Layers for long hair 2015

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How to cut round layers haircut - Long layered bob haircut Step by step

13 923 views | 13 Jul. 2020

How to cut round layers

How to cut round layers haircut

Long layered bob haircut Step by step

Layered Bob Hairstyles

*Giving is hold forever*


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#RoundLayers #LayeredBob #LongLayered #BobHairstyles #LayersHaircut

Linda Ntina

Very nice!!

Helen Pitari

Brisbane Australia ??

Shantelle Fernandes

Hello from Dubai, UAE! Came cross your video as I'm looking for a haircut that would suit fine and thinning hair. What would you recommend, especially with thinning in the front of the crown and forehead area? This was explained so well. Thank you and take care.

Mister Jaroslav

Nope. It is not a round layer haircut.

Sandra W

I'd like to share this with my hairdresser because nobody really listens when you tell them you like laters or a shag.

Nathalie la

Love this! ?

Diane Perez

I'm gonna cut my own hair



Gee Wiz

It’s midnight in Nashville and I wanted to follow up with you and let you know what my experience with your cut was like for me today at work. It was lovely...truly lovely ? I’m so ? GRATEFUL for you to explain this . My client had longer and very thick hair but it looked STELLAR ??... we LOVED it. ThankYou again!

susan gunn

Adjust your camera so we can SEE how much hair you're removing? Camera work SUCKS


Painfully slow process, although a very nice cut. Good for students.

Paula Mc

Beautiful and very well illustrated. Thank you ?

Brenda Tews

Would be clearer without mask. There is no reason for him to be wearing a mask, if she is wearing a mask. I am using closed-caption to understand his words. From Idaho...

Suse Gz

Greetings from CA USA. I love how you explain everything. I’m not a hairdresser but in Quarantine everyone is :b

Colette Clifford

Are you dropping the ends to save you length

Kimberly Henson

Unites states ky South Central 2 hrs till breakfast, doing fantastic explaining your cut on your patron,


You have to tell the photographer. Take close shots Photographer too far

Adam Balogh

You guys are so perfect with the techniques and design elements.

Tina Osburn

Hello from Austin Texas

Joegi Tan

Thank you for this wonderful techniques! God bless !! From Philippine?

Layers for long hair 2015

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Kenneth Siu Haircut 38 - Layers for Wavy Long Hair

753 990 views | 26 Jun. 2015

#layers #hikariscissors

#layers #hikariscissors #longhair


Great job at cutting her hair. Also the lady is very gorgeous

Gra Piken

I've seen this woman before, receiving a different hair cut. She looked better with the shorter cut.

Gemini Rises

Man, this is art!

Tiger Lily

He's like a musician with hair. What an artist.

Hai Tran Le

Only you are right-handed

Víctor Jiménez

Woooooooooooo, danmmm nice job man. Were u locate?


Why people bashing on the waves lol looked great both ways

Nongluck Kong



No one like you, ur great kenneth

irfan ali

very nice Boos

Tung Nguyen

Quá tuyệt

Warda Sunkar



You messed up her hair, why you curled it. You put all that show to make your customers feel like you’re some awsome pro. NOT

Shinji D

If most barbers could cut like this they could charge more and people are willing to pay more for a great result. Sadly, there are so many trashy barbers out there and no1 likes to do trial and error with their hair...

Dada Dongare

Great man ...great artist


I need those shears in my life!!!


난 한국 사람이지만 당신의 기술은 예술이네요*^^* 존경합니다 구독하면서 즐겨봅니다 ~~ 항상 건강하시고 가정의 화목하시길 바랍니다

Sharon Allred

an amazing artist.....

Фрося Бурлакова


jimmy harris

holy moly , this girl is beauituful



Warda Sunkar

Layers for wavy long hair

Rijvan ansari Ansari


Nenette Walsh

Why I don’t see the back is layer it’s only one layer I like it 3 layers make your hair fuller and easy to style nice cut but not the layer I like

Anthony Naxakis

one of the best in the world and he does it with ridiculous ease absolute mastery

Warda Sunkar

Hello !


Waaay too much point cutting... thinned out her already thin hair way too much.... Hairdressers need to know when too much is too much..

Cyel Szerwinsk


Julija Anickina-Kunz



Очень интересная техника ))) Очень понравилось ))) Желаю мастеру вдохновения !

Elena Yanchuk

The God of hair!????✨


hairstyle was gorgeous, but what perfected the hair was her beautiful face.... I'm speechless

Lisiate Jr Fatafehi

love how happy he makes his clients

Tp, vinh Địa chi làm tóc đẹp

co dày nghê không thây ơi

Mónica Vázquez


guncha 00

I'm your fan mr. Ken... Bravooo ??


His fucking hair cut is bad

So she says

How gorgeous she looks with the new haircut...

