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Watch latest updates from Manmohini daily soap

2 651 views | 29 Apr. 2019

Siya is bent upon creating

Siya is bent upon creating a fuss in the daily soap Manmohini. Why is Siya creating all the drama in the latest episode? Watch video!

Munaf Ismail

Nice cartoon network drama

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Coronation Street Spoilers! Can Abi save Kevin and Debbie? | Simon crosses Jacob

804 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Democracy, Equality and Freedom

7 504 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Disastrous ideas from the

Disastrous ideas from the French Revolution.

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Smile Titans

Regarding Downton Abbey, I think they did address what you are saying by the very nature of the show. There's was gap between the old and new was one of almost bewilderment. The dark undercurrent of the show was that this world was going to end bit by bit, and throughout the series, they introduced all those elements that would be chipping away at this structure. The fact that it was so popular is because subconsciously so many actually crave (parts of) that world and as these subversive forces are introduced, the audience sees them with a sense of dread. What those holding on to tradition were told then is no different than today. Downton Abbey was a great series, although much of it's core audience (old boomers) are too far gone. Like any (genuinely) interesting work it can be looked at in several different ways depending on the audience.



Joseph de Mestre approved .

Leon Sighdoria

I agree with most of what you are saying but what seems also out of control is since we are not all equal, some are smarter so they create business and innovation like Gates and Musk and Hedge fund owners, wall street speculators get all the money and the rest of us get a smaller and smaller piece, and that helps push us in the direction of socialism. It needs to be fixed somehow, along with family tradition. Economic disparity and lack of moral values is pushing us faster to ruin.

WingIT Productions

How do the homosexuals consummate?

Dany Varna

The US and most of its vassals are one party neoliberal states where you can choose between the neoliberals and the classical liberals. I am an eastern European (Bulgarian) and as such assumed that during the pandemic the western right will assume autiritarian nationalist tendencies as we did. I was wrong. If something, the pandemic exposed that the vast majority of the western rights supporters and significant portions of our western influenced right wing supporters are classical liberals. Until this liberal thought hegemony is broken any return to nationalism (which we here see as an offshoot of tribalism and family values) would be impossible.

Jorge Gomes

Just a reminder that the Trump Administration did help get the Botswanian Gay community rights recognised by the Botswanian Government, but unfortunately even the Gay votes from the Botswanians couldn't help DJT get re-elected.

Richard Maurer

democracy is not ugly and leading irrevocably into a communist dictatorship. Monopolies (Google, Uber, Amazon, AirBnB etc) and crazy ideologies are destroying seciety. These WMD's against common people can not be criticised, because in the majority of cases, criticism will be labled as antisemitism. What is needed, is free speech, and the freedom to criticize powerfull groups, irrespective of their religious or racial background.

pinco palla

my nigga Ramz has been reading Evola recently

Toad Possum

Who's taking your stuff? Ramzpaul is middle class and has it better than most.

Xbox One

I'm confused. Is ramzpaul racist?


Ramzpaul should learn that-through the Great Reset-the globalists want to make MOST humankind equal...in death.

Kardboard Kenny

headless politicians?
the French DID get some things right.

YouTube Trailer Park

Left wing, Right Wing, same bird.


OK. What do you want to replace it with? Criticism of the flaws of the system we live in are one thing. Offering up something else in its place is another. The former is low hanging fruit, yet it is the latter we really want to get behind. Therein lies the problem. I have heard all this criticism many times before. It is banal. What do you want in place of this system? The moment you mention anything people will be picking all kinds of flaws in whatever you say, and thus we end up with a whole lot of nothing, and back to Democracy, Equality and Freedom we go.

Lets say we know what system we are going to, and people can get behind it. Then you have the lovely issue of how you get there. That won't happen without casualties. And then when people realise how much lifesblood will be spilt for it, then it is back to Democracy, Equality and Freedom we go.

So, you really have two major issues here. Getting a vision of the future enough people can get behind, and getting enough of them to spill their lifesblood for it. There have already been attempts like this which provide the vision of the future and defer the means to bring it about to a later date in the Northwest Front for White Nationalists in the Pacific Northwest, and the Libertarians with the Free State Project in New Hampshire. Neither could acquire enough believers to even really get going.

Abel C

We have a left wing capitalist oligarchy : they don't believe in equality for money and class (or don't care) but at the same time they bombard us with sexual and race equality.... Equality that doesnt cost them a dime...

