Shot glass lip plumper

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IGIA Lip Plumper Fail

13 258 views | 4 Apr. 2014

IGIA Lip Plumper Fail

IGIA Lip Plumper Fail


It would have been nice if you had stated from the start that you broke the device and therefore couldn't review it instead of making us waste 4 minutes of our life to find out. =(

zac Carpenter

Nightbird just saved me 4 minutes , yay

tiffany luna

Wow that sucks

Reed Cromwell

Are you for real?

Shot glass lip plumper

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Shot Glass Lip Plumper Enhancement ~ Does it Work?

1 914 views | 20 Apr. 2015

I just had to give this a

I just had to give this a try, didn't I? Just couldn't leave it alone.


my mind is in the gutter after watching this .....

BlackTop Boondocker

I have a hard time keeping a vid under 10 minutes but now  I'm speechless :)

frigoff rick

Girls are dumb af


Ha! That is hilarious. I've heard about this effect for other areas of the anatomy, but I hadn't seen the lip thing before. Personally, I don't think your lips are that thin to start with, but yeah, you can see the difference at the end. Alas, these things never last, unfortunately. (If it makes you feel any better, my lips are fairly full and I can't say that it's ever improved my life in any way. But it's funny what we choose to fixate on with our looks. I hate my ears, and I would dearly love to have gorgeous hair like yours, lol.) Hope your hickey ring goes away sooner than later. ;)

Brian Blues

Pretty much the funniest thing on YouTube today! Is this something that you've wanted to do since you were like twelve?

You should go on Ru Paul's "Drag Race" and have the boys .. errrr .. girls show you how it's done right! LOL. (Oh, was that mean? I didn't mean it to be mean!)

Seriously? No! That does not work! At best, you'll get your lips swollen up a bit, and in an hour or so, the effect will be gone. .. The hickey might last longer! LOL

Next video, I want to shake a fist at the camera and say: "This is me! As I am! Damn it! Now, Deal with it!" .... Shooting in three: 1 .. 2 .. .......

Lisa Kent

Cori you are awesome and so brave to do this on YouTube, love it!! There is a difference and maybe the redness from the ring will fade before the lips go down! How long did your lips stay fuller?   :)


Thanks for watching @thomascampr !! I'm sorry to see that you lack a sense of humor... so apparently religion doesn't allow a sense of humor. You did get one part of your comment correct. The part where you said you were sorry. I agree. -- By the way, I LOVE your videos! You're hilarious!

Jan and Bruce / Adams Van Adventures

That is so funny.  You are a hoot!

C.J. Freeborn Mann

the first video I watched, Lol

Shadetree Vapes

You are a nut!!!!

Dan Somebody

Sorry, I can't stop laughing. Looking good. Thanks for the giggles.

Shot glass lip plumper

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Shot Glasses Not Designed for Lip Plumping- Learn Why?

7 views | 3 Apr. 2018

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Shot Glasses Not Designed for Lip Plumping- Learn Why?