Pictures of healthy fingernails

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My Experience With Onycholysis | Including Pictures And Advice

5 418 views | 13 Jun. 2020

Hi guys,


Hi guys,

In today's video I share my experience with Onycholysis, basically a result of nail damage. I am still not completely sure how it happened, but a bloodtest revealed that I have no medical condition and everything seems normal.

My favorite nail care and nail art items:


Raisa Rosé

Hey do u think my nails should grow back, it is unattached for 3 years

The Polish Queen

This is very interesting and helpful, thank you for sharing ?

Murshid Jahan

Thank u much. But can I use olive oil instead of JoJoba

Nye Rumfit

Amazing vids. I think you deserve way more views! Did you check smzeus”dot”com??! It’s a great tool for growing your channel!

Nailing Painting

Yeah I think mine was caused because I cleaned the undersides too much? Now the skin under my nails has grown a lot and it bugs me, but I refrain from removing it cause onycholosis is really scary to experience, thanks for sharing! The tee tree is a very good idea, I’ll keep that in mind

Nanma Maanika

Iam suffering this disease now..iam depressed

Yuly Triana Lopez

How much tea tree oil with the oil should I use? Like two drops one?

Gh . st

I've been dealing with this for I don't even know how many years now. More than 10 now I think. I never knew what the problem was with my nails and thought I was just weird. It's slightly embarassing just because it can make your nails look pretty odd. Unfortunately, I'm basically dealing with Onycholysis in every single one of my fingernails. Yikes. I JUST finished using a pointy object to clean out all the skin build up when I finally figured out what it was and ran across your video. I don't know if I could ever get my nails back to looking "normal". But I will definitely stop cleaning them with pointy tools. The weird thing is that I never was OCD about cleaning under my nails when the Onycholysis first started, but after each nail started becoming detached, I became senstive about the way they looked and started cleaning them more and more. Wish I would have done more research about this years ago, but I am glad to finally know exactly what is going on. No one could ever give me an answer as to why my nails looked the way they do, so that is at least one silver lining. I'm a guy by the way, so I suppose most guys aren't really dedicating a ton of time to thinking about their nails, but it is def something that can make you feel a bit insecure.

nails by surbhi

Tyfs? hey new sub here hope you do same stay connected


thank you for making this video!

Nails 4 the Week

Very scary! Thanks for sharing!

jane Nails & hair

Tyfs ❤️ new subscriber ❤️

Soraya M.M

It happened to me, it was worse than yours. I continued using nail polish (i was too embarassed ?) i cleaned my nails and cuticles every night with hydrogen peroxide and after 3 months they were normal again, THANK GOD. I was shocked the first days but guys your healthy nails will come back!!!!!!

Josephine Cassar

I had to cut mine down to the cuticles almost. Will it recover and grow back attached now?

Chrystal Dollarhide

Thank you and so glad yours is getting better. I also have this and several times the opaque white part of the nail will grow out and then almost overnight it returns and my nail bed remains more reddish instead of pretty pink. It's so embarrassing. Been working with a derm for treatment. I hope one day mine will clear up as yours has.

Pictures of healthy fingernails

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Chunky Mangled Fungal Nails

1 316 750 views | 13 Mar. 2019

Dr. Todd Brennan helps a

Dr. Todd Brennan helps a patient with long mangled fungal nails.

Website: https://healthyfeetpodiatry.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyfeetp...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyfeet...

North Tampa

13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd #205, Tampa, FL 33613

Phone: (813) 971-4678

South Tampa

2919 W Swann Ave #203, Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 875-0555

Wesley Chapel

27658 Cashford Cir #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Phone: (813) 388-9801


17222 Hospital Blvd #218, Brooksville, FL 34601

Phone: (352) 796-7800

jennifer moffat

They need a better drill one that manicurist uses those are terrible drills

Connie Rivera

Soon after 2 weeks, I already observed several transformations on my nails. I have employing this fungus infection treatment solution in the morning as well as in the evening. After 2 weeks, my nail is clear from the brownish or even black spot. I found it by Google, it calls Kαmonuz Yda

Connie Rivera

Right after a year of seeking the superb resolution for the nail fungus infecting one my sister’s toe nails. She found treatment solution. After giving it a go, she seen a huge difference! There wasn`t any more black or purple spots on her nail bed. I found it by Google, it calls Kαmonuz Yda

Keto with Stacy

What makes a person want to be this kind of Doctor?


