Philtrum of lip

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Dr. Koo’s Cheiloplasty of Upper Lip Philtrum Reduction Surgery : Methodology and Precautions

2 478 views | 31 Jul. 2019

-Why one’s  Cheiloplasty

-Why one’s  Cheiloplasty of Upper Lip Philtrum becomes longer?

-A recommended length for Upper Lip Philtrum

-Dr Koo’s Methods for Upper Lip Philtrum Reduction Surgery

-FAQ for Upper Lip Philtrum Reduction Surgery


-Precautions after Upper Lip Philtrum Reduction Surgery

*website - http://www.drkoops.co.kr/?utm_source=yt


The results look great. I can see that changes to the nose are kept to a minimum which was a major concern of mine. A question I would like to ask is if skin type (oily/dry) can affect the scar, would skin colour also play a part? I am south asian with tan coloured skin. Will my scar heal darker/differently? Many thanks

Ameofe Ibukun

I will like to get surgery done on my philtrum sometime in d future,,,my philtrum isn't defined at all,,it makes my upper lip shapeless n the skin(part) BTW my nose and upper lip kinda swollen..my smile isn't well lifted bcuz of d undefined philtrum...my speech n movement of my upper lips when I talk is kinda off n looks awkward too....I really hope to get this done someday..or any other surgery that can make my philtrum more defined. N reduce d swelling around my orbicularis oris muscle

Philtrum of lip

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Create Fuller Natural Looking Lips with Philtrum and Lip Plumper

88 006 views | 11 Oct. 2015

This video will show you

This video will show you how to create fuller but more natural looking lips with this Philtrum and Lip Plumper Face Exercise. Remember all of the FACEROBICS exercises are to be used in conjunction with a full face routine, full face workout.

Join the Facerobics® Face Exercise Gym - www.facerobics.com.au

Renew Me Skincare Products - www.renewme.com.au

Muscles of the Face - https://renewme.com.au/facial-muscles/

Where to Start with Facerobics - https://renewme.com.au/where-to-start-and-how-to-use-the-facerobics-face-exercise-program-for-your-face-exercise-success/

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Please note, you may not reproduce in whole or part of the FACEROBICS® Exercises and FACEROBICS® 5 Principles or RENEW ME® Meditations, or the FACEROBICS® Face Exercise Program without prior written approval from RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968. NOTE this also applies to YouTube Copyright & Trademark Infringement Policies


Disclaimer: This video is not intended to offer professional Medical, Dietary or Mental Health advice.

****If you are suffering from any Medical, Dietary or Mental Health concerns please seek professional advice***

#fullerlips #fulllips #philtrum


Name of Song: Pretty Peta Face

Name of Artist: CoCo Carmel

Current Label: None

Written & Performed by: CoCo Carmel

"Honey Bee"

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


All Music Used With Permission, as per Uploaded Documents

My Name: Peta Prior

Lisa Vulovich

@Facerobics you look EXTRA young in this particular video! You look like you had a vacation, love and a different hair style. Hahaha :)


Isolating the corners of the mouth with the thumbs is very awkward...how is that possible to do if a person has shorter thumbs than index fingers?

Rohan Kulkarni

I do have a big gap between my nose and upper lip and hence my upper teeth are not visible when I talk or smile. Will this exercise help me with that.

Braes O' Tullymet

Hi Peta, Do you have any thoughts on using a Facial-flex?


but it's impossible to keep fingers in that position AND keep you thumbs on the side of your mouth

Doris Day

please. please please could you kindly post a video showing this same exercise but with you using your thumbs to isolate the corners of the mouth as I don't know if I am doing it correctly. when I try and use my thumbs in the corners of my mouth, it offsets the angle of my fingers and everything looks kind of awkward.


In the video it says to isolate sides of mouth with your thumbs, but I do not see your thumbs doing so. Suggestion?


Hi Peta, You are a genius!  Would it be possible for you to edit this and add a bit showing you using the thumbs to isolate the corners of the mouth?   Thank you!

Chardonnay Chateau

Great exercise, feel the burn in cheeks to ?

