Tears of grace face

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HIS REACTION WHEN SHE SINGS | Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers | Allie Sherlock & Cuan Durkin

19 384 322 views | 1 Oct. 2020

In this video we are

In this video we are singing "Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.

Wait for Cuan's reaction when I hit the high note. It made my day when I watched it back!

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Cuan Durkin Socials


#AllieSherlock #Singer #Guitarist #coversong #songcovers #busker #streetperformer #performance #busking #singing #youngsinger #songwriter #piano #guitar #vocals

Macu Alonso Gonzalez

Qué bonita canción qué bonitos chicos?????????Desde Málaga(España) ???

Glen Bell

Oh! My! God!!! I could listen to a 2 hour concert just doing this song over and over! Phenomenal!! Mind boggling talent ...

Judith Peters

Absolutely amazing standing ovation love it



Roland Sorg

Very nice Allie - THANKs!

Therese Haarhoff


Bas retie

Beeeautifullll !!

Jacqueline Silvério


Xavier Perez

You voice nice?

Brian O'Keeffe

Magic right there..!

Гергана Стоянова



Beautifull , just Beautifull !
Stay safe & healthy to the world ?

Caitlin Stanton

You guys rocked this song!

Space Cream

? Best of the best.

Valdemir keyboard player


claire musso

Absolutely charming thank you.
May I ask where and when was this filmed because most passerbys were unmasked. Fantastic!

Kimberly Collins

Wow you guys one of my favorites. Always give me chills, you did the Rightous brothers justice. What a bunch of nimrods just walking by , you nailed it... ; }

Mark Walton

One of my favorites


Your both beautiful keep going ?

Donna Flood

How can people just walk by? This is beautiful!! I would give them every last cent I had in my pocket!!

Sileshi Lemma


Faithe Pearson

You two are delightful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Mr Strong

A duet is the way to go and sounds great, keep it up.

Pamela Williams

they are adorable together

* 69

I wonder why no producers are trying to nab dis girl' ;|]


They work so good together. Best song sang by two of the best.



Poblacha Poblaciones

Really good cover

Gloria Broyles


Baal carnaval

i love ghost

joan roth

These two are great! ????All I can say is that I witnessed the walking dead stroll by??????


HEY, Song gives me goosebumps
Time go BY
Life’s hard
Keep singing please learn
30 days in the hole

Jose Raimundo

UAL isso e chik

beto Burgos

Desde Argentina allí grosa

janet jylha

Oh you two would make a perfect couple

Jurek Szymański

Hi bravo beautiful music and song thank you so mach bey bey ???⛄

Stratagems Gem Art

amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina Miller

Wow her voice is amazing!

Гергана Стоянова

Bravo ! Bellissimi !

Marrs Occisnar

Beautiful song ilove you guys


Dudes aight

Mike Banner

LOVELY! You guys made my day. Thank you!


Все еще не понимаю по чему до сегодняшнего дня,я не поставил лайк этому видео!

Double Doc

Loveable! Both of them are incredible!

Leo of all trades

So beautiful voice,ilove it.plus beauriful singer.big wow...

avi duran

Very nice voices both of you, good luck

Сергей ***

шикарная девочка...милашка)))

Bożena Bieniek

Wspaniale wykonujecie te utwory ?

tom mannering

One of my favourite songs did you do it justice yes you did well done x

Abraham T

Woah, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me
Lonely rivers flow
To the sea, to the sea
To the open arms of the sea, yeah
Lonely rivers sigh
"Wait for me, wait for me"
I'll be coming home, wait for me
Woah, my love, my darling
I've hungered, hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me

Sheila Messina

They sound so beautiful together singing

Rich richie

The lads got an old soul (nice)

Tamara Lovely

Amazing ...the both of you ????

Jiang Ety

Wowww... such a beautiful voice ?

Orenthal Abraham

Awesome guys, simply incredible!

Maria Garcia

me encanta, precioso

Steven Gueta

What's her relationship with the guy?

David Kersey

Gives me goose bumps!



Neil Rinaldi

OMG Been listening to a lot of Ally's stuff and just realized some of the similarities with her vocal style to Andra Day. Ally was she one of your influences?

Jim O

Allie is special

Wildewood A Little French Farm

So beautiful, you guys made me cry <3

Marilyn Castillo


Andreas Roger C

They are both very talented ???

Richard Shacksnovis

Really uplifting to listen to. Thank you


Beautiful! But caused my allergies to act up ??

