Is it bad to shower twice a day

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Obsessive Woman Cleans Her Food | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human |

4 644 391 views | 24 Dec. 2016

Lauren is obsessed with

Lauren is obsessed with hygiene, even cleaning the wrapped food in her fridge.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners follows people who, by their own admission, cannot stop cleaning and carefully matches them with someone whose home is in dire need of a spring clean. Together these people with such contrasting compulsions explore how their different behaviour affects their lives.

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From "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners"

Obsessive Woman Cleans Her Food | Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners | Only Human


This women predicted the corona

Hannah Stone

I think she will still clean her pot of food

Jason B

She is one sick puppy.... my goodness how these people function is beyond me.


“I feel like people not cleaning they’re fridges everyday is just silly , because I feel like your putting your own lives at risk”
Woman: cleans her fridge with bleach

Me: really?

But I mean maybe...just maybe it’s good....?

Erica Greene

Coronavirus leaves the chat

Gavi Jean-Flynn

Oh my god I will love to marry her .


Can this woman come and clean my house?

Alexa Wolf

Friend: can I use your toilet?
Her: is it a pee or a poo?



I admire her energy. Yet, the only downside of this excessive cleaning is that she is
weakening her immune system. Human's strengthen their immune system through getting
in contact with germs (in moderation, of course). Don't know what kind of a health impact she
will have through using loads of bleach and chemicals long term.

lioo loo

She's gonna go crazy if she had children

[] Hello it’s me []

“I won’t let anyone poo in my bathroom, I’ll take them to the nearest public restroom”

That’s the whole point of having your own bathroom like this girl really just said-

Michele Andreina

I don’t think that’s healthy................ngl

Elise Lawless

Military instructors will be happy with people that have OCD because their kit will be so clean

val smith

I think she's OCD.

Sara Troost

She seems like a nice lady but I would be uncomfortable on her home. ?

GuiltyZ X

She'll wear out her house and her friendships/relationships before long.

christa Love

Covid has left the chat


1st WORLD problems...

Ms. Rose104

I am sorry but this women I psycho

Elena Fiderio

She must be knackered

Mantra Ray

she be thriving and living in 2020 tho

Charlene Searles

What food she has nothing in her fridge ?

Mei mei

Girllll I’m pretty sure sniffing bleach fumes everyday isn’t very healthy

the amazingsq


Tarun Kumar Palli

I am totally opposite

Ranuj Gomez

She is extreme in cleaning


Every wife a man need

Hilary Rañises

The covid virus be like; nevermind I'm outta here ?

Sxymply_k Schwenk

who else watching in 2020/2021 and feeling oh she's ready for corona

Jenny Darren

Bleach is extremely dangerous used like this. Crazy...

Arena Maleque

Omg what happened to her in 2020. This must have been the apocalypse for her.


Laugh all you want but it is a right sight better than living in a dirty and nasty home.

Stefania Birse

She's a psichopat

Debden John

Does she know her entire body is covered in bacteria...... Don't tell her ?

Gabrielle Jones

well i need a maid so

Roselyn Morejon

Her:coronavirus who?!i don’t know her.

Dane Del Socorro

This woman will never have coronavirus because of her cleanliness ❤️

Dylan Bryson

Imagine how much she is cleaning now


She be prob going crazy in vivid she prob be cleaning everything all day maybe she will never get it

Jenny ONeill

Clesning the fridge everyday?

Ranuj Gomez

It's not good to clean too much we all need some germs

Artur Verano

2020 turned me into Lauren

M Rose

Does she use bleach on e every little part of her boyfriend, just saying

Rania Toumi

She cleans the fridge every day
SHe cLEanS it EverY day !!??!
Am the one who despise doing it once a month
And is it really healthy to spry all those chemicals everyday on everything she uses? ( and the plastic ??)

Peachy hi

Its actually good for her house especially when guest come over


she’s not eating the bacteria on her food but eating a bleach

Anthony Gauthier

Switch to clean food instead?

LearYoUrGrAmMaRHeNnY Taylor

If I cleaned that much I Would have headaches EVERY DAY

lexi j

She is so stupid lol

D Vá

This lady is ready for Covid

Sabah Amal

She must be
E X H A U S T E D! all the time. ?

Live By Design

Watching this and realizing I’m not as bad but I’m close to being diagnosed as ocd ?


