Lactic acid hair

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5 Best Lactic Acid Product

70 views | 18 Jan. 2021

This video is about the 5

This video is about the 5 best lactic acid product. Lactic Acid is a naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or AHA. It has been incorporated into skincare and beauty products because of its beneficial features. As it goes, AHA’s are great for exfoliating skin, and lactic acid is also no different.

5 best lactic acid product (Affiliated Links) –

0:00 - Introduction

01:23 5. DERMAdoctor KP duty Dermatologist Formulated Body Scrub

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/39Gf9Ao

Amazon International: https://geni.us/sxHC6

Walmart Link: https://bit.ly/2XOjpIA

03:00 4. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3bRv69M

Amazon International: https://geni.us/jYBC8nY

Walmart Link: https://bit.ly/39GJM90

04:29 3. PCA Skin Nutrient Toner

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/35SmE67

Amazon International: https://geni.us/8c6z

Walmart Link: https://bit.ly/2LZh3ny

05:50 2. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3bQST9S

Amazon International: https://geni.us/oz5tPo

Walmart Link: https://bit.ly/2LYTsDE

06:59 1. AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2M4qGBf

Amazon International: https://geni.us/N3o20

Walmart Link: https://bit.ly/3nX5pqq


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Intro, Outro & Animation Credit: (Boring Motion) http://bit.ly/2Z0WE3k

Music Credit: YouTube Library

Video Credit:

AmLactin: (15) AmLactin - YouTube

Kate Somerville: (15) Kate Somerville - YouTube

DERMAdoctor: (15) DERMAdoctor - YouTube


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Disclaimer: We have selected all these products/ingredients based on the users’ responses and recommendations. Outcomes and user experience may vary from one skin type to another. We recommend you to consult with dermatologists if you are facing any unusual difference in your skin.

***Every footage, images, and Information used in this content, have been included only to portray the educational message and information for the audience. If you have any copyright issues, please let us know.

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Lactic acid hair

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A Probiotic That Regrows Hair!? - My Review Of Lactobacillus Reuteri ATCC PTA 6475

11 523 views | 7 Nov. 2019

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Pottenger's Human

Maybe help for gut and skin for some people, would have been surprised if it worked for hair.

Brandon Clark

No body:

This man’s shoulders: ??????

Camille Leprevost

Yo D please, can you tell me where did you buy Lactobacillus Reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 this exact one, can't find it, and i have IDB /chron's disease, so might help me . Thanks


part of the claims are true but not hair

Josh Panebianco

For the algorithm

Jazzy B

That’s funny there’s a guy on Hairlosstalk that had gut probiotic transplant and his hair regrow back.


seems like you try absuletly everything great content as always

Jason Gongupalli

Hi Derek, how long have you been supplementing with the l.reuteri strain?

Jacob Van Gundy

Your hairs looking great bro, I know you have a lot of videos on hairloss but what do YOU personally use cause you went from balding to having thick luscious hair

Ali Salman

Man this video is ALGORITHM

Andres Valle


Andrew Corson

Probiotics made from human milk??? Well I guess babies are born bald so maybe there is something in breast milk that helps hair growth. Sounds like a perfect study for Derek to conduct using lactating females to document the results of both oral and topical applications. Maybe that's his secret for those huge delts -- he's been injecting it into his shoulders.

Der Boi

its said to make you produce more testosterone


did you lose all your hair you've grown from minoxidil after quiting it even though you still took anti-androgens?

Best Pranksters

Derek, how do you measure your own growth rate? Not saying whether or not this stuff works, but you really seem to have little apparent hair loss/thinning compared to most like myself where there are visible thin areas on the scalp and miniaturized hairs, making it easy to tell whether or not a product is improving hair growth. Maybe sufferers of more serious hair loss would be able to make a better judgement on the efficacy of something (where even a minute benefit could be significant) as opposed to someone like you who already has seemingly healthy hair.

Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero

Are you getting bigger bro? ?

Alfonso Visiello

What is the best hair loss prevention regimen on a steroid Cycle? (test e only 250-350mg)

Peter Stephens

Don't know how much you were taking but the biogaia tablets only contain a small dose of l reuteri (200 million cfu) whereas it has been shown that to be effective you need several billion cfu per day. The only way to do this is to use the biogaia tablets to make yoghurt which then has many times the required amount of l reuteri.