Matthew Cisneros

The muddled pediatrician early open because stream anaerobically tease midst a hallowed grill. noxious, fanatical coin

Vitoria Juvêncio


David Bowen

Awesomely beautiful!!!!!!


What a beautiful voice both a good mach ?

Dawn Quyle Landau

Both of you knock this out of the park, and sparkle doing it! Just when I thought Allie had all the notes, Cuan met all of those lovely notes (low and high) at the end. Wow! We all need a lot more sparkle right now; thanks!

Lizell Byleveld

Pragtig..julle deel van jul grootword geskiedenis.

A. Bruce McDonald

Beautiful ❤️. You guys made me smile... It’s hard to find things to smile about these days. Thank you so much. You’re great. Keep it up!

Yin Badiola

this video made me like you both so much!!

Elizabeth Wiese

Perfect melody for the times we are living in! Smile and invite Christ as your redeemer!?

The Bops

so AWESOME . . . .

Marijoy Batalla

Very pretty and talented?


Wow, she gives me goosebumps when she sings!

Paula 94

We need Your voice Allie !! You are absolutely amazing ! ???

Roman Ryczkowycz

Wow !


Hope and love. The song and the two performers makes the world easier to breath specially at this time. Keep singing . Thanks❤️

Val Lockwood

My favourite of all the duets you are both so beautiful together fabulous voices . I've played this three times this morning and it's only seven thirty just love you both.

Franklyn Narine


Judith Peters

Absolutely amazing standing ovation

Rombo Loyo

Da fk. Why you both have to be so beautiful ?

Jim & Rose's adventure in Manila Philippines


carol lumley



ma quanto sono bravi questi due, hanno un bel filing, allie hai una voce fantastica

Susan Tyler

Gorgeous!! Very sweet music. You're great together.!

Rose Gander

WHAt a fantastic duet.

Gabe Delaney

Ight, now it’s time to do Unchained by Van Halen

Dayna F

OMG! Love you guys !

Vitoria Juvêncio


todd w


Pattyfinn H

Absolutely beautiful. Made better because of how much I could set they enjoyed performing it ?

Leonardo Cechet Moro

Dang lady what the heck??????

Rozee 280ME

You are both adorable.....Love your tone....

sandee essel garfin

Very nice

Marcelo G de Sampaio

You min, her reaction when he sing.

Tears of grace face

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The Stupid Story so far: 2016-2020 ● Behind the Tears

91 875 views | 1 Sep. 2020

? Support the show of

? Support the show of unfiltered dumb dumb ?


All this is Tearable.

Formerly of Tear of Grace fame, now relegated to the outer reaches of deep space, trying to find a gravitational pull to latch onto.


Louis James

1:24:21 A wild Adam Pacitti appears....


Girls: English guys are so polite and posh.
English guys:

Shade. Hawk

35:52 I'm sorry but is that dnd...I love them even better

Zeroed & Finnigan

RIP Jack. You'll always be missed as the 4th man for Behind the Tear

Lightning Wing Productions

These videos need subtitles sometimes, more than what Brett gives. XD

Chance Richardson

This friendship really shows how much it removes hair in a short amount of time

Dante Bond

5 years and counting.

Hugh Jones

Use are defo stoned

Aegislash Excalibur

The videos that are missing: when you guys tried to build the labo kits, when Brett was filming an ad for CrunchyRoll, the Fornite Dance-off video, and I think the Fidget spinner video

Jonas Yoakley

19:47 Holy fuck! Not the twin towers! NO! NO BRETT NO-


3 idiots acting like idiots: The Movie

Allen Veratu Glax

All I can say is England has fallen from Grace after Downton Abbey Ended.


2 hours, o boy my poor poor sleep schedule


1:37:56 anime when my mom walks in

Badsy the Edgecat

23:42 my ancestors are smiling at me, imperial. can you say the same?

Papa Luge

The Shloer thing is still one of my favorite videos ever

Maria Roman

I liked your content when you where a beardless bastard

Feels Dank Man

What happened to the fourth guy?

Ian Fairfield

1:13:55 My new favorite noise from TOG

Random YTP Station

Me holding a piece of gray paper
best pun in my life

cnnorthezOmBiE bruh

Hmm yes content is made of stupidity lol

Elliot Sheppard

what the FUCK am i doing with my LIFE?!!


