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NEW Updated 2021 E-Girl Makeup Tutorial!

267 473 views | 24 Jan. 2021

a new updated makeup

a new updated makeup tutorial!

twitch: twitch.tv/notaestheticallyhannah

Time Stamps:

Base: 1:58

Freckles: 6:52

Brows: 7:50

Eyes: 9:30

Products used:

NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

ABH Soft Glam Palette

NYX Eyebrow Pencil

NYX That's a Point Eyeliner

NYX Crayon Eyeliner

NYX Liquid Eyeliner

Covergirl Stick Concealor

Maybelline FIT ME matte powder

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara

Eyelure Definition lashes

Crayola Marker (SH DOPNT ROAST ME)


Now drop that skincare routine don’t be shy ?


This makeup style/look is actually quite easy, the only tricky part is the eyeliner. <3 Very nice tutorial


Sis really said “trust the process”

rae's duck



I love how she's a normal person doing her makeup with what she has but she's so cute and nice and her makeup is so good

• Sxnflower •

I'm simping for her-


I have no clue why this is recommended to me, but you're absolutely adorable.


I don't have hooded eyelids so putting eyeliner on top of my eyes smudges and messes up my whole look ?


omg amazing

Bethany Warwick

This girl is WAY to pretty-


so cute <3 omgg so pretty


here before a million views


She looks like Lucy Hale without makeup ?

Marwin nina Navarez

She's so beautiful with or without make up dang im jealous

Kim Yeontan

Ey la de tiktok

Alexander Davis

oh phew im not the only one that uses a marker for freckles lmao

lil peep

You are very nice

its me

this is so freaking real lmao when she puts on White eyeliner I do that lol or when she uses concealer all over her face I do that too???.


my self-esteem is gone.


I've been waiting for this onee turn it upp. Really loves the video it feel so organic with that cheap brand and all that tips loVE THAT.

Also, I remember that one video where you dont have eyelash but you just use eyeliner and that just look so cool I want that tutorial too ?.

Mahum Khan

I dunno why this was in my recommendations but I'm not opposed. Subscribed.

F boy Aryan

Fun fact: watching this are 70% boys like me


I saw you on Pinterest LMFAO.

Eve Lizada

i like her hair..., what type of hair style that is??, i wanna know thank uu

starlily VA

I came here cause I thought she looked like Jade West

Michelle S

I love your haircut! It's layered so beautifully! Do you have to style it at all?

ariadna giraudi

the trick of the white eyeliner in the nose as highligther is fucking smart omg


اناا العربية الوحيدة??،???

Froppy Hop !

Omg she's so gorgeous


How can some1 be this pretty?

Laura Helda

you’re so caYOOOOO0000000t ?


I have the same monitor as the pc in the back haha

Anna Collins

If I were to do this it would look like face paint ?

Jéssica Machado

Gente como eu vim para aqui? Kkkkk amei!❤️




Al parecer soy el único español ? tengo que aprender inglés XD

moni - san

*me doing my makeup like this everyday, not knowing that it goes by “egirl makeup”*

Phoebe Gardner

been following you on tiktok for liek a year without realising and now i found your youtube haha this is too cute!!

jazmín owo

Does anyone else think that this girl is perfect? <3

lil peep

your eyes are divine

lil peep

she is so damn cute


Finger blending is literally the only thing I’ve ever done lmao I just am too lazy to clean brushes so I just use my fingers ! Lol

lil peep

girl with pinterest

velanie. evaaa

She look like real life anime girl


hello,my wife

lil peep

favorite girl on pinterest


sou a única brasileira que fica vendo esses vídeos de maquiagem de outros países sem entender uma palavra que falam? jjsjsjkkjjjkd



Barbie Krizel

Idk y but I just love how you "use what's available" lol i love your expressions too


She's so pretty

Steven Nolan

So pretty without makeup ?

laura apellido

no entiendo nada pero like


You're literally so pretty that I'm low-key angry at the universe rn ?


why are you identical to lucy hale when you're putting the eyelashs????

Tina DeBord

i love blending with my fingers! i hate cleaning brushes so anything i can do with my fingers, i do. lol and it actually works really well. maybe i just got good at it, idk. but i think it looks good. but yes, people hate on it.


i use a crayola marker for freckles toooo lmao


Your channel is very beautiful, do more videos??.

Maritza Pool Balderas

you're literally Elizabeth Gillies' twin

lil peep

I love you, you are the most

lil peep


Justin Exclusa

Why do all the egirls/lesbian puppy gamers all act the same? 18:18?????

