Losing my hair

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What It Feels Like To Lose My Hair

6 046 594 views | 16 Jan. 2016

Losing my hair from

Losing my hair from Alopecia Areata was always unpredictable, but idea of shaving my head was a way to take control.

For more on Alopecia: https://www.naaf.org/alopecia-areata

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Honestly your gorgeous

Hailey Mattingly

He is a good boyfriend

joan michelle

are they still together

Julia Vega

My niece has the same thing. She struggles with it. She feels less feminine and gets bullied. She tries to hide it but I pray for the day she can shave it all off and just rock the look. Because I see how hard it is for her and don't want her to struggle anymore. I love her and I hate that she has to go through this.

Alice Inskip

i had to get steroid shots to reduce scarring on my face from a mole removal gone wrong. those shots hurt so much, i would cry and shout out everytime, and I'm not a baby, the sting so bad, and hurt so bad. Eventually the doctors realised how much they hurt me and offered to put me under general anaesthetic to have them, as the local stung just as much as the steroids

Greg Greg

Becky has Alopecia,ADHD and SO much more! to be honest so sorry for Beck she copes with different conditions EVERY 24hrs of her LIFE! so proud of her for taking that step and shaving her beloved hair.


My mom lost her hair due to cancer bt she rock it like a warrior and so r u gonna do...So chill

xxx yyy

So strong! ??❤️


God bless you..you are beautiful

A Wanderer

I legit cried watching this. She’s such a beautiful (in every single way) and a tremendously brave, inspiring soul.

Paola Trejo

I have alopecia since I was 4 now I am 10 and I have like no hair just a few strains and I get those shots in my head and eyebrows

Hayoon R

Shots inthe head.


Cinema Nerd

God bless you Becky, your beautiful inside and out with or without hair! Also your shaved head looks awesome like eleven from stranger things

Guardian Angel

She has the prettiest eyes among all the BUZZFEED girls


Gooo Giiirl! You are such an amazing and brave woman! Congratualations! And you still look amazing and gourgeos!!!! Keep strong! And that guy is a keeper! Wish you the best!


This happened to me, it is very hard

I lost every single strand of hair

Fleur Rosman

I just watched this. But damn girl you rock. First of all you looked beautiful with the hair, you look beautiful without it, you just look beautiful to me. But the bald head really makes you look so strong. Which you obviously are. This really is amazing

Crystal K

Same. Though I have telogen effluvium, which is dramatic thinning. I’m shaved mostly and it’s so freeing

Alaska life ruggles

my daughter lillyann was inspired by your video she's 10 years old and she's been fighting with alopecia and she wanted to shave half of her head to Define herself instead of letting everybody shame her and make fun of her at school and that was all things to you and I really wish that you could get a hold of her and talk to her

Fire Fly

Oh my God I'm crying right now??? I know how you feel . I have lost 60% of my hair and I don't have an answer why.

Rose Parks

Your so pretty!

Ma ria

Please do a video about alopecia androgenetica in women

Hailey Mattingly

He is a good boyfriend

pascale Lessard

My cousin has this problem and she felt so self-conscious about it, especially when she was a teenager. She's been wearing wigs for many years. She is in her 50s now. Thanks for sharing. It's awesome to see how you and your bf are supporting each other (your hair loss, his drinking problem....)> I wish all couples were like you 2. You have no idea how much this is a blessing.

Candiice Bee

You are so brave and gorgeous! Im so thankful for wigs they've given me so much confidence back

Morgan Gentry

I am 11 and i was diagnosed with alopicea as well i was told i have it 3 months ago and i have been loosing my hair 4 a whole year now and its ok yall i shaved my head and just cuz u shaved youre haed doesnt mean u r not pretty. You are beautiful in youre own way?

Year of the twisted pals

This video is so empowering. To see someone have the confidence to shave there head after so long of struggling is so so powerful and so beautiful. Becky is so strong and such an inspiration

Gianna martin

This really inspired me to shave my head because I'm only10 and was diagnosed with alopeshia aswell

Daniela Fernandez

i have been struggling with alopecia since I was 19 and I remember watching this 4 years ago thinking, wow that must be so hard and sad- I think Id die if that happened to me. And here I am and I can relate to her so much. Im not as pretty and dont have the money for shots or treatment other that over the counter products.. but girl do I know how it feels. Its sad and it feels unfair, but we have to stay strong

Bianca Bloom

Wow! If any one a face for a bald head it’s this girl! She’s so beautiful ?

Pooja Yadav

Hats off to your courage

Josh Nakahira

You have an amazing boyfriend

Celie Crandall

Your so pretty, you don't need hair girl.


Becky’s boyfriend had the perfect things to say. I feel like he must have helped

Normandy F

1 Egg yolk
1 TBS of Olive Oil
1 TBS of Honey
1TBS of Mayonnaise
1/2 TSB of Nugmet.
Mix all together(if you have long or thick hair up the ingredients to 2 etc of each ingredients)Part your hair into 4 sections. Take One section at a time and apply the mixture. Put a shower cap or plastic over your hair for 4 hours than shampoo and rinse as usual. This I know stops alopecia. My daughter got diagnosed with alopecia a few months ago and I told her that the remedy that I typed for you'll above help Two other women that I know so she started doing it and a few months forward and she told me that her hair grow back and that you can't even tell that she was bold. It was a really big part on the top of her head that she had lost her hair. I do believe it will work for most people

Russell Psota

Bald is beautiful!