The best series I've ever seen in yt. I'm so happy that I found your channel one year ago. And damn Brett used to have a neck

Jason Sunleaf

big boyz, before thicc zuntz

MeTheGuy 12

i did not remember luke having a full head of hair like that

Random Doomer

Bret sounds more like a New Yorker over time though don't ya think lads ?

Alex Guglielmo

It must be my birthday 2 hours of my favorite chaotic idiots!!!!


Yes the cure against boredem

Danger Dash

Dave was so baby faced back than. And Luke had hair. And Brett was...a muscular stick figure.

Kaiser Maotelus

keep up the good work brett


When you realise that you've been watching these idiots for... Fucking 4-6 years.
And im Still here

lemon demon plays

Can someone please tell me what is this music called 1:54:58

my rules

What happened to the guy in the red plaid shirt in the first vid


It's beautiful; I've been watching this for 2 days straight now.


Quite happy to remember the progress from...actually i think its been a year or two now, hot damn how time flys...nonetheless

Central air fact number 1: Portable units for central air are easier to install than basement based units that vent the entire house.



It still astounds me that these guys have so much fucking chemistry with each other

Some Shmuck

I love all of these dumbasses


I like to imagine that every segment is actually the following day.
Rapidly aging and progressively losing their minds throughout the course of ~2 weeks.

Marioblock Wonder

17:01 Brett just died

Jack Dagenhart

This is the best british movie from the tearofgrace i have ever seen


Does anyone know, what the name of that song in the background at 1:57:20 is?

Phoenix dr0p

Odd how the tumbnail has young brett with life in his eyes...and modern brett with that light gone

John Stark

What happened to the 3rd editor?


What the f*** are some of these


My favorite part is when Dave just starts jacking of

Kjeld Visser

Luke sound like he needs a medic bag.

DaBOSSofall9908 Xbox

This is now the 6th time of viewing and it gets funnier each time

Calen Timms

On today's episode of The Bald and the Beautiful:


Dominick Haman

My favorite lads and my favorite YouTube channel

Just a Cute Dog


Cause Why Not

Dave getting his ass handed to him in League is something I didn't know I needed to see.

Zane King548

Hey Luke Dave I love your work

Darker Nightmare

I wonder if they’ll ever look like they’ve finished moving in


Don't want to rain on this awesome parade, but one video is missing... somehow it was/is not on the BtT playlist: 999MPH FIDGET SPINNER JUGGLING CHALLENGE ● SWORD DIY . And tbh, that one is in my top three BtT video.



I just gotta ask, what the hell are those shelves made of? Woodpainted lead? They look extremely heavy, seeing how you guys struggle so much to move them all the time.


i just realised... im far stronger than any of them.... wtf? i considered myselfe weak as fuck all my life. i was literally the weakest of all i knew up to this point

ekalb noxid

Ads on behind the tears god has saved us


What ever happened to tears girlfriend

plz stop

23:42 you fucking what...always has been

Kaiser Maotelus

mistakes were made


The best quote ever "can't a boy have a cheeky wank?"

Cole Hayes

Didn’t realize this video is two hours, was wondering why there is so many damn ads


Pause the video and head to this time 30:42 but put it on the lowest quality possible and try to figure out what the thing is


You can see some men go from semi reasonable to absolutely insane

Zhe Timmeh

Someone should make 3:02 a meme lmao


54:55 still makes me laugh hard every time

Colt Townley

2:01:15 that fart sounded wet XD

The RATifier


The scooting coyote



That was the keyboard seriously covered in jizz

Tadeusz Abramowicz

Ah yes, the vid wher bret got makeup
I still have nightmares


45:20 'June 23th'


Is Dave always naked

akele najem

Fucking look at that they had hair they had hope they had a sort of spark their eyes all that fucking gone now they've lost their minds and are depressed looking
I'm proper fucking sad man
I fucking love you boys
Thanks for the good times

Archie Games

47:16 is now funny to me cuz I finally watched the final destination movies so I know understand the joke

Allen Veratu Glax

I find it ironic that the royal family reports on all of the good british civilians and these morons are never mentioned. These dudes must be a disgrace to The United Kingdom.

Umbrella Man

I miss when everything was simple, and I had the free time to watch these vids and work on 3000000%, it’s sad that the time has ended

Nate Lecarde

God Luke looks so different with long hair...

Santiago Castro

4 beautiful bastards lose their sanity: The movie

JayJay 2x4

Well who needed a Cinema when you could watch a Tearable movie here at home

Awful Animations

I actually had a dream where Brett posted a new isaac video. Too bad dreams arent real.