Gary Blum

Hi Peta, I saw your e-mail this evening , in response to your lip exercise, and thank you muchos, for clarifying that for me.  Boy !!! that lip philtrum  exercise , is one of your hardest for me. My fingers are all over the place !!!  Ha !!!  It is definitely going totake some time to master that one.  How did you get so ambidexterous, !!!!  I don't  think I even spelled that one right !!!  Ha!!Tell me Peta, can you rub your head in one direction , while rubbing your tummy in another ?  Ha !!!   I have this sneaky feeling , you are going to say yes !!!  Ha !!!!

Tate Salvatore

Do i need to do every exerice from this series or i can only do this one?


will this work only for my upper lip? if it won't, is there a way i can make the ex effective only for my upper lip? i want my upper lip bigger than my bottom one:) btw, you're so lovely.!

Virginia M

Hi Peta, when I do this exercise it makes my jaws ache. Does that mean I'm doing it wrong?

Tracy Proctor

Tracy hi Peta just joined and am trying hard to follow your routines. Two questions please am I right in thinking that I'm only doing four or five exercises per night so just one exercise per muscle group? And regards this exercise I wrapped my lips around my teeth but see yours are showing an I doing it wrong? Do I just place my fingers between my lips onto my teeth ? The way I did it I can't touch my teeth . Sorry for all the questions just want to get it right

reeta mz

how about writing a book Peta


Hello Mrs Peta would like to say those this Exercise make your Lips smaller ?
Thank You

Enid Rivero

I see a difference and I love it! Bless you for sharing this exercise!

Derin de Souza

hello peta i have a question. this exercise is very helpful for my lips but when should i do this exercise? every day? and i started full face routine yesterday, should i add this exercise on level 1? should i do this exercise after/before on level 1? please answer, my english is so so i hope i can explain have a nice day :)

The Pertinent Influence

please dont listen to people. humans are just generally judgement idiots. you are beautiful

strong delicate flower

Whew that hurts!

Ron Ningombam

Miss,can you please suggest me the tip to get the chubby cheeks?

Briar Rose

PETA, please help! I've been trying to isolate the corners of my mouth with my thumbs. But obviously I've not been doing it correctly because at end of Level 3, week 1 (150 reps), lines around my mouth are MUCH worse. This is the first time this has happened in 19 weeks of following your program. Because I always watch and listen to what Miss Peta says! Miss Peta said, but didn't show us where and how to place our thumbs! :-(


So will this shorten my philtrum by doing this? And by how much depending on how long I do it?

Karen Williams

Good exercise but could only do about 20....

Alison Bell

You have a problem with your philtrum? No freaking way, your facial proportions are perfect. For God's sake, who are these people saying that? Ridiculous!

Zuzana Kopsova

Hi Pita :) I am new in your Facerobics team but I am very excited and I really like your videos. Even though I am just 19 I'd like to improve my appearence especially my lips. I do full face routine but I am mostly focused on my lips. However in the first series there is no exercise for lips plumping. Can I add this to my routine or should I wait till the next series?
Thank you a lot for your inspiring work :)

Michele Baca

Wow above and below my ? burned. I wish this exercise was in the series ☝️

PETA to get started with your exercises, do I start with series 1 or something else. I’ve been doing series 1 for a week now

kalyani dey

Hi Peta. These are amazing exercises. It's working for me. THANKS dear.

Alison Cole

You are so wonderful

Jade Smith

can this exercise help straighten a wonky philtrum line?

Furniki Kia

Hey, Peta! I just started series 3, but I really like the way my lips and philtrum look (and I don't have any wrinkles in the area, 'cause I'm 27) so can I skip this exercise? Or maybe replace it with the Plump Lips (just to maintain the plump lips I got from doing other facial exercises before I discovered you) exercise or Lift the corners of your mouth (I do have marionette folds but my lips are round and plump). Thanks for everything, you are awesome!

katarzyna damse

dear Peta, would it be possible for you to suggest some other exercise (in series 3) instead of that one for lips? is that particular exercise necessary in that particular series? I just cannot master it :/

Robin Deitch

Dearest Peta,

I'm very excited that the series 3 video has made its debut.
I've begun to practice with the video. I've got a couple of questions.
1. In the forehead exercise-should I think about keeping the front of the forehead somewhat immobilized with my fingers and concentrate on activating the muscles near the temples?
Would you rather me email the questions to you?

