Meaning of so

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So Meaning

2 824 views | 12 Apr. 2015

Video shows what so means.

Video shows what so means. In order that.. With the result that; for that reason; therefore.. Provided that; on condition that, as long as.. so pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. so meaning. Powered by MaryTTS

Meaning of so

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Cake Q&A | Meaning of 'So bad'

5 016 views | 8 Oct. 2020

✨Cake Q&A✨ A series that

✨Cake Q&A✨ A series that answers the questions of Cake users!

Question : What does 'so bad' mean?

If you have any questions about English expressions,

please leave them in the comments!

Your question may be chosen for the next Cake Q&A video!

Find out the meaning of 'so bad' on Cake!

✔️ https://mycake.onelink.me/1JEd/cakeqna

Kaan Berk Akkaş

I want to speak english like a native speaker so bad and nothing can stop me :D

M zafar

thanks again

roxana c

Shout out to the one who added those wrong examples! ???its clear now ;)

llegue yo

Este comentario a nadie le importa pero si pueden siganme en tik tok me llamo @angélicasarabia25 en tik tok ✌️


???? Brasil SP

Ridwanul Islam


Sai Baba


Abdi jabar Hassan Abdulahi

The last phraces is it wrong to use
I made money so bad likentht one

Шырын Шаймарданова

It was useful lesson???

Nada Al Hachem


Unique gamerz

Thank you for this amazing video?

Mat Lindell

Astonishing !

Alif Alif

Thanks sir...

Sai Baba



Thx .I'm from Saudi arabia, I like your videos but I like to learn English by using my computer. As u know U don't have a website to learn in , it's a bad thing .

Beigoma Academy Maths Club

Cool video as always!
Make a video on online class expressions.

Dhruv Tripathi

Sir my bad meaning kaya hai

archana nayak

Sir give some pronounciation classes and tips too.. how to pronounce a word , which part to give more stresses etc .

Smitarani Nayak

It's funny......?????

Günnur Yucekal Arpacı

It would be great if you read sentences of a dialogue or a text and let us repeat after you.

Sveta Ni

You really cool! There's no day to let me miss your app class. Success you! Thanks!

Meaning of so

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SO का पूरा इस्तेमाल सीखे || Full use of SO in English Speaking

135 836 views | 18 Apr. 2020

In this video I taught

In this video I taught 5 uses of SO in daily English Speaking with Hindi examples.

Job Interview video part 1 : https://youtu.be/oTsu3l6kJNc

Self introduction for job interview : https://youtu.be/GTBjQKFU1b0

Download the PDF notes from https://www.instamojo.com/sartazsirkiclass


• Mr. Sartaz born in Delhi, India is the founder of Sartaz Classes™. An Accent, Language and Personality Development trainer and Educator. Got masters in English in 2017 and having a high grip over Grammar.

• He makes his own teaching methods with funny tricks to make people memories the concept easly. He started a YouTube channal "Sartaz Sir Ki Class" to spread his researched teaching skills and educate the students who can't afford the high amount of fees.

•Mr. Sartaz has been awared by many NGOs in Delhi NCR, He was awared the Silver award from YouTube India in 2018 November, Didn't stop here, Mr. Sartaz was again awared by YouTube India with a Gold Award in 2019 June.

•He has taught over 2 laces students of University of Delhi and Indira Gandhi National Open University persuing Bachelors , Masters etc.

•Today he is known among the best educators in India and best Spoken English trainer in North East Delhi.

•He is a YouTube sensation and a public figure, His channel on YouTube is crossing a milestone each and every day. He has a big audience from India as well as the 12 other countries beyond the sea. His channel is about to touch the 1.5 million subscribers and under the B category on Social Blade. He is active on other several social media platform with huge audience


More interesting videos ?

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Active Passive Part 1 : https://youtu.be/scnT1OZievs

Actuve Passive Part 2 : https://youtu.be/U7wcjlGDeDw

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English में Myself एसे सुनाएं https://youtu.be/oTsu3l6kJNc

Interview की तैयारी कैसे करें : https://youtu.be/GTBjQKFU1b0

British Accent हिंदी में : https://youtu.be/JC1t4FAgMnU

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English बनाने‌ का दुनिया का सबसे आसान तरीका : https://youtu.be/k02ZhHdPFOY

English के पाँच Words आपको पिटवा सकते हैं: https://youtu.be/QJV8OlNBQ1E


For all business queries, reviews or unboxings, mail me at [email protected]

Download SOL Delhi University, NC Web notes and NIOS notes for all subjects @ www.sartazclasses.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sartazclasses

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sartazclasses

Twittweer: https://www.twitter.com/sartazclasses

website: https://www.sartazclasses.com

#EnglishSpeaking #SlangWords #LatestEnglish

Khampai Wangsa

You're so best teacher ?

