Skin texture types

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(ENG SUB) Realistic SKIN PORES DRAWING TUTORIAL // Step by step skin texture drawing

21 446 views | 17 Nov. 2020

Learn how to draw

Learn how to draw realistic SKIN PORES DRAWING and DKIN TEXTURE in this step by step drawing tutorial.

So drawing realistic skin texture is one of the most complex topic in drawing and sketching, but in this video i have tried my best to explain you guyzz how to draw realistic skin texture and skin pores with graphite pencils.

#skinPoresDrawing #pencilDrawing #PawanNathArts

Watch my best drawings till now here - My favourite drawings: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMcxTrRvqBFFNypnHwYLD_usqhSlcGXkf

Watch artist hacks here - Artist hacks and tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMcxTrRvqBFFpIhk6TFYaX4AyT3yIi0Ly

Watch accurate outline tricks here -

Accurate outline tricks.: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMcxTrRvqBFG0f5TqFSNosRcsB-j7sRzU

thank you so much friends.

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Drawing with Phirujyoti

Amazing ????????

mama yefta

Seems the strawberry pores ?

Mayesha Tasnim

Amazing ??

Chandan Matho

Great ?and thanks

Anil Verma

Paper rough ya smooth use krne ke liye skin texture ke liye

Seenu Gaur

Azaming azaming azaming azaming azaming azaming

Farhaan K

This is your next drawing


Sir iska reference please description pe de do??????

Arshiyan Art

Ya'll know that we mess up while drawing hands either we hide it under something or do not make it , would be glad if you make a video on realistic hand drawing !

cartoon's icon

Fentectic drawing ????

Spandan Maity Arts

Very nice drawn ?

Chrisi Rock

Thank you for this fantastic video!!!??

Aastha Goswami


Pawan Jain


Manish Jellaware

Broo which paper would you use in this video

Vajay Bhukya

Pls make begginer to advance drawings

ASHISH medicoartist

Bahut acchaa Bhai ??????✍️✍️

Shreenikethan V

Dekh te hi aagaya.

Satheesh Nair

Thank you bhaiya for the tutorial ??happy Diwali ???✨

Rajnish Art Gallery

Hiiiii.......Aapne isme ruff paper use Kiya hai?

Babita Kumari

Next draw leion messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

the creative kala

No words...??

Ali 22

Fantastic content liked and stay connected plus stay safe ?

Shree Savyaa

Bhaiya apne kitne aaram se Bana liya sketch ?❣️me a sketch banane baithi to pura 1day lagega ???me apko Insta me msg kar sakte hu ky??

Anish Shah

plz mention the paper u use in your drawing,, my biggest problem is paper

Hardik's Art

My first comment

RS art box

Sir please give photo link

The Breakout

TIP- Dont keep your camera parallel to the paper keep it in a angle to the paper...... and draw infront of a window means use the day light..... and others things are very good?????????.

S. Mandal

Thank you soooooooo much sir???

Satya Kumari

Excellantly explained???

Deb art

Great art work

Jewel Fernandes

Thanks for this ❤️

Ruth Lynn

I think you do great work. It would be nice if you could try a split screen of you teaching with the picture on the other side


bts drawing please

Pixel Army

Big fan of you ?

Ajay vishwakarma

Bhai ap BFA kiye ho

KR arts

You are amazing man

Crezy singh sanjeev

Wrinkles pr ek vidio bana dijiye... Wo thoda difficult lagta hai mujhe.... N thank u so much iss vidio ke liye... Kafi kuch sikhne ko.milta hai aapke vidioes se

SANTOSH sahoo 1020

Sir battery erasear sa skin high light da sakta ha

Salim Nakhwa

Mujhe lagta hai Skin Texture banane ke liye Mono Zero Eraser bahot zaruri hai.

Artist Dream

Wooow Awsome paintings ?? i enjoyed this painting ?? i am so happy to visit YOUR channel

amit sohal

Can we use jk printing paper 75 GSM for sketch work?

romharsh maurya

Thank you sir really helpfull.

Infinity Twillight

Looking like blistered burns lump.. not a gud effort.


Next hair drawing tutorial please

Okoye Valeria

The way you zoomed the video on drawing realistic skin texture made it better for learning ??

Adarsh Yadav

Good ..
Can you tell me which paper you use

Rangnath vetal Art's

Thank you sir

diksha dhiman

Just amazing?

Arab Ahemad Artist

Smiling mauoth pe video banao

SANTOSH sahoo 1020



Thanks bro this helps me a lot and thank you so much for English captions ??

Liberal Arts

Sorry but that's not like picture on the thumbnail :/

soul mate

Which paper do you use to draw..?

RahulRautela Art

Thanks for the video bro ❤️

Yuraj Bhatt

Can you please give the paper link

Tushar Kumar

Image link?


Wow~ That's amazing. - That's great. ~~♡★☆♡♥♥

riddhi rai

Its very helpful

Art insane

Nice pankaj

Hanif Bangash

Very Nice

Sakshi Chaudhary

???great! Plz make a tutorial on how to draw realistic hairs ?

Pick or Pencil

Awesome tutorial, ty, new sub

Bharat Parmar

Please sir draw your own realastic sketch

Chas harper

Pawan my friend wonderful job on the skin pores that is so difficult to draw. Enjoyed left a big ?225 as always. Hope you have a wonderful week ??

your soulmate badshah

Amazing I will try it

Swaraj Sarma

First comment big fan plzzz reply ????

vishal Behera

Amazing?????? bro


Please check my channel

BH channel

Awesome ??????????????????????????????????????????

vedang koitiya


Kashish choutele

Amazing pawan???

Pratyush Nag

How many time pawan said so lets get started??? comment down guys ??????

Art From heart

You are amazing

Rajendra Arts

Wow really so realistic skin texture ❤️ big thumbs up ❤️?

Monika Arts

Bahot achha he tutorial video

Pratik the king

I can't blend with a brush ?


Cartridge paper review pls

Pratibha Shrivastava

Amazing skin texture love from America...❤❤❤?

krishna kumar

Sir next video on realistic teeth plz plz plz.................

Himanshu Arts

Thank you very much?

Hardik Khandelwal

Please make a video on outline and shading real time video please tell ????????????

Babita Kumari

Tutorial on how to draw lips

The Breakout

Shine up bro



BLUE Flies

Sir plz draw a Lakshmi bom drawing

Robert Butler

Hi Pawan
you're one patient guy!!!
nice stuff


bhaiya pls drae a skecth of vidut jamwal

Sanjay Kumar

Which paper is best for hyper realistic drawings rough or smooth?

KZ Langstieh

I fine so much problem in drawing realistic nose,eyes and mouth plz put a tutorial on tht

Artist Mukesh

Good sir


This is very helpful for me thanks very much!????

The Sketchist

Sir next pls upload hair tutorial with charcoal pencil... Please sir please sir


Bro keep the same reference and make a tutorial series of realistic drawing

Traf Arts

Looks awesome


Venom. step by step drawing

LP Soldier

It's easier then I thought

sandy mujawar

Best of luck

Fun with Nikita

Thank you thank you thank you so much for this amazing video m kaafi dino s skin texture k tutorial video k liye search kr rhi thi but nii mil rha tha thanks for making this video meri ek chotti si request h plz ....... aap hand k skin textures jo hote h n uspe bhi ek tutorial video bnaiye n plz.......

parth dave arts

I want video on small pupil texture

Skin texture types

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Skin texture types

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