How to lighten vag skin

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How to Maintain Vagina Clean Tamil | Prevent /cure bad smell | safe hair removal methods | Epic

724 views | 11 Oct. 2020

Hello Beauties

Hello Beauties ,

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How to Maintain Vagina Clean Tamil | Prevent /cure bad smell | safe hair removal methods | Epic

In this videoi will show how to lighten up dark bikini line .

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Skin whitening face wash Powder


Skin whitening homemade soap


Hair growth egg mask


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RMM Musical

Very useful video
Good information
Great sharing
Thank you so much for sharing

Chennai Hands

Very useful video
Good information
Great sharing ..

jp ungal nanban

மிக அருமை மிக அருமை மிகவும் பயனுள்ள தகவல் நிறையப் பேருக்கு இது மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும் நாம் நிச்சயம் என்னுடைய மனைவிக்கு இதை பகிர போகின்றேன்

Priya Ammu

Super sis neenga romba bold ? romba useful alaga pesuringa

Sundhareswaran Mohan raj

I'm supporting ur all videos, u r saying needful info for all,.

꧁s.chandru༒edits࿐ ꧁s.chandru༒edits࿐


Epic Bharathi


How to lighten vag skin

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How to lighten your BIKINI AREA, dark marks & scars AT HOME!

24 727 views | 22 Apr. 2020

⟡ ??????? ?? ?? ???????

⟡ ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ??????? ⟡

ꜜ ꜜ ꜜ ꜜ

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☆ ??? ?? ??????? ???? ????? & ????? ?? ????!

I’d like to first apologize for the background noise you may hear, here and there. I am doing this video from where, and I have a big family! ? Thank you all for understanding!!

In this video, I will be showing you how to lighten dark marks & scars, without the use of bleach, in your own home!

You will need:

-Turmeric Powder (or baking soda/powder)

-Raw Honey (or yogurt)

-Lemon Juice (or apple cider vinegar, or water)

-Mixing Bowl


If you are only doing a small area then you will only need a tablespoon of turmeric and a few drops of lemon juice. The amount of honey you use will depend on the type of consistency you’d like. If you need to use more, do not use more than half a lemon!

Remember guys, you want to do this treatment for a minimum of 6 weeks to see good lasting results. Please do not do this everyday, I recommend 2-3 times a week!


My Company: ʟᴜxᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ ɪɴᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ


IG: https://www.instagram.com/luxeparadise.ca

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2372 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments, and I will be sure to address them!!

Don’t forget, ???? - ??????? - ?????????

Khoukha Khoukha

I was so insecure about my body I thought it's just me ❤ thank you so much girrll? btw you're hooooot❤


Hi I'm your new sub.. you are really awesome.. thanks for helping us out.. could you please do something about after buttacne scars?

Jayy Jayy

One of the first youtubers to show them I applying to their sensitive areas (bikini line) ??

Micah Scott

Can you use it after being wax under your arm? And

Michelle Loves CH UwU

You got my follow!!!!!!! Much love ??

poaiu aggghk

Can I put it inside the bikini?

Mercy Olagunju


Diamond Bryant

okay so is it fine to use 100% lemon juice from concentrate or do we have to use an organic lemon?

Julia Rangel

What are good masks or ingredients for stretch marks? I have white and pink bumpy stretch marks that I hate and I want to get rid of them

kanchan dubeysharma

Love d way u demonstrated...vry genuine

Iman ZaireTV

Can I use this on my face as well ?

رونا وان

احد يترجم هنانه ???

BadGal Liyah

Thanks ?

happytobealive lulu

My mom introduced me to your channel today.


Yaaasss mammiii ??????you go girl!

Shayeeza Chevalier

How can you see with those melons god gave you ?


What brand of turmeric is that ?

Briana Razo

Can you post a review of this video after using these ingredients for a month? Because I have a dark cleavage area and trying to find a solution and everything you said sounds very helpful but I would like to see how your skin turned out after a month or so ?? ps. You’re so beautiful girl ? love your videos!!

The Locc

Ting set ???????????? I will be trying this starting this up coming weekend to god ... thank you and blessings Gyal you have wonderful energy ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??????????


A bit long winded but very useful info thanks for sharing ?

Telly Nwobi

Thank you!!! Subscribed asap!!! Pls what do you recommend.. I used razor to shave my vagina lips 2 weeks ago and i have bumps on it. It's been three weeks and it hasn't gone. Pls help!

