Slow hair growth causes

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Reasons Why Your Hair Stop Growing Causes of Slow Hair Growth and Hair Loss .. FIZZ

89 views | 10 Nov. 2016



Slow hair growth causes

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Slow Hair Growth: Causes and Medical Treatment

97 views | 2 Dec. 2020

A thick head of hair can

A thick head of hair can boost your self-esteem and is one of the most desired beauty traits for both men and women.

Everyone tends to have more or less the same number of hair follicles, but not necessarily the same quality or type of hair. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair depends entirely on the hair follicle.

Slow hair growth causes

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Part 2-Reasons Why Your Hair Stop Growing Causes of Slow Hair Growth and Hair Loss-Beautyklove

47 702 views | 9 Aug. 2014

You Can View Part 1 Here:

You Can View Part 1 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYjn9upIRpU&feature=youtu.be

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raz ann

i have dandruff and i scratch my scalp, i hve split ends and i always die my hair lighter than my natural hair. i put heat everyday. and it still grows but not as healthy.



Damini Hoon

can you make a video about how your hair are so straight?

Don Lucci Beats

On My Head It's Been There For a year or 2


Stress was the big factor in my hair loss. During university, my hair came out in clumps of over 50 strands. After I graduated, I haven't been losing more than 5 hairs a day. It also happens when I go to sleep past 11pm. 

deimile kutkaite

You always make my days with your videos

Alvin Ertaswa

I tried many products offline and online. ı am satisfied most of  arganl ife. products…  Great product and awesome price! Everything that was promised in the advertisment. The shipping was very fast and had not issues. I have purchased this same product about 3 times and my shedding has stopped.


Thank you for explaining :) ♥ I've learned so much, keep going on ♥

Viktorija Limontaitė

My hair grows sooo slowly, it's at the same leght for about half a year now.. Last summer I bleached my ends ombre style and got to deal with split ends. But I've almost gotten rid of them, yay! You helped me so much. I started taking care of my hair seriously. All thanks to you!! <3

Kenia Lievanos

Love your videos ily?

Jesz Skidelsky

Thank you so much for this! I've been worrying about my hair since it's been thinning and I've seen a lot of fallout..

hannah Tamimi

all of these facts are so true i once had my hair to a certain length for what it seemed like years, after my phase of stress ended i have had to cut my hair twice because its down past my back which is too long for me to take care of and i was so worried for the longest time something was wrong with me ,great informative video!:)


Thnx u Keren GURU has spoken

Prettyredd Bri

I love all the advice you give because of how affective they work on all hair types. Can you please make a video on how to care for your hair when yur out ib the sun because i play a sport. I run Track every spring n i wanna kno products or masks i can use because my hair is kinky curly n a hat wont stay on when i run -_-

Julia Lanzillotto

1 comment 1 view

Sara Ali

Walt do if you have psoriasis do you know any ways to make sure it doesn't effect your hair that much x

Emily Simmer

i learned so much from you thank you

Jumana Elbakri

Help! My hair seriously doesn't grow, it goes through the faze of actually growing for a week and completely stops. It has been so long more than 5 months in between these stages and I feel like it will take me forever to get my ideal length. My hair is a oily type but sometimes the tips get dry and I just add a touch of Argan oil. It's super healthy and I barely use heat ? I've been using biotin(taking breaks) and still nothing ?Anyone have advice ?


Does she use coconut oil/conditioner for her hair?

shaesta bano

Love ur all vedios keren. ...its really informative. ....thnx alot...love u

sarah watkins

Your hair is soon pretty I would die for that hair!! Love your videos and thanks for bringing joy to my day. ?

Xena Gonzalez

So the inversion method is a lie!? D:

Don Lucci Beats

and More R Coming In How Or What Is This Any1?

Katie Lords

Hey Keren you once said something about making a video talking about your depression or something like that and i would really like it if you would do that. and i think that you are an Amazing person and i Love watching your videos, Thank You so much.

Chloe Hayward

I get my hair cut every 6-8 but after 1 week i get split ends and I don't use heat on ny hair how do I stop getting split ends ???


Is that your natural hair ?

Brenda Galvez

I have to wait like 1 year maybe even 2 because curly hair coils its annoying when you have to wait that long.

Caitlyn Kimbrell



Ughhh... I wish my hair would grow alreadyy

Sarah Michaelis

I do have eczema but thank god not on my scalp. I had it only once on my scalp and I freaked out, I thought I'm gonna lose my hair. I think that happened because of some bad reaction to a certain shampoo. I have very sensitive skin, fml.

Cynthia Torres

Plz reply


Why my hair need a long time to grow? Is it because of hormone?

Marium Riaz

Can u tell me how to detoxify the body or u can make the video on detoxifying the body please!!! Thanx

brain go weee

When do you wash your hair? Some people told me they wash their hair every day, every 2 days or even 3 days. My hair is VERY thick and chest length.

