Kiss on your tattoos

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August Alsina - Kissin On My Tattoos

25 177 views | 27 Mar. 2014

New Single from August

New Single from August Alsina entitled Kissin On My Tattoos all music and lyrics belong to the artist no copyright infringements intented strictly for promotional use only

Yoonyiia '

Why not in my country


ill kiss on his tattoos lawwwwd yes i love august!!!!!

Danielle bailey

Anyone listening in 2021

Christiana Guercin

This song put me in my feelings like you just don't understand???❤

Valdese Dildy

I love this song. You are a awesome singer.

kevelyn wright

love this song but I hate it has the same picture thrw the whole song

Not Lucky Just Blessed

Beautiful Song!

Katrina Livingston


Faith Hughes

His voice touches my heart and warms my soul ?❤️❤️????

Queen Me


Crystal Deloney

He USA the BAY expect for that face

Elaine Sá

euamo August Alsina

shania hunter

this is not a video..dng 

Marie Marie

His voice touches my heart personally ❤️??? his voice takes my body over tb??. I love him soooo much I would faint if he hugged me our even spoke to me .

Jeffrey Millar

This song means so much in so many ways babe !

Erika Rodriguez

ill kiss on ur tattoos u can kiss on mine

Hattie Hester


Sherelle Willis

now I see why everybody is crazy about him lol august is a very handsome guy and he has great music I like him God bless u hun continue doing what u do :)

Hattie Hester


Hattie Hester

he sexy has fuck

Suga Mama


Hattie Hester

IM only 12 years old by I would let august alsina take my V card

Kiss on your tattoos

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Sober Feat: Baeza - She Love My Tattoos

2 568 554 views | 12 Jun. 2013

She Love My Tattoos;

She Love My Tattoos; Official Music Video (C) 2013

Management: Parkes

Maria Silva

cute beaza

Erica Valenzuela

I love your song

isaac gamino

kilmar gomez i will like to see you go and make a dope ass music video like this just because you dont pull any bitches

Andrew bello

Watching this again makes me cringe what music was back then

Esmeralda Sanchez

chicago brodwey st ?

Mz RaMiR3z

Sober is sexy asf ?

80 cent

hi up friend rap star ????????

Kameron Tullia

He's fine asf so is baeza

Mayra Reynosa

Miguel choose a queen

A mamas Fernandez

Where he attt mmmmm

Lady Green

This song never gets old!

Allie Fugate

2017 still slapping.

mia jones

ma butt hurts

Nick Hart

I like the song but why he say " we tattooed like a bitch" I ain't tattooed like some bitch.

Matt Congrove

she lo

Jose Menchaca

sober needs to get fucked up and baeza should just shut the fuck up with this lame ass music they keep putting out

Mayra Reynosa

Did he say he's gay

Jesus Puente

tattoe could even cover up that long neck ????

Krystal Parga


Mario Mendoza

Wait till there 50.. girls be like he looks nasty with his tattoos

Ellie Hughes

♥ ?

Ashley yanez

I'm in love????

Belinda Salazar

I love your music i listen to it every single day.

Mangito626 Sanchez

wack ass tats

Realyn Barizo

Nice ass song

cici maldonado

Boii ur Chest look like a 12 years old

ASAP simmer


Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

Baeza should be in jail for that haircut.

Marisela Matamoros

i could lisen to baeza all day n night he sexxie asf and if he ever came to el paso tx i would do to get a ticket to see or meet him in person @anthonybaeza

Jade Marie

So good

* Chaos * Marie*

I also ? ur tattoos

ThatMelGirl OneMoreTime

I don't even hear the lyrics he's flowin with.. I just see his fine ass tatted up! OMGGGG! ?❤?

saralyn hale

love love love the tatt on your neck....my favorite and is so extremely sexy!! going to finish my chest piece just for you!!

Young Majestik

Baeza killed it

Michelle Mount

I like this song so much

Princess Jasmine

I love men with tattoos ???

Marilyn Domingue

tatoess annoying as fuck other than that it's cooo

jessica burns

Love this song

Nicole Laskowski


Gabby Pereyra

porque me aparece esta mierda en una lista de otra banda

That One Guy 78 51

this shit is whack as fuck lmao


Rima wyd there ?!

Rachelle Robinson



Is that Rima from Bad girls Club?

