Keracolor reviews

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Part 1 Kera Color Silver Addition

21 630 views | 7 May. 2020

Diane Bays

I wish you had shown what it looks like in your hands. Next time, please do that because we want to see.

Varun Sharma VS

Does it works on black hair??

Leen Carpio

What made you get silver and not platinum? Just asking :)

PattyAnne Lee

ok, i'm going to look for part 2

Desirea Nicole Crowder

So I decided 2 lighten my dirty blonde hair with an icy ash blonde box color.
It turned out like...shit. (especially the top)
So I went 2 Beauty Brands & 2 chicks working there said that if I mix the Kera Color color+clenditioner in silver with a bit of the platinum, it would be more effective in toning down my brassiness enough 2 get closer 2 what I was originally going 4. I wanted 2 search Youtube 4 some1 with my color/level of brassiness that used the same thing 4 reference but no luck.
I was just giving up when the last thing I expected while looking 4 hair tutorials happened...I came across your video & my day did a 360. I'll explain.
I'm 37 & suffer with anxiety & panic attacks sometimes that bring with them 'stress fevers' that get up to 102-103 with intense cold chills, causing severe back pain from shaking.
Each fever lasts up 2 an hr b4 I finally sweat them out..but by then my anxiety has skyrocketed bcuz the fevers are so bad that with each 1 that comes, I'm afraid it will be my last.
I can feel the fevers coming on so I try to focus on something else bcuz I've learned it helps to minimize their intensity. Well I was having a not so great day & my nerves were getting the best of me, I was tense & felt feverish.
Then your hair video slayed it b4 it even had a chance 2 take me down. Nuts. Idk if it was your content & chill vibe, your voice or what, but by the end of your 1st video I was completely decompressed with no sign of fever.
I'm sorry this was so long & really had nothing 2 do with Clenditioner, but I wanted u 2 know u made someone's day a lot easier without even knowing it. You are so ypu & I wanted 2 thank you. I hope u keep posting. Not only are u gorgeous & a total natural, but I have reason 2 believe I could help a lot of people.

Thank you so much,

Keracolor reviews

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Dyeing for Kera Color Clenditioner in Copper

9 283 views | 4 Jul. 2020


Please Note:

I am doing this solely on my own and any products/companies I mention I do on my own and not by any affiliation I have with these companies/manufacturers.

L. Purdy

You are my go to source for all things copper hair color

Christina Magluilo

To be honest, I want to dye my hair copper, but I want to wait until all of the bleached hair is cut off. Also, I end up missing the back if I don't dye my hair in sections. I've done that with bleach, and I had brown spots.

Vikky Jaimes

Please in spanish☹️???♥️

Patricia Balderas

Looks great! I used this product for 2 years to maintain my copper hair. I used to put it on dry hair as the how to video on ultra shows. From what i understand it’s a 3’in 1 shampoo/conditioner/ color deposit so I didn’t use any other shampoo to wash it out. I would rinse till mostly clear then that’s it. I would use it once a week for touch up and once every three weeks on dry hair. I’m currently using there purple and I love it! I’m in love with Keracolor. Love your videos!


I love the intense red copper my boyfriend loves it on me . Where can i get this bottole of cream stuff your useing and how much is it


I would like to see Overtone in Copper ☺️

Krista Tracy

Always wanted to try this! It looks great! Do you have any suggestions for dying brown roots copper with a box dye and not having to bleach? Ty!

donna flores

i always miss behind my ears

Starr Tillman

Love this product.

amy jones

@Ladee I love how your hair came out with this color conditioner I think I'll buy some.What do you use on your eyebrows? I usually dye mine.

Jersey Momma

Did you see Sally's sells a ion true tones for dark hair in copper? It's so new they didn't even have a color swatch. I can't find it on line. I want to try it cuz I have dark hair and mix 2 different hilifts to get a copper that works for me. However, I'm scared to try this but I want to.

Daly Gomez

How long did it last ? I wanna dye my hair copper and i'm considering trying this clenditioner so I can see how the color looks on me :)

Zamora Blake

Almost every time I dye my hair I end up missing the part where the top of my head meets the back of my head. It ends up being about a quarter sized spot. I always ask my husband if I've got everything. :-)
The color looks gorgeous!

June Townsend

Nice hair colour xxx


Paramore vibes!!! ?

charles c

Miss your channel


Cooper hair is once again a goal for me. I had an awesome coooer-y ginger color and then I was stupid and went brown n then green. Now I've got a deep berry color and hoping I can get it back to my ginger color


Did you also use this on your brows cause they match your hair so perfectly? If not, what brow products are you wearing for this video?


Hi Ladee redhead ?‍?. You’re the only one I watch for hair and especially ginger copper based redhead ?‍? as you are the best! Thank you for what you do. **Can you please recommend to me a boxed color set that is copper-based red? (Not the wine/burgundy undertones) I’m Fair skinned. I had a very disappointing boxed Olía light natural auburn (6.43) on 7/4/20 that turned my pretty gifted salon gorgeous Bayallaged ( year ago) brown base abd copper red painted on as I’ve been a redhead ?‍? with gray growing in and the dark base getting longer without haircut (disabled with Chronic Lyme Disease) so my hubby worked hard to put 2 boxes of Olía 6.43 and the color shade was so disappointing that it turned a brown no red and I cried! I miss my redhead ?‍?! Copper based Red hair ?‍? is my thing for decades and I know you can understand. Can you please recommend a good copper based red boxed color? I’m opened to any store boxed brand. Then I’d like to maintain with something safe like this depositing conditioner. I Pray you and yours are safe and well amidst pandemic. I Look forward to hearing back from you. Hugs ? and thanks!

