Marionette lines exercises

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How to eliminate jowls and marionette lines

62 157 views | 8 Jan. 2019

#FaceYoga #FacialYoga

#FaceYoga #FacialYoga #KokoFaceYoga

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What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, a.k.a. natural alternative to botox or plastic surgery! We wake up sleeping facial muscles in the face to lift up the skin and relax over-working facial muscles for wrinkle reduction .

My Bio:

Born and grown up in Japan where Face Yoga has been popular, I have been practicing Facial Yoga over a decade and started teaching since 2018. (A study shows it works!) My clients include Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashin, and more!

Voted #1 PopularYogaClass at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles

CIDESCO License Holder (most internationally respected Aesthetic License)

Certified Facial Yoga Instructor from Japan

How did she get interested in Face Yoga?

At the age of 27, I was advised to add implant by a doctor, so did it, because the doctor told her that it can be easily removed if she doesn’t like it. Unfortunately, the chin got distorted and I didn’t like it, so obviously had it removed, but the chin has never been the same as before. It is distorted to a side (asymmetrical chin), which made me realize that I should have pursued more natural alternative such as Face Yoga!

Interested in my private session ?

Learn in a private session (one to one) so I can analyze your face thoroughly about room for improvement, your facial expression habits, your face posture, etc and provide specific exercises and tips only for you! Plus, you will receive a mini video of the exercises that we cover during the session, after the session, so you can review later. (In-Person or Online)

My Media Appearance:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Good Morning America, Magic for Humans (Netflix), Pop Sugar, Vogue, Fox News, CBS Morning News, InStyle, Little Women LA, KTLA Morning News, KUSI Morning News, and more!

Corporates that I have taught at:

LinkedIn, Dr. Yoko Beauty Terrace Clinic, National Resource Defense Council, Goop, Athleta, Popsugar, HUM Nutrition, Lorna Jane, Beautibi, Uruoi Skincare, and more!

Studios I have worked with:

One Life Yoga (LA), SoHo Yoga (LA), Peace Yoga Gallery (LA), Creative Chakra Spa (LA), The Healthy Spirit (San Diego), Salthaus (NY), Treatment by Lanshin (NY) and more!

Susana Duarte Raposo

Hello Koko! Your information is so great! Thank you!!! But I keep distracting myself with your beautiful coat :-)

Ivy B

I think I got mouth cramps

Beatrice Nolli

Grazie koko ❤️

Leena Joju

Hi! Koko
U and ur video are very intresting canbu plz make a ivideo in which our full face is covered

Analisa Camposano

this lady crazy... u r teaching tooo many .. i dont know wat il.follow anymore... i saw ur old pic.. i dont bliv coz of ur face excersize ur face shape change... the truth is u did surgery.... not all stupid bliving u!!

Yes Honestly

Thank you. You explain it so clearly ??

Vera La

Wow! Your exercises are one of the best I ever have seen on youtube about skin care :-) Thank you!


Great keep Up the great VIDEOS! ;D

Rima Tariq

Thank you foe sharing u look your face is more tighter now compared to old videos love it

Solveig Hedlund

Thank you so much! And I wish you a happy new year!

Sophia Marie

what about the neck ?

ishwarya yamm

From your jowl exercise I really got a bad side effects ,I really don't have nasolobial folds before now I'm having really deep lines after doing the exercise how to fix this?

Charlotte Schaefers

Thanks for the exercises. Now my face is burning.

Sanober's Kitchen

I am too scared of these face massages and exercises...i feel the lines never dissapear...they just move from one place to another with these exercises

francia giebel

This exercise made wrinkles around the mouth?

Nom DePlume

Love it!

Laura Mora

Several of your exercises are hard to understand or hard to follow. You should explain more about the movement or not to teach things that can cause wrinkles

Ruchi Srivastava

Is there another facial exercise for Jowl? I think I do it wrong and have a hard time keeping my mouth round and stretch the bottom part

Rosa camero

Poner títulos en español

Christina Von Heidenstam

Koko i feel it

y g

How to make face wider, I mean, the lower face, jaw line wider, bigger?

Skarlett Y

Do you know some exercises for the rinkle from the corner of mouth? Thank you!

