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JUST SHARING my experience while i was working at a tanning salon and what happened to my face when i overdosed on tanning beds. being tan is nice but you need to be safe.

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Kate Batdorf

coconut oil is not a sun protector... you need spf home girl

Diamond Pool

Hi Tabea. I got the same prob for like 2 years cant take it out and it makes me look older with those spots have you found any cure for that

Andrew Long

I have premature sun damage on my face from tanning also. I don't wanna disappoint you but that's likely the patch on your cheek. I hate them too.

Kayla Senften

I'm a manager at a tanning salon that is nation wide. If you was using body lotions on your face or not using anything on your face it will cause skin damage. There is facial lotion meant for tanning. Your face is completely different from the rest of your skin. After care of tanning is very important as well. Tan extending hydration lotions should be used. Also use lip balm while tanning. Exfoliating is should be done at least once a month to get rid of dead skin cells, or you just tan the dead skin which makes you look leathery. Any types of oils are not meant for tanning and can harm you, always use salon grade tanning lotions especially in tanning beds. It's not that people shouldn't tan, they just need educated on how to properly tan and care for the skin while tanning. I'm sure the salon you worked at was a smaller local salon which they dont educate as much as they should. None of this is hate, just informing you on proper ways of doing things.

Kayla Michelle

okay, obviously if you aren't taking precautions, your gonna see bad effects. let's use common sense.


Your beautiful :)

Leeor Alexandra Official Vlogs

Kojic Acid honey would get rid of any tanning/sun damage/scars/stretch marks. But it also blocks melanin so you'd be pale but I'd rather be pale with flawless skin than tan with blotchy skin. No hate just me.

Bo Beardington

Ducking hot