Jojoba benefits

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Jojoba Benefits Fast Facts

99 views | 21 Sep. 2018

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Treat yourself to glowing skin with organic jojoba oil. Discover the awesome benefits of this natural oil and why it’s so awesome for your skin.

Jojoba benefits

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Coconut Oil vs Jojoba Oil - Benefits & Differences! - हिंदी में

10 584 views | 7 Dec. 2018

Let us share with you the

Let us share with you the properties, benefits and differences between coconut oil and jojoba oil. So, let’s get started on knowing how to use them in daily life.

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- Coconut oil is a white coloured substance that stays liquid in summers but turns solid with the onset of winters. Whereas jojoba oil is in liquid form and yellow in colour.

- Coconut oil contains high amount of unsaturated fat and vitamin-e and has a shelf life of about 2-3 years after which it turns rancid. On the other hand, jojoba oil contains high amount of iodine, fatty acids and vitamin-c and has a shelf life of 15-20 years and is also prone to rancidity.

- Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is antimicrobial, and thus helps in quickening the process of wound healing. Jojoba oil has vitamin-e, vitamin-b and various other nutrients which make it anti inflammatory and antioxidant, thus providing effective skin care.

- Coconut oil is moderately comedogenic and can clog your pores which might trigger and aggravate the problem of acne while, jojoba oil is non allergic and totally safe for your sensitive skin.

- You can use coconut oil for cooking but the presence of fatty acids may increase your cholesterol levels whereas jojoba oil is edible but indigestible and cannot be used for cooking.

- Coconut oil is also used in making soaps as it maintains the hardness of soaps and has moisturising and nourishing properties. It also generates excellent lather and removes dirt and dead cells from the body.

- Unlike coconut oil, jojoba oil helps keep your skin flexible and unclogs hair follicles and encourages hair regrowth. It is one of the best oils to provide moisture and a healthy glow to your hair.

- Last but not the least, coconut oil can be of two types- extra virgin which is unrefined and fractionated which is further refined through heat processes. During refining, lauric acid along with some fatty acids get removed which in turn helps the oil to remain liquid at all temperatures. However, jojoba oil retains the original properties of the source from which it is extracted.

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Sheetal Bhalerao

better if jojoba get in the form soap.

Golden rose

good infirmation

Chandu Bisht

Thanks dear

Nishchal negi

ooo Di cool ???

Nafish Khan

Dide mere skin bilkul normal the mujhe Dr ne colft gm top diya vo mere face par riyaksan kar gya use mere skin redness or uski nase se camk rhi h m kon sa oil use kro jo theek Ho Gaye plzzzzzzzz ans Dena

Nafish Khan

Plzz ans Dena

Akshita Banthiya

Hlo mam ek question tha mere face pr acne ke nishan or blackhead haii oily skin hai to me Konsa oil use kru coconut ya jojoba clear skin ke liyee bkhi sb product me chemical hote hai body lotion wo use nhi kr rhi winter me face pr so plzz tell me which oil is best?

Bisht Neeraj

Nice videos


Ur sweet

Rahul Agrawal

Why are you speaking hohoba inspite of jojoba?

Irah Khan

Jojoba oil se face pr bal to nahi aynge

Nafish Khan

Kese lagana h ye plz ans Dena dede

Raghu ender

Hahoba oil

Nafish Khan

Plzz aap ans Dena dede plzz


MAm teenagers ki oily face ke liye jojoba or argan oil dono me se kon best hai?


Excellent ??video thanku so much swati dear???


Jojoba oil mein erucic acid bhi hoti Jo hanikarak hai.

Jojoba benefits

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BEARD BENEFITS - Jojoba Oil and WHY your beard needs it.

6 954 views | 19 Jun. 2017

In this video I go in

In this video I go in depth speaking about the benefits of and why we chose to use Jojoba oil in our amazing blend of Beard Oil. Get yours today at http://www.beardolife.com

Jack O'Neill

How can I change the crappy scent of Jojoba oil?

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Dan and Lilly

I’m growing my first beard and at about a month or two in at the moment.
Tonight its super itchy for the first time and it’s too late to go anywhere.
I don’t have any products yet but I do have some jojoba balm that I use for my stretched ears.

Would it be ok to use that for a night or two

Here’s the ingredients

Ingredients include: Sweet Almond Oil: Relives itching, soreness, and dryness Jojoba Oil: Promotes new cell growth and is anti-bacterial Wheat Germ Oil: Heals dry damaged skin and reduces scaring Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, cleans wounds, and repairs skin Myrhh Oil: Anti-Microbial, Anti-fungal, and Antiseptic Made is the USA


Only jojobaoil ? Or should i mix it with other oils?

Edward Jones

How can I get that kit

Raul s

Awesome. I ordered jojoba oil especially for my beard

Bet Tech

Ho hubba ?


I’m unsure how much truth there is to it but it’s worth mentioning using caution with jojoba oil as well. If you ingest any of it it can likely cause heart damage due to erucic acid. I now avoid using jojoba oil anywhere around my mouth

David Fuller

Glad to know this beard brother

The Beard Dream

I’ve been using this stuff for about 2 years now. I’m halfway through my second 4oz bottle, its really great stuff! I also just did my first hot oil treatment to my beard using Jamaican black castor oil. I was using regular castor oil for the longest time but learned Jamaican black is so much better! I use old grandpas pine tar soap bar too. I wanna get a better beard wash online and some beard balm too. Great video, thank you!!