Roxy Rocks

I love ur exercises. ?

Giti Shirasb


Daνιελα W

Happy New Year ???

وصفة وطبخة مع سما

i love you ??

Abdelhadi Elatri

your ducklips looks like a gaping asshole

Jacquelyn Gugliotti

Love these, thank you so much! I’ve been doing these for a few days and definitely can feel the muscles being challenged. ?❤️.

Patricia Chang

One question. That duck face does not créate wrinkles in the mouth


hi koko i am fairly new to you and i love your videos. I wanted to let you I cannot access your yoga paper. I did the process of signing up, and I even went to pinterest. I cannot see the paper in full image. and every time i click on paper it takes me back to your website to subscribe which i have done twice

Kathryn Bustamante

Are jawls and maronettes different?

Jay Richest

Your face looks very nice and your cheeks are so high and plump. Have you had any procedures to achieve your look?

30 seconds

Always using your exercises I love you from Algeria

Scarlett Orchid

Hi Koko, do you think it's possible to reverse marionette lines and sagging face? I've been depressed all my life and now that I'm 30 I have this ugly sagging sad face that makes me looks much older. If I start to smile will Ill be able to reverse this? I can't even look at myself at the mirror and everyone says how sad my face looks.

As Ma

I also do this while lifting my head up and inserting some air into my cheeks . I can feel the stretch and burning at the same time. Happy new year ??? ❤️❤️❤️ too


Love you! but just curious, why does your chin look asymmetrical? Can you get fillers to fix this?


can you make a video about collarbone

Hannah Flores

Really like your face exercises!

Mel Moula

Hello kiko

Ghadeer Wishah


R*chelle: ? YAH's daughter

Happy Blessed New Year

Eline Paz

should this exercise be done several times a day? I loved the tip!

Jill B

I hold a tube (top end) of toothpaste in my mouth whilst doing this. When my mouth gets tired I just add a little support under the tube with a finger ?

Tina Ray

Hi koko..i just discovered ur channel.love ur exercises...but i have some concerns.i just turned 40..if i start these exercises nw will it cause more wrinkles and is it ok doing all of these exercises daily cause more wrinkes.plz answer.

Natalie Orozco

This is actually work ..?

Joana Garcia

Happy new year Koko love your channel!!

Sunita Arora

Happy New year Koko...luuu?

Cherry Rose

Does doing the fish face work just as well?


Will it cause lip wrinkles?

Kitty C

Just visited Japan, awesome place with awesome people.

silly puppets

how old are you pretty girl?

Mel Moula

Sorry koko

Rosidalia Marroquin

Ponle subtitulos de traduccion a tus videos por favor serian mas grandiosos para mi

Ishop Barouk


minikui desu

Why do I feel one side of my face working more than the other
edit : ???

Manju Dhingreja

Grt help ...Smiles

Seham Sabek

I have a question for you, my nose is so long I want to do exercise to make it shorter and narrow, please do you have any exercise to Shorter the news

Sylvia Crafts

Your face,skin is amazing and you're so cute!

nana nini

Vous étés adorable


I bought an ems-rf roller from Japan and ended up becoming emf sensitive. Be careful!

Seham Sabek

You are so good thank you so much

Keiko Iwaki

How many times and sets should I do?

ifyouknow youknow

bruh that shit burns lmfao, great video!

jean foster

Thank you!

A note for myself 1:58

shoushou f


Marionette lines exercises

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Remove Mouth Wrinkles & Marionette Lines In 14 Days with Face Yoga Exercise (LIVE Demonstration)

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Remove Mouth Wrinkles & Marionette Lines In 14 Days with Face Yoga Exercise (LIVE Demonstration)

#faceyoga #facialyoga #marionettelines

Orla Cash

Hello, I sent you a message yesterday - still no reply.

Yogita Mishra

Hi there could pls pls share more videos for jawlines and mouth laugh lines

Orla Cash

Hi, I hope you can help. I am really interested in following your face yoga routine, but I need to be sure it works in case I develop more wrinkles. Do you have any before and after photos as proof that it really works. You look so so young so do you have proof that wrinkles really reduce as you don’t have any. Many Thanks.

Yogita Mishra

Thanks so much for the prompt reply.

