Vampire information

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146 958 views | 10 Sep. 2015

Welcome to Top10Archive!

Welcome to Top10Archive! In the shadows of night, these humanoid monsters stalk, seeking hapless victims to claim as their own. Vampires have been seamlessly integrated into modern culture through movies, TV, and video games, but there was a time when they were creatures that fueled nightmares. In this blood-soaked installment, we’re going to look at mythologies bloodsuckers and the ten most interesting facts about them.

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10. The Coffin Theory

9. Vampire Counting

8. Egyptian Texts

7. Dracula

6. Boneless Bags of Blood

5. To Repel a Vampire

4. To Become a Vampire

3. Dolmens

2. Prince Charles’ Blood Ties to Dracula

1. Porphyria




























Voice Over Talent:



Twitter: @JimDenisonVoice

Audio Books: http://tinyurl.com/nlrjbyb

Park bom Rola rock marine

They love to yeil if they think its their people or same of them.there was someone who was meeting a vampire who's very poisonous they called it the person who has the talent to hide his self.he kisses the girl but he Dnt know that was the saga.wolf.and the fact was he was infected in return virus of his own skin was turn like cuts knife.he think the girl was already one of them.in the end the group of them was desperate to realize they failed their ambition's that's wat kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants ??????

Friendly ghost

Only good vampire is one torn to parts buy a werewolf

racoon killer 7



I have to say the person sounds like a vampire

No hate btw

Brianna Jackson

These are the things that I do/have too!:
1.)I can’t stop counting every step I take when I walk and I am even annoyed to breath because I even count every breathe if it makes a noise
2.)I can’t touch silver without burning or getting a horrible rash, I can’t cross a stream of running water (but I love swimming),I freak out when I hear a rooster,and I HATE peppermint.
3.)I am not burn/get burns in/from sunlight,but I do get a mild headache
4.)I don’t drink blood,but I do take energy,have love spells in my eyes,control people’s mind,and read there mind!

Betty Cepeda Jones

Bitch shut up I'm a vampire in real life

Alicia Rodriquez


Alexander Alisha

Hello ,
I'm giving a testimony on how me and my fiance became a vampire.
This was how i and my fiance became
Vampire, I was browsing the internet searching on how i could be
transformed. When i came across the email of a man named DON JUAN. who was
a VAMPIRE so I told him that I and my fiance has always dreamed of become
VAMPIRES so he asked me my name, country, State, address, photo, etc. and
asked me to contact the market of spells for the Hindu materials required
for our transformation. So I did and he said that a vampire will
be assigned to guide us and direct us on how the items are to be used.
After five days I and my fiance was totally a vampire. if you are
interested in becoming a vampire, contact him for more information on how
you could also be transformed. Here is LORD DON JUAN email
[email protected]GMAIL.COM


I like Big Butts On Sexy Khajiits

I always thought that Vampires originated in Romania not Egypt guess I was worng

Butternut yeeetsbanana.-.

Top10Archieves Can you do one with kitsunes

Ionuț Teodor Guzu

Im from Transylvania, Romania. We have legenda about werwolfs,fairies, strigoi (a vampire) and pricolici ( a werwolf-vampire).

St.Catholic Patriot USA

Vlad’s bones disappeared in 1931………Same year when Universal’s Dracula with Bela Lugosi was released.


Sunlight, garlic, and crosses don't affect vampires >~> well that's what I believe its said humans used those things to feel safe

Albert reed

It’s all jokes

Lulu Lala3

Fact 11:They come from Romania

BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace.

They are I interesting...

Luqman Abdul Latif

after awhile the guy just sounds like a dickhead

Karli Blackwell

I need a vamp please kids were I work are bullies and need to stop I don't know how else as an adult to teach them not to bulley they just won't stop a vampire make them change there mind.

Simran Khatri

Do vampires really exist!?

Jovanka Lazarova

im a werewolf and im watching this xD???