Amaan Raza

Dear sartaj sir l"m always watching your video ????

R.S. Singh

Make more video's of spoken English so that we could learn easly....................

Online Bright Study

Sir, you are so good teacher.always teaches us

Magnet 01

I m learning English so that I speak English with fluency..

Dapsa Ahore


Hamza Mahmood

Your amazing teacher sir so far I like your every video’s love you ??

Gaurav Bidlan


Being Wonder

I would be grateful if you not ignore my comment,
Just I have to say that,
Plz ?????Deep Describe, deference between- So that, yet & Still

bhavesh patel

Bot had????????

Vicky Bais

1 Why are you thinking so
2 You are so worst
3 Please give me a umbrella so that I could go
4 It is raining so I will not go
5 so far he is playing

Lokesh Kumar

Sartaz sir please help me . So that I can study or so that I could study . Enme se kon sa sentence right hai please tell me

Nikky Pathak

Sir ap bahut ache ho ,ache se padhate bhi ho but activities cartoon jaisi q krte sir

Harry Sharma

Wow spartaz sir thanks

Md Shamshad

so now

Manish Rawat

Your teaching style is so different.
So I like your videos

Speak English With Sachin

I want to become fluent in English so, I'm learning spoken English from Sartaz sir's videos.
I don't think so.
He is so handsome boy.
I'm learning English so that i can become fluent in English.
I have learnt lots of things from sartaz sir so far.

Mamta Devi

Good video

Joining Letter

Nice class sir. But sir over acting bahut kar rahe hai

Ashish prasad semwal

So far watching video games
I so that play computer games
I am so happy
You so done

kishore kumar

Very nice your class

Nitin Sony

Cheating ke sentens

Sharp Mind

So I like you

Just9n Gaming

Thumbnail op??

sufyan shaikh

I am so intelligent
I was hungry so I ate burger
I am playing cricket so
I failed in exam so that I have started my business
So far I am confused




You have no money so you are doing this job
You are young so you don't want to depend on your parents

Sajad Ahmed


Kishor Sahu

You are funy teacher,so I'm teaching.
You're great for change my lifestyle I'm thinking so. You're so great my dear sir. Please you live with us so that I can learn English. So far I have learnt many. So thank you once agin.

anshu sinha

Your video is so awesome. so I am watching and so far m watching

Geecky Hub

So I'm become police officer
You drink so water
I get knowledge so that I could become inttelligent
So far I don't get salary

Nitin Sony

Lao pleace

Arupananda Bag

SAR aapane to bola tha think me ING Nahin lagega

Rahul jha

Please Make another video like that so that I could watch video

Banti Shadab

Like this meaning bataye sar

Rajneesh Rajput

Sir you are great teacher


You are so clever



Abhay Maurya

Dear sir please tell me why are you teaching so..... Really really really really really this is very amazing way of study..... Thank you very much sir.... ????????

Salman Khan

So I am watching this movie

Narendra Kumar

Sir aisa use wala book name plz reply

govind parihar

Are you really a teacher? I don't things so, I saw your thumbnails and teaching styles.

kumaun Dev Bhumi

1)I'm sick. So I'm going to hospital.
2)You're so telling a lie
I'm so true telling.
3) Please Give me your pen so that i could write a letter
4) You're weeping so far

jaysingh gautam

Your homworks's answer
5 sentence???
~1Your videos are very gooD so I like your vdoes
~2 sartaz sir should teach so
~3 your vdoes are so good
~4 keep making similar vdoes so that I learn english
~5 so for I have learnt eng from the help of your vdoes.

Yasin Hawre

So far so good
Ab Tak Bahot accha

Raju Bhatt

Sartaz sir you are so funny ticher I m so happy

Shiwam Pathak

You are so grate teacher.

