Infected hair follicle

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Hair Follicle/// 2

284 388 views | 25 Oct. 2019

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Carole Drennan

Very poor focus. And you wasted time just dangling that hair in front of the camera.


Anyone else getting dizzy?

Licia Meldrum-Bryden

Shakey hands... did you have like 9 cups of coffee before this?

State TN


Tim Duckering

She made me nervous just watching it

Amanda Bell

Make more of these videos please

C Gibson

Extremely poor video quality ????

Michele Davis

If you squeezed it and cleaned it out, I’d believe you...omgoodness...pop it! This is silliness.

Patricia Bryant

If I could give 50 thumbs up..I would!!!! I love your videos!!!

Daryl Daniels

this was horrible, too shakey, camera clarity sucks ass! hope you dont post anymore

Braided Chickasaw


Nelda Costner

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Eve Stiller

This was like watching grass grow ?


Enjoying your videos. Hope his scalp improves.

Amanda Smith

Painful to watch. Just irksome.




Oh my Lord you did it ALL wrong! You're supposed to clean out the pores too! Squeeze out the pus!

Très Chique Beauty Bar

Girl you cant be no surgeon with them shaky hands. D body botch up! ?


Thank you!

Infected hair follicle

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Infected Hair Follicle

10 388 views | 15 Mar. 2017

Infected Hair Follicle

Infected Hair Follicle

Tia Haynes

I am 100% sure she is a Trini lol.


That's a cyst not an infected hair follicle.

USAF retired

Good girl, great job of getting in to it and getting it done. No dilly dally, scream, nor ten thousand oh my gods.

Infected hair follicle

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Infected follicle from ingrown hair

115 610 views | 10 Jan. 2016


Microscope Adventure

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whats the music

Madeline Boyer

Ingrrowns are the worst.

Madrenna Griffith

No Gloves?! THAT is living Dangerously

A1 guy

this vid is bullshit

Mario Montilla

It's half past three in the morning. And here I sit, watching videos like these on YouTube. Why.


whos the music by?

OncNurseSpursSoccerChick Clayton

RIGHT YOU ARE!!! That was one HELLUVA infected- ingrown-hair-pimple!!!

Prizma Agario

there is a spider on his user picture it freaked me da fuq out

Amanda Strong

Get the tweezers out!!!!