Vampires doesn't have a shadow


I watch the vampire diaries and half this shit 100% ain’t true

Karli Blackwell

Damn I am reading watt pad to much on this stuff

Philip Stockwell

I have a craveing for blood but I dont have fangs ?

Becky Warren

Vampires are Real!!!

Umidfk X


kevon Byfield

How can vampires rezise blood

Park bom Rola rock marine

Sex addict anti phitamine over dose.addict to praise saitan,did obeying parents

Firefly 2001

Bonus fact: all vampires fear the Belmont Clan, no matter what. You don't fuck with the Belmonts

Liliane Kim

They say that metals repel vampires and werewolves but vampires drink iron (contained in blood you silly) duh what a joke and as a vampire I totally hate this video

Habiba Hossam

Wtf I'm Egyptian and it's a myth that vampires were born in Egypt and people could go out to the sun back then normally as they worshipped the sun and the god of the sun


Your voice. :\

Stevan Kovacevic

Drakula wasnt Vampire he was king of the Romania.Vampires are actually from Serbian Village near the Romania

PS Vampire is only Serbian word that recognize all world


warning if emo, edgy people trigger you DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS

Michael Jones

Sleep all day party all night aint it good to be a vampire...

Nuel Ndudim

As a vampire some of this point are a very big disgrace.

Terri rainwater-branch


Carlos Moreno

Answer me this why is that law old dead vampire is called vampirism or why is that old vampires desire immortality blood desire to fly desire sleep in coffin for years instead texting on you tube why are good or bad vampire and why why rise from ashes or spell


Its very rare

Vamp Gaming.X

all of the vampires are not evil some of them are also kind and good

XxCrystalCanex X

I agree with you pretty rainbow

Justice Wollek

I am

Elizabeth Davis

Aaaaa I like them I think their interesting if I would be any mythical creature it will probably be a vampire!.

Alex Wølfie

Fuck off

Ionuț Teodor Guzu

Hey,can you make a video about werwolfs?

Sean Dunbar

fun game: point out that vampireism is just a mix of medical condisions and that the only way you can be one is to have them all and watch as those who think they are vamps but don't have them flip out and be offended

Dianna Roy

Seriously  Dracula was never  a vampire and this video has wrong  date.

Warped Kodiak667

One of your ""dolems"" is in fact a neolithic pagan grave from Ireland... my ancestors were not Vampires ya twit

Adriana Villacis

I do like scary videos.

Todd Coxshall

R vampires real

frank Reynolds

so inaccurate funny what humans come up with these days the olny thing right is we live for a long time

Darnell Simpson

I need new content from you!!!


What with the weird voice?

wicked deadchick

What were the movies that were used for this video? I saw Bram Stokers Dracula but what were the others?

Hope Velazquez

vampires are monsters and beast and thing ugly monster vampires are all monster

George Markgraaff

This guy is so funny with his deep voice,l can't take him serilous

Kody Kuddlez Korpsez

A vampire wouldn't dig backwards, assuming they weren't zombie like I'm certain they would still have a sense of gravity.

XxCrystalCanex X

I was born with vampire


There are many Lore's of vampires from various cultures. What I don't get is why people are obsessed with wanting to date a vampire. If they were real, they would smell like a rotting corpse.

Clarrice Danica Yap

i want to be a vampire hunter

Sidar Suonborai

My sister is naturally a vampire because her heart condition makes her that way. But she is so powerful to me. She is a moonflower type of vampire.


As a sanguinarian/vampire, I really don't know what I'm supposed to think. I'm slightly amused.

Eric Wilson

All vampires are from hell. The Illuminati is nothing but trash vampires from hell looking to enslave and torment you. Get baptized and worship Jesus Christ who is Lord and Savior. He's the Arch Angel Michael. Moderation, temperance, self control, self discipline. Worship with the word. Biblehub.com. Stay out of church. Overrun with satanic frauds.

Jesus Vargas

Vampiric women are smexy

Simo siblion

Idk why Is people hate vampires they are not bad like you guys think!

