How to get rid of bangs

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1 137 views | 29 Sep. 2020

Hey guys!!!! WELCOME TO

Hey guys!!!! WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL?! In this video, I'll be showing you how to hide the bangs on your wig.

Products Used:

~ Murray’s Beeswax

~ Loreal Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray

~ ORS Olive Oil Mousse

~ Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

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0:00 Intro

0:10 Greetings & Tutorial

5:37 Outro/End screen


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Video Editors: iMovie & Videoshop

Camera: Iphone XR

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✨ Trust in the Lord with all your heart. ~ Proverbs 3:5✨

Gabby Clarke

This was really well done ??

Malida Yuwar

You did so well in hiding the bang!!

Mz Gemmy

Great video ???

Sher and Val

Great tutorial dear i like how you clearly explain what you doing everybody need to know because that what is been mostly used now

Anna Foster

Love this tutorial thanks for the demonstration thanks

Trishauna TV

✨CLICK HERE FOR SIMILAR VIDEOS✨: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkosIueytfgqVef5ryFS8ETy0Hzm9h_Az


Does it work on synthetic wigs

ItsDanni Experience

New subbie ❤️ yesss i like this wig!

The Navajo Mama

Hey!! I just stumbled upon your channel. I was wondering, does the got2be leave a white residue behind? I love the strength of it, but it always seems to leave behind a white residue. How did you work around it?
I'm a fellow youtuber as well and I'm your new subbie.
Happy New Year!!?????

Journey with Selvin

You have some talents here ???

Gabby's Lifestyle

loved the tutorial. Gabby's Lifestyle here

Fitz & Rika

Love your intro song great video for sure

Malida Yuwar

It looks really nice

Tush Tv

Beautiful tutorial
Enjoy your explanation❤️

How to get rid of bangs

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How to: Get rid of greasy, piecey bangs!

57 221 views | 29 Apr. 2013

Don't let your bangs get

Don't let your bangs get the better of you! New videos every week!

***Welcome to the Danny Marathon comedy channel! I'm Erin. This is a joke.***

Stalk me!











Music: MxPx - Bad Hair Day


just cut it off

Megan Werner

freakin hilarious! This is me with my bangs every morning. haha

Na Na

Gave up watching as so bloody irritating

Danny Marathon

your bangs look SO PERFECT in all photos!!


lol @ a more mature look


Greacy bangs squad, where u at, i need your support

SM - 08DS 735331 Tomken Road MS

Thanks! The 2nd one worked so good! My hair was like separating a lot and they wouldn’t stay together and then I tried it and they stayed thanks once again ??

Charlotte Ross

I've been watching videos on fringed bangs for like.... hours... this is the best one I've come across by far? be my friend please?????


Lol great video

Jackie Kovach

Omg I have the same bang problem. Black short bangs... long black hair. I watched this video and was like pleeeeease tell me this girl has a channel with more videos. Haha yaasss! You rock!

Ryan Stevens

HAHA hilarious, but very useful thanks!

Pinkie LEE over coming PTSD

Thank U Darling !!!! I cant go with out Bangs due to my garganchuan Sized Fore head .lolz U are adoable taking ur advice NOW

Lori Hill

my bangs SUCK

Sky Danielle

Okay I love you please be my mom ?❣️?


OMG you are so cute. I couldnt keep from laughing. Plus.. you are a huge help. Thank you!

Shirley Rodriguez

Love the brush. What kind is it

Eni K

this is too cute very helpful as well :) <3

Janet Saephan

So fucking hilarious, love it!!


lol this is hilarious, and full of great tips =p

Sara Burke

i loved this. hilarious

Nay JamJams

So helpful! OMG I'm hiding in the bathroom at school rn before a performance and this helped!!!!


thank you so much

Yosra Tkitek

you look like Colby brock xD you guys have the same smile

flora marine

shez original.. :D no sugar coating.. i enjoyed it.. :D

Pink Lilly

Greasy bangs kill me

yuri the cutie

Your SY ;)


hahaha she's funny


Sorry that I'm comment bombing you but can you do a tutorial on styling your side swept bangs??


