Salicylic acid astringent

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11 616 views | 25 Sep. 2017

my business email is

my business email is [email protected]

more info about this product

One of the best ways to clear current acne -- and prevent it in the future -- is to properly clean your pores. Neutrogena's astringent not only removes the breakout-causing dirt, oil, and makeup that's trapped deep in your pores, it also cleans the surface of your skin completely. Remove excess surface oil and treat any current blemishes with the maximum-strength, acne-fighting formula -- leaving your skin healthy, moist, and blemish-free.

links to this product

1. ulta beauty http://bit.ly/2eyQL7k

2. walmart http://bit.ly/2xC9t9a

3. target http://bit.ly/2xpRrHo

4. amazon http://amzn.to/2fprH7o

Caitlyn Kreklewich

I've heard great things about it


you are so adorable girl, and I love the color of your hair! I was thinking about getting the neutrogena pore oil-eliminating, I do also love the color of it too! great video caitlin! just subbed to you beautiful, would love to support each other! :)

slab and fart

I just started using it! I’m hoping this works out for me thank you for the review. At first it smelled like mouthwash and after I applied it on my face it smelled like dried urine so im hoping that’s normal

Simran Nahal

Thx! Can you recommend another product to use for that?

Simran Nahal

Is it good to put on throughout a school day whenever i get oily?


I have a question when you put it on do you wash it off or let it stay on?


I found that cleansers and soap do not completely clean my skin. I use this with a cotton pad after a cleanser and a ton of dirt comes off! No wonder I’m still getting breakouts! This has drastically cleared up my skin. After I use it I give my face a good rinse because the residue sitting on my face made it peel and get irritated like crazy. Rinsing took care of that and I still got excellent results. I also wear a surgical type glove when using. This is because my finger tips started peeling as well...not good. My pores are much smaller and clear. I love this stuff. I’ve been wasting money on cleansers and they leave makeup and dirt behind! The proof is on the cotton pad I use to clean with this astringent.

Bailey McCoy

Hello I have a question can this be used as a toner all over the face every day


I have a question when i use this toner after that I just have to leave it or wash my face??

Stephanie Quintana

Is it supposed to burn a little

Bailey McCoy

Hello I have another question for you since this contains salicylic acid can it remove warts please let me know

desiree _ xo

Couldn't hear anything


Can I cleans my skin with a cleanser then put that on then moisturizer every time I wash my face?
I wash my face every morning and night

Sharon Zamora

Can you use this as a toner everyday?


Is this a toner? I was just wondering cause it didn't say it was a toner.

Kylie A

It works great for me. I think it's similar to a toner.

Salicylic acid astringent

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Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent Review!!!

7 052 views | 2 Apr. 2018

Hey there!!!


Hey there!!!

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tayo ademuwagun

This product is terrible. it peeled my skin. please DO NOT USE IT.

Tima Sheriff

Why are you not showing your face?

Jo Jo

Don't use this product if u have sensitive skin it made my face burn. Just use cetaphil

Salicylic acid astringent

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My skin care routine for oily to combination skin |2019| ?

1 231 views | 11 Jun. 2019

Love you guys

Love you guys ?

-Products used in the video-

•Equate Beauty Makeup remover wipes ($5.97)

•Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub ($4.97)

•Clean & Clear morning burst facial cleanser ($4.97)

•Equate Beauty Astringent ($5.14)

•Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel ($4.68)

*Business Inquiries Only*

[email protected]

Stay Blessed ???

Daisy Pala Design

I also got the macaroni pill idea from you!!!! I ordered mine thank you!!! (: I love your personality keep making videos!!

RaQiya Storm

I just wanted to say thank you for the Maca pill idea for weight gain!!! I have mines now ??