I still don't know what that theme at the end of the fidget spinner video is. I wanna know.

DayZ Survivor

I always wondered, where the hell did jack go?

Rhynn Ontiizaaniiuus

I adore this with every fiber of my being. Behind the Tears brings me so much joy.

Dragon blizzard

I have been back here like 3 other times

Wyalex 01

The location of Brett's eye has lowered over the course of 4 years


Look at how young and full of life you were

Mr. sandwich

Its almost like Brett is the normal one in the beginning, while the rest are completely insane. Then they slowly switch roles in the middle. After that they are the complete opposite in 2020.

Celly Milton

took me four years to realise dave said 'oh my cheeks hurt'


I swear i rewatch this every week or couple of weeks

Jurassic Mark

1:23:13 the high pitch Careless Whisspers soind better. But hey, your video your rules

Scotty Boi


Celly Milton

The more i watch "Don't do drugs, kids (but we do, and it's bad)" the more i think those drinks actually fermented and Dave just got fucking smashed


11:27 look at the white board


Favorite moment is still when Dave licked the spoiled milk covered keyboard anyone else?

Hidden fang society

Man this has been a ride that's for sure hard to believe I started watching this boy with dark souls 2 and am still here to this day we love ya Brett and Dave and luke

bailey williams-davidson

30:04 this is just too fuckin funny???

Christopher Tyler

Wait, there were four of them?

Jedi Fireboy

love the vlog content keep it coming

That Casual American

At 23:34 hw looks a bit like pit bull

Tears of grace face

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Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) Live - Hillsong UNITED

52 573 229 views | 5 Dec. 2015

Even When It Hurts

Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) Live by Hillsong UNITED.

Click here to listen to the latest from Hillsong UNITED: https://united.lnk.to/ytplaylistID

Subscribe to UNITED on YouTube: http://untd.me/youtubesubscribe

Stay connected:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hillsongunited

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hillsongunited

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hillsongunited

Website: https://hillsongunited.com

Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)

Words and Music by Joel Houston

© 2015 Hillsong Music Publishing

CCLI: 7037924


Take this fainted heart

Take these tainted hands

Wash me in Your love

Come like grace again


Even when my strength is lost

I’ll praise You

Even when I have no song

I’ll praise You

Even when it’s hard to find the words

Louder then I’ll sing Your praise


I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise


Take this mountain weight

Take these ocean tears

Hold me through the trial

Come like hope again


Even when the fight seems lost

I’ll praise You

Even when it hurts like hell

I’ll praise You

Even when it makes no sense to sing

Louder then I’ll sing Your praise


And my heart burns only for You

You are all You are all I want

And my soul waits only for You

And I will sing till the morning has come

Lord my heart burns only for You

You are all You are all I want

And my soul

waits only for You

And I will sing till the miracle comes


Even when the morning comes

I’ll praise You

Even when the fight is won

I’ll praise You

Even when my time on earth is done

Louder then I’ll sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise

Following the journey of the song through the first four times we ever played it live, from studio to arena— There is a parallel to be found within the narrative of seasons and days, the constant-unpredictibility of life, and the unchanging, unfailing nature of God and His faithfulness — and what singing His praises unlocks in us. In this journey, the song serves as the constant and honest-confession within us, as the environment and atmosphere changes like the seasons come-and-go around us.

Even When it Hurts is a Praise Song – not exactly in the new-traditional happy-clappy-Sunday-morning sense — no, this is the kind written to sound its loudest in the cold-lonely-silence of the darkest night, or the heart-drenched-desperation of the heaviest of tears. It's a song that finds it’s voice in the moments and seasons where to all common sense and logic, to sing, and be thankful for anything at all, let alone sing a song of praise to God, makes no sense at all - when the fight seems lost and all strength gone with it - when it's hard to even find the words -- louder then, this is that kind of praise song.


