How to make baby hairs

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68 626 views | 26 Mar. 2020

Hey friends! Here is an

Hey friends! Here is an updated video on how I create my baby hairs on my Lacefront wig! Thanks for watching and please like, comment and subscribe. ?

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Erica Da Silva

Honestly the best video at explaining! You make it look really simple! Can’t wait to try it on mine

Lauryn Jackson

You need to pluck the front to make it look better bc rn it looks like a wig

Shala Sirls

when she said them edges looking fleeky I died laughing ?

Jayde Rayne

okay i like it


I’m a novice this was a good video for those of us attempting to try baby hairs on a wig for the first time .

Danessa Bond

Hell naw

Lissa May

Thank you for this video because I have no idea about baby hairs for wigs, but I think I need to try it out because I don't like how my wig looks in the front when I wear them. It just looks off for my preference. I have seen other videos, but for some odd reason none of them really clicked for me like this one. Thank you! Feeling confident enough to give it a try.

Esther John

Nice one

Savvy KiD

She tryna be funny ???

Jamey M

i think she did good y’all

Cintamani Augustine

Lookin lil like beyonce

listina foster

?? ??? ??????? ???????

My'Real One

Synthetic wigs don’t create the same effect as human hair wigs baby hairs ?

Jayda Lewis

your pretty but that synthetic wig ain’t it

guilianna argenziano

When you check the reviews on Amazon and there videos.... the videos:

Iyesha Cheatham

I had got a wig like this. I accidentally cut my baby hairs to short. What can I do to fix them?

Teona Caurice

All that work for nun ?

listina foster

????? ???? ????? ? ????? ????????? ???? ??

Kim Love

You kinda look like Beyoncé

Keka LiBit

You going to have me looking a Damn fool

lisa oneal

Just order lace wig. U made it so easy. Giving it a try.


y’all are so rude to her for no reason

Princess Pheona


Alissandra green The artistic fairy

This really works I just tried it on my wig omg girl u made me look flawless

hfx ytut

Thanks for sharing this beautiful video,you are so helpful,I like your channel, I order the best quality one from newigstyle..com two days ago

Desiree Amari

Not even gone like i saw you doing your baby hairs an i immediately went to the date of the video like this had to be 2-3 years ago i have to be watching a old video because those baby hairs was not It ? sis or the frontal hair line I’m sorry no hate


I like it, it looks good specially for a synthetic wig, You did it !!
For those who can do better , do better , y’all complaining but yet clicked to watch the same “how to lay edges with a wig” video ?

Shelonti Gilmore

Thanks beautiful

Anita dollar Vallejo

I truly needed this ??

Lexie Lexxx

you make it look soooo easy but the easiest things are always the hardest ? I’ll get it one day tho

Brittany Clark

is it cultural appropriation for white girls to have baby hairs? (on their real hair)

Jazzi Zhash

Wow friend your looking good & beautiful beautiful, thanks friend i sending full suport happy new year god bless

Kiandera Aliyah

Y'all acting like everybody gets full lace closures/wigs, or human hair wigs. I'm sure this was helpful to someone who has a synthetic wig (because people STILL wear them) and wanted to try to do baby hairs. Anyway. I think she did good

Mercy Lombera

When she cut the baby hairs, my heart almost stopped beating because it’s not gonna grow back... but then! She slayed the heck out of that wig!

Elle Browne

Thanks you for this! New subscriber!

Ruthie Jesseman

Thank you!! You're excellent at explaining and made it really easy to follow!! Loved your video??????????

Eric Gelb

this was amazing, thank you!!

1Kinesis d

She brave doing it on her head... I'd be too scared to cut my edges

xristos georgakopoylos

use a tooth brush you are a quinn!!

XxMukira_AftonxX 0.1


Rose Gold

Ia that a synthetic wig?

How to make baby hairs

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How to: Slay “Baby Hair” with Adult Hair | Ninja Bun

15 710 views | 30 Jan. 2020

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katy clark

Thank you!! Because I have Adult hairs as well??

Tea Marshae

Lol her hair like mine. At least im not alone with the adult hairs. I almost cut mine off???‍♀️

Caramel Kisses

This is really really cute on you❤️. I’ve seen the baby hair craze come and go and come back.


I really want to cut my sideburn piece a little more. It's already a thin little patch that I curl with gel but I want it longer. I dont want to regret it. I like slicking my hair up in a do and go. You can keep that other stuff. I would look crazy at the beach ?

Finally Amber

Adult Hair ???❤️

olivia kaiser

Does your hair flake when you use the style factor ege control?


What instrumental is this?

Neia Jones

You the best in the baby hair natural hair adult hair Business ??? period?

Meoshe C

My baby hair would never ?? my shit don’t stay laid it curls right back up and it’s 4b-4c. You slayed this tho!

Dayna Bledsoe

Super cute I love the way you did your baby hairs

Kyla Latrice

Have you ever tried the black panther edge control?

Karis Watie

Love that she just DOES IT no fluff but this whole title is making me WEAKKKK lol

Raising Syre

Nowwww..lemme go try this

Amor Antasia

Yes this is for me! My edges are past grown, they’re geriatric! ??

Tamira Hamilton

I wish I could follow this but I have locs ? I have baby hairs mixed in with “adult hairs” I’m about to cut them ???


Edges I gotta have em .Ever since my first lil roller set back in the day.?its the cherry on top to hair.

Jasmine Goring

So whats it gonna look like when it dries out ? Oh well back to square one

Only Jayy

My hairline so lame I can't do stuff like this I'll look stupid ?

KayRocsi Marketing and business tips

Girl yes yes yes to that edge booster!


This is the same method I use ? works like a charm ✨
However, I think I’ll try using the style factor gel instead of the pomade because it looks easier to mold and swoop ?

Brooke Turpin

This title is taking me out ?

Simply Kash

I’m here for it ??‍♀️

Shante B

Very pretty

Gennell L’arae

Can we get an updated wax tutorial

Angela Melinda

Yaaasss you did that!

Kee Coe

You're adorable, and I love how you just slayed your edges!!! ☺

Martina A.

Another Slayyyy ❤️

Morena Muñeca

That ain't baby hair, that's hair baby.... ??

Kauegirlbluy2 Bluyz

Awesome style

Simply Kenna

Simply Amazing!

Nikki Noel

Hm I don’t 4c this working but ima try