My skin looks old

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Is Your Makeup Making You Look OLDER?! Tips for Youthful SKiN!

131 views | 19 Oct. 2020

Is your makeup making you

Is your makeup making you look older? Believe it or not, there are several changes you can make to your skincare and makeup routine, to help your skin look more hydrated and youthful. Watch my video to learn some tips and tricks on how you can look the most hydrated and youthful yet!!

Products Mentioned in this Video, click below, just know they are affiliate links:

The Ordinary Squalane Oil


The Ordinary Rosehip Seed Oil


Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist


ItCosmetics CC Cream - MY FAVORITE


ItCosmetics Loose Powder


Dermablend Loose Setting Powder


EltaMD Hydrating Tinted SPF


Smashbox Hydrating Primer


Smashbox Hydrating Foundation


No7 Wrinkle Filler


Nars Wrinkle Filler


Bare Minerals Tinted Gel Cream


Rosewater Hydrating Mist


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Thanks for watching!

Remember, you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can do anything you set your mind to. Tell yourself you’re beautiful.

Go on, tell yourself already!

Xx Marguerite

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Erika Moulton

I love the IT Cosmetics CC cream too! I can tend towards more dry skin and it's helped a lot! I've been curious ... do you think all the Bare Minerals loose powder foundations/concealers would be ok on dry skin if exfoliated or should it be avoided?

Catherine Bjelde

Very thorough video thank you Marguerite. Are you going to do a video of skin care prep prior to applying make up.? You touched on it today by not in detail. Thank you?

Luanne Thompson

Great tips girl.

Liz Hackl


My skin looks old

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60 593 views | 22 Aug. 2020

For personal questions, to

For personal questions, to buy natural ingredients, for a quick response, click this link. https://editorial556.com and ask I will be there to answer all your questions.

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Anne Vugutsa

Can one use maziwa mala instead of yorghurt?

Evangeline Lazaro

Can we keep the remaining mixture because I can see that there’s a lot or can we use it in other parts of our body like the arms and legs so we won’t be wasting that mixture. God bless you and waiting some more of your videos. They are awesome

Vans African Fashion

Wow thanks for sharing


First time seeing something like this. Thanks for sharing

Jackie Riley

What is good for Ezecema?


What can you use instead of papaya as I can not get that.

Malinda W.

Love your remedies.. I'm gonna try this Edit. And I absolutely love your hair, so beautiful as always.. You have such a glow & I see the mommie weigh is melting away, looking incredible Edith. Keep the videos coming. Much love..??

Kenneth Udoyo

What was the last ingredient please?

Shaibu Omoti

for how long will the remedy stay longer God bless you

Lavina Jenifer

Yea its papaya??


Thanks love. How do one preserve this mixture for the rest days

ushadevi bhonsle

plz write ingredients and also d measurements in future thanks

Florence Lubega

I really appreciate about working on our faces but what about other parts like hands, the legs and the whole body. Can I apply with any type of remedies? It's only the faces. So I would like to know, if I can apply on any other part of the body. Thank you.

William Munny

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Isabella sab Dsouza

U look smart. Good...


Hi dear you can mix all together in blader.
2. Put all ingrediant in discription.please.

Annchan Jimbat

Wooow sooo much of your informations ???...I loved it & Very3 gooooD ? ?❤️❤️❤️

Cuộc Sống ở Phần Lan

thanks likeee

Tzvia auerbach

אבקש לתרגם לעברית את כל הסרטים . קשה לי לעקוב באנגלית , תודה

Ayodele Comfort

Wow it's amazing

oladunni .A.

Please what can of yoghurt are you using?. Is it plain yoghurt or normal yoghurt

Remedies with Regine

hello Ladies, hope you all have an amazing day or night

Mushtaq Khana

My favrt channal

ionut Airinei

how old are you?

Sanatan Munda

Hii mem

ID Edem

I'm here to learn?thank you so much


Thanks Darling how can one preserve the remaining mixture

Vans African Fashion

New fam let's grow together dance

Jenny Jenny

Dis is good

Janet Mbene

Wonderful! Use on the neck and decolletage as well there is a lot of wrinkling there. Thanks

Catherine Kamau


Ruby Health And Beauty Tips

am really your fan mam

Camelia Scott

Beautiful lady. Hair and skin is popping.

Marta Lynn

What is merk?

Marjorie Merrill

Thank you for sharing. However, l am an aspiring vegan and desire not to use anything that is not plant based and organic to avoid the chemicals and toxins they put in them and that are naturally in animals. So can you give alternative recipes for people like me?

Hanya Kitchen

Wow very good ??

Sanatan Munda

Can i ask u one question if u dont mind

Israel Nwachukwu

For only ladies?


I’m so early.?


Hi everyone my greetings to you all

mubo adesulure

I noticed you don't apply the mixture over your neck

Divine Okoroiwu

Who else went straight to comment section to get result?


My dear you are putting on weight too much,watch ur diet,much ?

Barbra Namufumba

Thanks so much

Ngozi Obioha

Thanks for sharing, I will try it but please can a man use it. Thanks

Saj Jay


My skin looks old

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Look At My Face - Le Gianna (Official Music Video) 7yr Old Kid Rapper [Hip Hop For Kids] Clean

11 818 views | 18 Jul. 2020

I hope you enjoy the

I hope you enjoy the official music video for my second original Hip Hop single "Look At My Face".

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Life is a video game with endless challenges. You might fail, but you can try again to "Level Up". Focus on the prize and you’ll reach to the top.

Please watch LG put in her work, work, work in her second original single, “Look At My Face”—- where a video game comes to life! Thank you ?.

Executive Producer: Dad

Music Video Director/Editor: Mom

Songwriter: Lex Lu

Beat Producer: Gimi Productions

Cast: Sammi



Look at my face,

I don’t play games,

On my way to the top,

Only thing that I chase,

Is that success,

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Look at my face,

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