We are making the download available on our website (hil.so/EWIH) - and humbly ask that if you can, you would consider donating any amount to the World Vision Syrian refugee fund.

if there is anything to be taken from our own hardship and God’s grace and compassion toward us — and even if we are still waiting in our own difficult night for the morning to come, there is perhaps nothing more powerful that we could do, than to take our focus off ourselves, and help others who are suffering. Together we are believing that our generosity, will ring even louder than our song, and will tangibly become the miracle to the desperate plight and prayers and of so many who have lost everything - It’s impossible to fathom the enormity of the crisis, and the turmoil people have been through, and are going through - forced to flee the oppression and war-ravaged-hell-on-earth they once called home, and the daunting uncertainty of all that is before them. (spread the word / share the links / share the video)


#evenwhenithurts #hillsongunited #empires

Halle White

Everything is going wrong...but God I know you're with me❤

Selience Christian

Please Pray for me and keep remembering me in your prayers , as i am Preparing myself for NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse and serve the God ❤️ and Humanity.
- Selience Christian :-)


He is real! He has known before you were in your mother's womb and he has a plan for you, a purpose for you, and he has given his Son, Jesus to save you, me and the entire world and knows your inner thoughts, the ones that worry you, he has your tears counted- he is great and merciful, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yet he humbled himself to save each one of us. Let him take control over your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your troubles, your anxiety. May God Bless You dear one!

bryan seda

Stay strong, God bless???

Junro Zafe

I'm broken . i trusted someone they broke it . I'm here to listen and live my life to God which I should have done the first time.

Estephany Rivas

Please pray for me and my sister, we are very sad as we first lost our mother in August and then our father in November. My faith in the Lord is not like before but I always want to worship him, but my soul is shattered...

michael owobi

Dis is dey end time deep spirit of revival ''' I will always seek ur face ...even wen it makes no Sense !!! Jesus is Lord over all


We love you Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Eli Garza

Amen ?????

Atacia Nicole Pura

I have an immature mother and she always chooses my step father over me

Juan Romo

I’ve changed my life around.. I used to be lost in drugs and god came into my darknesss with light and saved me.. I love you god..!

Ap Xalxo

Where is the name of Jesus Christ in tge songs?

Val Jani

Come like grace again....


May God heal the hurts everyone going through a hard time. Remember God is always there even when we cant feel him. Going through lost is so hard last year taught me so much. I Thank father for always lifting me up when I couldnt. God is good always

Kim Purple

January 2021.

God is Good! ?


This past Saturday I said and did things to hurt the woman i love, i'm not sure if there is any coming back from that and I don't know what i'll do if I lose her over such a silly situation that I blew out of proportion... i hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me and give me another chance, she posted the link to this video on her status so i came to have a look... God knows best but i really don't want to lose the love of my life i see the error in my ways and am determined to fix it for myself and for the people around me

Melissa Morales

Amo este canto, llegó a lo más profundo de mi ser

Noelani Gomez

Im struggling with my relationship and I’m so scared of losing him , and I pray that God helps me and him through our struggles and pain , I know God Can fix us and I pray that things will gett better ?

brandon waits

Having a panic attack as we speak. Im at the hospital to get medication to help with it. Please pray for me and others who go through this cause its terrible. This song helps out so much and ill praise the lord forever cause he's saves me to many times to count. I LOVE YOU HEAVENLY FATHER! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE FOR ME

Giovana Lopez

I suffer from depression and anxiety... and I'm so lost right now, sometimes I don't want to fight anymore. I want to let go.. please pray for me.

Eli Garza

No se mucho inglés entiendo un poco lo siento y pues no entendí todo el mensaje ??

Angelica ap

Everytime something unfortunate happens in my life, I come back to this song to remember that if something or someone brings me down and makes me want to give up. I remember that God is right along my side to love me and guide me in the direction that he has in mind for me ❤️

Tommy G

I don’t know if I consider myself religious. But im certainly getting more enlightened. My boyfriend is going through severe depression and I can’t see him or comfort him. His locked himself out from the world and won’t respond to anyone. I want to pray for him. I hope a higher being or Anything can send him a positive energy. So I will try to pray and try to believe

Mary Ann Chatto

Struggling with my studies. My heart is very heavy because of some family problems, but this song is comforting me. Lord, even if it hurts, I’ll praise you. Take this mountain weight. Take this ocean tears and hold me through this trial. ?❤️


I was just diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer today. I don’t have much longer to live and I feel as though my world has been turned on it’s head and I’m not sure what to do. I’m so very scared. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to live out my life. Not to mention my depression and anxiety have been progressively getting worse since the start of the pandemic. Please pray for me.

Ethan Wilson

Going through a battle right Now. Please pray for me.

Liz Arceño

Even if.......

I'll praise you, Jesus.

Tucker Worthington

I stand up for Jesus Christ my Lord & savior the God almighty. Yes I'm a good Man & a sinner.
I keep working with my struggles to strengthen Tucker's Worthington. ??