I have a friend that has this condition. Except he was born without hair and he can’t grow any.


I have recovery hair. It’s finally growing back, but there’s a tuft on top of my head lol

Stephen Burns

Honestly her boyfriend is so so supportive and sweet she needs to know how amazing he has been and Becky you are beautiful wig or no wig you are such a inspiration for every teen out there like me this is my brothers account my name is Kelsey and your beautiful gurll embrace your fierce sexy side xx your faithful subscriber


Omg i cried, having support is so important and her boyfriend was so supportive of her decision

E Sull

Their relationship is so inspiring ??

surabhi sanjay

Ok right off the bat without seeing the title of the video i immediately thought she looks so cute when she shaved her hair . Especially with her pretty blue eyes. You go girl .Hair doesn't define you infact nothing does our personalities are very complex and cannot be defined by one thing such as hair. If you think your hair defines you,so be it but don't let it define others.

E Nadine

Please know this doesn't define you and you look beautiful <3

Hannah Johnson

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with severe alopecia areata, too. After doing steroid shots for nearly 6 months and still losing hair more and more rapidly, my doctor put my on methotrexate (a chemotherapy drug to stunt my immune system). 6 months being on the drug and hardly any results, we were almost ready to take me off of it when my first baby hairs started to regrow... I’m 19 now with a full head of hair (even if it’s uneven)! Your video was one I revisited several times when I was coping with the reality that my treatments weren’t working anymore... It always helped me stay strong. Thanks.

try not to laugh at our dancing

Go girl your amazing

Wicked Wings

It's crazy how your boyfriend supports you. It's amazing. God bless you, Girl. You're an inspiration for other girls with health struggles. You give us strength. ???

Victoria Horner

Can someone please recommend a reliable and relatively affordable wig website?? I am finding it impossible to find inexpensive, quality wigs that are under $1000.

josh gonzalez

You look beautiful!

Jessica C

What testing did you have done to find out your autoimmune disease?

Hayley James

I am currently going through the same thing and this video actually made me feel a lot better. Thank you


The shots duck and really do hurt

Katie Watts

I have alopecia. I lost all my eyelashes and eyebrows. My eyelashes have grown back, but they will most likely fall out again at some point. I got my eyebrows microbladed and some of them have grown back. I’m really lucky that my head hair is mostly untouched by it at the moment


I cut my hair a few years ago and donated it ❤ people like you deserve it

bishnupriya rout

It's hard it's hard.. where I live people care about looks only .. ppl in India have big head of hair and here I am losing hair like anything... I make bun everyday and go out...

Someone Likeyou

I got diagnosed when I was 7 more or less and now that I’m 19 I wear wigs. After years and years of fighting and trying to cover the problem with anything, I feel like I should do something like this. But I can’t, I still can’t talk about it comfortably and the only person who knows it is my mom. I can’t go to the beach or to the pool, I can’t go to the roller coaster, I can’t hug someone without the fear of having my wig snatched off. I seem so strong and secure but sometimes I can’t even look at myself without crying, and I also feel bad about it because there are people out there that have bigger problems than just hair....

Stephen Moore

Girls get the lucky stuff we lose it

Roxxiee _

You are beautiful no matter what you look like, what your race is ANYTHING. YOU ARE AWESOME!

juveria kay

I always saw u in videos n thought u hav pretty eyes n hair, but after d shave, u r still pretty ??

Lacie Laca

I would have never guessed, I have seen her in other videos and I always told my that she was so gorgeous. Like if you think she is beutiful


I shaved my head in high school. I didn't look even remotely close to how gorgeous you look with it shaved. Not to mention, wigs are a blast! get it girl!


Your still beautiful.

Meagen Chamblee

I have Alopecia and I've shaved my head before. Then I was lucky enough that it grew back, but now I'm here in that same place again. I hope people don't think I'm a whiner, I stay positive about it but it sucks so bad. It's so emotional and the unpredictability is the hardest, and worrying if people are going to find it gross.

Noora Korhonen

none of my friends know i have alopecia areata & i have no idea how to tell them, even tho i know theyre going to support me. any suggestions?

anonymous x

Full on goals

Dany Danny

Oh God i am so so sad ??????????????????????????????☹????????

Kaylee Archer

OMG I also have aleopicia areata. Got diagnosed when I was 6 and I'm 13 now and have no hair...
Anywhere and don't where wigs...so I understand how hard this is.

Lucas _SkillBoy

You know a girl are REALLY BEAUTIFUL when she keep that beauty even without hair OMG she is awesome?

uni corn

i have this too, got it at the same age as well

Jeannie Anderst

For me it's ovarian cyst syndrome. Very painful and and dehabiltating
Everything you eat plays into the gut health and hair follicles. I would try to perm and color my hair for better results. Each time I lost more and more hair. Now I am down to wigs and have a set of beautiful blonde long and gorgeous ones. They take a good 20 years off of my appearance
I love them!