Haha your hilarious!! And you think you have a hard time, i have naturally wavy crazy fuzzy greasy lion-mane hair and i have a war with my bangs EVERY MORNING! I feel ya gurl!

Danny Marathon

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know about a product I made for my GREASY face. It's a DIY vegan cream that has really helped along my journey to clear skin! If you want to try something new check out Danny Marathon's
PIZZA FACE ZIT CREAM http://www.dannymarathon.com/

erin meadows

this was okay-ish. I mean it wasn't that bad but not that great. you sounded like you were somewhat high when you did this video. but then again this is just my opinion tho. not everybody's opinion.

Epinephrine High



I just wish my hair was naturally straight

shubhi jha


Julie Young

your hair really listens to you

Jessy Jasso

I love ur eyes keep doing more videos




My mood depends on my amount of hair grease

Sherry Faith

2:33 hahahahaha

Summer Salt

i love your hair!

Greta S

Okay I feel hella stupid BUT how so you wash your bangs under a faucet in the morning? I shower at night so...I have no idea what I'll do if I get bangs

Leila Maria

I'll think my bangs look good and then I go home and my bangs look like | || | ||

Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank

..the worst enemy is the wind

Carlos Gonzalez

When I get greasy bangs I feel like everyone is staring at me..


This is exactly my problem!


I wash my bangs/fringe but after about 1 or 2 days they get greasy ???

Shima Okizaki

Ever sonce i saw this ive been waking up and telling my bangs im the boss...

Felicia Royers

This was so annoying. Idk if she thought she was really funny or something but I came for real advice not a bad comedy routine


I do not have a blow dryer though..

Danny Marathon

glad to hear! thank you!!!!


I feel u!


I tried the washing my bangs and blow dry them and yes it did work but only for like an hour and then they turned back to being greasy like before ?

joons moon

This is from 7 years ago damn

Carla Jimenez

ur veryveryvery veryveryveryveryveryveryvery swag

Maha Fatima Rizvi

You have a nice face!!!!!!

Lyly Bennett

Very funny :D and also gave me good ideas for what to do with my bangs (or the ones I'll be cutting in about an hour, yeah, don't have them yet haha) thanks!

How to get rid of bangs

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Grow Out Your Bangs Super Fast Overnight (WITH PROOF) + GIVEAWAY

162 701 views | 3 Sep. 2016


DIY on


DIY on how to grow your hair OVERNIGHT. This video is all the proof that you need.

What you will need: Virgin Olive Oil, Eggs, Coconut Oil/Castro Oil, Towel, Plastic Bag & Spoon and bowl

This is a Hair mask that grows out your hair, safe fast and healthy.

CREDITS GOES TO Juss.Erin On Youtube ILY girl!


Justin Bieber: https://soundcloud.com/jellyfyshmusic/cold-water-ft-justin-bieber-mo-jellyfysh-remyxfree-download

Rihanna: https://soundcloud.com/chillplanetmusic/chillplanet010

Giveaway DETAILS:

The giveaway has not started yet. This giveaway will start as soon as my channel HIT 350 Subs.. FEEL FREE To shout my youtube page on any social media, including Instagram. I don't have twitter.


There will be ONE lucky winner who gets this surprise.

Any questions, comment below.. ask.

IG: @Paradisency

Business Page: SlayingInParadise.com

keep calm

My bangs is short ;_;

Jordyn Hollingsworth

Hi I have question! So lately I've been trying to grow my hair out longer and faster. I also been watching a lot of videos people growing there hair overnight. Is there a way you can use this overnight hair growth without using Olive Oil ?????????????

Angel Angel

Ilove the music in the back ground.thanks 4 the video

Mel Mill

can you use white eggs


Can it grow by using cooking oil?

Courtney Odell

Do you have to use coconut oil


me gusta!!