Glow Healthy with Chelsea


And any exercise in the future...

Due to this FAQ in the comments section, I need to address the answer up here so you guys see why SOME people get HORRIBLE results from doing face yoga exercises.


Some people get POOR RESULTS because they perform these exercise without a mirror and are unaware of which muscles are being engaged.

When done properly, these exercise provide INCREDIBLE results, every single time.


Many people teaching these exercises and sharing their videos on YouTube are inexperienced and have been doing them only for a few months, then act like they are an expert.

It is important to discern who to actually listen to...

Listen to people who are 100% focused on getting their clients results.


By results, I mean a more youthful, toned, glowing face and neck.

Follow people who have the results you desire.

Look at your face and neck in a standing mirror when performing these exercises.


Bety Bh


Ambtreen Saba


Amy Stiller

Shorter would be better as the exercises begin at 9:32. Thanks.

Wc Mad


Bety Bh

Hi Chelsea, always beautiful and your vidéo are very wonderful with interested informations. Thank you for this video ??

sara philip

The exercise and massaging causes more lines , holding the lips in a line itself makes the marionette lines show up even more..works to create marionette lines , I suppose :)

Dana Raispis

Day 1! I will post results!

Angela Laskodi

I love your videos. After such a short time, I'm noticing some favorable results. I am 62 years old. I don't know about the dermarolling though, don't know if I trust all those needles.

Manisha Verma

Show me an older woman that removed marionette lines or any other types of wrinkles. This woman is young, so she does not have wrinkles, so just showing exercises does not prove anything about results.

Isabella Jurado

Ch elsea could you tell me how I get your info on foods to eat and the ones to avoid I know that you gave a link but I missed it thank you so much!

Yogita Mishra

Hi there. I would request you to share videos on turkey neck please and few of neck excuses alone with it . Majorly on turkey neck. Thanks yogita


Where is the non surgical sign up link?

khaled khair

I don't find a good video to get rid of marionette lines


So i start

Xtreme Etching Art

What do you use on your skin after using the Dermaroller? And what size needles r u using on ur Dermaroller x


Koko Hayashi says that it is a mistake to roll, massage on marionette lines. That the chin should be massaged. Who should I listen to?

Omni Elsa

Thank your v.much....

Purnima Tulloo

Hi Chelsea, i love your videos, i dont know if you have already done a video of your smoothies, if not, could you please share one? Thanks a loads

Elisa E

Would luv a video with your smoothies recipes <3

Effective Face Exercises

https://youtu.be/u5kDBZWtdiA check out mine


Hi, Chelsea ? you are a really inspirational sweet lady. And I want to thank you for sharing part of your life and sure know God is always watching over you and make you ? become powerful for a lot of us to care about our temple ❤️ I'm starting to Love my self and not allowing No one anymore to break till I though I was useless,? still working on that? thank so so much❤️? keep it up?


Just want to add/share that those lines have a lot to do with anatomy. Ever notice people with stronger chins don't get these till at least their mid fifties? So skull and chin are really factors, as well as overbite. Not trying to poo poo your instructions which are really positive and helpful, but for some it can only do a little.

Muna Aslam

thnks for ths vedio vry nice ?

nilufer cakir


Osama almahaftha



pre recorded...yes...with script preparedyesllmarionette lines more!

Audrey A

I have had no interest in facial exercises until I found your videos and now understand the benefits of them. Also, I like the idea of green smoothies so will continue to do them.

Thank you so much :)


Good morning Chelsea.
I have been practicing this on myself as well as on my patients and it has given results. It did take some weeks but after Derma rolling n massaging, it did gave amazing results! The skin was taut, firm n brightened too. I made a whole video of it on myself n posted it on FB not on my account as I used my hubby's account. Many used it n I got tremendous response. If u know dermarolling, the techniques, using o.25mm initially, followed by massage n ultimately using Vitamin C serum, it reduced the fine lines within 45 days of few of my patients who were following it as per my instructions. But eating food rich in antioxidants, omega -3, and other vitamins n minerals helps too in firming of the skin.
Inner intake and topical treatment should go on simultaneously for achieving results.
Thank you for the video. Keep it up. Be blessed.
Dr. Sony.