Zee Camp

Doing a wonderful job of skirting the line. Saying what you need to say and staying platformed.

Love Agent

Dems are the real homophobes

James Delnort

I believe the founder's reference to "all men created equal" may have been in regards to equality under the law. That the law would be just no matter the station of the person. I.e. "blind justice."
Also, you sure do make repeated and constant remarks concerning "homosexuals." So often that Shakespeare's quote of "Me thinks the Lady protesteth too much!" may be what's spinning at your wheelhouse.

Adolf Stalin

I must be an archreactionary then

Commonwealth Operative

I am to the point where I Isay screw it and opt-out for red-state secession as the only option left to us!


You must love the social credit system ;)

Alex Vig

One should only look into the history of the Roman Republic to understand what it really means to be a republic and why democracy is a bad idea.

Will Dansbury

Great video, Ramz!


Ok a few things

1. Do we live in a democracy or do we live in a society with the illusion that we have a democracy where billionaires and elitist choose who gets in power?
if the latter it's true then we already live in a society were the smart and rich people have control.

2. You say people aren't equal and shouldn't be equal. If you are a christian, is this how God views his own creation? Does God judge the worth of someones soul and life on the basis if they got a doctors degree or not?
should morality be based on Christianity? should the constitution be based on christian morality?

3. Democracy is a horrible system, but it's the best system we have at the moment even if voting is a pure illusion. We allow all people except children and criminals to vote because that way people won't feel alienated and it gives the feeling that they are having a voice in the matter on who controls their country. You pick a meth head as an extreme example. The overwhelming majority of people aren't meth heads but it can become a slippery slope. If people do not have a voice in a society you get things like the France revolution made out of low IQ peasants. Also putting people superior to others because of the function they do is something the Pharisees did.

4. Like you said, not all people are the same. Life is full diversity even among whites. Diversity of thought also means diversity of opinions. Take it from me that your opinion about how the world should work is not a very populair among white people. I think you have more luck with Arabs or Somali's. Even if you have your homeland your children might have very different views than you and may change the culture of your homeland to a more liberal one.

gub dig

I wish Ramzpaul could go on a national news network and state these facts, because he actually makes sense. That doesn't apply on Mainstream News.

Wilhelmina Bayer

Dear RAMZPAUL, I have been watching you, and following you, for quite some time now, and I do feel that this podcast is your very best one!!! This was just outstanding, and I want to thank you for it!!!!

Tacitus Today

The so called left believes ideological social engineering is the answer to EVERYTHING. The classical libertarian right believes that ( OTBE) any society should be free to develop organically within a framework of agreed codified laws applied equally to all citizens.

Frozen Over

This was a great video Ramsey

Percival Hans

I totally agree with this video.

The American Founding Fathers certainly didn't see everyone as the same, not even all Europeans or men. They set up restrictions on voting and naturalization, and they spoke about the dangers of mass immigration and a "heterogeneous compound" within the population.

However, I wonder if European Civilization was at its height when monarchy (and homogeneity) were the standard of the land. The great Renaissance periods, the Scientific Revolution and the Age of
Enlightenment all occurred during monarchy. In fact, the Age of Enlightenment seems to end with the French Revolution, around the time of the American Revolution.
What great movement happened after this, the Industrial Revolution that saw transnational corporate power and banking take over our countries? The
Multiculturalism and Diversity movement that is replacing European Civilization with a mishmash of other peoples and cultures from other civilizations?

This erosion of our social values and standards is something I've been seeing for a while. It seems that in an attempt to be "inclusive," we have to continuously compromise everything we are, not only our standards and values, but even our history, cultural heritage and identity.

This reminds me of the poster releases by the Smithsonian museum that denounced the higher standards of European Civilization as oppressive "Whiteness."
It said that White culture includes...
(1) Ideas of individualism, self-reliance, and autonomy.
(2) The nuclear family with a father, mother, and children.
(3) An emphasis on the scientific method of objective, rational linear thinking.
(4) The Western and Judeo-Christian tradition and Christianity as the “norm.”
(5) The notion that hard work is the key to success.
(6) Respect for authority and private property.
(7) Planning for the future.
(8) Holidays based on white history and male leaders.
(9) Justice based on English common law.
(10) Politeness and written communication.

And as we all know, "Whiteness" is something these people want to destroy, which means destroying our standards and values.