Sarah Murray

I've been seeing this super dooper hair growth mask all over the Internet that uses mustard powder and sugar to increase blood flow to your scalp and I was wondering what you think of it Keren? It claims to make your hair grow 10 cm after a month or so but it just seems a bit sketchy and too good to be true. Do you think it could be damaging in any way? :/



Ibtehaj Rahman

I love how the video ends. Heehee! Love Ur vids

brain go weee

Oh, and I love how you communicate with your fans ^_^ love you and your videos! you're my fav!


Can u plzz make a video of how you get your hair so straight and shiny!? Plzzz ? I loovvvee your hair ?❤️

Life of Angie

+beautyklove i wash my hair one day yes and one day no and so on so i pretty much just wash my hair 3 days in a week is that ok or am i doing anything wrong? Thank you in advance!


Can u please make a video all about what u should do with your hair if ur going to the pool , and about.chlorine damage and stuff

Maggie Noir

I just wanna say that my hair was up to my collar bones last year around September since I cut out all the damage done in the past. And ever since I discovered your channel I've been doing your home made hair care remedies. And let me tell you, I'm so grateful for your videos. My hair grew out to my rib cage in 6 months. I was stunned! Thank you so much for your lovely videos! ❤

jo myers

Hey Karen I was wondering if you would do a tutorial on how to get straight without heat my hair is super thick and it just will not grow I cut my hair in year 4 to my shoulders and I'm in yr 9 now and it's grown about a inch by the way what's your twitter name and this video helped me a lot

Sheila Carrasco

Love you :) 

Leslie carpio

1rst comment!!


Can you please do a video on how to get rid of bald spots or atleast try growing your hair back?

wendy Chavez

Can you tell us what supplements you take to help you with your hair growth?

Lauren Massa

I have alopecia and I could deal with the hair loss but I'm a 8th grade girl, I had it for about a year and I get bullied a lot, because good, healthy hair is considered beautiful on woman, people believe that I have terrible and brittle hair even though around it the hair is obviously smooth and shiny

destiny smith

Oh so that's why, I thought it was just me.thanks!

Macheme Jabateh

I love your videos ???n I have a question, are u taking hairfinity? Cuz I think I saw it in the background.

Kaila Martin

Do you know about the inversion method for hair growth?

Katrina White

Your so amazing xxx love you heaps ❤️

Valdirene Jesus

quanto tempo seu cabelo demorou para chegar neste comprimento beijos


I thought it was me too.

Aydan Zeynally

You try so hard for your subscribers, i respect people like you !

M Afg

Very informative.. Thanks a lot Keren ❤️


I have a skin and scalp thing and I had my hair cut off :( it not really growing I brush braid everything :(((((((((((((((((((


You deserve to be a doctor :) I appreciate you effort! 

Kaila Martin

Thank you ♡♥♡

Khue Doan

It's weird. I have a twin, and we do completely different things with our hair. I keep mine medium/short length and I bleach all of my hair to dye it brown. My twin keeps her hair long and dye free. Twins are suppose to have the same genetics (besides personalities), but my hair grows super fast like 1.5 inch a month while her's grow really slow. At one point, my hair was shoulder length and my twin's was covering her back. By 3 months, my hair was almost her length. My hair is actually quite unhealthy, but idk it's just weird. Great video btw ♥

Sabiha Ahmed

Thank u sooooo much im really happy u made this video hope my hair grows like urs one day ur the best luvv u

Diya K

Amazing how much knowledge youve picked up from just having a passion one day. To grow out your hair long! Xx

Itzel Martinez

I hate my hair it has split ends and it gets very nappy and when I brush my hair I see little hairs from split ends break and fall. I'm finally going to start my hair growth journey . do you recommend me cutting my split ends ? I really want my hair to grow I just don't know where to start. ,?


Hi I was wondering if u can do back to school hairstyles please hope I dont sound rude

The wise one me

If you're losing hair and don't know why, have your thyroid checked out. I killed my thyroid because I didn't enough salt, and your thyroid needs it to be healthy..

Inez Neal

I have incessant dandruff

Amrutha Ammu

so informative.....

Gianni Trinidad

Ily this was great very informational and I cut my hair short a month ago and this was useful information since I am trying to grow my hair out

NeonCookieMonsterLOL Whatever

thanks for the video !? btw love you're hair !? been you're subscriber since 2012 :)

Gemma Tweddell

Hey, thank you for your help, I learned a lot. which oil treatment would you say is better for hair growth and health of hair? I have read on the internet of so many different oils and am confused which is the best for hair. I recently read about argan oil, is this good for hair? sorry so many questions lol :) xxxxx

kermit the fraud

My hair takes SOOOOOO LONG to grow? Sometimes I have to wait like 1 year.

Don Lucci Beats

I Have A Bump

Life of Angie

+beautyklove i wash my hair one day yes and one day no and so on so i pretty much just wash my hair 3 days in a week is that ok or am i doing anything wrong? Thank you in advance!

Vartika Aga

This was amazing! I learned so much! You are awesome gurlll ;D 

Lolita bolita

the part 1 wont open with me :(