Lara Yule Singh

Challenging, but good

Karen Williams

I really felt that one in the corners of my mouth....

Brenda Sherrin

Dear PETA I have been doing the wrinkle lip exercise at the end of my routine. I am now doing series 3, so will this exercise help my lip wrinkles. I know I can't do the lip wrinkle exercise with this one. They have started to get better. I really want to get rid of them. Xx


I feel the burn very strongly in the corner of my lips. Is that OK? I am isolating the corners with my thumb.


I can really feel this after I'm through but I can't figure out the thumb thing. Pita's thumbs are no where near the sides of her mouth.


This exercise seems to accentuate my nasolabial folds even more ?

Suzie Duprez

S.DuprezBrilliant exercises and I will definitely persevere with them,as I know they do actually work if one is prepared to exercise regularly. Thank you


Hi Peta, I'm finding this one hard to make sense of. If I put my fingers on my teeth then I can't wrap my lips around my teeth. And if I wrap my lips around my teeth then I can't put my fingers on my teeth. I think I'm missing something!

Jannet Shree

I love your videos....following them...please say some solution for protruding lips ...❤ from india

Maureen Dennis

Well done, you’re explaining instructions really well for me. I’m going to give this six weeks and do 50 reps everyday.

carol flannigan

wow!!! this really plumps up my philtrum. Love the way my lips look in my favourite lipstick i can really see how plump they have become. Feeling more confident thanks peta, your exercises are a way of life for me now xx


I feel like I am making more wrinkles on my upper lip.


Does it work

Dianne LaVerne

I have never had any success using my index fingers and somehow supporting the edge of my mouth to avoid wrinkles. What seems to work for me is using my ring fingers for the lips and my middle finger knuckles to support the side of my mouth. Perhaps I just have weird hands?


hi, Peta! I'm 20 years old and I was just wondering, will I be able to see any results if I'm doing the exercise now at my age? or are your exercises for people who started to get wrinkles? and also, do you believe that the nose exercise will give me results when I'm doing it with a full face routine and following your instuctions?

Hanh Doan

Hi Peta, what do you mean isolate the sides of our face with our thumbs? Sorry I couldn't see your thumbs during the exercise lol. Thank you!

Vonnie !

Could I replace this exercise in you series 3 workout please? I find this difficult.

Marina Mia

Could you please post a video with using thumbs and isolate the corners..Love this exercise..but I don't want to make wrinkles..if I do wrong.Tnx for this channel????

aiyaana Swas

only want plump philtrum. my lips are already big. is this make lips more bigger?

Hanh Doan

Hi Peta, I have another question. Is this exercise part of any specific series or could it be done with any series? Thanks!

Sona sonali

Your videos are lovely

Janice Alderson

Love this one: they sell these funny things in france for the lips for 50 bucks but this is better! Angela, as far as i can see your thumb tips just rest naturally behind the fingers! From sunny southern france.

Gary Blum

Peta,  is this a good exercise to do,  for six weeks, after doing the exercise for the upper lip exercise, to smooth out upper lip ?lines ?  I am trying to find alternative excercises for all the main objectives of the face, which would be the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and neck.  I am still not sure if I should do the upper lip exercise, for six weeks, then rest for six weeks, before starting with another lip exercise.  It seems as though, that portion of the face should always be exercised, to keep the upperand lower lip areas firm, and smoother.  But, you are the coach, so, you know better than I, which is why I am asking.This philtrum exercise, is a challenge for me.  It is hard for me to place the fingers in so many directions.  Ha !!!  It is like rubbing your head around with one hand, and moving your other hand in another direction around the tummy area  !!!!


do the lips get fuller and stay full or is it a temporary thing?????