Jason Rivera

Garza said they stay getting high but the other dudes is sober lmao ?

จิตรพัสตร์ สุขสราญรมย์

fowllo 7

Love Life TV

He's tatted up...LIKE A BITCH ?

Robin DeLucia


Juan Salgado

He likes bad dudes that got tattoos ?

ska8ter boy

like the song but daym the blond girl looks old ass fuck and used and rimais trying way to hard

Taylor LaSalle

love u..... coming from a lil native..

Pamela Wasson

good song

Leonardo Guerrero

bro all yall niggas listening to the song just to hate on it dont understand yall mfs if you dont like it dont search them like tf no type of life dog just dont search not a problem

Brandon Mendez

my song


This shit takes me back. This was what I listened to in middle school back then In 2013-14. Damn the Nostalgia. This is the rap I miss.

Destiny Staley


Kronie Homie

how can you have swag, when your wearing a nets hat

Sierra cabrera


Sasha Prettyeyes

he totally stole someone's beat

Lili Velazquez

Sober and baeza they straight up babes ❤❤????????????? yum yum yum ?????

Charlie Soung

This song it me cut mine self n I ink pen n put make tattoo mine self.

tomi mitchell


Serenity Candelaria

At least baezas taller than his girl ??


Baeza has the longest next. Trip out he reminds me of one of them pez holders

Ashton Waddell

luvn it ??❤???

GuaP NastY

Gay ass foo ?????

Lupe C

She’s beautiful

Orlando Perez

rimanelli bitch❤?

nenitha hermosa

Te amo Baeza?

Guillermo Cruz

Lol sounds a lot like August alsina kissing on my tattoo lmfao unoriginal goofy niggas

Aries Ariza

Beaza definitely made me like men with tattoos now I won't date a man if he ain't tatted up .still bumping this in December 2020

Vennessa Crawley

Anyone agree that he sounds like kirko bangz?!?!?! Cause ???

kayls Haynes

beaza cute

Mayra Reynosa

It's better than weed for my car

Hentai and Sadness

I don’t know how I got here

Carina God-dess carina star

Lol dummh

Anbella Leticia

I'm beaza cousin

Crystal Dixon

I love my new fiance Maurice rogers. I !mentioned him in my blog on who dated who.. I used to work for Sony music and Lo down entertainment. Now I don't have a job. I also used to rap music. I took music classes in school.

211 MOB

This shit stupid. Not sure why the OG's didn't tell this youngsta to put this dumb ass song away.



Melissa Langendoen

She tatted up she Bad News...

khodor yaacoub

nowadays fake rappers are spreading those rappers are fake the real rappers are stitches rick Ross and 2 pac and lil wayne and Eminem those are real others are fake


What was I thinking lol ? liking this song , now that I’m older is like “ wtf was I thinking “

miki dreams

I love people with tats I find it so sexy

Myren Flores

shit wack

Madison Bostick

This is mine and my boyfriends song

Maryfer Simental

My favorite of always

brian the vlogger

good song hit me up

Katie Germek

Love this song he so sexy I love guys with tattoos

Cody Leavitt

enough with the stupid fuckin auto tune. THIS MUSIC FUCKIN SUCKS DONKEY DICK

Katrina Smith

good song but too much auto tune


lol chingos de autotune.. ???? no mamen..

Katie Germek

I love him he sexy

Treasure Love

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Hector Valencia

When My Chica goes 2 Cali ?

Mayra Reynosa

We laugh doe

Anbella Leticia

Beaza I love your song

Candis Ward

Love this song

Qzip doe



Who listening to this in 2018?

Kiss on your tattoos

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Kiss Your Tattoos (feat. Splash Daddy & Abby)

5 486 views | 13 Feb. 2018

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

Kiss Your Tattoos (feat. Splash Daddy & Abby) · 420 Unlovable

The 420 Unlovable Family Tape

℗ 420 Unlovable

Released on: 2018-02-14

Auto-generated by YouTube.


They really deserve more fans ?


i swear y’all are gonna blow up and I’ll just be here.


literally breaks my heart i love this song and it doesn't have more recognition

Noah Partington

lol, don't beat yourself up about the popularity of this song. It probs blew up on spotify and has on tiktok.


2 comments XD

n o

Thought there would be more