Maria Spagnuolo

That's a crock of shit


This is amazing! I can confirm this DOES work. The only thing I would recommend not doing is if you have straight hair like me don’t put coconut oil in your hair. But otherwise this is amazing!!

Andrea Martinez

does other oils work for this?

samantha moloy

Does it actually work

xXxPeachy_spritexX x

Who else cut their own bangs while the corona thingy happening and now wants to grow it?

Aliza Batool

Can anyone tell me did it work for them ??


i cut my hair short in october and i want it long again?

Gamingwithzaria !!

I want a gift from the giveaway

shirly david

Really love this video...Will try this, I believe it will work..

Lusanda Mhlongo. kolisang


Christopher Adeshiyan

Can i use a shower cap instead of a bag

ImanI potato chaaps

I cut bangs........They still have not grown out all the way and I hate it so now I'm here

Fake Motion

I just think she changed the line on her nose to make her hair look long but who nose....

Sorry lol

Sarfiya Sarfizz

If fringers will grow

Jalisa Odell

What can you do instead of coconut oli

vijay laxmi pareek

I am not able to arrange eggs. Because we can't eat it so what could I take instead of this

Janna Gilpo

Can I use vegetable oil?

Kaitlyn S

I tried to cut my bangs fully and now I look like an old mans hairline ?

Vuyo Mbamba

do you have to do it overnight

Hannah Chang

Does coconut oil work instead of virgin oil

Samara Demongirl

I dont have extra birgin oil....wat else can i apply

Aspen Buns

does this work for ur bangs?

Jammer4t1y2 AJ

can u do it without eggs?




does a just oil will work or it really has to be a olive oil?

Kiera Stillgess

I like it ?

Poopi Punes

I always cut my long hair out of stress my mom always gets me stressed out for no reason one night I cut the middle part of my bangs and thought I could fix it by cutting up some more but that just ended up ruining it earlier my mom found up and she yelled at me until the neighbours heard I've never felt so embarrassed and sad because of my mom I'm going to try this today and I really hope it works right now my middle hair doesn't have bangs because I cut it so it's like a bit bald so I'll see what happens tomorrow

Hentiska Kool

I look like a lil boy ;-; ima try this but I ain’t got olive oil

blossom YT

okay well my bangs i love them i don’t wanna cut them off or anything even tho it’s kinda un even i love it at the start of year 5 i cutted my bangs okay well it was a mistake i did not no how to do it i did it like how do i explain like i thought u were suppose to cut it short but in reality u were suppose to start long i wish i watched a tutorial before doing it back then it was short for month an i had to wear a clip to cover it an sometimes i thought it looked good so i kept it out an i should’ve realised it was so ugly like ew it have 2 thin pieces of bangs sticking out man i’m glad it grew overtime it’s been a year since i had it i trimmed it by my self a few times but now it’s past my eyes just up to the end of my eye but a bit passed that an i wanna grow it out i wanna grow it to the end of my nose idk whyyy it’s just i find it so attractive bc u always do that hand thing once it grows long uk how u put ur hand over ur hair idk how to explain it that thing yea plus i have a friend an she has hers up to the end of her nose now an it’s so pretty btw my bangs halve of my bangs are dyed red an other halve is black i like it but like it might take longer to grow like that but whatever

Anandi Banks

I think that if you do leave it in longer it will have a bertter reaction


Told u .

Kayla Thompson

can we use cocnut oil

noni chan

If I applied the mask as she did I will suffer brushing my hair after the wash ??

Izzy Hunter

Any egg substitute I'm allergic to eggs

Joy Ramos

what if you don't have an olive oil?

Honey Dream

morning how do I know it can help

Eisha Chaudhry

Anyone like me who tried to cut her bangs and now she is here ?

Hannylyn Sanidad

Can i do cooking oil or baby oil?