Greeting Peta! i have one question. i am currently on week 3 of series 1 and already seeing the difference on my face! i am doing the exercises as is and not added or missed anything. As for this lip exercise, is this one a part of some specific series? as i suffer from very thin lips and want to work on my muscles around the lip as well for a fuller look. when do you suggest i should go for this exercise? bless you for all the good work you are doing! Thanks, Deepa

Sona sonali

Hey peta can you suggest me a exercise to get rid of my laugh lines... Laugh lines just developed recently. Thanks ..


oh my god! Amazing I can already see a difference and I started this today. TODAY!

Josephine Vanner

I love your exercises - but I am confused with this one. You say to isolate the sides of the mouth with my thumbs, but watching I can't see that you are doing this. Help!

l dm

Thanks Peta, this is a good exercise.


i just did it and already the results are fantastic, yet another great video!

Genevieve Langford

Hi Peta, I am a new Member. I cannot find the Web pages with notes on how to do the exercises, which you mentioned on one of the videos. They would be very convenient as a reminder. Romseylady


Thank you for all your hard work !!! Each video is just wonderful !!

Carol Jenkins

I'm sorry, that should have said Peta. This predictive text is a pain!

Jeanette Flores

I getting really bad lines around my mouth and chin area really really bad lines around my mouth and chin area really upset about it.iam doing that exercise along with me series2 level 1. I don't want to stray so do have any advice,? Thank you. Jeanette Flores

Carol Jenkins

Hi Pete. I sorry, you said put your lips around your teeth and then put your fingers in between your lips. It looks like you have put your lips around the fingers. I'm sorry, I'm really dumb when it comes to instructions but I can't do it with my lips around my teeth! Any tips?


Hi Peta, I'm trying to learn this and have it down, but when you say to isolate the corners of the mouth with the thumbs, its very hard to know how to place them when we can't see how you do it. Anyway I put them doesn't seem right with the exercise. Please help.

Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel

Don't you look gorgeous here....

Peta Dwyer

Hi Peta, I have noticed that with some of the exercises I am not getting the lactic burn, some I do, these seem to be the strong exercises but the more gentle exercises I don't feel the lactic burn........is this ok or am I doing something wrong........thanks regards

Gurdeep Marwah

Dear Peta, I may not be needing this particular exercise so could you suggest something else in its place. Tk n reds

YouseNaima mariam Radwan

Hi Am from Algeria n I like ur videos. Thanx n I wish u success n eternal youth

Gary Blum

Peta,  your Philtrum exercise, is one, that I need , because, I have a flat philtrum, and it could be shorter.  But, this exercise is the hardest one you do, for me.  I can hardly doit, but, still trying.  Do you have any, that address the same things, only not quite so hard to do ?

Lightening Zeus Cane Corso

I have very small lips and I did the facial exercise and It actually started plumping my lips, with consistency ill have nice lips, I will add that I have been doing facial exercise since I was 16 therefore it will not take long I am guessing

X-ster MusthaF

If its permanent?

Karen Williams

Peta you are beautiful just the way you are...I have an old saying I abide by....if I am perfect with no imperfections then I have the right to criticize others but who of us have that perfection.....just keep up the good work...


you look amazing Peta. God keeps you away from bad eyes.:)

Elia Argueta

I do not know how old these videos are really haven't bothered to read the description . But they are knew to me and I just love them my body always has responded to any exercise quite quickly happy for that but I must say pita you look amazing I would only wish to look like u at your age thank you . Love the videos

Kate Butt


lolly hunter

Hi Peta
Thank you all the amazing resources you've shared with us, it's been a treasure to find you.

I've just started series 3 and I'm finding that I get a crease on my top lip whichever side the top finger comes from. I'm isolating the sides with thumbs but the crease still happens. It's putting me off doing this one. Do you have any tips please?

Ruuu looo

i have a flat philtrum if i do this one time a day will i see a huge difference in that area? will my lips look much fuller?


Hi Peta. Should we be isolating the corners of our mouth with the knuckles of the thumb?

Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

Hello great exercise. I bought this candylipz gizmo and it's supposed to help shorten the phyltrum. So far it seems to be stretching mine... What's your view may I ask?...

Angel Lucia

Ahhh look how radiant glowing and dewy you are in this video! Super glossy hair too! You have a clear connection to your inner beauty, it's wonderful! LollyBon is still glued to the laptop, will I ever get to sleep it's now 7am in London oops! Totally worth it though, these are gems I'm so grateful <3

Tracy Proctor

Thankyou Peta I'll try that. Was getting frustrated last night with myself but didn't want to give up. I'm from the uk and have been exercising my face fir about two months now with another website but no choice to pick from and so found you and felt so enthused again. You look fabulous by the way. Thankyou again.


This is one that will take practice! By the way, love the energy lift! Haven't had a lot of time to comment lately, but I have been doing my exercises and using my laser device. Something must be working because when my husband and I Skype, he says I look rested and refreshed! Believe me, rested and refreshed are the last things I feel! Another great video and thank you for taking your time to bring us these exercises. Hope you had a wonderful weekend - Barbara

Noodle p

You look absolutely gorgeous in this video, so youthful: age defying and so inspiring!

kat watkins

Your face looks amazing when compared to your before pictures. Can I ask how long it took to get to this stage? Thanks so much for making these videos available.

Turist Surgery

I am doing a full face routine Series. 1..level1..when will I be able to doing this exercise?On wich level this exercise is?I like it
Tnx Peta?

Deborah Flak

Hi Peta, I wonder if you might consider posting a text description of your exercises so that when we need to review the steps quickly we don't have to watch the whole video again? Sometimes I don't have time to watch but I could look up the steps and realize that I forgot something. Just an idea I thought I would bring up. Maybe you should write a book! :)

Olivia S

You look younger and more beautiful with the passing of time! Thanks so much for your generosity and kindness in sharing your facial exercises, you have helped change my life for the better.

Kelly Hennessey

OMG !! Peta !! You are so real and wonderful !! Thanks for being so dedicated and YOU are a great inspiration to all who watch faithfully !! Thank you !! kelly LOL !!

Sona sonali

Hi Peta, I have been doing full face routine since November ... Recently I noticed the region around my mouth and chin looks less toned and wrinkly compared to other parts of the face. As I couldn't figure out myself which exercises to do.. So I am asking you for help... Can u suggest me exercises for chin and wrinkles around the mouth and an exercise to eliminate laugh lines? Thanks a lot

play set

Hi Peta! It create a straight line upper my lip area,did i do it wrongly please? All your videos are so wonderful, almost all of your teaching work on me!So appreciated!

jen sabourin

I love this video. I am going NUTS over the drooping of my mouth. i am wondering what exercising the obicularis oculus does. does it tighten and make the lips smaller . Would exercising the muscle lift the lip. I also do the corner of the mouth lifting exercise and really notice the burn in the lavitor labii superiorus . does the burn around the bottom of the obicularais oculus help lift the mouth .. I often worry about using this muscle as I know botox is used to reduce wrinkles in this area meaning a strong muscle in some areas can cause wrinkles.


Hey new subscriber.. great channel. I hope you answer questions; Can I do this exercise alone?

Liz Winney

You are a blessing to me; you help me keep moving forward after the "year from hell." Thanks so much!!! When is the move "Peta" coming out!!!


Hello, Peta! I am starting this series (eawm 3) today. SO, to be clear. You place your fingers on teeth, then try to make the motion of wrapping lips around teeth-which you can't do once the fingers are on the teeth... (this is where I am a little confused) then you try to flex down that philtrum muscle, which i can't feel yet. All I feel is the lower tip of my nose flaring. Is this all right? Thanks!