I’m sorry but that’s just disgusting

LastName LastName

Forever fan. The only kind they have.

grandma 50

I disagree with this doctor only because I've seen for my self . A product called "Nail mycosis " by a company called Imperial feet will kill this fungus. You have to be diligent and put two drops a day, morning and night, and then do a soaking about every two weeks. I used Epsom salt and a few drops of bleach in the soaking pan. It doesn't happen overnight but it has worked on two elderly family members. Imperial also sells something called fissure cream that if used correctly will soften those calluses.

Fluffy_ Fox

I thought my feet was bad... ?

Mary Ann Gardner

A brittle mess!

Cassie White

Great job dr! Your great at nail cutting and all that! This guy seemed a bit off I don't know if he's all with it .

#H.Judah Mack

Epsom Salt. Soak his feet every day and make sure his feet is completely dry, and don't put anything on top of the nail and apply his antifungal products at night. That should do his feet just fine. No offense to your medical license, but sometimes old school is better than new.

Peggi Schimmel

My cat weight 20 lbs.


Ahh! A fellow a Pomeranian owner! Mine is 9 lbs your! and full of energy! Love my girl!


cool!! watch this too!! https://youtu.be/DZeNp83LT7U

Melinda Guy

Was not impressed. Yes lady was ticklish but nails still looked rough. Sorry to say but I think a better job could possibly been done.

Maya Voss

Hasn't anyone heard of JUBLIA? It's expensive but with 1+ years of use it helped my grandmothers fungal toenails tremendously!

Trina Fluur

I love your friendly, funny and reassuring toeside manner with the patient. Your buffing job is better than some of the other folks, too - LOL.

okk 273

This is gross and weird

James Davis

You obviously don’t know what you are doing

Mary Ann Gardner

Barnacles on a foot!,

Ana Neto

Badly finished work!

Aliyah B

Bruh I thought the left foot was bad BUT THEN THEY SHOW THE RIGHT ONE!!!!

Megan Kibe



There is a fungus Among Us.

Mary Ann Gardner

Omg! That’s a woman, thought it was a man....


Not enough of the great toe nail removed.

Evan Heller

Amputation would’ve been the best option here

Mary Ann Gardner

He’s beyond moisturizer!


How does one wear socks and shoes with those nails?

Mary Ann Gardner

No one would get into my bed with feet like those, lol

Nathalie Boynton

I would love to learn what number blades you use, as I'm training to be a podiatrists assistant

Belle Cabello

Is he diabetic? He’s got to get the calluses under control. The pressure can cause ulcers!


O pe do cara parece uma árvore ????

minecraft master web

Ewww poor guy or lady

vally T

I just don’t understand how feet gets like this someone please explain

Roger Smith

Doc. needs to buy one of "The Toe Bro's" wet grinders!! ? lol

Mary Ann Gardner

Use a sander on those feet, they are beyond help!

cave man

Bro bearly trimmed any of it. ?

Sparky the dog

OO OO OO!!!!!

Ryan Borowski

I hate how I’m here again watching these vids

Peggi Schimmel

Winter aren't fun at at I live in New York the winter suck

Yuyun Sri octavia

Fungus iku opo to Yo....Ra ngerti aku

Imperialx Warlord

1) why do they let the nails get that bad?
2) why can’t it be treated?
3) if it can’t be treated why not just remove the nails permanently?

Mary Ann Gardner

I couldn’t bring my husband in there, I would be embarrassed...

Hima Bindu

Ew ouchi

Pom 1986

4:49 o but they make a lot of noise. I had to laugh because I also have a pomeranian ?

Jeannette Ross

I had a Pom and she was vicious lol 4# but at the end of her life she was 3#! Miss her still....


The fungus are play among us?

Deb Jukes

You have a lovely, soothing and kind voice and personality!

Cheryl Dempsey

The best at getting them smooth

Dianne Bates


Mary Ann Gardner

Cut down the middle of the big toe and it will just fall off!

Bert de vries

Hi dear. Can i ask you: why don't you remove the whole nail to get rid of the fungal nail, so this patient can start fresh?

Anita Johnston

Wow!!! The podiatrist cut those nails short enough to set the patient up for ingrown toenails ~ THEN he'll have pain!

I lost a fingernail to fungal infection ... TWICE. Then I read that Tea Tree Oil can be helpful. Now, I apply it like nail polish to that nail whenever it starts to feel tender. Have not had a recurrence of fungal infection for almost two decades. (Knock on wood. ?)