Do you know if there's any connection between androgen receptors returning to normal levels from nofap and hair loss?


ayyeee congrats on the 50k subs man - very well deserved

Richmond Briscoe

Where did buy the strain?

Felix Francisco

algorithm post


The efficacy of this product has already been proven to be non existent.


I learned how to make probiotics through korean natural farming. They neutralize or eat bacteria that cause problems with plants and animal waste and any other household bacteria. The chinese use lacto made from fermented rice water for hair growth also. Before trying these methods you should get checked for demodex mites or other micro organisms that could be causing the loss of hair...

Zach Teumer



My sperm regrows hair for woman only, when sucked by mouth

B Lt

Well it might not work for you or people that take gear or sarms but it might work for people that don’t take that stuff you never know

joseph israel

Can you please ship Gorilla Mind to Canada? Alberta Canada separately. Please? Im a university student and I need them.

Jordan Warren

I'm glad I found your channel Derek, I love how informative all of your videos are, keep up the great work!


I couldn't find any yogurts that have this probiotic, but it is in Lifeway Kefir. Do you know if that is the strain of L. Reuteri that they are recommending? I started looking for it because these studies also showed that it naturally increased testosterone.


Are we going to get Gorilla Mode in UK?


Do you know what gene/s actually cause hair loss?

Sergei Muhhin

Thanks man !!! i appreciate your channel a lot ! recently subscribed ! you have a good influence on a lot of poeple ! good for you !


FUCKING GOLD BRO -- knocking out the non-empirically valuable shit in a pragmatic sense one by fuckin one


good shit - algorithm smack


Dude.. your hair is looking amazing! +algorithm

suat bayrak

Hey derek please more videos about dating life

Dario Monsta

Why type of capsules did this strain come in? Because that plays a role in absorption. If you’re body ain’t absorbing the probiotic it’s not going to work. If you are taking probiotics in vegetable capsules on an empty stomach you might as well throw all your money away your body won’t absorb it.

Sean Rutledge

Derek I would like a full on answer since noone else can just give a flat answer.. so if u had to pick just ONE thing what is in your opinion the most best thing for hairloss?? Let's see if I get a flat out answer

Nf 1

Stupid question, but does castor oil have calories? On a steep cut right now so wondering if I should factor that in


i love everything you do, but I don't understand the obsession with hair my man, besides, I think you would look more bad ass than you already do with a shaved head... just sayin! Keep up the good work dude!


Let's take a moment and thank Derek for being a test guinea pig

Dan Griffin

Derek Same, I would have tried as well . . .Saved me some $ . . .Thanks again for the regular and great content.


Nice succinct impartial information as always. Thanks, Derek. You’re the man!

mayur kale

Guinea pig for humans

Mr M

Will you eventually pack it in, let it go and just settle for a hair transplant?


ive taken this it has alot of benefits, i would suggest everyone atleast try it for 2-3 months.

Jason Spaar

Thank you for all the research! Btw I got my gorilla MODE so fast! I have been meaning to review it and I guess on this video is ok?? It is everything you said and then some! Taste good, super focused and a good pump with only one scoop pre workout so far ?

Salvador Mota

For the gayrithm

Alejandromagno Barrasa

Wired how he actually looks like he’s glowing in this vid.

Tom Smith

Algorithm ?

Steven Tucker

This is the same strain that is reported to maintain healthy testosterone levels in older mice. My understanding is that it is thought to modulate the immune system in elderly mice and prevent testicular atrophy and lowered testosterone. There is solid research on it. Does not mean it will increase testosterone in otherwise healthy adult humans. Also, many forms of alopecia are due to the immune system attacking hair follicles and many immunomodulatory drugs have had success in restoring hair loss. Of course, none have had any effect on androgenic alopecia. In short, the stuff probably works but, not for our purposes.


Would you get a hair transplant if you hair loss worsened to the point that you could not hide it?


It might help people whose gut bacteria lack certain metabolic functions. You might just be lucky and already inherited a good microbiome - hence the gut might not be much of a limiting factor for you.


Derek, Rx muscle and Gregg Doucet

Pat Fluegel

Where did you get it? It might work for a subset of people who have bad gut health (like myself)

William Read

Just shave your head so you don’t have to worry about hair any more ?