Scientific studies show that as diversity increases, social trust and cohesion decrease. In an attempt to hold the fracturing society together, civil and government institutions are becoming more authoritarian/totalitarian: cancel culture, Big Tech censorship, ideological control of the media, policies that led to a Democrat one-party state, racist and forced diversity training brainwashing in our schools and at our jobs, totalitarian ideologies within the Hollywood industry (there's a Daily Mail article about this), policing or forcing certain speech when it comes to race and gender, vilifying a certain gender (male) and race (White) as the origin of all the country's problems and creating agendas and initiatives against those people, ect.

Mom's Ravioli

Styx's mind would explode if you told him this. Much like Sarg'n who thinks it's not liberalism that's destroying the West, it's the "wrong kind" of liberalism.

But yes, most people on the right i've met are always playing the left's game, "i'm not a racist", "well this is how x,y,z hurts non-whites too", "i am opposed to transgenderism only for kids".

xt001x tl

Well said


You shouldn't have a vote if you don't have a stake in the world.

WingIT Productions

Wait, is Mr. RamZ saying the people of Walmart aren't beautiful?


Ramzpaul is a lone voice in the wilderness. He is one of the few Americans who understands the origin of our modern predicament and where it all stems from. I would dare to place him more within our continental (european) tradition of right-wing thinking than as part of any American so called "right".
As a reactionary myself I would suggest young people interested in traditionalist political philosophy to read the father of reactionary thought; Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) if you can manage to find translations in English.
As long as we in the West remain addicted to the "enlightened" ideas originated in the 18th century in both France and England, there is no hope for our present civilization.
Well done Ramzpaul!

Blake Griffin

You had me until you started fantasizing about brining back what would ultimately amount to reviving the monarchy and aristocracy. There are reasons (plural) that the French cut off the heads of their king, queen, and other aristocrats. Centuries of serfdom, systemic rape, slavery lack of legal representation and other abuses come to mind and these things are endemic to systems like the one you envision. They may not be ultimately as bad as socialism/communism in the long run but they are a close second. Imagine mark the lizard man zuckerberg or jackass Dorsey being allowed to prime nocta your wife and daughters and you’re not far off the mark from how such things usually end up when you start valuing one group of people over another. We’ve tried such systems and they were just as rife with abuse and excess as socialist models. I don’t have the answers either, but maybe a system similar to the the one described in Heinlein’s Starship Troopers where citizenship and rights are earned through public service instead of simply being handed out like so much candy at Halloween to everyone regardless of their behavior. Maybe rights should be earned, not guaranteed which to be fair you allude to here, but on a final note there is no law of nature that states that I was born indebted to you or anyone else simply by virtue of you being better at math, more athletic, or better at business or public speaking or any other such thing. You incur debts as life goes on, you aren’t born with them and it takes an awful lot of willful naïveté to presume that those you place upon such a high pedestal as you describe here would not turn on you like a rabid dog in the end and abuse you.


I had no Idea McAfee was in Prison

United Nationalists of Australia

Your argument overall has its merits, but your analogy of a "methhead" having the same powers is absurd considering no methhead on the planet gives a stuff about anything but meth. Voting is not on their 'to-do' list and their only opinions are informed by their addiction. They'd vote for a 'free-meth' party but that's about it. So, that's sophistry. Granted, it's just an example, but in a country like yours where voting is not compulsory, it's absurd. If you mean, giving votes to sectional interests like coloured and whatnot, then fair enough. That's how I read it. But you also overlook the fact that it IS the powerful, those from the elite, who make the policies and those in their milieu that support them. The whole thing through is a dictatorial process, democracy is an illusion. You're arguing about something that doesn't exist and the swindling of Trump's victory is an example of that.


I support equality under the law but that's it.

Arch Angel X

Actually Flat earthers are highly intelligent, they question the deep state and shadow government on a daily basis. If you believe what you see with NASA then you might as well believe everything you see with mainstream media, (it's all the same thing). Follow that rabbit hole, but Ramzpaul won't because he's too busy calling flat earthers stupid when he has no clue what he's talking about.


This is a strawman argument. Equality doesn't mean people are all the same. That's obviously not true, and no one is arguing about that. Equality is the belief each person has the same rights, regardless of those differences. The real argument is, do rights exist, and if so, what are they and what is the role of government in relation to those rights?

