watch this??‍♀️❤️

Hannah and Mia

Love a little pamper, can’t wait to watch??

Charlotte Louise

Absolutely love this xx

Hollie Farmer

Yay here she is loving your uploads recently so good! Hope you’re well ❤️

Molly Hunt

hope you are doing okay Han ❤️

Laina Claydon

When I tried to do a lash lift I couldn’t get the thing stuck to my eyelid!!!!! Like it just wouldn’t stick!!

Jem Louise

I don’t know what it is, but since the new year, you seem so much more like yourself and content. It really comes across ? loving your recent content. Gives me old Han vibes (in the best possible way!)

Sophie Taylor

Omg I’ve always wanted to do a lash lift from home.. can’t wait to watch this!!?❤️ To anyone else reading this, I hope youre having an amazing weekend?? Stay safe whilst seeing your family and friends!! Remember to keep smiling, lots of love a small time YouTuber trying to spread positivity❤️❤️


Okay but the hair results??wowww


I've been renovating my parents kitchen and it has really been worth the time and effort. I would definitely say since finding your channel i really enjoy watching you're videos x?

Emily Anderson

Loved this!??

Emily Thompson

I find your voice so calming for some reason ??


We have snow where I live today, so my Sunday has been a snow day! Love this video Han? happy Sunday xx

chloe rose

you look so pretty ?

Chloe McMahon

Yay here first ? loving the content Hannah x

K ひ

Can u do a shoe collection ?

tmb xo

this was so fun to watch, you made everything look so easy haha. I love your nails the colour is so cute omg!! I was wondering if you know/remember where you got your drawer organisers from for your smaller Alex drawers? I’m in need of some but can’t find any that look good ?Xxx


Hope your weekend is going well lovely!! I’m just working ???

Matilda Ellis

Love your videos! What do you use on your lips in the intro of this video! They look so shiny and smooth x

Aminah Shakoorah

Good morning?bienas ares ??


Loving the content recently Han :) would we be able to see a revitalash journey and see some results/reviews? X

Madison Lee

Me and my sister did lash lifts on each other and we had the same problem but we realised that you need to leave the glue for a bit so it gets tacky! Also we used it to laminate our brows and it works amazing??

Julie Li

I've just done my nails too with the exact same kit! Highly recommend! ❤️

Emily Evans

What shade was the hair dye you used? Xx

Megan Ince

hey the bottle name/shade in the video is different in the link? just wanna get the right one? xxxx

Em W

Use eyelash glue instead of what it comes with. I found that easier x

Blue Belle

so much effort lol

phoebes life

i love you happy sundayyy ❤️


Try using an earbud to lift the lashes next time, works much better!x

Courtney Phillips

What is the build in a bottle gel you mentioned?

Joylene Yt

Best thing to watch after a long week of working in the hospital ☺️☺️


Omg im really scared of “at home lash lift” but you look gorg han❤️

Chloe Liddiatt

love doing a little pamper! Xx

Hannah May Farrow

Love a good pamper sesh! ? really want to try an at home lash lift... should I be brave and give it a go?? ?? hope everyone is having a lovely day ✨

Mollie Jayne

What was the wella colour you used ?loved the vid x

hebele hübele

Wow 0 dislikr

Nicola Davies

What brand is the ‘build in a bottle’ that you use? X

Heather Jayne

Love this ❤️

Aimee Mckillop

i love a pamper day! and awk you doing your day makes me miss my salon i haven’t been able to open it in ages?but you look beautiful girly?xx

Emma Tarbuck

Love you gorgeous just love seen your beautiful face love you love videos literally queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Brandon

Hi! Just a tip, make sure you don’t leave your gel near your lamp whilst you’re curing your nails as it can cure the gel in the bottle! ☺️

Tash Elmer

Hey! Can you please link the nail drill if you know where it was from??

LOVE your content at the moment ??

rachael bambrough

Sorry if it’s already been said but what shade is the gel nail polish?? Xx

Salon treatments

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Secrets to Get the Best Treatment at the Hair Salon

175 771 views | 14 Nov. 2019

Want to learn the secrets

Want to learn the secrets to having a successful day at the hair salon? Step one, put away your phone! “If you're getting a haircut and your heads pointed down the entire time it's 100% going to affect the final shape,” Min Kim, the master color specialist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York, told Inside Edition. She says it's okay to bring a photo of the look you're going for but be realistic by not looking at the model’s face but at the hair and structure.



Iggy Azalea

Iggy is the Queen of rap. Don’t respond to me

Leah Frost

Tip the staff just because your a gold digger

n5 n

Notification gang where you at

Duane Ayers

Also don't fall asleep ?