Boi Leave

She’s so pretty

Kuleana Regidor

She’s so adorable ??


desk tour with links please<3

Mariana Nytzyne Rincon

Viendo tu video mientras como algo de pizza... Oh, necesito tu cara bonita :')


More of these please! Also themed e-girl makeup. Like for your valentine's day makeup! You're so pretty btw

mango smoothie

ughh her hair is so fluffy i love it

Naveya M

i’m just over here hoping she likes women at least a little bit because she’s beautiful and seems super sweet

Syrine Baccar

i love the haaaiirr, very cute.
care to make a tutorial on it ? that's be nice

Ashley Joana

i dont have eyeliner helpp????‍♀️?‍♀️

Parishi Narayani Shukla

SHE IS NOT REAL !!!!!! such a doll she is !!

High on Quack

owo you're on youtube too, you literally own my whole fyp im in love lolol

Nicole Romero

yo deseando ser como ella,teniendo baja auto estima
*se quita el maquillaje

Anonymous User

Why is she sooooo cute? Kawaii


1st step: get a clear skin

charlie !

shes SO pretty but is it just me that thinks she reminds me of that one chic from degrassi


hewo Hannah ily so much :D can u do ur oikawa hair tutorial please? I really want to actually do my hair like yours when I play volleyball ^ -^


I do cosplay and so you know I am broke so this rlly helps

Parishi Narayani Shukla


Rosa Soares

Faz vlog plisss


what kind of haircut you got? Its so pretty!

Buggy Pickles

I hope this works for my skin color


So many things are wrong but she looks beautiful so yk it works

lil peep



Ahh I was waiting for this I swear you are so perfect?can't wait to try this I'll probably look trash we need a hair tutorial next!!

Mary Jane

Haircut tutorial on my desk NOW!

luqydla. _

aku orang indonesia sendiri


I loved this tutorial honestly I don't like watching makeup tutorials these days anymore but this video reminds me
of the good old days when I sat down and enjoyed watching makeup tutorials ?❤ btw I love your personality ? Love all the way from Trinidad and Tobago ??


you are super pretty, super skilled and super friendly. love ya!


U kinda look like clairo


I'm saving this.


HOW TF is ur skin so perf and clear without makeup homegirl please share your skin care routine and how you get that natural airbrushed look omg


this video is somehow very chaotic in the most lax way possible. neutral chaotic. we stan.

Midnight Rain Luna Moon


Kahelea Kaalekahi

Lord Jesus help me

jess k

ur so pretty i cant--

Vale Rodríguez

i am the only one who thinks that she looks like "Aria" from pretty little liars?

My Name

I don't even use make up(cuz idk how) but here I am watching

Radio Rebel

omg we have the same pc

Lena Lange

Holy, it looks so dumb irl. It better stays in pics

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161 954 views | 4 Feb. 2021

tik tok made me buy MORE

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Jodie Stafford

Omigosh ? Littlest Babe-O is almost a YEAR OLD?!?!

Sun Shine

I absolutely adore watching you. You are such a bright light in dark times.

Kylie Dunmire

What kind of wizardry was that cat sound?! I had to rewind three times to confirm it wasn’t one of mine doing it. ?

Mandi Jones

Great video

Cynthia Lang

“I have too much and never enough”. Forever going to be how i look at my makeup. The PERFECT quote for my love of makeup!

Angelica Montemayor

Great video!!


Does anyone know if that brow freeze lasts well? I usually do soap brows, but I’ve been interested in switching to a non-soap product that has the same effect.

Raquel U

Those lashes!!! Definitely keeping an eye out for them in stores ?

Randi Lynn Mullins

“That what happens when you have babies” seriously my hairs around my face just started growing back from having my baby 8 months ago and then I found out I’m pregnant again so RIP to that ?

Daniela Lutea



i cant help thinking they are ripping us off so much with brow products, you hardly get annnny product, it actually runs out kinda quickly . Compare it to say like a hair wax or gel or whatever in a huge ass tube for less money...


Alright Taylor swift from the evermore album cover pack it up

SugarSteph B

So Falscara is the cheaper version of Lashify? I don’t think I’d use anything other than Lashify, I love their system a lot

Sydney Allen

Please compare the brow freeze to the NYX brow glue.


I had that issue with the nyx lipsticks right away, like I put the top coat on and it made it come off! I prefer maybelline’s infallible and cover girls outlast lipsticks, honestly they never fail me. ☹️??‍♀️

Emily Allen

What are the cubes in your background holding the succulents?

Sarah Kemp

Just post quick daily makeup tips, or recipes you have/want to share on TikTok!!! Do anything girl I’d watch any of it ahah

Cassie Depoy

You should try testing Halsey’s new makeup line


PSA: for anybody that loves feathered eyebrows but can't justify spending that much on a tiny brow product
GET GOT2B hair glue! a huge bottle will last moooooonths! i buy spoolies off amazon and apply it that way and it's THE BEST for eye brows

Faith Wong

“I have too much and never enough” is literally a mood ?