Mr uzair

you teaches great, so i would like to subscribe your channel
it is not raining so i am not going to school

i think so
you should not do it so

sir you are so great
i am so beat so i would like to shut my eyes

give me some money so that i could buy my school course books
you would have to go know so that you could reach at there at correct time

so far i am playing
so far u did not upload a new video

Nitin Sony

So I ,'am go

Sonu Kumar Singicath

Sir you are so interesting and comedian teacher

Suhail Dar

Sir your lecture is really good what an art of teaching

Totally gaming

So far I was waiting your answer

Khampai Wangsa



You are doing great job sir but I want to ask one think about 'so'. Where will use of so as 'ITNA'

Suresh Kumar


hemant singh

So ki hindi तो भी होती हैं

Sangam Dj

Sir jaroor karege learn

Dimple Parihar

Apne toh kaha tha ki thing me kbhi ing nhi lgta h

Amaan Raza

Dear sartaj sir l"m always watching your video ????

A. P. Rajput Rajput

Sir you are a amazing teacher

Shaista Ansari

I want to sleep so I am going
I am telling so.
My sister is so cute .
Please tell me about your self so that I could make your resume.
So far he is standing.

Priyaa Yadav

1)Rita said a joke so I am laughing.2).I'm doing so.3). You are so tall.4).So far she'll not come.

It's Hans


Mohammad Sayyad

1) so l am reading
2) I am singing a song so
3) Please give me some water so that I could finished my thirsty
4) you are so smart
5) so far he is going to school

Wokil Saheb

Sir ??

Khushi Kumari

You are great sir

Mnemonics Master

Are you married please tell us

Shaheen Shaheen


Aman Kumar

I m thinning so. Wrong hai.
Because think me ing nahi lagta.
According to sartaz sir.


What are you thinking so

yogesh kushwaha bahungra

So for he is sleeping. Iska Arth sir Google me aata hai इसलिए वह सो रहा है सर और आप बाताये थे कि अबतक सो रहा है।और मैं हिन्दी टू इन्गलिस ऐप में भी देखा है कृपया आगे आने वाले विडियो में बता दीजिए।

Loinel Messi

Thanks a lot?

mohd nadeem

So far i am not forget.

Abhishek Dubey

1. So i don't want to talk to you.
2.many people dream to learn english but 99%people failed to make it happen why so..
3. You are so Claver.
4. I want to purchase new pen so that i could write .
5. So far he has gone there.

Sarojani Sidar

She scolded me so I won't talk to her.

I'm doing so.
She is so intelligent.
I'm learning English from Sartaz sir so that I could speak in English.
So far I'm watching your video .

Prashant Prajapati

Sir make a video on "yet" and "but"

all study bd

Sir app bahut accha padhate hai

Rajesh Gour

You don't love me so I am going.
I was doing so.
She is so beautiful.
Plz keep quite so that I could my study.
So far she didn't come.

Nitish Kumar

Whichone so like to this video
And sartaz sir like this session



J.A vinod Khonja

Super sir ji

chhotelal chaurasia

U teach us very well .
So we r liking to u sir.
U r so intelligent.
I am going so .
U make more videos so that we can studes.
I am watching your video so for.

Sana Fashion


pranshee kesharwani

Dear sir you are so sweet and great. So I watch your video and take down what you teach. By God grace you always teach us. Because you are a God gifted teacher for me. Jai mata di .. ??

Totally gaming

Give me some money
So that I could get the bike

Ajay Ramsajivan Goswami

I would like to your English vedio so that I could learn English & you are so lucky man because I want to learn English

talented star

Sartaj Sir Or Sartaz Sir J OR Z

Pravesh Singh

He is abuse me so I'm going. I'm thinking so. Give me some time so that I make you report. So far you are here

Sharp Mind

I am so sorry

Mahroof Ahmed

I have some work so I am going
I think so
Thank you so much
Give me some money so that I could purchase a car
You didn't do it so far

Bhavani Jat

You are so awesome teacher
So I like your video
I watch your classes so that i could learn english
I think so I'm learning English
I didn't like your video so far

Yasin Hawre

So far 56? ab Tak 56

Murari Sahu

Excellent sir

Khampai Wangsa

Really interesting sir, ?

Totally gaming

My father is from Mathura so I am going

Amaan Raza

Dear sartaj sir l"m always watching your video ????


So far I like your 15 video

Devi Rohini

Your teaching method is so funny .so I'm injoying watching your video sir

asiyan Tuti

So that i can go.

Mehul Aacharya

You are so funny....