Hey Derek have you ever heard of nourish beaute Nourish brust?There are claims that it works better than Minoxidil.

uh jkl


Richard Collins

Derek I just wanted to say I love the information on your channel keep up the good work brother


Are u taking finasteride?


That mouse be makin all kindz of hair gainz! Allll kiinnndz

trying to bare fruit in old age

How ever you spell that bacteria? That bacteria comes from rice. People who grow rice would wash their hair in the water that was used to rince the harvisted rice. All living things are covered in lactose,that is how we are able to preserve, ferment foods, sourkuart kumche, cordeto, Kubacha, excetra.
Some people soak rice in water, (i use filtered water for there is chlorine in our water, it would kill the live bacteria) for 24 hours. I wash my hair with this. My hair is the best its been since thyroid issues. It stops my sheading and graying. I didn't use the rice water regularly so my hair is stripped like I did it on purpose, brown, gray and white all the way to the roots. My mom says it is beautiful, I say she's my mom.
Anyway since I make cordeto (fermented cabbage, onoin, garlic, carrot, peppers),i thought I would put the rice through what I thought was a proper ferment procedure ??checked out some more YTV, some of them say put some essential oils in it to cover the smell, i will try but I think it is going to smell like the dog pooped under the christmas tree.
Normally I'm in a hurry and if I don't have organic rice I wash it. If I have organic don't need to wash it. Cook, 4 tablespoons rice into 2 cup of water till it gets milky. If I remember I let it sit 24 hours strain out rice and use then or next day.
I'm going to throw that 5 day old soak away and start over maybe? . Maybe I'll see if.smell will wash of wash ??off my hands, mybe?

Lactic acid hair

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Lactic Acid Peel + Natural Hair!!!

17 130 views | 27 Jun. 2013

What do you think my curl

What do you think my curl pattern is? I think its a 4b but I'm not sure.


For what skin issues, other than acne, are you using the lactic acid peels?

Mercedes Travis

Yeah I'm gonna keep trying. But I want to try the derma roller of derma stamp thing.

Sunrise Guru

Can you do this for your whole body?

Mercedes Travis

Just for acne scars and my big pores..


You dont notice the results right after. lol after like 2-4 days doing a lactic peel i notice my complexion is clearer.

And you were talking about acne, so you should have gotten a salicylic peel maybe?

Flower tulip

The Lactic Acid peels look like they've done wonders for your skin! But imagine if you found out what causes your reoccurring acne flare ups. Your skin would be amazing. I'd consult a dermatologist, or do some serious investigation, like pay attention to how your skin reacts to food, skincare products, hair products, different laundry detergent, perhaps you need to change your pillowcase, or bedding every other night, whether you unknowingly touch your face throughout the day, sanitize with alcohol every other day your cellphone, and other electronics that you put up to your face. With patience and thorough digging you should be able to find the acne causing culprit.

Most dermatologist will yell at me for doing this, but one day I ran out of my expensive Clarins face wash so I decided to use my body soap, Safeguard antibacterial and deodorant bar soap, lol. I wear a ton of makeup, and was going through a financial rough patch, so I was desperate and used the bar soap almost every day to wash my body, and face. Then weeks later I realized that I stopped breaking out! Ever since then I continued to use the safeguard bar soap. I still use a number of items from Clarins, but I owe my lack of breakouts to Safeguard antibacterial body soap. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also use a Clarisonic, which I totally can't live without. I'm not sure how using the Safeguard bar soap will fare during New York harsh winter weather. If it becomes too harsh for my face during winter I'll just revert back to my Clarins face wash.

Sunrise Guru

Another question: Are lactic peels for specific skin types and tones?

Mercedes Travis

It does burn your face when you apply it and while it sits on for five minutes.


Using your hands to put the peel on??

sarafina rosier

Hi. Does this one that just apply on burn you or it will just disappear the acne

Elizabeth Rivas

I'm a dark skin African American and I want to fade dark spot that i have in my face, do you think this can work for that?


Um, your pores don't look big at all. Overall, I think you have nice skin. What sunscreen do you use?

Mercedes Travis

Thank you! You can't really see them on camera but they are there. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50.

MyCinderella Dreams

i cant really say that I feel your pain because I just recently started breaking out. went from clear skin to little bumps. it all started when I started taking the hair pills call Hairfinity. its only on my cheeks though. just get a jessner peel, everything will clear up