Hope Velazquez

I hate Dracula and vampires

Park bom Rola rock marine

Simply not to transfer its not virus its the blood of their families 10 commands in their religion are there already said.

Javar Ellis

So nobody uses garlic on a vampire before

Country Life Style


Panthera Ps2

Count from family Guy
1, nipple lol
2, nipple lol
3, ninp o hell no ??

Kenneth Akin

Vampires are alien beings who traveled light years to earth in search for a new home with much new food but where misunderstood and where hunted almost to extinction by the religious sects of the world.

Kim Taehyung

I like the way you talk.?

Jennifer Sidel

This is awesome video.. The video Editor have so much creativity!!!
If you are exploring or communicating with ghosts, spirits, negative energies, supernatural beings, etc., it's best to protect ourselves with this mantra of protection from Tibet. It can help us expel energies that are harmful. Recite this mantra 108 times a day: Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha to protect ourselves always. This is important to know: bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hello... Remember the show/movie Vampire Diaries? Some of the Vampire actors are real vampires... Like me, Rebekah Mikaelson. By for now, people... -Rebekah M.

ΔɨǤΔᔕ the vampire cat

So dose that mean vampires are kinda connect to the devil? If so this really sceary

Nicole Vennise

the narrator's voice really had me goose bumps

the American Shepherd

They forgot vampires can turn into bats and wolves and that they have no reflection or shadows.

Adriana Villacis

His voice make the video much scary and spooky.

Мартин Петров

Dude, vampires come from Rumania not Egypt and werewolfes from Bulgaria.

Whisper Signal

Can we talk about the reality of this TERRIBLE VO. Try to become a baritone, when you're CLEARLY a tenor... woof.

Hope Velazquez

Dracula is a most disgusting monster and vampires are sick and nastiest monster

Kristopher Maxey

Vampires arnt evil

Leina Michelle

His voice...is he a...VAMPIRE!!!!!


My dad is half vamp so am vampire?

kunaetix x

As a native romanian who knows his country's history I disagree with the Dracula fact. Vlad Țepeș wasn't a vampire. He was a hero for our country

Chloe Monroe

8:37 ready for covid


Im a vampire vampires are real.

ShadoWulf 666

hold it you tottally fubared that bit about VLAD TEPES DRACULA ; his remains .id like to know where you are getting your information because a. to the people in romania he is still viewed as a hero b. he succesfully kept the sultans turks from over running romainia . also his father was a member of the order of the dragon 1431! it was not as you just stated a family name there's is a true rags to riches story but anyway. and it wasnt until 1437 that Vlad Dracul seized control of wallachia with hungarian support fallowing the death of sigismund of luxembourg. but i digressyes dracula meens son of the dragon or devil but vlad did not pick uphis blood lust till he was forced to be the sultans hostige he and his lil brother radu ! and it was the sultans own torture engineers who schooled a young , impresionable boy who had been forced to be there and wanted to go hme not be a royal hostiage , and the only reason the who vampyric story got out was because of bram stoker!


Ok but did anyone else notice he said “vampire(s)” the SAME WAY EVERY TIME HE SAID IT

Like vAmpIres

Drowning In Torture

Porphyria is also called Vampire’s Disease by the way. It is a rare disease but there are also many formations of it.


Is there a top 10 about zombies?

Whinona Enoveso

I'm disagree some of these

Nicolè Bradley

What a stupid voice mate did you catch yourself in a zipper!!??

the American Shepherd

I thought silver and wolfsbane were for werewolves.

Melissa Diaz

I'm loving the creepy narrating voice

Park bom Rola rock marine

Lazy,hate lightening. And afraid arguing someone instead like to hide in every conversations if he or she caught to a situation while or during conversation.their existing eating meat and they do chopping during that old era they drink blood since the Jesus was dead.evil in Egypt term no term such as yawa but Jesus scary means jeasu Christ creeping in hell lord means worshiping bad religion

amanda Derp

2:38 her vampire liner on point

beast 1

I wanna be a vampire gist

Fleur McManus

Is is ironic that one of the things to kill a werewolf is wolfbane?