You are a FUKIN BADASS! You look great, my dear!

Annika grace

i have alopecia areata and im 12 its scary and people are judgy and rude i want to shave my head i just don't know when.

Stephen Moore

Well that's a girl problem hair don't matter if I lose mine I'll be like OK it's not bad I still have life

Stephen Burns

I'm sorry I never read the comment belowbecky I hope your ok xx

Danny Smith

Your beautiful darling don’t you ever think otherwise

Keely Mendoza

Don't worry about losing your hair! There are ways to treat it! Click on the link listed below for more information https://www.youtube.com/williamgaunitztrichologist

Refani Putri Shintya Fatoni

its so sweet, got me crying. :')

The Fierce

I felt myself catch my breath. You're stunning.

Smartana Jones

Her hair condition wasn’t all that bad.

Siandra Imami

She looks very beautiful in every way shape or forme

Ellison Curtis

Poor girl she is still beautiful ❤️


The night before Christmas has to be the worst time to lose your hair


I watched this video 4 years ago and completely forgot about it. Now, I’m going through the same thing. My hair and health have been slowly falling out for almost 2 years now but I was careless and ignored these signs. This summer lupus hit me hard. Now I only have a few clumps of hair left. Im thinking about shaving it soon so I dont have to thing about it.
This year is my senior year and it has been so hard, especially with distance learning. My health is deteriorating faster than my communication skills lmao. Tonight I just stumbled on this video again, and I cried. Thank you for sharing your story.

Dawn Palmer

I think you are beautiful. It's on the inside that matters anyway but you are still absolutely beautiful on the outside as well. I'm 44 years old with a physical disability and still get stared at and laughed at so just be you and do you and don't care what anyone else says or thinks.

sikeyou THoT

what ever happened to becky? i haven’t seen her in any buzzfeed videos recently




In the end, it is just hair. A friend of mine has the same condition and after she went through cutting her hair she starting really enjoying the wig thing - big time. That gave her the opportunity to not even change clothing style whenever she wanted, but also her hairstyle. As weird as it sounds, she enjoys it very much.


You’re lucky that you have a nice head shape that makes you look good with a shaved head

Brenda Asbury


Devin Harkins

Hair is overrated. Being bold is badass. You rock


She's beautiful, hair or not!

Hailey Richman

❤️❤️❤️ you are gorgeous

B Moo

Why did they break up? They seem so good together- so supportive and loving! Now I read that Corey is getting married to someone else...I'm happy for him, really! I do still wonder what happened between him and Becky.

Bety Simova

I have anorexia. My hair started falling off and thinning. It was kind of long and it looked very thin and unhealthy. So I decided to cut it into a bob and I'm very happy. My hair looks healthy, shiny, less hair is falling out and it looks more thick. :) So if you are battling with anorexia like me and you have some bigger amount of hair left, I'd recommend you to cut it short like me!

CJ †

He kissed her head. So sweet.

Christian McKee-Alexander

Going through the same so tired of the shots and the insecurity. Always wondering if it’s covered up or how visible the spots on a given day is exhausting. Thanks for sharing your story

victoria zhu

Tough girl

Alaska life ruggles

no woman that made this video I really would appreciate if I can know who you are and get ahold of you or you can get ahold of me because I didn't mean the world to my daughter your inspiration please contact me

Alaska life ruggles

my name is Lori Ruggles

Losing my hair

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1 208 323 views | 2 Nov. 2020

I do want to let you all

I do want to let you all know that this has been a very different experience for me. In this video I went through and explained almost everything that took place that night. You don’t think these type of things will happen at a amusement park, but they do!

Please only positive vibes during this time.


Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell ?




Tiktok: naethegem5


? [email protected]

Stay Positive Alwayz Gemz ?

Takiyah Faith

this is very brave of you and I understand its not just hair God said if a women has long hair it is her glory so our hair is a part of our identity you are a very strong person  and I am rooting for your growth journey  God loves you girl and even in that he protected you

Niyah Dior

You know what I mean

keya steele

I definitely understand your pain , earlier this year I got my hair line pulled out a big chunk, I cried everytime I looked in the mirror.... you're strong and beautiful

Tianna Woodson

The people saying it’s just hair don’t know how hard it is to get textured hair that longgg

Arianna Crivello

Her: "I don't give a damn what anybody says."

Debra Gainey



You favor Lisa Raye


? I'm 4'11 too

Queen Dyna

I would’ve screamed n cried if my hair jus fell out like tht


Let's pray it grows back ??

Murielle Jean-Baptiste

Girl you could have been scalped so I’m so thankful your okay!

Beauty With Rissa

Wow ?. I’m So Sorry that Happened To U. That’s Terrible ?


No cap you look great frfr and Derrick did a great job with the fade!!!!