Romeviel Montuya

Even it hurts i will praise you lord, my FAITH is bigger than my circumstances

Chinelo Ochonma

Lost my job today and my brother told me to listen to this song. I told myself I won’t because I don’t want to cry but here I am, crying and letting it out. I will never give up on God!

Alexandre Ruiz

Não me canso dessa música. É maravilhosa! Louvado seja nosso Deus!

Thainer Fajardo

Orações pela minha mãe que está internada com covid. Eu creio na cura de Edna Vilela Fajardo

Angie Espitia

I listen to this song at all seasons in my life. This song brings me back home

nerdykitty cakez

This is for my teen son...I'm not going to give up on him in the name of Jesus. ?❤️ Thank you Father

Elisa K

?? I know you’re able, I know you can save through the fire with your mighty hand, but even if you don’t, my hope is you alone, I will always sing your praise


Hi sister im from india...i feel presence of god when I listen to ur songs...words touch my heart ....really ur blessed...n ur filled with holy spirit ....i loved the these lines I'll sing ur praise even if we are in problems

The Peaceful, Happy, and Bountiful Life

My life sucks right now but i still love God. Im still breathing and eating so although my life is far from perfect i still praise you Lord. Thank you for whatever i have. Im not contented but still i am greatful and willing to work harder till i am.

Mthoko M

Lost my dad, hope I heal

Jr Callejo

Our mom went home with God a few nights ago. Remained strong because of his presence. Here today to give praise because he remained faithful till the very end. Hoping for everyone’s wellness.

Luciane Trindade

Pra mim melhor cantora do mundo .

Eli Garza


abc def

I want my family to come to Christ so bad but I don’t know how to ask them
Please pray for me, for me to get the courage

Game Gamer

God loves us all , He already shown His love to us through Jesus Christ , PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY

Honey Donati

What a beautiful song MY Lord

Ricky Ryan Ray

Three years ago I commented on this video about how my wife and I wanted to have children but have been unsuccessful. This song was a perfect depiction of what was happening in our hearts. I am pleased to announce that 1 week and 2 days ago, my wife and I adopted a baby girl. God is so good! His will is good and he is always deserving of our praise! Love you guys! Thanks to everyone who prayed for my wife and I. Her name is Alice Diana Ray!

William Thompson

Lord right now I give everything to you I pray right now that you give everyone here and their families strength. Lord today I ask you to take everyone's trials and tribulations away. Lord we dont always understand why things happen the way they do but we know that you are always there. So today I ask you lord please give everyone peace and healing. It is yoir name that we pray Amen.

Tee James



I am suffering from anxiety because of the father of my son (he left me) and I centered my life to him, but today I want to surrender my life to Jesus because I know he is the only WAY, the TRUTH and LIGHT. HIS LOVE WILL SUFFICE ME!! I DECLARE THAT GOD WILL GET ME OUT OF THIS SITUATION.

Lansing Lawn Service LLC

I don’t see where the “worship” is in this worship song. It’s all about “I” or “Me”. Sounds to me like she is only singing her praise.

lety Arispe

My sister would praise and worship to this song the whole yr she fought against Ovarian Cancer, I must say even though she was losing the battle she never stopped praising God. Even the night that she passed it was in her sleep that god came for her. I know that even though she left us she left singing his praise. She never stopped speaking of his love or his grace during her trials. I miss her everyday but she left me hope that god will hold us even in the middle of the storm. She left us Nov. 15, 2020 at 4 am , a day we that we were excited for cause she would be here to celebrate moms birthday with us on the 15 but God had other plans instead.

Monica Reyes

Even when it hurts I will sing your praise ??????????????


My heart is broken and my hope is gone but I'll praise God everyday is my only hope to get through this trial , please never never forget how our father love us

Jimmel Ace Beltran

Reading comments makes me realize HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS in our lives?. I am now in the phase of getting out from my own vulnerability, please do pray for me. This anxiety I feel right now keeps me awake the whole time.

T.C.B. Network

Lord Yahshua teach me to manage what hurts like hell here so I don’t have to go and experience eternity there!

iBlue Media

i like this song very much

AnnaC RS

I lost my father 7 days ago, after 4 long years fighting against Alzheimer's disease...I hope he is better know. I'm so sad but God Is good

Sunflower Nathie

Lord please mold me with your holly fire to be a better vessel ??????????????

Vanessa T.