Steven Lopez


Vampire information

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USA Vampire Outbreak Problem

467 417 views | 22 Oct. 2020

The Middle Ages were an

The Middle Ages were an insane time where all it would take to be burned at the stake would be someone crying out "She's a WITCH" or "He's a VAMPIRE". In today's epic video we're going to show you a true story of people discovering buried remains of "Vampires", how could that be? You'll have to watch to find out!

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? SOURCES:https://pastebin.com/zkTBtNft

All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

Zach Baluya

the way 2020 was going they should put the remains back ASAP


Vampires are still there.

And those are Canadian mosquitoes

Tavern Burner

Why has nobody made a movie about cowboys fighting vampires.

Vigus DNA

Man this sounds like some occult ritual stuff (what they did with the dead body) & now they are saying it was vampires...... idk

Shawn D

If any vampires are watching this I too want to be a vampire

Christian Ramos-Santos

miasma is a song by ghost

Fumiko Nakamura

The evil spirits of cholera and other diseases

Sarah Perkins

You know...this may be why my dads side of the family has a long standing tradition of cremating when a family member dies. Every single family member on that side has been cremated after death and then traditionally a family member who was close to them has to spread their ashes on their favorite spot when they were living to “release their soul”

Caspo Sondre

Who else fell off they’re chairs in fear when the narrator turned into a cyborg on 6:11?


Please make more Scp animation

Naveen S

Does this narrator even breath when he speaks??

Mohammed Waheed

at 6:12 why did he start sounding like a robot ._.?

katt berckley

eating peoples hearts was probably killing them tbf

Marco Jaime

When you watch too much Van Helsing


Nah man it's vampires

Gerweenah De Leon

So it's a JOJO reference

Charles Sands

Thoreau wrote it in 1959? ?

I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶

pillar men(species):”hrmp......pathetic....both them and our own drink the nutrients of blood with our fingers”

Dio:”I’m Throwing My Humanity Away! JOJO!”
DIO:”I Reject My Humanity! JOJO!”

Lisette Mahogany

Bro I live in Connecticut.


Ngl I'm upset the animation's changed

Milana Munoz


Jet Log

Use miasma in a sentence

My abuela started yelling at me MIJO get mi inhaler miasma is attacking!

Fallen Kingdom Vibe

uh oh

Hailey Collins

**Exeter, Rhode Island


Really upping the animation quality here.

Watson Harrell

Jesus loves you brochachos.

stokan on 60hz

Vampire first seen in Serbia

Parinsu [Dbl0]

Everytime the topic of the supernatural comes up with my friends they always make it seem like I'm the one who's closed minded and ignorant because I dont believe in or even give it the time of day. But everytime it comes time to put it to the test it yields nothing and science has to clean up it's mess anyway.

Why should I waste my time considering the supernatural when it's proven itself over and over to be a waste of time, resources, and lives?

I just don't get it.

Gaming unicorn

I wanna switch channels but I can't stop watching thisssss

gaming cat

Scp-2935 has breached containment

Ilkka Rautio

Oh how cute those medicines are! ?❤️


one of my ancestors was involved in founding exotor

Peter R

Ayyy Ohio got a shoutout!

Jessica Pope

People hoarded tp rotflmao

Galif Gaming

vampires : exist
the military,police,UV light lamp,armed people : its free real estate

Just Fun

Just finished playing vampyr and I get this video recommended to me ?


Vampires in America ?

Romanian Triggerd noises

Abhirup Das

Women who didn't followed husband's rules were called witches.
So, those called vampires are actually those husbands who didn't follow their wives....?

Irina Lambonao

This proves the infographics is a robot

Sean Kayhill

Mercy Brown was in Exeter, RHODE ISLAND not New Hampshire. Yes, we are a state not part of NY.....