Connie Rivera

My sister’s big toe nails have a fungus infection for Decade now. She didn`t want to drink any medication for this. However, I advised her to use this fungus treatment and yes it been effective! As outlined by her, she could now use sandals and also show her feet for the very first time in numerous years. I used Google to research this guide, name of this guide is Kαmonuz Yda

itzz._• mercy

That is disgusting sorry to say??I cant??✋...it gives me cold bumps...i thought it was maggots tbh...!!

Assunta Gargano

Fungus among
us I love it

Maximilian Alexander

Last of Us Clicker Feet

Joany Sawyers

7 years of medical school to be a manicurist. ??

Christina Basri

Why would you ask him if he wanted you to remove that callous from his big toe?! Isn't it obvious? I know your supposed to be compassionate but to say to a patient who has awful fungal nails: "besides this your nails are fantastic". Really?!

encryptlake games

5:33 that little peice made such a loud noise.

Jayne s

Great job.

Lori Kimball

Who the hell let's this happen? Wife?

maghfierah sapirin


Luz Reyes

I feel bad why family or home let this happen I hope it gets better...

anita halvorson

I also like how you keep the nail projectile from flying in their face. a nice technique for sure.

Kathleen Perez

Solutions for nail fungus don`t work over night. My partner has been utilizing this fungal treatment method two times a day for months. The therapy is very effective. Within few weeks, his 2 pinkie and big toes are healed; even so, persistent fungus infection on the nail’s edge is actually tough to get rid of.. I used Google to research this guide, name of this tip is Kαmonuz Yda

Frascisca Alves

Q horror

Mary Ann Gardner

What a sad situation to be in..

Vicki Seversen

You did a wonderful job on her nails. You have such a nice soft manner and I find that calming.


Steelers fan from Pittsburgh... ?

Chris Hughes

How did i get here. I thought pimple popping vids were bad....

Nikki Pingel

This doctor is awesome!

Kay Kenzo

This so relieving that I wish my toes looked like this so I can remove it myself

Jerry Lebreux

Very nice job dr.

Jeannette Ross

Ps I like that you are quick!!

Laid Back

He could HV did better than that.. now the guy to go to a manicurist

Daniel Rinconeno

white poeple right

Dre Hamilton

I was so engaged in the conversation lmaooo

Ani Tselha Drake

My guess is this person is unable to independently care for themself.?

anita halvorson

it's interesting how once you clip off the front thickness the underneath portion of nail looks pretty soft.

Hello Are you there

Pull those out

Barbara Cleri

If that's is wife in the background she should be ashamed of her self she didn't ever keep his nails short omg.?

Diana Cooper

It has been nearly 20 weeks since my husband has begun using this guide to give treatment method to his toe nail once or twice daily. The program has successfully brought back the normal state of his toe nail. I started making use of it between my toes for breaking, scratchy skin. . I used Google to research this guide, name of this guidebook is Kαmonuz Yda

Charlotte Hernández


Cat Cat

One toenail looked like a ball in his toe

Mary Ann Gardner

Now she needs a bath!

Jess McCurdy

It has been almost Twenty weeks since my husband has begun utilizing this guide to give treatment method to his toe nail one or two times daily. The program has effectively brought back the normal state of his toenail. I began employing it between my toes for breaking, tickly skin. . I used Google to research this guide, it calls Kαmonuz Yda

Andree Faniel

**..I like you .. and It’s pleasant watching you working .. ( you are not arrogant, it’s « PLEASANT » !! )**

•orange cows•

i whas alsomt puking :(

lydia zadeh

Parabens!!! Precisa gostar muito da sua profissão. Acho que a família esqueceu desse senhor !!!! Deixar a pessoa ficar com as unhas desse jeito, é triste. Ainda bem que o senhor podólogos existe!!!! Abs

Edna luxton

2 of my nails turned yellow and thicker but not crusty and stuff under like these. My dr said fungul and gave me prescription fungul cream Lamisil (canada) amazing. Just rubbed on top and around both toe nails. Got rid of it

Carla Johnston


Leslie Brown

How did I get here? ?


I put this in a wholesome channel on discord

Mary Ann Gardner

Please take those old decayed nails off!,

Sparky the dog

OO That looks Bad!

Lauren Palermo

Why aren’t you removing the entire nail on each toe? Each toe has fungus in the entire nail bed. Even if they look good after buffing them , they are still infected with the fungus. I just don’t get it. Aren’t you trying to cure the fungus among us?


I have never seen such in my life!

Sue Whitham

Love that filing tool!