Singing this song before my last checkup at St joes with my obgyn. (Such a gut wrenching feeling coming back after all that’s happened since my last visits...BUT GOD)
We’re going to go over genetics test ? and any possible answers, if any, as to why I fell in the 1% of women who miscarry in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
For anyone whose lost a child, my heart sings for you.

“My heart beats only for you
My soul weeps only for you
I will only sing your praise...
Even when it hurts like hell..
I’ll praise you
Even when the mourning comes
I’ll praise you
And when my time is done
Even louder I’ll sing your praise”

agnieszka szylar


Sana Emanuel

I'm feeling so broken... but God is for us, He is within us... And He is always with us wherever we go...Bless you and your family in Jesus name.

Lizah gabada

I remember this song getting through the hardest times of my life in 2018 ....when I come back to listen to it ,I just cry not because It still hurts or because Im still in the same position but because grace carried me through...I’m at a much better place now .
Thank you God

Vicky Wijaya

I wanna out from this depression. I lost myjob, myboyfriend, not do anything only in myhome and feel depression want to kill myself.

K a w a i i a b l e K i t t y

I had a dream where all the world gathered in one area and started singing something and ithad praise in it idk what it was so I'm trying to find it

Nica Agustin

Thank you, Jesus! ♥️

Eli Garza

La verdad no se que pasara
con mi vida y no se que pasará ? pero sigo adelante ????y que sea lo que Dios quiera

Mary Ifenacho

My family left me ?

Theodore Armand

Anyone in OH and interested in a virtual Bible study?

Unitie Cervantes-Herrera

I lost my son Aug 7 2020 ? n I listen to this song everyday n cry n helps me get through the day. Forever30

Finarasty gracia

Anyone still come back to this song , I just finished playing it, in piano tutorial , it's so amazing ,,2021 where ever you all are ,wishing you all the love, and healthy ,in your life . Much love from me , grace #malaysia.

Kenneth Abel

The impartial fahrenheit singly kneel because skin minimally fold in a rude silver. clean, nebulous creature


God help me.

Coco Lambert

I'm Lost still i will praise u!

Emi aby

Even when it hurts like hell???i wil praise you.. becoz I can't find any one other than you.....so what ever comes my way i will trust you Lord!!!!!!

Nocturnal Vision

Remarkable as it was five years ago. Still love this one. :')

I also feel like this could, in a general sense, follow up Plumb's "I Want You Here "? Maybe it's just me. :)

Ricky Villacis

My mother is in jail I miss her a lot

Precious Osmena

I am lost, please help me come home

Rose Tshikororo

His will hurts but we will praise and worship God no matter what . It hurts but it's ok ❤️

Marcos França

Pegue este coração desmaiado
Take this fainted heart

Pegue essas mãos manchadas
Take these tainted hands

Lave-me em seu amor
Wash me in your love

Venha como graça novamente
Come like grace again

Mesmo quando minha força está perdida
Even when my strength is lost

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando eu não tenho música
Even when I have no song

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando é difícil encontrar as palavras
Even when it's hard to find the words

Mais alto então cantarei seu louvor
Louder then I'll sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Pegue este peso da montanha
Take this mountain weight

Pegue essas lágrimas do oceano
Take these ocean tears

Segure-me durante o julgamento
Hold me through the trial

Venha como esperança novamente
Come like hope again

Mesmo quando a luta parece perdida
Even when the fight seems lost

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando dói como o inferno
Even when it hurts like hell

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando não faz sentido cantar
Even when it makes no sense to sing

Mais alto então cantarei seu louvor
Louder then I'll sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

E meu coração queima só por você
And my heart burns only for you

Você é tudo que você é tudo que eu quero
You are all you are all I want

E minha alma espera só por você
And my soul waits only for you

E cantarei até que amanheça
And I will sing till the morning has come

Senhor meu coração queima só por você
Lord my heart burns only for you

Você é tudo que você é tudo que eu quero
You are all you are all I want

E minha alma espera só por você
And my soul waits only for you

E vou cantar até que o milagre venha
And I will sing till the miracle comes

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Mesmo quando chega a manhã
Even when the morning comes

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando a luta é ganha
Even when the fight is won

Eu vou te elogiar
I'll praise you

Mesmo quando meu tempo na terra acabar
Even when my time on earth is done

Mais alto então cantarei seu louvor
Louder then I'll sing your praise

Eu só irei cantar o seu louvor
I will only sing your praise

Fonte: LyricFind

Compositores: Joel Houston

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Edward Logan

Christ isn't real. Trust me.