Natasha Holecz

I feel the ridiculous amounts of clothing vibe, but then again, it's -30 outside.

Dawn Del Russo

literally same coat all day...


I tried the Falscara lashes and I love them but it was actually so hard for me to remove for some reason, and then you said yours came off with a little remover. Just any makeup remover ? My lashes feel sticky and gross after

laura t

Marshmallows are whipped, they start out that way before they set up into the bouncy pillows. Make your own and you can make flavored marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, and more. All you need is Frannie, gelatin, light corn syrup, confectioners sugar, and time!


The Nyx Shine Loud is the MOST awful product I’ve ever used ever. It doesn’t come off, and I scrubbed it with a makeup eraser, micelles water, and a towel. It is sticky as hell and does come off during the day.

Lily G

This lip product has been around for like 15+ years lol

Sarah Brooks

i don't have a dog but i have a cat that thinks he's a blacket ?

Crystal Garcia

Just saying for everyone sake... I have been using those Kiss lashes for quite sometime and that [email protected] is hard to get off.. DEFINITELY buy the kiss brand remover it works the best to get them off.

Guadalupe Angeles

Where is the coat from? It’s so good

Danielle Campos

The lashes don't burn your eyes or make them watery?

Sara Golden

Can you please add captioning to your videos so they’re accessible to more viewers?

Jenifer Serrano

woah I really love those lashes

Michelle Rector

Rachh when you're excited about a product, I'm right there with you! Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!


I really really want to try the sticky kiss lashes! ,

Andi Owen

That lip color is perfection on you!!

Jessica Woods

Are the lashes irritating to wear? Can you notice them?


If you like those lashes you should try FlutterHabit! They apply under the lashes too but their design lets you keep them on for 5 DAYS! It’s magic you just wake up with perfect lashes forever ?

Kayrouz Yasmina

I personally didn't like the lashes


The nyx liquid lip with the gloss type thing a million years ago maybelline I believe used to make the exact same thing my favorite was this like pinky nude with a glittery gloss top coat


For removing the lashes, did you use normal makeup remover or the falscara remover? ?


Covergirl had a very similar lip product years ago.It may still be sold but you definitely needed to apply the gloss throughout the day.


Nyx lippies remind me of the Rimmel ones. It looks so luscious.

Janela Panopio

The nyx lippie looks like the rimmel provocalips formula?


Aren't Rimmel provocalips the same thing? They've been around for years!

Cat Mom To Autumn and Moose

The lipstick reminds me of the Covergirl lipstick that has a balm instead of glass.


How long do those lashes last ? Been wanting a cheaper / at home alternative to lash extensions

Brittany Boehm

Why are you like this???????? lol you're #Canadian baby I dress warm around the hous during the day too and at night just a sheet and a small flooffy blanky for my shoulders. ??????


Years ago I saw a hack of putting false lashes on the inside, like under your lashes. Kind of freaked me out to do that tho


I work wrapped up in blanket during the day (perks of WFH) and I spend the night searching for cold spots around my bed!

Theresa V

Can you please tell me your nail color?

Asha Kennerly

Where has this channel been hiding? New subscriber!

Krisley Hilera

Need the primer and the lippie, that shade is everything ?

Denver Gunn

I trim my brows all the time, the trick is to trim them long, as feather brows are in! Make sure you trim in a somewhat straight line so they don’t look hacked :) remember, eyebrow goals right now are the “kept-unkept” look ahaha if that makes sense ?

Rachel Hildebrand

I really wish you wouldn’t buy as much, I love your videos so much. I would want to see more reusing of your cosmetics.
Since I have been learning about the environment and carbon footprints I think about everything people buy.


I don't even wear false eyelashes but I am extremely intrigued by these! Has anyone in Canada found the starter kit in stores?

Jessica Blakemore

Love your nail color!

Els van Zwoll

Does your lips dry out or feel dry or give your lips ‘wrinkles ‘?

Mollie Titley

Does anyone know where her coat/jacket is from?? It's so pretty!

Jennifer Dubay

I just saw a facebook ad for Hawt.Culture curlers and I need a reliable review. Would love if Rachel would review these. So cool!!!! Heatless curlers.


I love those lashes, use them all the time, only thing is they are delicate and don't clean and reuse well. I use the bonding system with different lash clusters and can use those over and over ? also will probably never use lashes above my lashes ever again. So much better under lashes ?❤

Kat Scott

That smudge proof gloss is basically the exact same as LipSense, which is a product I absolutely love but hate to buy because I don’t want to support the MLM huns. And it’s DEFINITELY cheaper too

Jordan Dixon

most importantly where is the plaid jacket from?!