Regina Byrd

You can make it grow back quick using ayurveda hair care. They have fda approved gadgets . Make this a journey where you pamper yourself.

Maliha Ariel

Exactly! You are FORTUNATELY PHYSICALLY GORGEOUS. Not everyone is. You got a cool cut unexpectedly. Something you might not have done on your own but probably considered in the past ?

Yvonne Seay

Wow I feel so so bad for you don't worry your hair will come back to you fuller and better.

Holly Latrice

You're so sweet. Even in your own pain you're looking outside yourself to protect someone else ??. I love you, you are an amazing person and I hope you continue to shine on despite this traumatic event ??.


OMG....girl you inspire me! I’m going through a similar situation ?? thanks a lot‼️

Beauty & Oracle

First I wanna say thank u for sharing hun. You were having a great time, you said when it happened felt like u wanted to hide. You realized u couldn't stop this. It caught u off guard and u felt defeated. You couldn't lean on another person in your panic. You didn't want to look at your own reflection. You ask God why me . In the midst of your pain , to have something u love ripped away from you , you still said that you're glad it happened to u instead of someone else. To some people it may be small but to u its big & God knows this. This is your start over.. You will be blessed honey. While your hair is this way embrace God's will and trust his plan . This is apart of your healing & journey. & btw u look beautiful ?.

Jahvyon Casley-El

J ?? C ? Constitution ?
?what happened to her hair

Sierra Holmes

She better be grateful her whole car didn’t get ripped off

flamenca beats

Alhamdullilah! As long as you are there for each other everything will be fine. Start taking black seed oil a tablespoon twice daily you both will see great benefits from it and it's super great for hair growth.


I like how she didnt hesitate to admit it

That’s Just Trice

Can y’all follow my YouTube channel ✨

chanthy sar

I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart.. you are gorgeous..very very gorgeous..I love you hair by the way..

lewa lewa

Bless yhuu sis I love yhuu & I send love & prayers your way always and YOUR BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS!?, YOUR A QUEEN!! ??

Dee Marten

I am so sorry this happened to you

Carol Ibrahim

You are powerful in spirit. Much support. Stay safe and healthy

Its_me Lynn

I’m sorry it happens to you but I really laugh a lil not at your pain just the way you telling the story

VeNessa Torres

Im so sorry that you had to go through that pain!! But God doesnt allow things to happen like this to plp if he knew u couldnt handle ot

That pyt kiki

It’s ok boo I’ll pray and wish you the best❤️❤️

Jaquan Hagler

I’m sorry that happened to u. I’m happy u made it safe and yes our hair is apart of us you still look gorgeous No matter what we all here for u and still love you

Pretty.Babe. Ru

Today on Christmas my sister was driving my other sister in our go kart and she had long box braids,she came home with only the front and a little of the back left.Ripped from the scalp.she’s 14.this incident reminded me of you jenae I just had to come bck and comment,this is REAL,BE SAFE.

Tae Samuels

I’m so sorry this happened to you, it’s amazing how you can take this and be positive, you’re so strong , and your hair looks amazing actually.. I just took your story as a inspiration in my growth journey, pray and stay positive ??

Kenesha Thomas

I know exactly how u feel I had 2 braids pulled out from the root and I cried soooo hard to my momma hair doesn’t make a person but it’s the WAY it gets lost it really is apart of you it’s your crown. I feel it w/ you sis

Nay nay Brown

You look beautiful, now than ever, don’t ever let this come to a end you should be proud and show it off like no other the event was unfortunate but you as a person handled this better than anyone else??


[email protected]24:22 so so sorry that happened to you. Thanks for sharing your story.?


Nae, Hi this is the first time I saw your channel, I want to say by accident, but I guess God wanted me to see and hear your story to help me as a person, a cancer fighter, still survivor after first been diagnose in 2003 and 6 times after that. My last fight with C was back in january of this year,2020. I lost some what of my hair in 2003, but it was the fight in 2012, of the cervix that did it for me. After this I started to glue tracks on and this along with the meds, Chemo and morfine caused now permanent Alopecia. Our hair is our crown. Waking up to hairs on the pillow is also scary, but to have it ripped out during a night of joy, is a nightmare and also seing that you could have gotten stuck between the wheels. You are brave. I cried just listning to you. I hope God grows back your hair soon. I had alot of hair too before all this. I am grateful to God for life. I learn how to make Hella wigs now, and I am proud of that. Life is a journey. Its making lemonade with the lemons that counts. Stay strong Nae? Greeting from the Netherlands, Amsterdam

Bre Kelly

Baby girl you are so strong? I had brain surgery and had my hair cut off and I thought I was gonna die I was depressed for months after. So believe it boo you are a warrior. Thanks for sharing your story you are so beautiful sis?


You are still gorgeous love. I’m glad you had that support with you. Keeping you in my prayers

Kobi Lord-Michael

U still look pretty with ur hair bae ? jus be patient with urself and take it easy


Don't cut it off

Mignonne Namatungo

How much times did she say u know wa mean?but shes ✨GORGEOUS✨ and was I the only one who thought her hair was fake but i luv her videos

Jesus Saves

I understand boo. You have beautiful hair and I feel your pain. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. That's painful embarrassing and traumatic. I pray that you find peace in this soon.