Natalie Hope

"He runs home to his house."
Truly compelling part of the script.

Val Robinson



I find it hard to believe that a state like Massachusetts would lead the way in brutal murders brought on by religious superstition




Every sixty seconds, a minute passes.

Rattling Gemini

I feel bad for Mercy. She's been immortalized as an evil being. May she rest in peace.

Ian Kammerman

Evil spirits exist.

Soviet doggo

I’m almost surprised this didn’t happen in 2020.



Baba Looey

Antifa and BLM are nightime zombies


Well once i heard tuberculosis i thought of arthur morgan. And now im sad.

jose duran

Too many ads in the videos it’s annoying


People's stupidity was the pandemic, just like some people now with Covid

Team Tesmanian

What is the background music called?

Isaac lopez

This ain't hotel traynvasl


Was it the Pre-Covid? Cases Cases Cases!

Sarcastic Bookworm

POV: You’re a vampire reading the comments...

Sasha Washa

Vampires: exist Me: hmm so wher can I find Stefan Damon and the rest of them and where’s the academy

Covid 19

Nani DIOOOOOOOO brando

Fernando Torre-Mora

1:11 HOLD UP you said the year was 1990!

Darth Plagueis

Vampires in America: (exists)

Olive Garden and their garlic bread sticks:


Ay, ok.

Akash Pradhan

Where's my silver sword ???

Josh Miller

Mercy brown was from Exeter, Rhode Island

Ganesh Shinde

Whenever I read/saw something like this video I used to think we are so lucky to have been born/living in 21st century and then 2020 happened...?

Ian Kammerman

Please, pray for everyone.



Uhhh what just happened to the Volume there...

Ronel Schlechter

Vampires really it is not even true it's only movie stuff

Yaeshaun Fahd

Somewhere around 6 min he sounded like a robot.


Some people who were dressed like vampires went to the house of someone I know and insisted that billy lived there and they had to "let them in" (fun fact they can't come in your house unless you invite them in) now no billy lived there all they said is billy don't live here and I have silver bullets they simply said "sorry we have the wrong house" and left. Thd things people do and if they were real vampires they didn't come back XD.

Keenan Ivory

Here after Whole Lotta Red


They killed Mortis' cousins ?

Smily Cookie

Infographic:this took place in 1990
Also infographics:shows smartphone in 1:11

Patricia Perez

Me: Thinks people back then were very ignorant...
Also me: Watches Borat 2 on Prime and realizes haven’t changed much.


Yeah that happens


oof 6:11 the mic


6:11 what was that?

Rajeshwari M

Vampires exists ?........WTH


Bedtime histories told about it to

KindlyHickory 4

4 ads dude unskippable too I'm about to unsub

Joe Ricardo

Mercy Brown was Exeter Rhode Island. Exeter New Hampshire has UFOs though. Not trying to be that guy but I live the next town over from Exeter NH so I'm often there.

Shayan Olumi

6:11 sounds wierd

The Pale Celtic

By vampires you mean leftists

Lydia Wang

people don't believe that vampires or zombies or any scary things exist but we have to face the truth we dont see them doesn't mean they dont exist it means we haven't learnt enough about it

Larry Auingan

this is ridiculous vampires doesn't even exist


Just learn hamon


I wish I was a vampire.

Justin Harvey

Now all I can think is Fact Fiend "maybe is vampire!"

John Michael Damian

They still believe that lol

Justin Harvey

Now all I can think is Fact Fiend "maybe is vampire!"

Steve Hervey Fan

6:12 im ot the only one hearing the audio chsnge to a more robotic sound right?

trish M

I just realized this video is technically the plot of the vampire diaries ?

Lentis Dophlu

Nowadays, people believe that a one-inch thick paper mask will protect you from a virus. So I guess every generation has their superstitions.

Allison Li

6:15 the audio is getting a little creepy-ish...like he's recording in a glass bottle..

Mad Malkavian

After seeing this I realize the vampire side quest in rdr2 makes a lot more sense.