George Oshust

What a GREAT haircut! She looks GORGEOUS! She is GORGEOUS! STUNNING!!

Sabreen Hassan

ahhhh, the moonlight sonata...I love it

Саня Бшин

Как он кайфует от своей работы! Респект -маэстро !!!!!

Rossana Brandao

I love your job! Im a brasilian hair stylist. My english is bad, but i will know you!!

Phuong Phuong


Ivana Santos

Lindo ?


I would be cheezy too..Its perfection.?


This guy is a fraud. He thinks that by putting on a performance he can fool people.

Việt Rain

Tôi khâm phụ a ấy

Rachel Le

You are imagining, thank you for sharing.


너무 멋져요^^ 최고입니다

Chichita Villalba

En q ciudad se encuentra Kennet Siu???

Jason Tang

Balance back the layer with point cut and degree

Miss Ayala

That's a real pro :) Awesome work!

Veronica Alzamora

I absolutely love your work, however, for those of us new to the hair industry, is it possible to make a tutorial where you section the hair and show step by step? ( pixie cut and long layers please )

Виталий Мамро


Warda Sunkar

Very nyc

Minister & Evangelist Elizabeth Carpio

This young man is very good at what he does. Some may call it putting on a show. But I truly believe that he genuinely loves cutting & styling hair. He does an excellent job too. Keep up the outstanding work Mr. Kenneth Siu.

Ирина К


Zatzil Shadrack

Una mas del Gran Maestro Kenneth Siu!?


Mr Su, your cuts are poetry in motion, amazing!!!

Michelle G

I wish you could cut my hair, wow

Helio Donizath Tomim Tomim


Лариса Стрюченко

Спасибо за красивую Лунную сонату Бетховена! Мастер классный,так трогательно работает с волосами, как с сокровищем! Уважение и успеха!

Sufiya Parween

How much rupees cut hair

Allison D

What an odd way to layer long hair

Dianna A

This man is a visionary. Every woman he styles looks their best at the end

saw yu hong

where is this guy show ///

Shea LaRoux

Notice how many times he has to cut it because he keeps jacking it up. This guy is a joke! He is not a proper professional. He's a circus show.

Sukhdeep Hundal


Sakti Ganteng

Luar biasa


Kenneth Scissorhands!

Areli Carrillo Sanchez

Master ?

Dilshoda Ziyaeva

He's talented... He enjoys what he does..

Tan Cakar

sheep shearing

Đạt Quốc

em xem đi xem lại cái kiểu cắt này mà thấy phiêu quá

Christine Tang

May I know where is your salon? What is the name of salon?

Monica Ruiz

wow de. tener un cabello maltratadisimo y sin forma le dejaste una cabellera hermosa

Dama Grandchester

Yo veo a este señor y me relajo tanto como si me estuviera arreglando el pelo a mí

Nenette Walsh

And I like wish on the front like m hair I do cut it myself just little I can’t on the back but it look ok

Keith Stephens

LOVE that you don't chatter. Watching you work teaches me better than words!

erik gunawan

its'n brandon lee.....???

Lovely Gupta


Jackelyn Carrillo

is it just me or are all of his haircuts custom made for the client lol

Анастасия Илюшина

You are god!!!


You can tell by her facial expression how she gains more confidence as the haircut proceeds

Karina Elizabeth Fernandez

Super profesional! Me encantó! Explicación clarísima❤

Chichita Villalba

País q trabaja es Australia??? Q ciudad???

ChiMom Morris

AND her legs are crossed!!! so much for a straight horizontal line at her shoulders when she stands up!

Hykall Harrazz

she's so beautiful


hello sir , just wondering ... had you done that bit at marker 35 to about 1:05 where you point cut up into the end of that pony tailed hair before ??? ..or did you just" feel it " was the way to go .....respect sir love to watch you work ...scot j ...big fan


Your hair cutting is like an art performance. You have an amazing eye. Thanks for making these videos!

Lilly Josie

wow it's really soothing to watch you working, I love what I do as so do you??

Tai Le

Hi! Kenneth,
You are awesome you use your both hands. It is credible

Jeanne Bastille

Liked it better before the waves and the spray...still beautiful though

Ошибка Windows


Katia Sinclair

9:13 hairdresser it's all worth while face when the client says "she loves it"

AS Barber

Nice cutting

Adventures of Willy and Jake

Kenneth please dont cut your fingers off.

Sukhdeep Hundal

wow nice cuting

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Layers for long hair 2015

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Layered Haircuts For Short, Medium, and Long Women Hair

3 052 views | 27 Mar. 2015

layered haircuts, layered

layered haircuts, layered haircuts for medium hair, layered haircuts for long hair, layered haircuts for women, layered haircuts with bangs, layered haircuts for medium length hair, medium layered haircuts, layered haircuts for women.

short layered haircuts for women

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short layered haircuts

layered haircuts for medium hair

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