Miracle Morris

I think you should sue

Dee Ransom

My children’s dad just ripped so much of my hair out when we were fighting. I had the braids in my hair the same that are in my pic and he tried to rip every braid outta my head. It’s been about a week or so now and I thought I had accepted it but honestly I haven’t. I haven’t watched your videos fully yet but I clicked because I feel like I’m going crazy.

Rachel E

Thank u for sharing?

Carrigan J

Wowww sis listening to your story has brought me to tears... I’m going through the same situation. I’m thankful I found this video and your channel. I look forward to watching your journey and praying my hair gets back on track as well as yours ❤️

saroma -

How much you wanna bet I can make so much money every time she says you know what I mean

Denese Boddie

you are still beautiful, and with all that happened you still will be inspiring someone.

Basma Soliman

Stay strong sis you got this ❤️

Lisa Marts


JayLa D

Ok exactly how you feel and I’m so sorry that you had to experience this?my hair I tell people this my hair symbolizes me when people first see me the see my hair when people ask me what am I most proud of or what do I like most about myself I say my hair and I literally cried when I saw this because I felt your pain I pray that your hair grows back healthy and strong and I pray that your hair growth journey goes well?✊?I recommend using Jamaican black castor oil, rice water and also an Aloe Vera plant fri growth have a healthy hair journey ?

Tekara Jenkins

This ia your start.. a new one, you're beautiful and I can't wait for your new confidence in your new material soon to come. You got this.. what they say? I am not my hair, I am not my skin..

Taylor Lauren

Oh my gosh. My feelings are hurt for you. Hair is definitely important. Wow I can’t stop my tears. Hang in there?

Maliha Ariel

Don’t think too hard into it.... you didn’t wrap it up with good enough caution so a terrible accident happened..... you’re beautiful and will never let it happen again ?

Like you said, we are glad you caught the mistake instead of a baby. ??❤️
Sorry Love ?

Tyesha Bonner

Yes you can rock that hairstyle

Endeah Deeble

But she still bad tho???? but I definitely am watching a warrior


This is beautiful that you felt blessed this tragic event happened to you and not the children...!!? prayers go up for you from me...

Kk Debate

You’re beautiful!

Maliha Ariel

Throw the hair away..... it’s a painful memory. It’s already in your head.

K Love

You looked really beautiful when you flipped your hair to the side. I had to remind it a few times.


Your hair looks beautiful

Demon Babii Jayj

Love You Naeeee????

Halye Berry

You rocking tf out of this style though! ?

Ny Jzae

Your like one inch taller than me

LaTinia Gates

Janae, Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your vulnerability and your truth. Trauma has the same definition be it car accident or the loss of a personal affect. Let no one minimize your experience or feelings. Chin up and pray up! Blessings to you and yours.


Blessed and HIGHLY Favored!!! ???

Donesha Adair

You probably won’t see this comment but girl I was literally watching this video a few days ago telling my husband how crazy it is that the things we love and cherish most can be just taken away in a blink of an eye. I was literally feeling your pain after I watched this video. The next day, the thing I cherish most, my car was smashed in from the back. A driver who wasn’t paying attention smashed into my car and it is looking like it will be totaled by my insurance company. I put my blood sweat and tears into paying off my car and its one of my greatest accomplishments and just like that it is gone. Stay strong girl !

Akuzike Maosa

This is happening to me right now and my mom is downplaying, i have to shave it now and my family is just making jokes out of it, its extremely damaging

Only Max

you should have known tho

Keisha Johnson

That's messed up that she lost her hair like that but that's how a dumbass fault who gets on a race track with braids all of most down to the floor and think that shit ain't get tangled up at least you should have pulled it up in a bun dumbass and no the racetrack should have been sued they should have been charged because you got them at most look at your own risk and the fact that you didn't pull your hair up tucking in your pants like a dumbass that's what you get and besides you be all right it's going to grow back

shelby Alexís

I felt physical pain when she described the sound it made ? I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, I’m very proud of you for having the courage to share this ❤️ You and your hair is beautiful either way ?.


Try Belle Bar Henna mask, it doesn't color your hair but it thicks your hair. Also get their Onion oil, it helps with the follicles. In about 3 months my hair thicken and grew about 1.5". My hair grows slow due to certain medical issues but your hair may grow faster. Pumpkin oil can help with growing your hair to the maximum speed for your scalp.

Naya Blu

I’ve had this feeling happen to me multiple times.. that extreme feeling of disbelief, pain, and shock...

Melony Gonzales

Poor baby,... Just stay strong, and you'll probably need therapy. Girl. I cried when I got my hair done and lady cut the back in half instead of very ends. I couldn't imagine. This is a traumatic situation for you. Thank God u here, it could've have been worse. Keep your head up. ❤️

Caprice C Corbett

What I love and appreciate is your realness and many young women need to see this and I am showing this to my daughter with her waist-length braids. Thank you.