Don Meyer

Vampires these days keep a low profile and generally work the night shift at your local blood bank.

dennis Fischer

As long as they aren’t twilight vampires
It’s okay

Lisa Trotto

Vampires started the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Isaac M

I like the new animation style

Stephanie K.

Mercy Brown lived and is buried in Exeter, Rhode Island. Exeter
New Hampshire is pretty close to us geographically though!

Vampire information

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Vampires की सबसे रहस्यमयी घटनाएं | Scariest Mystery of Vampires in Hindi

1 500 830 views | 31 Mar. 2017

Vampires की सबसे

Vampires की सबसे रहस्यमयी घटनाएं | Scariest Mystery of Vampires in Hindi

Special thanks to our subscribers and viewers, who suggest this topic:

Roshni senapati

abhay ram

Ankur Parab

whatever sameer

Ayush Kumar

manoj majumder

Follow us:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysteriousWorldVideos

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MysteriousHindi

Music Credit By - Co.Ag Thanks!

Aman Rout

The michaelsons are the originals vampire?❤

Khushi Khushi

Vampire exist....

D Sam

Please make video on aline


they are pashaaj


The intro????

Sakshi Srivastava

Vampires ka nam sunte hi abhay pia ki love story yad aati h ❤❤❤❤

Tanveer Singh

You are very youtuber

Manita Gupta

Heyy 21st August my Birthday tooo

Ashutosh Saxena

Amazing Video ???

Vikram Singh

Vampire to khana hi nhi khate

Sanchita Mondal

Vampires kon si desh main hai


0:50 stefan salvatore

Jenish Rathor 6A roll no. 20

They are

George Carlin

It's a immigration not real

Shruti Sharma

Me here after watching twilight.. I just obsessed with the Twilight Saga ?

knowledge life

Vampire hota hai kya real ma

Amol Adsule

Horrible entry

Dj Aditya raj Official

Hota hai

Sneha Thakur

No, even science has proven this thing that vampires do really exist but they are not dead ones, they are humans only who have some unknown disease due to which they only get energy by drinking blood, there is a place named as oreland where more than 500 vampires live together... And it's true and scientific....


Team #tvd ??

Iron Man

Vampires vs Werewolves

Hansika Tannu

I m in love with Vampires...Deadly wish to be a vampire❤️

Gay Heartuuu

Someone: Name a thing you're interested in?
*Me: You know vampire!?

mint beasties27

Any TVD fan here? ?

sujal Jaiswal

Gargoil and demand hote hai aur ya hai kya

Waghmare Gaming Yt

I am here after twilight series

Sandeep lalpuri

Pm v vampire h jbse satta me aya h garibo ka khun chus rha h ?

Priya Likhmani

Vampire ke bare me aur vistar se bataye

Farhat Naseem

Love in time is best drama for vampire lovers



Santosh Lad

But excuse me Voldemort ka picture kyuuuuu

sofia sultan

I believe in vampire actually I like vampire.... Vampire?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️



ghost find and talk

To kya hota hai yada ho gaya bhye mazak kar raha hoo narj mat hoieo

Abhay Gupta

Tell me movies based on Elizabeth bathory please

Yuvraj Mandavi

Twilight Saga

crazier Rappers

Please make video on alien real storys


Science mc hai sale


Why hobbits are shown ??

Sasuke 47

Ab king kong Kahan se aaya..??. 0.43

Umar Shaikh

elizabeth ne marne ka naatak kiya hoga

Echo4 Status

Fake story

Stuart kmett

Lol..im obsessed with Vampires

ghost find and talk

Muja ak bar apna room mai asa lag raha thaia ke koie muja kha rha hai aur thabe mai beshaosh ho gya aur aj ka baaad kabhe bhye asa nye hoa

i hate love

Apke background sound gand fad dete hai

Deepali Verma 6C

Jab se humne pyaar ki ek kahani serial dekha hai...tb se humko vampire k bare me janana bhut pasand hai

Indrakumar Patel

Rahasayama singnals topic video banao

Md Ishtiyaque Azhar

Elizabeth ka pic dekh ke mai uska dewaana ho gya?????????????????



deepak bhishi

Latest Government is vampire?‍♂️ agreed

jerry Singhwal



Vampires are so hot

Radha Singh

Twilight ❤️❤️❤️


May be vampires ?‍♂️ are really..!