Jam Dubuisson

Did the hair "grow" because it is wet and is softened by the mixture and the coconut oil, or did it actually grow? Is there a way to tell? Thanx to whoever answers

Anna law the singer!

is vegetable oil ok too,is it protein too?

Offxcial MinimalTM

Uh i just cook the egg...i cant ik this works

Dwight you ignorant slut

It didn’t work for me rip I still look like lord farquaad


Getting bangs would be fun they said. Do it yourself i said

mina ً

can i use it everyday


What can i substitue for coconut oil

Pepified _

Can I use regular oil??

Tabaitha Elle

It really works I did it! I'm going to be doing it again soon.

ItsTina Here

My mom thought someone made eggs for breakfast but it was my hair ?

Sarah Aesthetically

Does it have to be olive oil, can it be corn oil?

Carolena Nelson

What eggs to get??!!

Rowaida Hussain

Does it actually work

Adyson Jaeger

will vegetable oil work

Christain Smoot

How often can I do this

Ali Beck

so can I just use the olive oil??on it

onlyy. lele

Love Youuuu????????

Prabhjot Gill

Will this work for baby hair??!

Dianne Rothenbuehler

Gullible idiots haha



Laxmi Pathak

Can we skip eggs because eggs are not allowed in our house


how often do you suppose to do this

kanika Johnson

I use one egg twos too much I end up with loads left and I only put it on my roots

Lairellakpam Romen

Can we use mustard oil???

Thembisa Lubelo

thanks dea I tried and I will see


I accidentally cut my bangs too short because MY MUUM was standing BESIDE ME and was screaming in my ear: "that's too short", "that's too long", " up" , "down", "no not like that", "let me cut it", " you've had that scissor in ur hands the whole day". I was so stressed and now i want to GROW IT. I only cut it yesterday. Well wish me good luck im searching the whole internet

Lol My old acc

I don’t have coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or olive oil, would tape seed oil work?

Angel Heath

Is this really going to make your hair grow overnight

Insightful Readings.

I am veg ...

Danna Vidana

love the justin Bieber music


guys I've been using olive oil for a couple weeks now and it actually works! I always apply it onto my hair 2 or 3 times a week before i shower and wait for 20 minutes and its insane, my hair grows so much! every time i shower i notice that it grew a lot! this method also works for your eyebrows and eyelashes! just apply it onto them with a clean mascara wand before you go to bed

Lizzard The wizzaRd

If I do this on my
Fringe would it grow ?


instead of coconut oil can you use argan or olive oil?

Sierra Archie

i went to cosmetology school and what you just did is a protein treatment. too much protein will cause your hair to dry and fall out. i would only suggest you do it once a month and NEVER leave it in over night!

pretty-by-nature lanae

my momma is doing it to my hair now even when it long already

Tatianna Leigh

should i shampoo and condition or just rinse with water

Natalie Watson

Can you use vegetable oilll????

Destiny Hinton

you are so pretty and don't let no nigga tell you deferent

sania nadeem

Girl your editing skills


bangs were cute! Til my forehead broke out and they became annoying


i dont have eggs :/

samara miranda



It’s best to rinse it off with cold water because you could end up with omplet in your hair jahaha

Sofia Tang

Omg Im so glad that I found this video! I start school in about 5 days and for like 4 days before did I cut my OWN bangs and I regret it so much (again) and yeah so i'll try to do this every day

Ronyae Dale

Do you have to massage your hair with coconut oil?

Life With Ty

can you use vegetable oil

Gifty Owusu Boakye

pls can I do this regimen often


do you have to braid if you got short hair ??

Dejhanae Jackson

Can you use vegetable oil

Kawaii Queen_YT

can I use vegetable oil pls answer

Sofia Tang

New subscriber!!!!!

Reigiñe Andrea

I don't think it worked because she braided her hair and braiding your hair can stretch it

Forevatayy YoursTruly

How often are you suppose to do this

Park Namyeon

I just cuted my hair 20 min ago
And here am i watching this..

Mia Young

How many times can you Do this a week or month