Pimples and blackheads

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Relax Every Day With Sac Dep Spa #0139

6 042 475 views | 14 Jan. 2021

Relax Every Day With

Relax Every Day With Sac Dep Spa #acne #blackheads#whiteheads #Treatments #pimple #SacDepSpa

Tiêu đề sử dụng ngôn ngữ tiếng anh được chuyển từ trình dịch nên có thể không phải là bản dịch hay nhất.

Video được thực hiện tại Sắc Đẹp Spa

Liên hệ Sắc Đẹp Spa: 439/38 Nguyễn Văn Khối (Cây Trâm), P8, Gò Vấp, TP HCM - Hotline: 096 996 6923 (Thủy)




Kênh thành viên @Thuy Truong Sac Dep Spa

Lio Lab

Hello, but when you pierce these cystoma, you don't remove the bag?!?

Kimberly Thornton

? be careful cutting around the neck, it’s all types of nerve endings there


Let me explain something, this woman is NOT a dermatologist...aka NOT a doctor.

These proceedures are done simply to make clients more comfortable, not to remove the steocystomas or cysts, bur rather to extract them the same as blocked pores are.

For those who can't afford a dermatologist, extractions like this are common and give relief for the condition.

Donna Heimstra

Shes spreading infectiom, that instrument needs to be sterilized, stapled aureus can cause sepsis look at the previous scarring


I saw similar sacks removed on Dr. Pimple Popper. This person needs to see a dermatologist, as in real doctor. These are not your running the mill white/black heads.

Petula Gilmore

Are you saving on cotton and gauze cause you swipe and collect using the same one

Marilyn Screemer



11:46 was very thorough ?


I always get butter commercials when watching steatocystomas

R. Smith

Eggy ?

миллла йоловичь


Kane Parker



гнилая бабёнка

Sharon Marks


Шастие Твоё

Что это за болезнь? Как она называется?


Why do they get these


This poor person!

Tatjana Gagen

Дааа,сколько же здесь грязи...

mou ssa


Aneliq Totkova

,а ААА Вася я1я

Jacqui Johnson

More of these please. ?
Its nice to see something different?

Татьяна Смирнова

Почему сразу не обрабатывают спиртом ,ведь заносят опять инфекцию ,что там за врачи то работают


I love Steatocystomas
(no idea if I spelled that correctly)



Ewelina Ledwig

Żygać się chce

Ulla Maier

This Lady are the BEST. Monaco Germany

Laura Marcacci

Are those all ingrown hairs?? Do we all have this on our bodies?

Minh Le

Xem thấy đã quá êm ơi

Kristine Torrecillas

You need to get the big ones

Linda Boudreaux

She go so deep with That knife that has too hurt! But she is good

Igor Przysiezny

Bez znieczulenia?

Stuart Mccuaig

I wish I had some zits like this

Jenny Webber

You are okay to watch but really do you have to wipe that stuff on your gloves so dirty, please use the cotton wool you have.

Sol Baynaud

I´m a medical doctor, 30 years of practice, educated also in India revalidating my specialization in ayurveda medicine. But as many people sais, THIS IS STEATOCYSTOMA and DO NEED to take out by a Medical doctor the sac, if not they come again and again and again. Nothing has to do here genetics, is just one of the presentations of the illness that can help people to STAY ATENTION in this problem. Noone that has not studied medicine (10 years in my country, and then you continue studing), some of us can be CEOs or Cheafs, but be sure, if you dont take out the sac, this and many cystic will come again. Cheers, Dr Baynaud, M: D

بغداد الجميلة جولة مع هناء هناء


Marta Feiferis

Incrível está esteticista não tira nem a corrente do pescoço do paciente meu Deus que porca

gabrielle thifany

I did not understand what is this green business?; -;

Cassie Blackmoore

Why are u not taking sac out on the yellow cysts. Steatose. If u don't it will come back

Zabir Ibrahim

Owwwh ?

mymy pham

Co the gi mun mu khong vay .noi trong bung luong

Brittany Dziennik

Thank you Thuy ❤?

Kayla Danielle

I could watch Steatocystoma popping all day long

Roxanne Tucker

Its apparent that this person has had a issue with this squishy skin cell removal before. If they're a regular client do you remove the inner sack? Otherwise not returns if you have ever watched Dr. Pimple Popper.