Justine Brown's Bookshelf

Crucial points here; thank you. I think it goes back to the English Civil War, which prefigures the French Revolution. It ended with the execution of Charles I. The struggle was between the King and Parliament. By the end of the 17th century, Parliament was sovereign. It was the end of the old order.

Laura Berry

in PBS Cranford or Return to Cranford there is a character(lady of the estate) who does support the old ways. She makes a profound statement about progress and the French revolution while fighting to keep railroad from taking her estate. They arent made out to be negative, they just all die off. Anyway, its a great PBS series ever bit as good as Downton, just not as popular.

Wouter Vos

Democracy only provides legitimacy to a terrorist organization.
It doesn't solve the core problem of government: everything they do is and/or based on extortion and terrorism.
The only way to really make things better is to abolish government entirely.
Another good reason to buy Bitcoin.
Governments can't print more of it.
So in order to spend money they'll actually have to pay for it.
Then the true nature of government will be revealed.
No other form of government will be better.

Don was just trying to reveal Democrat lies.
And that it's really not about identity for them, just politics.
Compare how they treated Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Biden.

"What we need is a vision of something greater"
And then people make up something that they believe to be greater and then force that vision on everyone else.
The solution is to abolish government and allow people to live their own life.

Brett Fafata

I believe in "democracy" in so far as that productive people should some control over the creation of the laws they have to follow. However productive people are a small subset of the population, so it wouldn't be universal sufferage.


Your videos are so good lately. Top notch. ?


Politically speaking, when the Founding Fathers wrote that "all men are created equal", I think they meant that we should all have equal rights under the law. I don't think ANY of them believed that all men were equal in terms of intelligence, talent, or even social standing. In my opinion, the problem lies not within that concept, but in the twisted way it is now being misinterpreted. When I grew up, we spoke of "equal opportunity"; now people are openly demanding equal OUTCOME. Rather than completely give up on the concept of equality under the law, I think it would be more productive to simply argue to return to what it actually means.

John Smith

The ideas that have come from the French revolution have killed untold numbers


Her name was Ashli Babbitt

Esdilcez Pie


Affected Area

Leftists have contradicted themselves on everything. I noticed this many years ago and it has got worse since then.

Authoritative News Network

The last time we tried "Equality" on a large scale, God looked upon our hubris and enforced our differences once more. ??

Tacitus Today

The original concept of democracy was never a universal franchise but rather those who have the largest stake in society should have the biggest say in how it is run. If applied today between %65-%75 of adult citizens over the age of 23 ( with the exception of those 18yrs old serving on the front line)would have a right to vote.


"We all bleed red"... All mammals bleed red. Monkeys, Donkeys, Dogs

Klaus Landlicht

Harrison Burgeron: everyone was equal, no one was stronger, smarter, or more beautiful than anyone else. Everyone was equally handicapped.


Dang RamzPaul you been reading Plato lately? A lot of what you say is reminiscent of him ?


The left hates individualism and loves collectivism. No group or government has the right to determine how you should live your life. Can't agree with your take on freedom. Every adult should be free to live their life as they see fit as long as it doesn't hurt others. We should have the freedom to help others if we want, but not required. Leave me alone to live my life.

Frank Karsten

"Democracy is the road to socialism"

Karl Marx

Tan Green

Thank you for a great vid..

The Forgotten Nationalist

Yes, we must reject Jacobinism and Fabians.

Commonwealth Operative

Liberal Democracy is neither truly liberal nor truly democratic but is the facade behind which a hostile elite reigns supreme. The United States is not a serious nation. Indeed it is not a nation at all but probably the world's first "anti-nation" in that makes war, both domestically and internationally, on all forms of authentic nationalism.

Archangel Michael

Conservatives have conserved nothing.

Max Schneiter

I think the idea of "equality under the law" is generally a positive development in society with one major exception: the right to vote. There must be some standard, or shared sacrifice required amongst voters, or society quickly evolves into tyranny.

Hello Hello

Trying to rationalize with ppl who think killing babies is an exceptional for of birth control, they are just evil


5:34 exactly my thoughts on the "equality" concept. Great video!


K learned I'm not on the right

Alex Vig

One thing ramzpaul didn't touch, is the lowering of the voting age from 21 to 18. This was a horrible decision, and it was taken relatively recently, during the Vietnam War era. The idea was pushed on the premise that: "you can't be old enough to kill but not for voting".
But the problem was, that the voting age was set at 21 in the first place, because 21 used to be the age men already had a stable job and family.
This age in 2021 should've actually been raised all the way to 27-28-29, given today's economic circumstances. 18 year olds today, are practically children. They still depend on their parents to go through college because it's so expensive.