Melony Gonzales

It's gone be cute when it grows out.

Kindal Taylor

You are still beautiful I truly understand how you feel about your hair it’s the most important part of us. It’s says in the Bible woman’s hair is her glory her hair is her covering.

Abigail Savinon

So unfortunate what happened ? but just know you’re still so beautiful, both inside & out. & I say this genuinely. Don’t for a second think you’re not because of your hair now. We love you & support you ! Your hair will be the same length before you know it ❤️

Paula Godley-Mack

Your retelling of your story hurt... I felt it! Many blessings to you!

maegan lindsey

Social distancing would have prevented this.

Jasmine Hopson

In the picture I also cried

Liah Busby

i’ll be praying for u❤️

Danielle Granston

Where are the hair growth remedies ? ! I need to know too

Meeche1k k

U still my girlfriend ?

Marisa Shute

I totally relate to the feelings you must be having. I was on some medication ( prednisone) for nerve pain I was having and one of the side effects was I lost a huge chunk of hair.
I’m so sorry this happened to you. Painful emotionally and physically and you didn’t deserve it.
Sending you love!

Melony Gonzales

I saw u on they channel and was wondering why u cut the side, your hair is so beautiful. And still is.

Sarah Ogayonne

Omg girlll. Ur so beautiful ? ur curl pattern is goals. Ur so strong honey. So proud of you for being brave enough to share.
Btw I’m trina reach 10k by 2021 ➡️ AfroTurk TV currently at 6k ? help a sis out

Tashaun Love

I hope this is taken the right way, but I think her hair looks cute like that also. She is still pretty and I hope she gets more comfortable with it.???


Your hair is shaped like Africa ?????????

Jessica chandler

I’m late but babygirl this isn’t your fault like you said “it was in your plans”. Hair or not you’re are still beautiful and Nae. I know it hurt now but It’ll get better, love you❤️


You have a cute head

Debra Gainey

Wild growth hair oil would take care of your hair growing back with persistence.

Destiny Smith

I understand your pain & lost of a lot of words because me growing up didn’t really care about my hair until I was 12 / 13 years old but has I got older I started taking care of my own hair and I’ve alopecia without my hair and on my edge and I was trying so hard to grow it out just all of the above but recently I had a bleach and I know how bleach can damage your hair can take it out just damage it. And you know she she didn’t bleach it right , she didn’t comb my hair out , she is separating or put the foil on it she just took my scarf off and bleach my hair left it on & about like 10 minutes starting the Bleaching process it was burning like crazy so she was like you could take it you could take it. So I’m like okay I’m good I can trust the process so my damn no no no five minutes later I felt burning on my ear and heat coming from the ( plastic) bag feeling it on my neck also. So I instantly jumped up it was omg you got to take this out so she pulls the bag off my head she couldn’t even touch the bag because it was so hot it was crazy. I couldn’t believe it I just started to touch my hair and I released my hand for my hair and all I seen when I put my hands down what is my hair in my hands ??. So I just remember seeing my hair in the mirror and now I can’t understand why and what for I never had short hair that I had to take care of until now. Idk how to feel anymore , I cry every time. What do you thing can help me grow my hair back please let me know.

Perfectly Flawed


Olivia Olverson

Ooh girl this definitely touched my heart. ? you are so strong Nae and give me so much inspiration. I really appreciate this video because it makes me recognize how much my hair is my identity and how much confidence it gives me. Thank you so much && im so happy you are okay.

Brandi Brown

I used to say "it's just hair" until I watched your video in full. It changed my whole perspective. ?...ugh I hate this happend to you. I'm praying for you lady. Praying for a speedy recovery emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sending a virtual hug!

Mes rêves n'existent pas

I lost my hair

yanna Loves

It’s so beautiful makes me wanna cut mine ❤️ I just might

Losing my hair

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Am I Going to Lose My Hair? The 7 Stages of the Norwood Scale

67 608 views | 10 May. 2017

If you are worried you

If you are worried you will lose your hair, I believe this video will help you sort this out. While my goal is not to sell you anything, if you're interested in purchasing some all natural shampoo with rosemary oil and argan oil like I use everyday, here's the link:


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It's called a widow's peak.

Fitness lover

Bro am 18 and im loosing hair on the crown area. My hairline is completely fine but i have noticed thinning of hair on my crown area which at the top of my head. Am I going bald.

Sylvan Strength

Does the Norwood scale work as well for men with very high foreheads? I am able to see through the hair in the front somewhat, but my hairline still looks mostly straight. It's odd.

I personally don't think I'm stressed about whether I keep or lose my hair, though I'd prefer to keep my long hair. I'm in the weird place where, I'm totally fine either way, I just wish my hair would make up its mind lol. Realizing maybe I'm stressing a bit over the "which is it?" question.