Thousands of articles are available about vampires

m happy girl

Who came after twilight


Bhai Hum bachpan se Raksash ki kahani sunte aye hain.
Jis ka jikr ramayan or mahabharat main v milta..
Zara raksash ke kuch sachhi ghatnaye pata hain to batana...?????

Giriraj siddharth nanda

Agar ban sakte hai thu kaise

dr.dinesh meena

Pata kese chala ke bete ne piter ko khana dene se mana kar diya the? Kuki beta to mar gata tha???? that's why science dont believe on such non sense

Rahul zha


Horror Storis

neem ka ptaa kadva ha dracula bhadwa ha???‍♂?‍♀

Sanjana Rawani

How many have watched vampire diaries

vampire gaming

My Favourite character is vampire



Mohit Pbge

Aapne sahi bola me bhi uni logo m s hu believe nai to ajmake dekho Bhai m mjak nai KR RHA hu

Sandeep Khatri

I’m need part 2

Prince Sandhu

Atim saskaar hi best hai

Rajbir Phukan

I think we all are vampire cuz you know our upper canies are long lol.

Farhat Naseem

I just love vampire stories

Noob Gamer

Vampire is real

rohit pandey

?? vampire

Noob Gamer

Vampire is my favourite topic

Angelic smile

I love Vampires since i see pyar ki yh ek khani and my thinking is that Vampires are better than humans

shashank sharma

If I compare with our culture there would be Rakshas but it can possible as the time past they have evolved reason why we can not identify them but yes these kinds of black magics are still exists and people do this but can not find them cause this is hidden inside most safest place either about aliens or our ancients reality the place is Mariana's Web. It is supposed by just few of people cause entire world does not this in reality.

Bhumi Vaishnav

anyone klaus girl here

Kalpana Singh

Some people are energy vampires , they suck your energy to survive

Jatindra Goyary

Matchar hi vampire hai ??

Manita Gupta

I don't like vampires much I love zombies pls upload video of zombies plsssss

Vamp s

bro vampires pr or videos bnaoo

unnie hundal girl

I love vampire dramas

Danish Shaikh

Kya abhi bhi vampire hoye hai

Chhote Lal Gautam

Koi new vidio uploade karo bhai


Jisko turn hona hai vampire mai ya join krna hai to wo mjh mai kre [email protected]gmail.com

Sara Roy

0:48 stefan???

Aarossi Mishra

Nahni hote hne



Nancy Gautam

any twilight lover ??

Priya Bansal

I want to be a vampire but now after watching this video I am a little bit scared

Vishnu Partap

Is this true

Sanjay Jagtap

Edward? from twilight is the only reason for why I watched this video

New Creator 2k5

Heyyyy you took pic of paul Wesley??

Abhisek Gogoi

Lost Boys, Near Dark, Underworld, Fright Night, Bram Stoker Dracula, Interview With A Vampire, John Carpenter's Vampires, From Dusk Till Dawn❤️


Damon salvatore?❤️

Kush Bhandari

Hamare sanatan dharam Mai mirtyu ke baad jalaya jata hai taki aatma ko mukti Mile aur body ke sath Koi jadoo tona Na kar sake pata Nahi ye duniya kab samjhegi... Marne ke bad body ko jalana hi best hai..

Pappu Singh


Sasuke 47

From where did Voldemort come here...????. 0.39


Love in time vampire story

Sumit Kamble

This remember me...
Star One - Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani

Giriraj siddharth nanda

Sir kya hum ek vampire ban sakte hai

Saurabh Parker


Aditya singh

Plz give me a❤