Disaster Disaster

This has to be your best video yet RamZ.

The enlightenment and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Thomas B

Excellent point about freedom. How "free" do you think your average drug addicted homeless person is? In the Orwellian world of the Western left, the guy with regular job, three kids, a wife and a mortgage is bondage but the guy sleeping under an overpass in his own urine with a bottle of wine is freedom.


“Democracy” only works with a responsible citizenry.

Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez

I agree with Paul's explanation but the problem is you can't rely on the power of the State to force a moral change in the culture because that will end up to corrupt the very ideal of human morality we express to fight for.


What you are talking about was part of my Interview Twenty Years Ago


Masterfully put

Commonwealth Operative

What about a multiple franchise system where votes have to be earned. I think Robert Heinlein toyed with that idea in some of his science fiction novels

Just Mike

Does my dog get to vote? If not, then dogs are oppressed by the human hegemony.


One of your best videos ever...

M. N.

Incredibly based, as always.

Doktor Mabuse

Democracy: In the future everything will be decided by DNC.
Equaity: PoCs will be considered superior beings to white peasant masses working to support their lavish lifestyles
Freedom: Whoever disagrees with the above will not enjoy freedom of speech or assembly

They even want to bring everyone up through race-mixing.

You're getting your wish Ramz. You should celebrate.


Ultimately... freedom is better than equality.

Reginald Mercer

So how is a social darwinistic technocracy like modern day China any better for the common man than a leftist sexual Marxist technocracy? Reactionaries hold the average man in as much contempt if not more contempt than the sexual Marxists, since they deify rule from on high and want to go back to a land based feudal system where peasants had no upward mobility by right of their birth.

This is why you reactionaries lost to the third position in 20th century Germany and Italy.


We all bleed red is about as smart as we all poop brown.

Jefe Anson

Pete: i like trains, i slept on one a few times.
Biden: were you gay while sleeping on that train??
Pete: i identified.
Biden: Good!, your hired. Now never mind the budget and never look at the books.

Not So

Very good


Tremendous video, Ramz. The Enlightenment and subsequent liberalism were the West's greatest mistakes, irrespective of how authoritarian, oppressive and corrupt the autocratic models we had before could be at times, liberalism inevitably leads to totalitarian socialist tyranny, which makes those pre-Enlightenment autocratic models look liberal in comparison. We kinda threw the baby out with the bathwater with the French Revolution. A corrupt and tyrannical monarchy and oligarchy can be dealt with and replaced relatively easily if it fails to its obligations, whereas a corrupt and tyrannical democracy in comparison? Not so much, good luck with that, asides from leading to general disaster all over.

So many people do not seem to understand what constitutes the Right, and how it differentiates itself from the Left, which is understandable as there is a lot of confusion around those terms and their meanings have been muddied over time, especially that of the Right, whereas the Left's has changed little. Whereas the traditional Right stood for a reactionary return to monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, nobility and hierarchy founded on merit following the French Revolution, atleast in theory, merit having been defined as having been 'chosen by God', Divine Right of Kings and belonging to certain bloodlines in those times, in the US, being right-wing has become synonymous with being a democrat, a libertarian, i.e a classical liberal, and with being a capitalist, capitalism and liberalism being pretty much synonymous. That isn't what the Right originally stood for, the traditional Right was very much opposed to liberalism and liberal democracy, and as you say, liberalism has more in common with the Left than anything else. US 'right-wingers' which are mostly classical liberal libertarians have little to do with genuine traditional right-wing movements. Asides from conservatives, which usually have a lot of libertarian views aswell, there seems to be very few genuine right-wingers in the original traditional sense in the US.