COVID shetty

Just do a prp man

west Feelings

Can i use dht blocking food like pumpkin seed to slow down balding

Skull EX

i have acute angles so i guess i’m not norwood 2


Iswtg if I’m gonna b bald I’m fucking murdering myself

Hasan Kaiser

I have thinning hair and slight Norwood 4 but none of first 3 norwoods

achraf ms

Im 19 My hair line still the same but a can see my scalp on the back of my head


Accept the fact that you're going bald ay ..... thanks for fixing the issue

Fat CJ

Fuck this ive got a stage 2 but a big forhead so my hairline is overall fucked imma shave it off

Amyn Guy

If you going bald and you dont like it, get a hair transplant. Worrying about it is stupid and waste of time

Jordan Erme

Should I have to worry about going bald in my 20’s? I’m 17 and am moving towards Norwood 1 and my dad is bald


14 years old with thin hair. My dad is bald. My uncle is bald. But my mom has thick hair and her dad age 79 still has thick hair. Am I safe

Thijs Hamersma

Im 15 and at stage 2...



Callum Dron

I’m 13 at 1. Rip

Rob Goorney

I am at a norwood -5. My hairline is located on my chin.

rabi rabi

Nothing wrong about thinking to do a hail transplant some men can't accept boldness even if it is totally normal.

BlackPilled Incel

Norwood 4 in 3 years /s

Anand Jk

Am i going bald..? I'm just 20..

Kelly Doyle

Hey man, this channel is pretty awesome. It’s way better than those toxic hair loss websites who will tell anyone that they’re balding and to get on the “big 3” when they’re barely 18

Zema Sound

18 and Norwood 1 wooohooooo!!!!!


I'm kinda ok with balding but please god don't let me go bald at 15 I don't want this at this young age


I’m 24, and I’m at 3, noticing my hair on top thinning, my scalp getting more visible through my hair and especially when it’s wet. I hate it and I really don’t know what to do. Bald doesn’t suit me at all :(

zeke yaeger

Im super unlucky having a huge forehead and a thinning hairline


Is my hair balding or just thin


Im 18 and ive always had a v shape hairline but my hair is a little thinner and shorter at the temples, I feel like it has always been like this but i dunno. Is this balding or do some hairlines just have thinner temples?

stolid deity

i think i might be balding and i’m only 15 but this video help me accept that it might just happen and it’s calmed me down a lot

Viquie Tentakelliebe

HA-ha-ha, I was brought here by auto play.

Joshua Lara

I'm 14?and when I shower a lot of my hair comes out

Son Of God

I was balding and my hair stopped fall at norwood 4 and getting thinker again I dont know how and why but its growing back

Robert 210

I’m bald at 34


I'm Norwood 2 and I'm 13???


lol im 16 norwood 2 but i have really thin hair so you can see bald spot near crown and a slight v from my hairline

God Himself

I’m 15 (turning 16 next week) and I have had Norwood 3 for aslong as I can remember so I don’t know weather that is just my bad hairline or I’m balding?


DON'T FUCKING LET YOUR HAIR DIE AWAY!!! Do what you can to save it before it's to late. Even a little bit of hair covering your forehead makes an IMMENSE difference to your appearance! Don't let that waste away forever!!

I'm getting a hair transplant for myself in a week, for Norwood 2-3, and an obnoxiously high hairline.
I'm doing everything, (I mean everything) i can to treat it my hair loss

Chill ass turtle

if you have to ask then the answer is shave your fuckin head

Hah Hah

What if i am probably a 1 but my hair is thining alot

Crazy_ doode

Age 15 ....2 in scale...


your hairline also 'matures' which alot people mistake for balding


I think I am norwood 2. I have the sharp angles that you talked about but it still looks like a M.


your hairline remind me of the oneplus 6t phone


17 and norwood 1.

Will edit this over the years.


I’m 15 the frontal part of my head my hair is very thin right there and it looks strange cuz I can see my skull and yeah my hairs weird and I hate it

hairtransplantreal. com

Yes very good advice regarding the hair transplant. Math for most will not add up long term and the risk even short term is exceptionally high you just don't hear about it due to the shame associated with the procedure and cosmetic surgery in general. You are helping young guys thank you. Your hair looks good. BTW disconnects from the frontal forelock and the shaved look is hotter than ever. Go to any MMA gym and you will find lots of hot women their that love the look. In fact they are drawn to it because it's masculine. Young guys take advantage of the trend.

callum aston

I’m 19 and have like no balding signs at all but my brother is 23 and has Norwood 2 so I’m worried ??

never give up

Bro you have hair ,have you gone mad

Batman Gotham

I'm at stage 1 at 16, guess that isn't a problem?


for 36 your doing well, if you're in your 20s i could see a hair transplant


I'm 16, with very thin straight hair, I don't have an M or V shaped forehead whatsoever. My dad isn't bald, both of my parents fathers aren't bald either, will I keep my hair?

west Feelings

Sir pls can you slow this process down naturally I'm 16 and I'm so scared of me in the future
I got thinning edges

Saviour Fame

Normally I am Nw 6 but I make it Nw 12, I prefer to shave the whole head I think it looks less ridiculous.

dtoll Mx

My hairs looked like your hairline since I was a kid lmao, I naturally have a fucked hairline


its pronounced bel-grave-ia ,its a district in London

Rubbish Gamer

I’m 13 and I’m in my puberty stage after I hit puberty my hair started to be quite thin is this normal?