Hi Peta,
Can you offer another video on this one providing additional instructions and a visual of how to isolate corners of mouth? Using index fingers as part of actual exercise creates a bit of confusion on incorporating thumbs to isolate surrounding areas...
Thanks love ❤

Philtrum of lip

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lip lift—perfect short philtrum subliminal

109 202 views | 29 Aug. 2019

❦Message from the

❦Message from the developer❦

2 uploads in one day yeet

❦Your subconscious is ready to install these updates❦


❦short, 11mm philtrum

❦strengthen & shorten philtrum muscle

❦philtrum has a more pronounced concave (upwards) curve

❦upwards facing/upturned top lip

❦have the positive results of having a lip lift procedure

|update| |cancel|

lily b

how long should i listen to this a day for good results? i tried to look thru the comments to see but didn’t find any answers :/


immune to gummy smileeeeee?

Giselle Ortiz

So my chin looks weird when it’s resting like it looks like i have a long face and my bottom lip is connected to my chin so when i rest my face or smile my chin looks super big so would this make my chin smaller and get rid of the bottom lip connected to my chin? Please respond and when i do a bubble face under my lip it looks so fat


why do i smell strawberries?


My top lip is really flat and is going more into my mouth so I’m going to try this, hopefully it works

Gladston mj

Will this give me deeper philtrum??

Inaah Ho.

How many times should I listen this?


stop asking if this sub will give u stuff, u only get what's listed in the description. just check the description, it's not that hard.

lovelynuisance !

omg I fell asleep for an hour and 40 mins while listening to this and my top lip is more plump and my philtrum felt rlly tender ? this works fast

quokka jisung

i just want my upper teeth to be shown whenever i talk lmao

Isabel McGill

Hi! So will this make ur top lip bigger and more pronounced as well? Thank you?

Ur Mom gae

I dont like my cupid's bow so here I am lol if i get likes and dont lose my comment I might update lol idk

Veronica ‘

why spend 2-6k on a lip lift when u can just use this

Nicole O

I have big round lips
my lips curve over my philtrum
i have a short philtrum
my lips are love heart shaped
my lips are big and ... juicy
my lips are pink and soft
my lips are narrow but thick
my lips have a pink shade

Mary Louise

I swear I was just looking for a sub like thiiiiiiis ??? WoW * - * thank you so much <3 I'll start using this from today
And I'll update you

Is this downloadable to mp3??


it works!!

potatomelon_ Da'kyut

Will this make my lip corners upturned?

- Lou -

I had my sound to high and all I heard was duhdudududuhdudhduhdunduhduhduhduhduh

koo's bakery

immune to gummy smile?

Cur Leii

Needed this


hello .... my main language is Spanish, will this subliminal still work for me?

todoroki lah

I swear my upper lips tingles?

sy chyntiaa

I have a question, does listening to physical changes subliminal during puberty mess up something in ur body like maybe hormone or stuff etc?


I have a defined cupid bow and I DON'T LIKE IT. Will this help me to get a round cupid bow?


this works in one day tysm!!




I have a very flat and long philtrum, my lower lip pours out more then my upper lip which looks very unattractive from the side- I have a high smile line and I have two gaps in my teeth (from middle, and on the right side [top teeth]) and my chin is very reduced and stuff and I h a t e it so I’m gonna try to fix my I securitie some by one: 1. Upturned upper lip 2.rid of gummy smile 3. Teeth gap 4. Chin

Marisa E

I got results after one week, amazing thank you.

lula naratic


Nehir Özdemir

it had the opposite effect??????

Cheanah Lee

Day 1 ☘️

Cheanah Lee

Day 2 ?

If you dont stan Lalisa Manoban i feel bad for you

this wont get rid of cupids bow right?

ingrid johnson

Will this raise my upper lift letting my upper teeth show?? Because that’s my problem. Whenever I smile it shows my teeth but not the top part like a normal smile :/ 12k spent on braces for nothing

No No

How many times a day?

【CottonCandy Heart】Caffé

Comments were 111 till I destroyed em with my cmnt

xx mm

it's literally the first time im feeling tingles, I LITERALLY FELT MY LIP BEING LIFTED. I used this once or twice yesterday, length between my top lip and nose was 13 mm before, its 11 now lol it works so well ill try your other subs as well

Ruby Angel

Will having a shorter philtrum make my smile line higher?




i listened to it yesterday for half an hour and i'm already seeing results. thank you for this!

hi im jeongin