Jimmy Kane

Wow! How did you get this light-copper color? I moved to the USA and I can't find a good hair dye. My hair is too dark every time I try a new hair dye, and I don't know how to make it lighter without bleaching(

Daiana Andrade

Where did you purchase this product? The color is beautiful ?

Natasha Lacassie

Love this amazing copper colour ive actually went and got a bottle of it ?

Julie Kramer

Love it

Jesus Garcia

I just want to say that I really love your videos! I enjoy every single DIY overtone you made and the red colors you've used are amazing. I really want have that same hair color, like a copper/orange but I don't know how to do that exactly.

Natalie Wallace

Thanks for the video! I am a natural red head with virgin hair. The red tones have begun to fade and I want to add some red/vibrancy without dying. Do you think this product could work or would it not have any effect on undyed hair?

Alejandra Bonilla

Hey! Huge fan of your videos!! Wanting to go ginger but not sure where to start! I like the tone of your hair prior to the Kera Color conditioner. May I ask what dye did you have underneath? I seem to like faded out colors! Thank you so much for all of your informative videos! you are gorgeous

Sarah Weaver

I love this color! But i have a question! How come when u use permanent dye, you dont just do your roots, and then use a semi permanent, or something like this product, to brighten up your ends to match? Thats what ive always done when maintaning my red hair, and ive found that it causes less damage to my lengths and my hair is healthier.

Anthea Vigar

Is your hair underneath bleached and then dyed copper?

Christine Skorupa

i always miss the back of my neck ?also, thank you so much for making this video! i just ordered this, and am trying to maintain my salon-done copper hair color so this was incredibly useful! it's so vibrant and pretty!

mindy elsinger

how well did this end up lasting for you?

Jersey Momma

Ion true tones in copper for dark hair.... it's brand new!!!! Try it PLEASE


You dye your hair many times but looks healthy! Anyway I saw all your videos and I suppose that you like "neon" copper... But I prefer when you dye your hair a little bit darker. But who cares. ? I also saw that most of the time you use 30 vol... If you take off all the color under this you are blonde?

saa xd


Elizabeth Noregaard

Just discovered your channel. You look like a redheaded Rhona Mitra ?


Hi Ladee. First, I want to thank you. You are amazing! My husband tried the vitamin C and clear Pantene Shampoo mixture on me as with my Chronic Lyme Disease I cant do it myself. So I am very grateful to you Ladee and to my husband. I ha e a dark brown that I’m trying to get rid of. As I had red underneath that. Ladee: Can you please answer? I greatly thank you in advance as you are my trusted favorite go to source for ?‍? redheads and tips
1). Would you say a third vitamin C wash would help lighten? (we use 60 tablets crushed in nutribullet mixed with Pantene clear like you)
2). How many times do you have to do the Vitamin C wash to get your desired effect?
3). How long should I wait to recolor boxed color to Red Penny?
(big mistake Olía 6.43 Lightest Auburn TURNED my red hair ?‍? into a dark BROWN and no bleeding to lighten it). I am an inner redhead ?‍? abd sorry hurts joints bc of my disease to type. I look forward to hearing back from you. I pray you are safe, healthy and well. Hugs ?


I just ordered this. Putting on top of platinum so we shall see!!!!

erika castro

you're so right, its NOT that big of a deal to dye your hair red! I work myself up so much each time I dye my hair different reds, but what's cool about red is it fades and you can experiments some more :)

Olga Herrera

Do you know if this stains your hair after it washed out?

Money Penny



Last time I bleached my hair I missed a whole streak in that middle area! So tempted to do copper. Last time I did semi permanent and it was fun but didn’t last long.


I like the before more.. is that after a couple of washes with this conditioner or did you use something before?

I Am Because of YOU

Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been wondering about this product❤️ You always make the best VIDEOS with reds!!!

Silu Sisusydan

Ooh i ? this shade! I must find this Amazon or some where!! ?

Suzee Que

Did you end up using the whole bottle? And do you use it in place of hair colour? Thanks so much for taking the risks for us!!! ??

Rachel Goodale

You should make a video on joico red hair colour also I have a question when I was a kid I had red hair then it turned a brown red colour but now I’m older and I die my hair a natural red colour but it fades so fasted how can I fix that with out diying my hair every 2 months?? Please help?

Keracolor reviews

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159 views | 20 Jan. 2021

In this video I'm trying

In this video I'm trying Keracolor Clenditioner hair dye in the color honey. Feel free to leave any video suggestions. Make sure to like this video & subscribe if you want to! See you guys in the next one. ✌?

Jason East

What’s up y’all!! It’s Kayla... lol you have great skin I see your cute without all the makeup that’s a plus