Lazea Sejhal

Where is Lisa aguero

Rita C

1:10 reminds me of that Black Mirror episode where people have ratings xD

Tyler Larson

Common sense

Ms Elyne

I read the title incorrectly, I thought they would tell us secret types of stuff to put to our hair

Qaisarra' hayatdy :D


Christina Butler

Great vid....but pls do a video on tips for going to a Black hair salon...?

Emilia Lou

I have a love-hate relationship with hair dresser.




But... but my local salon closes on Wednesday ;(

Isaac Downs

i just realized.

i do all these things.

Mia Moo


Philliesphan444 _2

who looks at a phone during a haircut? your phone is gonna get covered in hair

Haseeb Khan

I Always tip the the friendly neighborhood Hooker!!!

Gabriel Banuelos

What about bald people


:o 3rd

Socom Master

So where is Lisa? Does she not work at Inside Edition anymore?

-pastelly -


Aleigha Brooke

Or just be friends with hairdresser............mind blown?

Deaths _Beloved2002

I have had the same hairdresser since i was in elementry school. There is no front desk lady and they don't do walk ins they build there own clientele. Who spread the word for them. And my hair dresser tells me where to put my head so i angle my phone to where i can still see it and i don't get wacked up trims when she cuts my ends. Sooo..... .

ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW

I want to go to a fancy hair saloon to see if they will shave my head

Hanin Fadel

You see everything on inside edition, I mean everything

Oblivious Potato

Wow I’ve never been one of the first 10 viewers!


I did all of this but still got treated poorly by my stylist to the point it was so obvious she just wanted to be done with me and grab lunch with her coworker :( I guess I just caught her on a bad day...

Iggy Azalea

Iggy is the Queen of rap. Don’t respond to me

Iggy Azalea

Iggy is the Queen of rap. Don’t respond to me



Dani Moen

This video be acting like we don't know this already lollllll

Tech Unboxing Videos


joe papa




D3luxe Synix


Victoria Brooke

tip assistants? I only tip the person doing the service.


I've seen 9999 "Second" comments but not actually watching it.

kingstarboy14 Plays

Saloons in the the 1800s people stared at gun shoot outs

Peace & Namaste

First tip should be: put on a mask so u dont die from cv. Gross!

Iggy Azalea

Iggy is the Queen of rap. Don’t respond to me

Spongebob Squarepants

“Put away your cellphone”

Literally 5 seconds later

0:18 - girl using her cellphone while getting her hair done

farah catlvr

Lisa guerrero would confront the cell phones

Beatriz Bio



Early ?

Hair Trendy

helpful content!

xxbare bearsxx

Can you bring Lisa back?!!



Stop saying your first It doesn't matter

Salon treatments

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12 Products For At-Home Salon Treatments

86 082 views | 8 Apr. 2020

These 12 products will

These 12 products will have you feeling pampered from the comfort of your home. Each beauty product helps create a similar result to a common salon treatment. The Baby Foot peel gives chemical-peel results for just $25. The Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula makes at-home extractions simple, offering facial-like results.

Baby Foot:


Dr. Wonder Nail Paraffin Hot Spa:


Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula:


Split-Ender Pro:




Etude House Tint My Brows Gel:


RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer:


Pro-Wax100 Kit:


Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit: https://www.leminimacaron.com/collections/gel-manicure-kits

The Barber's Edge:


Lashify Control Kit:


Nose Hair Instant Waxing Kit:



I Tried A $145 DIY Lash-Extensions Kit | Beauty Or Bust


We Tested 4 Temporary Hair Color Sprays That Change Your Hair Color In Seconds


What's The Best Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes?



#DIY #Home #BeautyInsider

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12 Products For At-Home Salon Treatments


If only I had money


Why do the baby feet when you have glue at home?


149$ for a full razor??? i think tf not.

Moiya 3 years ago


Melissa Waltke

Hehe second

Daisy Parry

Bc of Quarantine


Soap n scissors will do ❤️
Anyone for a 10p face mask?

Daniel Louis

can anyone tell me if those skin spatula/scrubber things really work?


When you have curly hair and you cut it, a tiny bit uneven- ness wouldn’t show

Saharsh Tiwari

Iam happy with my soap??




People removing their nose hairs. Effing trying to be hipsters and shit.

AnaM. D.

Why would any sane person wax their nose hair? It makes no sense.

And that dude scraping his face and looking not very confident while doing it ??? I hope it was worth it lol

Klara Barunović

No tnx

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Official

Watch this video


1:30 ah yes the floor her is made out of floor.

•Mary Joy Lapuz•


Kame Kameko

Do not wax your nose hair ffs, those hairs grow there for a reason.

Cherry Tran

At home? They choosed the correct time to post this vid. ????

Daisy Parry


saikik gf

Why should I get a peel-off brow when im stuck in quarantine?

saikik gf

im broke srry.