Vipra Shah


ashley hamilton


Mel 800

I want all of these ? lol ??

Darlene Templeton

How do I watch makeup on tiktok??I'm lost help


The lipstick is not transferring because it is just an ordinary non-transfer liquid lipstick and you put a gloss on top. You can do that with any product where the gloss doesn't contain oil :) The reason it moves later is probably because you have gotten oil on your lips while eating I would imagine.. Still like it tho, smart to have them together

Els van Zwoll



My guess with the nyx colour lipgloss, that you need to do one of two things: either 1. make sure you constantly maintain the gloss barrier so oils don't break down the base colour thereby allow for smearing, or 2. If you've eaten/drunk/transferred away the gloss, and the colour coat is compromised, you'd have to fully blot down, apply a very thin layer of the colour on top, dry down, then apply the gloss!

Gail Lurie

Oh you want vids of a big dog you can cuddle with? I got you, don’t worry! Check your DMs!!

Peanut Butter

I love your nail polish? What is the brand/shade? I’d love to try it ?

Amber Freitag

I pull out my eyebrows and now there’s a chunk of my eyebrow missing yikes what did I do

Megan Stewart

I want to try the lip but wearing a mask 10+ hours a day seems pointless ?‍♀️

Katrina Hawes

If you like those lash. You need to try Lashify! They are the original company. Female owned. They are amazing. More options and they are way lighter feeling. Just try them out!!!


I love your nails ?


Hiii does the lashes come with the bonder or need to buy it separately? Im reading the comments on the link you posted but people are saying need to buy it separately. I'm in Canada as well did you buy from Amazon Canada? Also is there a remover for it or you just use makeup remover?

Chey Jank

You are gorgeous! Great video! New friend here ?

Maddison Cann

I love how everyone is going crazy about the lipsticks like it's some amazing breakthrough new technology when that's what LipSense is lol. It is MLM ( -_- ) but the product itself is amazing


Try the maybelline sky high mascara. Found it through tiktok and I’m obsessed!

Mikahla Dorey

I was at Lawton's today (in Nova Scotia) and saw they had a Pixi stand, including your highlighting kit. First time I've seen it in person in a store!


Need to see the new Tarte palette! I know you won't steer us wrong! ??

Stevie P

Falscara is my ultimate go to! I can't believe you still haven't heard of it haha I CANNOT apply falsies but these are so easy!

Tammy S

I love watching your makeup reviews...they are so fun. How about doing some of the primer vs. foundation ones...like the Dr. Jarts/Shiseido/Loreal pigment corrector primers? Not sure that makes sense....but the Dr. Jarts is all the rage right now on TikTok. Would love your opinion on those... :) Love your vids...

Daniela Garcia

Would love to see you try the revlon oil absorbing roller


Omg i am the same way. While working during the day i freeze and need to have so many layers. But then at night i have the heat turned down and a fan on.

Beauty Mad gal

Had to send you a picture of one of my cuddle bears. I have 3 long coat Akita’s, definitely keep us warm ??

Marlene Saucedo

I like these videos because I'm not on tiktok. ?

Raeanne Holmes

Where is your shacket from!!


I am totally the same. I am wearing tank, longsleeve t and hoodie. Thick heavy joggers and wool socks and uggs boots with a blanket. At night....sports bra short shorts and a sheet...still sweaty

Allison Savage

Does she ever mention where she got her jacket from?! I might have totally missed it but I am OBSESSED!!!!

Chelsye Heffel

I do not understand the hype over those nyx lip products... I thought it looked awful and didn’t stay on more than a couple hours

Victoria Leone

Immediately ordered the lashes ? can’t wait to try them! Love these types of videos :)

Candace Seymour

What’s on your lips before you try the lipstick? in the lash clip!?

x•o•x•o Staci

Definitely could not stop looking at your eyes LOL those lashessssss

Amy Eades

That primer instantly brought out every bit of texture and enlarged your pores.

Vittoria Cafiero

I'm literally drowning in the biggest, softest blanket I could find in my house and I have just finished my coffe. Ready to watch☺️❤️


The nyx lipstick reminds me of the mabeline one. Its a cult fav in the vintage community.

Mrshunni O

Oh Rachel. As a true Canadian, I apologize for giving a criticism, but you are getting a little too animated and trying too hard for a younger audience. Please consider going back to your authentic self and toning it down a little. Thank you. Again, I am terribly sorry.

Jette Schiller

that jacket is kinda really cool! where is it from?


= cover girl had a product years ago like the nyx one and the top coat was shiny and almost 100% transfer proof it was kind like magic