Fascism as a political movement is the closest thing to have come to genuine right-wing reactionism ever since the French Revolution. I know you don't like fascism very much, and that you are one of those 'tha Left are tha real fascists!' types, but fascism is much more complex than that. It subscribes to neither Right nor Left, it is a third position, having been founded on the Hegelian philosophical dialectic of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis, it sought to synthetize a third position between the Left and the Right, combining the best of both worlds and remedying to the flaws of each. It is very much a reactionary ideology in line with traditional right-wing thought as it is staunchly conservative socially and autocratic, meritocratic and hierarchical as it seeks to establish an autocratic hierarchy founded on merit under which any given tasks would be attributed to the people most qualified and best suited for them, including governance, but it is democratic, liberal and left-wing in the sense that those tasks and positions would be accessible to all people irrespective of class or background, and not just to some special aristocratic and privileged families and bloodlines, and that it places the common interest of the national collective above the individual, including workers' interests and social programs, advocating for class cooperation towards the common good instead of marxian class warfare. Instead of a totalitarian egalitarian marxist state which would abolish private property and enterprise, seize and and supposedly redistribute the wealth of the successful to the unsuccessful and bring all people down to a mediocre to downright precarious existence under state slavery, fascism seeks to elevate the people by creating the conditions which would give all of them access to the same opportunities and the opportunity of earning their success by their own merit. Even the lowliest of plebs were free to pursue and could hope to aspire to success and to the highest of offices under fascism provided they achieved it by their own merit, unlike traditional autocratic models like feudalism or monarchism, or marxian socialism. Both Hitler and Mussolini which were chosen to lead their respective movements and subsequently their nations weren't highborn nobility, they were both working class people, coming from very modest and initially heavily left-leaning backgrounds.

Zippy Doo

Socialism is not about equality. Socialism and social justice is about envy and covet. The social justice warrior is against anybody having something they can't or don't have no matter if it's a higher IQ,better looks,money,job,better genetics etc. The social justice warrior wants everybody to have everything every other person has and want to take it by force. Equality of the social justice warrior is the rule and law of the impossible and deep down inside they know it. If the people who belong to the cult of equality can't have something they'll just ruin it for the people who do.

Would baby Hitler, kill you?

"One of the most ridiculous aspects of democracy will always remain... the fact that it has offered to its mortal enemies the means by which to destroy it." - Goebbels

Bobby Tate

This is possibly the greatest contemporary analysis of modern political philosophy that I've ever seen. This man is an utter genius.


You have a good heart and you have a lot of love and common sense to share. Thank you for your videos. Also thank you to everybody that comments here. Let's all keep pushing to bring the love in our hearts out into this world.

Hokkaido Snow

The nation with the best system was Imperial Japan.

Max Willson

Well said!

sound bite

It's done to keep the political two party system firmly in place. The British prime minister and his cabinet have done this. Tried to prove how progressive they are, not standing on real conservative values.

Mythic Pie

This video underlines what makes RamZ such a great youtube personality. God bless ?


You do have to have a 'Common Denominator' at some point

M.D. Geist

God doesn't say that we are valued the same. That is a modernist lie. It is clearly outlined in the bible that even in heaven there will be hierarchy. God is a God of order. There is no order without hierarchy.


Been saying for a while that some people just should not be able to vote. About 51% of the country actually.

Rob Ms

Are you sure the earth is round ramz?

Ruben Gomez

I am going to be honest but advocating for a aristocracy above democracy is batshit crazy.

Great White

Ok, I could make my own 20 minute video about how much is incorrect about what he is saying.

John Stern

Ludwig van Beethoven ?????

Attorney Timothy B. Gifford

While I like and agree with your thoughts about equality, what of the left's obsession with racial and ethnic equality?


I came here from Blonde... I am actually saddened to hear your words. Whether you know it or not you are more left than you think. You still use the word "democracy" in ignorance. You attacked "equality" wholesale as stupid instead of detailing the distinctions between "equality of outcome" vs "equality of opportunity". You said Aristocracy was an important concept and was not evil. I think you have no idea of what humans actually are. Yes, we should all rise up from our vices but much of everything else you have said boils down to this. They are evil and I am not. News flash... you all are evil. God calls governments of man "beasts". The reason for this is because they "usurp the authority of God". Governments usurp authority over the principle of property. Governments usurp authority over the principal of liberty. Governments usurp authority over the principal of life. Aristocracy is evil because like all other human governments they will always usurp the 3 principles I mentioned. Every member of a beastly government will be judged by the All Mighty for every last mite from the Politician to the Police officer for the usurping of Gods authority. We all forsake the 2 Great commandments at our peril... we Praise God in public and curse His name in private with the fruits of our labors. We are finished... We have voted for ourselves godless leaders and governments of man... God said in 1 Samuel 8:18 "When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day."