Daniel Sant'Ana


Joel Polako

The Most Beautiful song i have ever heard. I love it

Andreia Pinheiro


Paul Botello

I spent a majority of my youth pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I wanted so desperately to be cool, to be noticed, to be liked..I didn’t like who was staring back at me in the MIRROR.
I LIED to sound interesting, I LIED to appear funny, I LIED to get anyone to notice me.
I wanted GIRLS to notice me...I was constantly chasing that relationship with ANYONE..
Since 2nd grade, constantly seeking the opposite sex.
In 6th grade, I began to think about sex..alot
I began to “self satisfy” any chance I got.
Looking back at the habits I developed in that mindset...it makes me hang my head in shame.
My Grandparents divorced, my parents divorced..it only made sense I was seeking that “intimacy”...any intimacy would do the job..
Habits I developed in my youth, overflowed and poured over into my Adulthood..almost cost me my marriage, my relationship with my children..it almost cost me my LIFE..

I don’t write this, in search of pity..
I don’t share this, to tell you a story..
YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT HERE AND NOW IN THIS MOMENT, because YOU made a choice, to watch this video and scroll through the comments, like you have always done.

But this time is different, because THIS is the moment someone brought you the good word ??
That there is a God that sits on high, and he is waiting for you.
He is waiting for you to lift up the past you’ve let drive your present, up to him!
He is waiting for you to pull away from the habitual sin you have been living in!
He is waiting for you to shout his name in praise on your darkest nights!
He is waiting for you to stop asking the questions that don’t matter, and dig into his word!
Waiting for you to take hold of the fact he sent his son to die the death that YOU AND I DESERVE!!
Waiting for you to dig into his word for your redemption!
The redemption that awaits the vessel developed in love, the vessel with the royal blood of heaven flowing through its veins!



Look into the mirror, acknowledging that you have FOUND GOD, and begin your WALK WITH GOD..by developing a relationship with his son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ???


And start the habit of seeing YOURSELF, the way GOD SEES YOU..

Created in his image, beautifully made, for MEANING AND PURPOSE

??????Glory be to God!!??????

If you have read this far, God bless you, if you have a few minutes listen to my NEW song “Mirror Image” on my page.
Shut down everything else and join me as I share many of the thoughts that I had with MYSELF, while looking into the mirror..
Join me as I talk to the man staring back at me, my MIRROR IMAGE ????


Mary Ifenacho

Everyone left me

Rachel Okuom

It's a beautiful song. It lifts my spirits up. I will forever praise the Lord.

Cyrene Elisha Celeste

While listening to this song I always remember those times that I listened to it with a broken heart and soul, how I struggle to survive during my board review while I am mending my heart. But now I know everything has a purpose and why I experienced those kind of heartache. I am okay now, totally fine and somehow found my worth. I know you can survive this too. Even when it hurt, I know you can still move forward. You can do it.

Patricia Peters

Just lost my aunt today this song gives me comfort???

Eli Garza

Ya entendí amen amen Gracias y bendiciones?

Neon Thung

I don't know where to turn to.....lost my mother...my boyfriend cheated on me......what else is there left?


Happy to be alive all thanks to my God idk how I would have gone through Covi without you?❤️❤️ blessed and ready to make a difference in the world ?

karoll guerra



I sang this song at my grandma funeral , because it was everything to teach me , to always sing praises no matter what I'm.going through never lose faith and sing praises !
I love you grandma...❤

Maria Eugenia Itgano


Marian delarama

This song is such a powerful song for me I feel so blessed and grateful ❤️

Jehana Rejoice Calde

This is my song during the time when I felt like everybody turned their back on me. It's really hard to unlove the person you love but as Romans 8:28 says-All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. God turned that brokenness into breakthrough, He healed me and made me whole again.

Today is February 10, 2021 and it's been 2 years since we broke up. I am now in my waiting season, waiting for that gentleman that I can be with in the ministry and serve God for life.

Jacqueline Nuevas

Im truggling.. Please include me in your prayers.. I missed going to church i missed hearing Gods word.. Oh Jesus ???

Kyle King

What a song. Anointed.

Rafa Mathers

Vim pelo Flávio

Isamara Ruedas

When I thought my heart couldn’t be any more broken and hurt, it gets another blow..to the point of ashes. But even when it hurts, I’ll praise you

Eli Garza

Me gustaría que fuera en español no se lo que dice ?