Cosmo Kramer

Im 14 and on both sides of my family no one is bald. But some in my family are born with widow peaks but can i go bald from other things then genes? Beacause im freaking out cause i have thin Hair around the left side of my forehead.


I am at Norwood stage 476. I lost all my hair and skin.

PZ 3

With me I haven’t really seen any change to my hairline but what worries me is my hair is very thin and I can sometimes visibly see my scalp under bright light around the front top. I’m only 15.

Ramapo River

Wack job....

Keely Mendoza

To make sure you never lose your hair, click here asap https://www.youtube.com/williamgaunitztrichologist


Wait so for norwood 1 and 2, by V shape do you mean from a front or top view. From the front I look like a norwood 1, form the top i look like a norwood 2.

Roland Bodo

great video, thanks for the motivation :-)

COVID shetty

I have morningwood 10..?


Bald is good


im 16 im in stage 2 :/

Oladipo Kehinde

How bald are u now? I'm 20 and I think I'm a 4

Satyam Sagar

Am 17 am on norwood 1 but slightly am facing extreme hairloss since last 2 months and my hairs are all aroung my pillow bed.plz tell me how to stop it..my father is also bald.and my brother he is around 19 and he don't have any problem with his hairs

Steven Davies

Rutger Hauer has had a Norwood 3 all his life. Never seems to go any worse.

Armoured Crocodile52

For anyone who’s 13 14 or 15 and is worried about balding it will be okay and it doesn’t change you as a person❤️


I’m 15 and this hairline’s getting a little sketchy right about now

sir shrulu

I am so thankful I just got so much stress off of me I thought my hairline was receding but I have videos of me on Google photos since 6th grade so please I am urging you to check google photos and see if you notice anything weird

Massive Unit

Well my hairline is stupidly far back, im only 15 ive got thin short hairs at my hairline, im really confused

Burcol Clone

At stage 7 just shave it off, guys. Bald > horseshoe hair

Nicolas Nidal

I am norwood 2?

STIG Lauren

I am Norwood 1 thx to FINA
I am morningwood 0 , also thx to FINA


Isn't there a way to stop it

Johnny Sinc

I'm 13 and my hairline is bit norwood, am i balding?


I’m 13 I’m so scared but I think I most likely have Norwood 1 it looks like I do

logan maverick

im norwood 1 age 17 am i safe? my father is bald but my mather side don't have a bald side my step brother to my father still has a thick hair his 22 now my father said to me when he's was 35 he buzz his hair because he loose his hair thin and receding

Joshua Bunn

I’m pretty much straight upfront but it’s been thinning for sometime I think... I’m currently 16. I think I’m thinning on the top, the crown..? I’m not sure and I don’t know what to do. I have a weirdly shaped head (specifically the back) and so I’d look weird.

James Piechowski

dawg you don't look bad at all dnt threat, you look good for 36!!

Taylor Million

I'm 10 years younger than you and have the same hairline except mine is probably worse


i hate genes?


i might be turning 2

None of your business

norwood 2 hairline with thinning kinda like yours maybe a bit worse

torad2besad fucker

Why am i watching this im 16 i have a norwood 0 and im aftaid to lose my hair

Sayed Abdul Rahimi

I'm only 16. Why me

Talha Hoque

I’m 13 and losing my hair. Even my barber noticed


Can I mail you mine and tell me which stage is it?

Red Squirrel

I'm 32 and probably a 2 or 3. Though never started paying attention to progression since maybe a year ago when the idea of hair loss even kinda hit me. I still feel like I'm in my 20's and young but reality is I'm getting old. I figured to track it, every now and then I just take a picture of my hair line. I figure if I can go back a few years and look and compare and see that it's not changing it will be reassurance. If I see that it is changing then I can decide what to do. Rogaine etc or just leave it. Figured I'd grow my hair out while I still can though. Heck, some people with a completely bald top actually manage to pull off long side/back hair. Lot of people seem to think you HAVE to shave.

it's Alex Bitch

im ok with being bald but scared of being bald young. i just turn 18 ?

rokaco eklin

i had norwood 2 since birth, im 18 now, my hairline is stil same, don't have thinning. i have noticed little more hair fall out. should i be worried about that?

Kevin Ceniceros

Dude, you look better with pomade in your hair and with that neat contour you had going.

Eddy D

im norwood 3 and i'm only 20, i will be bald when i get to 30, what's really scare me isn't the hair loss but i'm just one of those guys that doesn't look good being bald.


Does it matter what angle you view the hairline from? When I look at mine straight on the line looks pretty straight, but more of a v shape if I look down at it from a bird’s eye view


I just have bald spots


is it normal to get my hair fall just from scratching and rubbing

Elite Saud

All of my uncles from my dads and moms side are bald and some of my cousins are bald I have a high chance of going bald and there’s nothing I can do about but to deal with it

Putochingarkabron A

But you're still lucky that you have a nice head shape.
I have grey like headshape, and hoping my headshifts into a better shape.