She needs to put all that energy into a treadmill and dieting.


Covid social distances from her

Mama Teabelly

Her house might be ready for covid but her lungs won’t be

Lisa Cocolan

???? you should’ve shown ʜᴇʀ the toilet seen from your camera’s POV. ?

Shelly Thomas

Omg I wonder hows she doing with the COVID. If shes this worried about germs, cant be good..


Why vacuum your bed?its too extreme..

josine Padmos

Pack it up Levi Ackerman , you ain't the only one here


its lockdown and im here looking at this video from 5 years ago, mate she was ready for it all.

Agnė Valentinavičiūtė

Her home will never get corona

Jamie Eagle

Hahaha COVID 19! Clean away that

Keaton Herring

do you just hate when your mom is digging through all your stuff cleaning your room and digging under your bed and closet

susan hutchinson

Never bleach chicken

Hannah White

She’s correct I do everything she’s doing there is nothing wrong with it.


Can she come to my house? XD ?

Hilai Karim

Its not the germs that will make her sick, its all those chemicals.

khloe love

Hope shes ready for covid 19 shut down

Linxy Wun

Bet Coronavirus has messed with her head

Lila Rose

Maybe she wants bleach in her lungs

Jen derova

I wonder if she's cleaning now lol.

conlan a

Bit of a weird name for her bf... Indunstable

Saphire Golden

Imagine them in quarantine

Saphire Golden

Can she clean my house?


Breathing bleach every day.... Is no risk... Stay healthy dear...

susan hutchinson

Never bleach food

susan hutchinson

Never wash chicken

10k Before September

Good for COVID

Theodora Lazy

The dirt under the rim of the toilet is not dirt. That is mould/mold that is created by the ageing corrosion of the toilet and improper drainage of the toilet.

Meaning the toilet in her house has gotten old and should be changed pretty soon.

K Considine

Spraying chemicals all over your house does not make it clean, it makes it toxic!!!


Thinks it's dangerous to not clean her fridge everyday, then breathes in bleach for 3 hours a day. Big brain energy

moon 2

British people are another breed

Roblox Nation X

She is doing the right thing right


Corona be like: ill let everyone do that now

Ha Trinh

I read the title as obese woman cleans her food

•søft_ Møcha•

Where can I find her for her to clean my entire house

Vegan Cactus

Maybe she should clean the inside of her body now, loose some weight gurllll lol

unknown Presence

At this point maybe she’s just addicted to the fumes lol.

Anna Kate Hammerton

She isn’t even organized. Just clean.

Amelia Plumb

If your here during 2021 then this BISS was prepared for COVID

Yeetman 94

Coronavirus: let's pay a visit to Lauren's house
Lauren: hold my cleaner

Divine Dragons

She was preparing for pandemic

Kim Losala

We need this for covid-19


Omg,get a life...If anyone's gonna get ill it will be her,we need a few germs to make our immune system work.

Dean S

A reminder that God loves you so much

Abby Oliva-Schneider

Imagine whilst she is doing with corona

Jayden Beck

She’s not scared of coronavirus coronavirus is scared of her?

Hang Le

I guess these people don’t work, just stay at home and clean all day.


When she discover sex, she will get back on track with normal life...

Isolin and My friends

Welp she is not ganna get COVID-19 ???

Is it bad to shower twice a day

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Should a woman shower twice a day?

583 views | 1 Nov. 2020


Hey FamJam!!

Happy Sunday to you all!!

Hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are in the world. So this past Sat Ruvi was super busy. She is acting in a short #blacklivesmatter film that is premiering in our city and so her and Otni went and did that, then Nash stayed home with the kids.

In the evening we discuss if women should have 2 showers a day or 1 is enough.

What are your thoughts?

Tryphine Shumba

Kids make a mess all the time.....

Silvia Mudarikwa

I always shower ? twice a day

Bogdan Zenchenko


Tanatswa Nyika

Not everyone showers twice a day ?

Caren Musevenzi

Once a day Mai Nai Nai???

Tanyaradzwa Mpofu

I shower once a day


Both men and women should shower twice per day. Not just women.

Maka Chiwawu

I shower once a day☺️

White men are So Sexy

I Shower 2x/day and love it

chiedza mudede

I always shower twice a day ?