Vaneza Gonçalves pires


cathy swanson

That is not Dr lee. And they are not taking the sac out of any of these, so they will all come back. You see the previous pops where they have come back. She will have permanent scaring if the sac is not removed and they keep popping them.

Gibtiton09 09

มันคืออะไรคะ ไขมันเหรอ


Anyone else hear the lady saying owww? Repeatedly? Also would like to know if this was a follow up treatment ? It looked like it might be?

Geifany Aguiar

Nunca vi esse tipo de cravo amarelinho, encantada

Cynthia Cullen

My question is , if these are not popped are they painful if left under the skin ?

Masuda Shikha

i do it and remove the whole sac. It never reccur again.

EnZy Mil

Ewwwww looks like margarine..

Татьяна Смирнова

Не пойму ,зачем на руку намазывать гной ,сразу в бинт

charles hockenberry

I've watched so many of these that looks painful and I'm wondering what causes this I've been praying for him some of them there's so many things on their face and it leaves deep holes in there my heart goes out to them I hope they can find something to keep this from happening sending prayers

Frankie and Heather Robertson

This video was great; but the armpit parts were perfection!

Rich Diaz

How does ur skin get filled with all of this stuff? Like they’re almost everywhere on this person.

XxWater WolfxX

Everyone: Complaining how she wipes it on the glove.

Me:....do ya'll not realize what the glove is for or??

Thanh Le

Bạn ơi cho mình xin địa chỉ Spa này đi

Mojave Kaye

Don't you get the sacs out? They'll come back uf you don't.

Flthunder Diggin' w/ Rob!

Looked like ingrown hairs coming out to me, so why is he shaving to exacerbate the situation.?

Rose Oneill

This comment is for the technician. Either raise the bed, or please sit down. You are not doing your own back any favours

Jeff in NC

Good God, their skin is growing Cheez Whiz berries!

Mary Emes


Colleen Elliott

How do this form? Just curious.


Is it just me that would not pay someone else to do this lol id want to do it myself!

Cs Chong Cs


Nadja Macedo

Que umbigo sujo?

Terry Gala

So they keep coming back in the same places it looks like they've been taken out at one time and scarred up and now they're back?

aai aai

Yeeesss...yor tummy will be hit again again and again. The jelly also come again again and again
Nice try...??????

Pat Hallquist

It's changing from vanilla pudding to mustard to lemon....

Ainara Luis


Donna Harling

Do not put the stuff on the gloves . Yuck


Ale obrzydliwe.

Lio Lab

It'll come back and forth again if you don't remove the bag, the pouch of that yellow liquid. You do not think...?

Lynn Marshall

See the dirty belly button?? Ewww



Charlotte Thomas

Them bumps will keep coming back if you don't remove the sack.

Bec Butts

Ouch on the armpits, I had a huge one there, the er Dr left me with a huge scar

хозяин своей жизни

Что за ?

Piggies Paradise

These will come back if the system sack is not also removed.

Clay Stewart

instead of a food truck i am going to do this at the swap meet.

Carol Sheargold

If they don’t get the sack out, it will come back again and again

Patti McCord

Wonder what Dr pimple popper is the thinks about this, would love to hear her

Nguyệt Bùi

Loại mụn này lạ quá

gwapo hon


Lisa Golden

Thank you for not wiping it on your glove.

Mattie B

Why do Asian people who do these extractions always put the puss, and skin build up on their gloves, it's gross.

Phuoc Vu

Thay bông gòn dy

Regina Calil

Nunca vi isso, o que é? Alguém sabe me informar.


At least take off the necklace for some hygiene

Thekla Cecere

Why are hers dark colored spots?

Mai Dinh

Người này bị sao vậy

Clay Stewart

went to Harbour Freight and for 20 bucks of supplies i have everything to be a dermatologist at the swap meet

Pablo Fitere

Mayonesa !¡!

Vicki Pryce

Is all that scarring from this treatment or something else? ?

Brian Ruth

What is this how it get it

Schirley Nascimento


Имя жизнь Фамилия человек СССР

Обладаю смотреть такое Кемерово т 8 9521658953


Откуда берется эта ярко- желтая субстанция? Кто- нибудь знает? Может это национальная особенность?

Maggie Diaz

Take the chain off....very unsanitary procedures in all the videos , I'm curious about the "neon" lime color of extracted material.?


It's not pus. These are cholesterol deposits