Zara Threads

does this work for inner thigh as well?

Comfort M Squire

Does this work with lime also ?


You are the best . So sweet and informative ?


I’m definitely going to try this!

Emmanuela Teixeira.

I just found your channel. You videos are so informative. Thank you so much, I just wanted to let you know that it helps so much. Thank you and stay safe.????

Leysea J

Thank you for this cannot wait to try!

C Carr

I love how you explain things. Thank you so much. Be well. ❤️

Bambi Ella

How long are you suppose to leave it on for?


Video is very detailed glad it works for you. But turmeric is not for me, stains & that’s a big no.


I found this channel at the right time! Very informative video. ?


I enjoyed your personality so much! You seem to be such an authentic and kind person. Thank you so much for this video.

Live Olivia

Thank you gorgeous ❤️

Tiara Jamerson

Can you use this on your face?

Turnt Up Ronn

You're soooo beautiful❤ What's your Email

Skye The Poet

How long did it take you to see results?


Where are you located? I’d love to have this done!


I will be trying this

Dr.Tamasmita Basu

please make a video on how to remove ingrown hair from bikini area and booty

dezyrae moreno

If I use water instead of lemon does it still show good results

RonnieRenee Blue

Thanks. What's a realistic time before lightening occurs?

Pinky Pink

How lng do we leave it on

Mo Styles

How long do you leave it on?

faatima evans

Why Not Ambi Fade Cream? Its not messy just rub it on as you would any lotion everyday. I do my elbows twice a day. Dark spots from my butt acne was nearly gone within 2 weeks.

shamin 01

Plz make a video on "how to lighten your neck" ?

ebony linsey

Next video should be an at home facial tutorial.

TheKing SquadM&K

I subscribed good video im going to try this.... Would love to collab one day and you should have classes if you don't already of all the masks and tools you use... Thank you

Precieuse Zg

Ur so geniune

Libra Love

Thank you for the tips!! I’m using this time to get myself tight and right, inside and out ❤️

Vida da Becca

Hey! How long does it take for you to start seeing results?


Can you store this mask in a plastic container? Or do you have to remake it each time ?

How to lighten vag skin

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How to Lighten Your Dark Area | Lighten Bikini Area / Whiten Dark Area

18 272 views | 1 Jul. 2019

How to Lighten Your Dark

How to Lighten Your Dark Area | Lighten Bikini Area / Whiten Dark Area

How to Lighten Your Dark Area | Lighten Bikini Area / Whiten Dark Area

#pubiclightening #lightendarkprivatearea

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is that effective sissy?

Grace For Living

????Very informational sis, summer ready, God richly bless you my intelligent teacher, God richly bless you ??????

onyebuchi beauty

Can this be also used for underarm?

Pamela J

Wow thank you for sharing ?

Pradarshita Acharya

Yo I tried this and this really worked for me. Thank you miss ?

Life With My Daughter Dua

Thanks for sharing this information keep it up and stay connected your friend

Liseli Matakala

Wow am going to try this

Stress Relief Music

Thanks Sissy

Nelly GM

I can put this in between my legs right??

Kara Denise

So informative thank you!

Aashiyana tips

Thanks for shareing ?????? sty conectéd


great video thank you for sharing


Very interesting and informative too , summer friendly diy, such great ingredients you used , thanks for sharing ❤️


I will try this one..thanks for sharing. New friend here.


Nice share

Nelly GM

How many times I week should I try this???


can i use lemon instead of lime ?

Tasty Mukbang Eats

I must try this seems so easy

Ayesha Khan

Wow thank u soo much for share this idea??

Stress Relief Music

Good job my dear friend

Vimi Brown

Thanks for sharing this information keep it up

M.A.G. Visions

Hello okay always something good that i didn't know love that thanks for sharing this one have a beautiful week

Fallyby Coco

Merci ??

Boss Fam Comedy

The lemon is not bring out water next time roll it first. Thanks for the sharing


Another great receipy,thanks for sharing.

Indrani cooks

Like 16, new friend here please support me back also friend


Turmeric is very good
Thanks for this hun


Wow thanks for sharing ?

Grow with me

Wow you have so many idea. ?thanks for sharing my darling sister

schema -

so do i literally just leave it on my ? and wait for it to dry for 20 minutes?